Windows Activation Error 0x8007232b

Windows Activation Error 0x8007232b
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Generally, Windows activation error 0x8007232b DNS name does not exist. It appears when your device cannot link with the KMS (Key Management Server) host somehow. The fundamental error message appears as Error code 0x8007232b Windows 10 Error description: DNS name does not exist. Or you see something like this;

"We can't activate Windows on this device as we can't connect to your organization's activation server. Make sure you're connected to your organization's network and try again. If you continue to have problems with activation, contact your organization's support person. Error code: 0x8007007b"


You may also see some other descriptions in different scenarios: error: 0x8007232b DNS name does not exist.

  • Error code: 0x8007232b Windows 10 - Error description: KMS (Key Management Service) Host couldn't be located in the DNS (Domain Name System). Please have your system administrator identify that a KMS is published correctly in DNS.
  • Error code: 0x8007232b - Error description: The directory name, file name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.


Reasons Behind Windows Error Code 0x8007232b

There are two to three possible reasons behind this message following the Windows 10 error code 0x8007232b.

  • When we install the Windows Enterprise client from a volume-licensed media, Error code 0x8007232b sometimes appears as a volume activation issue. At times, when we try to activate the account using a Volume License generic product key or one that isn't unique or somewhat wrong, the KMS host may not be found since it's not installed appropriately, or maybe DNS publishing isn't enabled.
  • The second one is when the KMS client means your PC cannot find KMS Server Resource Records (SRV RRs) in the DNS (Domain Name System) due to network problems or DNS issues.
  • Sometimes, the KMS host may not exist in the network. In that case, the installation of the MAK (Multiple Activation Key) systems is required to find a solution. The presence of KMS is confirmed by the automatic creation of Service (SRV) Resource Records (RRs) in the DNS.
  •  Again, in some newer Windows 10 builds, you may not need to put the product key or slmgr /ato product not found. In those cases, the same Windows activation command, Windows error 0x8007232b, occurs when we try the regular Windows Activation wizard to activate the machine.

How Do I Fix Windows 10 activation error 0x8007232b or Other Windows OSs?

Solution 1: Fixing Windows Activation Error 0x8007232b By Troubleshooting Network

Sometimes, it's just simple network issues that lead us to the Windows activation 0x8007232b. In the latest Windows versions, you get the built-in network troubleshooter.

Reach out to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional Troubleshooters > Network Adapter > Run the troubleshooter.

When the scanning and repairing processes are finished, reboot the PC to check whether the Windows activation error code 0x8007232b is resolved. Here, it is also recommended that the DNS cache files be cleared out. Do you still face the same trouble as before? Well, then, we move towards the next round.

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Solution 2: Fixing Windows Activation Error code 0x8007232b By Converting The Product Key From KMS To An MAK When You Don't Have A KMS Host

When you can't install a KMS Host in your network or the KMS activation can't be used due to a KMS server down issue, you may experience the Windows activation error 0x8007232b while activating your computer. In that case, the most common and straightforward solution is manually converting the key from the KMS system to an MAK (Multiple Activation Key).

  • When you are in your administrator account, open the elevated Command Prompt. Write 'cmd' in the taskbar search box at the left corner.
  • Then, right-click the Command Prompt app icon and choose the 'Run as administrator' link. Put the admin security passcode if asked so.
  • There, write slmgr -ipk xxxxx – xxxxx – xxxxx – xxxxx – xxxxx, where the Xs represents the 25-digit alphanumeric product key or product ID you have in the format shown here. The slmgr command refers to the Software Licensing Management Tool, which enables advanced Windows activation text tasks.
  • For Windows 10 users, you can get the Product key or ID from the Registry Editor. Open the Run window by pressing Windows + R together from the keyboard. Type 'regedit' there and Enter. Click Yes.

Now, in the Registry Editor window, follow the path below:

ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion

You will see the option ProductID in the Details pane in the correct section. You know the ID there. But to copy the key, right-click on the ProductID option and click Modify. Or Double-click on that to get the same.

  •  Before using the key in the cmd window, ensure it's still valid for your system. Now tap the Enter button.
  •  After a while, a Windows Script Host (WSH) page will appear with the message of successful installation of your product key.


