MacBook Repair Service

MacBook Repair Service

You need to look for the best MacBook repair service provider nearby to improve the performance of your MacBook Air or Pro Series laptops. Don't get worried. At that time, the NSS Laptop Service Center will provide you full support to enhance the performance of your MacBook laptop so that your work does not suffer. We value our customers' time and support them in their bad times when their MacBook needs repair. We provide top-notch services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Indore, Pune, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Vadodara, Jaipur etc.

Mainly Problems Comes in Macbook Laptops

If you're facing hardware issues or software glitches or require a screen replacement, our skilled team is well-equipped to handle it all.NSS understands the value of your MacBook laptop and the importance of swiftly getting it back in working order, with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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We provide 100% professional support for your device near your location.

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  • Replacement and repair of screen
  • Repair and replacement of motherboards
  • Replacement and repair of keyboard
  • Replacement and repair of battery

If you want any of the above-mentioned services, contact the NSS Laptop Service Center.

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MacBook Repair Cost & Part Replacement Price List Updated- March 2024

This is the table for MacBook users who want to know the rough estimate of repair and part replacement near them. Go through the sheet below to Know more clarity for particular repair services or part replacement. Contact the NSS Laptop Service Center.

Modal Number / Series Part Name Part Cost Repair Cost
MacBook Air 13 I/O Board Cable ₹1,100 to ₹2,200 Not Repairable
MacBook Air 13 Left & Right Speaker Replacement ₹2,299 to ₹4,899 Not Repairable
MacBook Air 13” Retina Display Late 2018 Upper Case Replacement ₹21,999 to ₹31,999 Not Repairable
MacBook Air 13 USB-C Board Replacement ₹2,200 to ₹3,350 ₹1,200 to ₹1,800
MacBook Air 13 Trackpad Cable Replacement ₹1,200 to ₹2,200 Not Repairable
MacBook Air 13 Trackpad Replacement ₹7,850 to ₹9,000 Not Repairable
MacBook Air 13 Display Assembly Replacement ₹32,999 to ₹37,999 Not Repairable
MacBook Air 2022 (M2) 2022 (A2681) Thunderbolt Ports Replacement ₹3,350 to ₹4,700 Not Repairable
MacBook 12 Battery Replacement ₹8,800 to ₹12,000 Not Repairable
MacBook 12 Display Assembly Replacement ₹32,500 to ₹46,500 Not Repairable
MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Front Display Bezel Replacement ₹3,800 to ₹4,500 Not Repairable
MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Fan Replacement ₹2,400 to ₹3,800 ₹1,200 to ₹1,800
MacBook Air 15 Trackpad Replacement ₹5,250 to ₹8,650 ₹1,650 to ₹2,400
MacBook Air 13 Upper Case with Keyboard Replacement ₹24,000 to ₹31,500 Not Repairable
  1. Price may vary depending on product availability & market price fluctuation.
  2. No Fix No Free @ NSS Laptop Service Center Store.

Why Should You Trust on NSS Laptop Service Center for Any MacBook Pro or Air Series Laptops

  • Any service offered to a customer on the same day is free. If the customer does not have enough time to drop off their laptop at the MacBook repair center store near me, then pick-and-drop service is available.
  • A reliable repair facility should offer fair labor costs, making it an affordable option for fixing your laptop.
  • Deals in original products: The MacBook Repair Center near me only uses genuine products, which has earned us a solid name in the industry.
  • There is a 30-day warranty; if not, your money is refunded. If your equipment still has issues after service.
  • We always thoroughly inspect the laptops to ensure consumers won't experience problems in the future.
  • A team of knowledgeable and skilled IT specialists with 8 to 10 years of expertise work at a MacBook repair center near me.
  • On the website, free solutions are dropped.
  • Each employee of our laptop service center receives the necessary training before using any equipment. This enables them to handle any complex problems. All members of our crew have received specialized training.
  • Willing to assist at any time
  • We provide service seven days a week.
  • We never make false promises.
  • When a delegate presents a problem to a member, that problem has been heard, and a clear answer has been provided.
  • Before distributing, conduct one last examination.
  • Specializes in used refurbished laptops.
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Only high quality spares are used. Quality assured!

Common MacBook Laptop Problems

  • Laptop won't power on due to excessive heat:
  • Blank screen
  • The laptop regularly turns on and off.
  • The laptop emits odd noises.
  • Computer freezes
  • Charging issue
  • Malfunctioning keyboard
  • Screen light falls
  • slow reactions
  • low power
  • The laptop makes vibrations.
  • Small black spots
  • White flecks
  • Cracked or broken screens
  • Dead pixels
  • Blue screen errors

Some laptop issues can be cured if you take care of your MacBook laptop cautiously, but sometimes you need an IT technician. You need to contact a Trustworthy MacBook Repair Center.

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Only 7 out of every 100 Airs fail during the first three years, according to Consumer Reports analysis, the lowest percentage of all notebooks. According to a recent Consumer Reports poll of over 60,000 American consumers, Apple\'s MacBook Air is the most dependable laptop on the market.

Free repairs are possible if your MacBook laptop is still covered by the warranty. If it has expired, then you have to pay to enjoy the services.

No additional fees are assessed by the MacBook Repair Center Near Me if an IT specialist visits your home to examine the laptop.

The majority of the time, we do deliver on the same day, but if the problem is serious, it may take one or two days.

To achieve this, switch off your Mac, then turn it back on while pressing and holding the Option, Command, P, and R keys simultaneously. After around 20 seconds, the keys can be released. I\'m done now! The NVRAM on your Mac has been cleared.

MacBook offers a 12-month warranty.

How much does a new MacBook battery cost, assuming that neither the warranty nor consumer legislation apply? For a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, a new battery typically costs INR 4800 or INR 12,000. Shipping your gadget will cost you an additional INR 250/-.

An equipment inspection costs a minimum of Rs. 550.

Your Mac\'s Monitor Flickers Frequently. One of the most frustrating Mac issues you might have is flickering. The FaceTime camera image on your Mac is of poor quality, and your computer runs slowly. Fix Typical MacBook Issues to Improve User Experience.

The product comes with a one-month warranty.

Your mouse pointer changes into the revolving color wheel or \"spinning beach ball\" in the spinning wait cursor or spinning disc pointer, which often signifies that your Mac® is doing a processor-intensive task.
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