You are done here. Restart the laptop or desktop to enjoy your activated OS. For KMS activation-related issues being the cause of the Windows activation 0x8007232b in your computer or laptop, go through the following three solutions expressed below.

Solution 3: Fixing Windows Activation Error 0x8007232b By Configuring The KMS Host Against KMS Clients

The KMS activation process requires a KMS host to be configured in your network for the clients to recognize. Otherwise, you can't activate your PC, and the screen shows errors like the Windows activation error 0x8007232b. If no KMS host is configured in your network, we can configure one using a suitable KMS host key. After configuring a machine to host the KMS software in your network environment, we must publish the DNS settings. Here, we will describe the installation and activation process of KMS software in a Windows 10 0x8007232b activation server down the computer to perform as a Host. For other systems, reach out here on the Microsoft official page. Follow the steps below to configure the KMS Functionality in your Windows 10 PC: Open an administrator command prompt using the Run window and type the commands as required:

  •     For installing the KMS key, use slmgr—vbs/ipk.
  •     To activate the KMS host online, use slmgr—vbs/ato.
  •     To activate via a telephone call, follow the steps below:
  •     Type slmgr.vbs /dti to confirm the installation ID.
  •     Now, call the right Microsoft center. You can get the number here. The voice will instruct you to put the installation ID.
  •     Then, follow the prompts and enter the provided 48-digit confirmation ID to activate the OS.
  •     Now, run the slmgr—vbs/atp in the end.

Note: For more KMS functionality, check here again. The above process should enact the KMS activation process in your network's Windows 10 or lesser version systems. Verify if you can easily activate all the client machines with the Windows activation error code 0x8007232b. But if you already have a host configured in your system yet see the same error code 0x8007232b Windows 10, try the troubleshooting methods provided next.

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Solution 4: Fixing Windows Activation Error 0x8007232b By Troubleshooting The Routine Configurations When The KMS Client Can't Locate The Host

Sometimes, the Windows activation error 0x8007232 arises in some networked systems connected with a KMS host server when it's not installed correctly on the specific computer, which should be in your network. So, in this section, we will be troubleshooting the KMS host configuration step-by-step and providing the solution for the Windows activation 0x8007232b error where needed.

Section 1: Verifying the Basic IP Connectivity With The DNS Server

  • Open Administrator Command Prompt.

Type ping and Enter. If you don't know your DNS server IP address, type the "ipconfig / all" command in the administrative cmd window.


  • The result should be like "Reply from...". If not, it's a network or DNS problem. Follow this process for troubleshooting TCP/IP woes.
    ● If you can ping the DNS and get the reply correctly, follow the next step to diagnose the reason for the Windows activation error code 0x8007232b.

Section 2: Verifying the KMS Host Registration with DNS
Here, we have to check the Registry of the KMS Host computer in your network. By default, the host registers a DNS SRV Record or SRV RR (Service Resource Records) dynamically once every day. Without that, the client devices can't be activated, and they face the Windows activation error 0x8007232b. Note: Take Registry backup for restoration before entering this serious stuff.
●  In the Run window (Windows+R from keyboard), write 'regedit' and tap Enter.
●  Click Yes in the UAC pop-up window to open the Registry Editor.
●  There, walk through the path:
●      Here, check the value against the DisableDnsPublishing entry inside the SL subkey.

  • If the entry DisableDnsPublishing shows the value 0 or undefined (Default), the DNS is enabled and records SRV updates dynamically daily.
    ● When the entry DisableDnsPublishing shows the value 1, it implies that DNS is enabled but can't update the SRV record automatically. In that case, we can create a KMS SRV Record Manually. Let's see the process later in Section 5 to eliminate the Windows activation error 0x8007232b.
    ● When the DisableDnsPublishing entry isn't present under SL, we must create the new DWORD assigned for DisableDnsPublishing. For that, right-click on the empty section there and select
              New > DWORD (32-bit) Value. 
  • There, create a new key named as NewValue#1.
  • Right-click on it and click Rename to change the Value name to DisableDnsPublishing.
  • If dynamic registration is applicable, set the Value data as 0 or leave it undefined.

Section 3: Finding out the Routine Issue Type

The following process applied in the specific KMS client tells us if the Windows activated txt windows error 0x8007232 occurred due to an SRV record issue or a name resolution issue, and we can take necessary actions on them.

  • In the elevated cmd window, type the following lines:

cscript windows system32 slmgr.vbs -sms :↵

cscript windows system32 slmgr.VBS -to↵


- The KMS host FQDN (Fully qualified domain name).

- KMS uses the TCP port.

↵ - Enter symbol.

  • If the above commands resolve your issue currently, like activating the product for now, then it means that the core problem is related to the SRV record. To troubleshoot that, we have to follow the command lines provided in the process of Assigning a KMS for Windows 10 0x8007232b
  • host Manually to a KMS client in Section 6.
  • If the above resolution can't help in your case, type the same lines at the place of the first Line.

Note: - IP address of the KMS host computer.

  • If it solves your trouble, that implies that we have a name-resolution issue here. The troubleshooting of this condition is similar to Section 4 of Verifying the DNS Configuration.
  • If the above queries fail to remove the woes of the Windows activation 0x8007232b error, we should check the firewall configuration of that computer.

All activation communications between the KMS host and the KMS clients run through the 1688 TCP port. So, we should see if both the firewalls on these machines allow the communication path over port 1688.

Section 4: Verifying the DNS Configuration

Here, we will check the DNS configuration in the specific KMS client experiencing the Windows activation error 0x8007232b.

  • Run the administrator cmd and execute ipconfig /all.
  •     From the available results, note down the following info:
    ○      The IP address is assigned to the KMS client computer.
    ○ The KMS client machine uses the Primary DNS server IP address.
    ○ The KMS client PC uses the default gateway IP address.
    ○ The KMS client device uses the DNS suffix search list.
    ○      Now, we must go to the KMS host computer to check the SRV records registered there in DNS.
    ○      Log into the KMS host server machine using the administrative account.
    ○      Open the elevated command prompt. Write cmd in the Run window, opened by Windows +R, and then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter together to access the administrator privilege.
    ○      Copy and then paste this command there:
                                      nslookup -type=all _vlmcs.tcp>kms.txt
    and hit Enter.
    ●  It generates the KMS.txt file, which is needed to learn about the KMS activation status. This file contains the KMS server entries similar to the following image:


Note: In the above photo, is an example of a KMS host domain.

  • Here, check if the name, IP address, port, and domain name of the KMS host are showing correctly.
  • Suppose the provided entries represent the expected KMS host results, yet we face activation woes like the Windows activation error 0x8007232b. In that case, we will be Assigning a KMS host manually to a KMS client later in Section 6.

Note: Even when the nslookup command fetches the expected KMS host values, the DNS client PC may not find the KMS host. If you still see the Windows activation error code 0x8007232b, check for any other DNS settings for errors, including the primary DNS suffix and the DNS suffix search list.

Section 5: Creating A KMS SRV Record Manually

When the Microsoft DNS Server doesn't support dynamic updates in the KMS Host computer, and the Registry string entry shows the value 1, we can manually create the SRV Record in the host PC to eliminate the Windows activation error 0x8007232b.

Open the DNS Manager through Start > Administrative Tools > DNS (or Server Manager > DNS). We can also run the command dnsmgmt—msc from the elevated command prompt to open the DNS console.

[[Note: If you can't find the DNS in the above way, you may get an error message describing "Your DNS server might be unavailable" or something else. This may happen when the DNS role isn't installed correctly (Check here for installation).

This also disturbs the activation process, generating the same Windows activation 0x8007232b error. The solution directly points the KMS client to the host, as described in Solution 5. Check out next. How do you fix the error code 0x8007232b or appoint the Windows activation error 0x8007232b to solve this situation?]

(Source: MustBeGeek)

  • Select the specific DNS server FQDN (Fully qualified domain name) name for which you need to create the SRV record (here, "dnsserver2003" in the image).
  •  Click that server's console tree to expand its Forward Lookup Zones.
    Inside it, you will see the specific DNS zone domain name ("" in the image), to which we will add the SRV record. Now, right-click on that domain and choose Other New Records.

(Source: DNS Information)

  • It will open the Resource Record Type dialogue box. In the drop-down list, choose the Service Location (SRV) option and click the Create Record button.
  •     There, write the information below:
    ○      Service: _VLMCS
    ○      Protocol: _TCP
    ○      Priority: 0
    ○      Weight: 0
    ○      Port number: 1688
    ○      Host offering this service:
    Are you done putting the info? Then check the box "Allow any authenticated user to update all DNS records with the same name." ●   Click OK, and then Done.
    You can remove the Windows activation error 0x8007232b from your client PC by connecting with the auto-updated KMS host machine. Remember, when you are creating an SRV record for the KMS hosts who use a BIND 9. x-compatible DNS server, the required info changes a little as we see below:
    ●   Name: _vlmcs._TCP
    ●   Type: SRV
    ●   Priority: 0
    ●   Weight: 0
    ●   Port: 1688
    ●   Hostname:
    To enact KMS auto-publishing in a BIND 9. x-compliant DNS server configuration, write "any" (shows "none" in the image below) against the allow-update { none; }; command line at the end of /etc/named.conf or /etc/named.conf—local configuration in cmd for both zone definitions.

(Source: LinuxTechi)

When you allow auto-update of SRV Record in the KMS host machine, the KMS client can access it properly, and the Windows activation error 0x8007232b resolves independently.

Section 6: Assigning a KMS Host Manually to a KMS Client

Generally, the default system is pretty simple, allowing the KMS client PCs to discover the host server automatically. So, this method is always recommended above the manual option. If this process fails, the activation system suffers through hindrances, and we see problems like the Windows activation error code 0x8007232b. In that case, the manual procedure is recommended. When the automatic system doesn't work, we follow the below steps to remove the blockage of Windows activation error 0x8007232b:

  • On a client PC, open the administrator Command Prompt.
  • We have five choices here based on the implementation process applied to your PC. Could you select a suitable one from them?
  • The syntax for assigning a KMS host using its FQDN:

cscript windowssystem32slmgr.VBS -sms :

  • The syntax for assigning a KMS host using its version 4 IP address:

cscript windowssystem32slmgr.VBS -sms :

  • The syntax for assigning a KMS host using its version 6 IP address:

cscript windowssystem32slmgr.VBS -sms :

  • The syntax for assigning a KMS host using its NetBIOS name:

cscript windowssystem32slmgr.VBS -sms:

  • The syntax for returning to the automatic discovery process on a KMS client:

cscript windowssystem32slmgr.VBS -cams

One of these commands should help you remove the Windows activation error 0x8007232b for activating the client PC correctly. If not, we should go to the next troubleshooting step.

Section 7: Configuring the KMS Host for Publishing in multiple DNS domains

In the automatic discovery procedure, the KMS client computer queries DNS for the list of available servers that have published the _vlmcs SRV records within the client's membership zone. So, we see that the _vlmcs SRV records in the DNS zone are the most crucial entries for the KMS client device to recognize a host computer. If the records are absent, activation isn't impossible, and the Windows activation error 0x8007232b appears on your screen. The DNS zone is either referred to by the primary DNS suffix of the PC or by one of the following:

  • The domain of the computer is assigned by the DNS system (like the AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services) DNS) in domain-joined computers.
  • The domain of the computer is assigned by the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) in workgroup computers.

According to the default settings, a KMS host assigns its SRV records in the DNS zone corresponding to that host machine's domain. Say a KMS host is joined with the environment. Then, it will register its record under the DNS zone DNS zone, which will be identified as the service. The problem arises when the KMS clients and the KMS host use separate DNS zones. The clients can't find the host, and we face the Windows activation error 0x8007232b during the connection. There, we must configure the KMS host to publish the records automatically in several DNS domains, and the client computers can finally get rid of the Windows activation error 0x8007232b. Follow the below steps for that:

  • In the Host machine, enter the Registry Editor using the Run window.
  • Select the path


 as before.

  • Inside the Details pane in the right section, right-click on the blank area and choose


New > Multi-String Value

  • Rename the entry as DnsDomainPublishList.
    ●  Now, right-click on the new entry DnsDomainPublishList, and choose Modify.
    ●  In the dialogue box for Edit Multi-String, write all the DNS domain suffixes published by KMS on a separate line and select OK.

Note: The DnsDomainPublishList format for Windows Server 2008 R2 is different. Check here for more details.

  • Now, use the Services administrative tool to reboot the Software Licensing service. This process will create the SRV records.
  • Verify if the KMS client can now discover the KMS host automatically or not. When the client recognizes the host by IP address and name, the Windows activation error 0x8007232b will wear off, and your computer will be activated. If either fails, we must investigate that DNS client resolver issue.
  • Clear out any older cached hostnames from the client machine using the elevated cmd command:

cscript C:WindowsSystem32slmgr.vbs -ckms

When you try all these steps, it must remove your Windows activation error 0x8007232b trouble altogether. Also, try the next solution described below when the DNS isn't available.

Solution 5: Fixing Windows Activation Error 0x8007232b By Pointing The KMS Client To The KMS Host When DNS Is Unavailable

When DNS is unavailable in some client computers, we need to point those KMS client machines towards the KMS host directly so that the Windows activation error 0x8007232b is removed from them and the activation completes immediately.

  • Open the Run window.
  • Type 'cmd' and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to access the elevated command prompt.
  • Click the Yes button in the UAC pop-up box.
  • There, use the command-

slmgr.vbs /skms

and Enter.

After executing the above command, restart your PC and enjoy the activated OS without any sign of the Windows activation error 0x8007232b. If this process can't solve your issue, we will try the next one.

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Solution 6: Fixing Windows Activation Error 0x8007232b By Installing MAK

When the above procedures fail in a remote volume licensing process, and you see the same Windows activation error 0x8007232b in your computer, we can manually install MAK and activate the system without further delay. Windows Activation Server directly starts MAK keys in a few (fewer devices than volume licensing system) pre-configured machines signed in a deal between Enterprise and Microsoft. Hence, they aren't required to connect with any in-house Host server. However, these keys are better options where reinstallation of the OS isn't needed much. After any reinstallation, hard drive reset, or clean installation in your machine, the count for MAK-activated devices doesn't return, and you may end up repurchasing the key. Let's see how we can activate using MAK keys from the VLSC (Volume Licensing Service Center) portal to get rid of the Windows 0x8007232b:

  • Firstly, reach for Microsoft's VLSC page.
  • Sign in here to register and get your keys from the Downloads and Keys link. Follow the instructions provided there.
  • In the PowerShell administrator window in your machine, type

slmgr.vbs /ipk MAKProductKey

  • Activate your OS online with the Microsoft server using slmgr: vbs/ato command.
  • When a pop-up window asks for your permission, tap the OK button to confirm.


  • Write slmgr /ato /dli in the Powershell window and hit Enter to learn more about your activation details.

This process will remove the Windows 10 error 0x8007232b and correctly activate your device. Bottom Line: thanks for staying with us until this long solution topic ends. We have seen the most common fixes for the Windows activation error 0x8007232b one can face here. I hope the solutions helped you well. If you still face any trouble on the same or if you have any other queries, feel free to ask us here. Please share any suggestions if you think this is suitable for this topic. Contact our NSS Laptop Repair Center for any laptop or PC trouble related to activation, software issues, or hardware. We will reach your doorstep anywhere in India if needed.

We can't activate Windows on this device 0x8007232b as we can't connect to your organization's activation server:

This might mean you don't have valid internet connectivity, or it is an issue with your network configuration. Please try the following steps:

1) Check your network connection and ensure the computer is connected to the Internet.

2) Try connecting your computer and check if it helps.

3) If none of these steps worked for you, please get in touch with support for further assistance

 Windows activation error code 0x44578

This error code is due to the invalid serial number or slmgr /ato product not being found. The software you are trying to activate may have been damaged or modified. If this is not the case and you still have problems activating your Windows operating system, try the following steps: 

1) Check if your computer is running an activated version of Windows. To do this, click on Start and then on Control Panel. In the Control Panel, click on System and Security > System. In the System Properties window, click on the Windows Activation tab and check if your computer has been activated with a genuine copy of Windows by Microsoft. If it has been activated, this error means nothing but a problem with installing your Windows copy or another issue with your computer's hardware configuration, like missing drivers or corrupted files. 

2) Run Windows Update from the Control Panel (Start > Control Panel). This will help you install all available updates for your current version of Microsoft Windows or any other software installed on your PC, like antivirus programs or drivers for devices like printers. You can also visit the Microsoft Update website.

Windows 10 Unable To Reach Windows Activation Servers

 If you are facing this issue and don't want to spend money on buying a copy of Windows 10, we have come up with a solution.

If your Windows is not genuine, it will show you an error message: "This copy of Windows is not genuine." If you click on that message, another window will open with the following statement: "Windows cannot be activated because the license is missing or invalid or there is no internet connection. Please contact your PC manufacturer or Microsoft and provide them with the product key and proof of purchase for a new activation code". In the case of license activation (slui.exe), it failed with the following error code: hr=0x8007232b. This happens when you try to activate your copy of Windows 10 online by going through Settings > Update & Security > Activation, but it doesn't work for you.

It cannot activate because this product is incapable of KMS Activation.

This product was not purchased from the Microsoft Store. Because this product is incapable of KMS activation, it will not activate, and you may receive the following error message:

"The key you use to activate Windows does not work with Windows 10."

The Windows activation removal tool is free software that can remove the Windows activation from your system. The device is entirely safe and easy to use. This is one of the best tools to remove the Windows activation from your system because it is easy to install and use.

The tool has many features that stand out from others in this category. It allows you to remove any Windows activation on your computer. The program also comes with a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making it easy for any user to use without problems.

This software provides several options for removing your Windows activation, so you will have no problem getting rid of this program once and for all! 

If you have been trying various methods to get rid of this program on your computer, we suggest you try using our program instead since it is guaranteed to work and will help you get rid of the problem once and for all!

When you use KMS, which DNS record type is needed to identify the KMS host?

The KMS host can be identified using either an SRV or A record. The SRV record specifies a hostname and port number, whereas the A record specifies an IPv4 address.

When you use the AWS CloudHSM API or CLI, you must specify the region in which your KMS cluster resides. The area can be defined as part of your API call or through the AWS CLI command-line interface.

KMS Server Windows 10 is the best software for activating your Windows. You can activate Microsoft Office, Windows, and other programs.

KMS Server Windows 10 Key is a powerful tool that can activate your computer without using any other program. The KMS Server works only on a local network, so you have to install it on all computers in your Office so that they can be activated automatically. The KMS Server, also known as Key Management Service, helps to start your computer without any problems in your system.

I'm trying to upgrade my Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. However, when I attempt, it says, "No key management service (KMS) could be contacted.". 

I've tried a few things already:

  • I've tried installing and activating Windows 10 via the Store. It said there was an error during activation and asked me to restart my computer. I did so, and when I tried again, it still said, "Windows10 KMS activation is not available," and asked me to restart my computer.
  • I then tried using a Windows 7 product key to activate Windows 10 Pro. This failed, too, with the same error message as above.
  • I also created an ISO image of my original installation media (legit) and attempted to use it as an upgrade - this failed again with the same error message as above.

We can't activate Windows on this device 0x8007232b as we can't connect to the Internet.

The Internet is 0xC004F061, and it appears and shows, "We can't activate Windows as we can't connect to your organization's activation server."

I'm running a fresh Windows 10 Pro 64-bit installation, but I'm still having issues with activation and getting it to work correctly. This is my second attempt at reinstalling Windows 10; the first time was with a fresh install 2nd was after upgrading from 8.1 to 10. I've tried all kinds of things, including:

- Uninstalling KB3035583 and KB2952664, rebooting, and then activating Windows again (this worked for some people).

- Changing the activation type from Automatic to Manual (this fixed the problem for some people).

- Changing the Product Key from a generic SLP key to my own MSDN one (this also worked for some people).

 Windows is unable to reach your company's activation service. The error code is: -2147418112

This issue can occur if your computer has lost connectivity to the Internet or your Internet's activation servers.

To resolve the (windows is activated using your organization's activation service removal) issue, follow these steps:

  • Restart your computer and try again.
  • If you still have issues activating Windows after restarting, contact your organization's IT department for assistance.

 slmgr set KMS server

This command can specify the Key Management Service (KMS) server for activating, licensing, and changing the product key of the current operating system.

Syntax: slmgr set kms server [] [] [] [eDT]


Specifies the hostname or IP address of the KMS host. If this parameter is not specified, then the local computer is assumed. The KMS port may be changed by using "kmsport".

[] Specifies the TCP port on which the KMS host listens for connections. If this parameter is not specified, TCP port 1688 will be used by default. The KMS port may be changed by using "kmsport". The default value for this parameter depends on what version of Windows Vista SP1 or later OS you have installed on your computer.

How do you fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x8007232b Office 2010?

This error code usually relates to a problem with the printer driver or printer itself. If you're using a Windows 10 PC, try these steps:

  1. Close all Office programs
  2. Open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del, then select Task Manager).
  3. In the Processes tab, right-click Microsoft Office 2010 and choose End Process.
  4. Restart your PC, open Word, and see if the issue persists.


Dell Windows 10 Not Activated - Solved

Dell Windows 10 Not Activated

This article will discuss why Dell Windows 10 is not being activated. If you have installed Windows 10 on your computer, but it is not activated, you can get help from this article. As we all know, Microsoft has introduced its new operating system called Windows 10, which is better than previous versions of Windows (Windows 7 and Windows 8) because it has lots of features and the latest technologies. This operating system was released on 29th July 2015, and now it is available as a free update for users who are using Windows 7 or 8.1. It is also a paid upgrade for Windows XP or Vista versions.

So, suppose you want to install Windows 10 on your computer. In that case, you must have a valid Windows 10 activation key or serial key, which will be provided by Microsoft company when you purchase any genuine copy of the Windows 10 license or activate Windows online with your Windows 7 or 8 product key by clicking on Activate option from the start menu or control panel applet window.

How do you get rid of the Windows Activation pop-up?

If you're running Windows 10, you may have seen this message: "You will receive a confirmation code from Microsoft via email." The message appears when you try to install or reinstall Windows 10.

The activation pop-up can be annoying, but getting rid of it is not difficult. Here's how:

  • Click Start > Settings > Update & Security > Activation.
  • Click Enter your product key.
  • Click I don't have a product key now and click Next.
  • Click Activate Windows when prompted.

Microsoft Activation Servers Down

Microsoft's activation servers are experiencing problems. If you're a Windows 10 user, you might have trouble activating your operating system. The problem seems widespread, with many users reporting that they can't start Windows 10 using their license key.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has had issues with its activation servers. In February 2016, there were similar issues as the rules engine reported a failed VL activation attempt. reason:0x8007232b —reason:0x8007232 e globe. A few months later, in April 2016, Microsoft again experienced an outage on its activation servers, with some users unable to activate their Windows 10 machines for a few hours.

While Microsoft hasn't officially confirmed the reason behind this latest outage, it appears to be related to a bug in the activation system that causes it to return an unspecified error message when users attempt to activate their computers using their license key. 

 Windows 10 activation error 0xd0000272

You are not alone if you get a Windows 10 activation error message 0xd0000272. Many people have been getting this error message on their computers, which can be frustrating. This article will help you fix this problem so you can continue using your computer again.

This problem is caused by KMS (Key Management Service) servers failing to start. The KMS servers are responsible for activating Windows 10 on your computer, so if they don't start, it will cause the activation error message (we can't activate Windows on this device right now) to appear on your computer screen.

To fix this problem, we must ensure that the KMS servers are running correctly on your computer. To do this, open up an elevated command prompt window by pressing the Win+X keys together and selecting Command Prompt (Admin). Now type in the following commands one at a time:

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop bits
  • net stop cryptsvc
  • net stop service msdtc

How do you stop the Windows activation pop-up Win 7?

I have a laptop with Win 7 Pros installed. I got the computer with a trial version of Windows 7 Professional and then purchased a retail key from Microsoft. I want to upgrade my Win 7 Pro to Win 10 Pro. I have tried two methods:

1) Using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant (running as administrator) in compatibility mode for Windows 7 Professional 64-bit; this does not work.

2) Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool with all updates applied; this does not work either. I can run the tool and download an ISO image file, but when I try to install it on my laptop, it fails with the error 0xc0000225 - 0x80070643 (The device cannot start).

How do you activate Windows? The DNS name does not exist.

This error occurs because the DNS server is not configured to allow zone transfers. For this to work, the zone transfer must be enabled on the DNS server and the receiving DNS server.

If you have a domain name registered with a domain registrar, follow these steps to resolve this issue of "DNS name does not exist Windows activation": 

  1. Open your web browser and enter into the address bar.
  2. Click "Contact us" from the left navigation panel under "DNS Name Exists Issue."
  3. Select your issue category and enter your question in the text box. When finished, click "Submit."

If you are getting this Windows 11 activation error 0xc004b100, don't worry; it is not a big deal. The first thing that you need to do is to check if your system is genuine. If it is natural, then there are no problems with your system, but if it isn't, you will get this error.

If your system is genuine and you still get this error, there is something wrong with your product key. You can use cmd or PowerShell to check whether your product key is valid.

If the product key is valid, then you need to reinstall Windows 10 on your PC and after doing this, run Windows update from settings so that it can install all updates automatically for you and make sure that you have a connected internet connection before running updates because, without internet connection, it will not be able to update anything for sure.

How do you remove KMS activation from Windows 10?

Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users can use the Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT) to remove KMS activation and change their product key.

Step 1: Download the VAMT from Microsoft Download Center, then extract it with WinRAR or 7zip. 

Step 2: Run VAMT as administrator and select option 1 to create an answer file for Windows 10.

Step 3: In the next window, click on Next.

Step 4: Select your Windows 10 version, then click Next.

Step 5: Select all options except volume activation and click Next.

Step 6: Select any desired language in the first drop-down menu, then select a country from the second drop-down menu if necessary. Click Next when done selecting languages.

Step 7: Click Finish to create an answer file named windows10_enterprise_activation_unattend_xml.xml inside the folder you extracted VAMT in Step 1 above. 

How do you resolve Error code 0x8007007b Windows 8?

Windows Update Error Code 0x8007007b 

How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x8007007B on Windows 10 and 8.1?

Error Code 0x8007007b is a standard error that appears whenever you try to update Windows or install new drivers or patches. This error can occur due to several reasons. In this article, we'll see how you can fix Error Code 0x8007007b in Windows 10 and previous versions.

The meaning of the error code 0x80072f8f!

Suppose you see Windows 10 upgrade assistant error code 0x80072f8f. Suppose your computer's time and date are off or Windows has problems connecting to the online activation service. In that case, Windows may display this message and fail to authenticate your product key. Select the Start button, then go to Settings > Time & language > Date & time to double-check the time and date.

The meaning of trouble code 0xc004c003

When a license code component tries to access a registry hive without authorization, error 0xC004C003 is generated. The outcome is an access denied error, which prevents the product key from being accurately extracted.


What Causes Error Code 0x8007007B?

Error Code 0x8007007B is caused by a corrupt file in your system, which prevents the operating system from updating itself. The most common reason for such errors is:

  • A damaged or missing system file 
  • Incompatible third-party software like antivirus and firewall software is not being updated with the latest virus definitions.
  • Outdated drivers of your network adapter or graphics card

Windows can't activate right now. Try starting Windows later. It can be displayed on your screen if you face any of these issues or your Windows activation server is down. 

How do you activate MS Office on the new Dell Laptop?

To activate your Microsoft Office applications on a new Dell computer, you need to have the product key for the version of Office that was preinstalled on your computer.

  1. Open an Internet browser and go to this page:
  2. Click the Sign In option at the top right corner of your screen. If you already have an Office account, you can skip this step by signing in with your account credentials. Otherwise, click the Create an Account button and follow the on-screen instructions to create an account with Microsoft.
  3. Enter the product key obtained from the Dell Support representative during activation and click the Continue button. Then, follow all on-screen instructions to complete the activation process for Office software installed on your new Dell laptop.


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