How To Check Acer Laptop Warranty And Book Appointment

How To Check Acer Laptop Warranty And Book Appointment
  • Sep 15th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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In the present modern era, where everything is running at a great pace technology plays an important role . Laptops have become a necessity for individuals in every field. A good quality laptop having the best features is the foremost choice of every person. Acer laptops are renowned internationally and are one of the finest brands when it comes to purchasing laptops. Along with buying Acer laptops, the customers should be well aware of how long is acer warranty check in India offered by the acer company of the laptops. Different questions like the duration of the Acer laptop warranty, “ how to check Acer laptop warranty in India” and how we can Extend acer laptop warranty, what all features would be covered in the acer warranty check India and what should be the next step if the acer laptop warranty India expires often springs to our minds. So here I would try to reduce your burden by answering a few of the basic questions like “how to check warranty of acer laptop india” and “how to check my acer laptop warranty” which might often trouble you, in this article we talk about all acer laptop– acer warranty check online, warranty duration, acer warranty check extension— now, starting with “how to check Acer laptop warranty in india “.

Check Acer Warranty Status

Acer check warranty status– If you lost your Acer laptop receipt and are unable to ascertain the status of your equipment's laptop Acer warranty india, you shouldn't be alarmed. Acer india warranty checks may still be completed online fast and efficiently. This blog has tools to check Acer laptop warranty india that was provided for your device. Let's look at it now. When purchasing electronic equipment for ourselves, we always look at the warranty duration. So “how many years warranty on acer laptop” The typical warranty duration for electrical products is one year. Certain laptop parts do occasionally come with an extended warranty duration. It helps to know that you may obtain a free acer laptop repair from an authorised Acer service centre if the item is damaged. You shouldn't be concerned if you accidentally misplaced the acer warranty card or are unsure whether your gadget is still covered by warranty “how to check if my acer laptop is still under warranty” might be this question appears in your mind. There are tools made available by Acer on the internet that allow you to quickly verify the status of your device's Acer product warranty check. I have included step-by-step instructions for the “how to check Acer warranty in India” in the following area. Let's investigate them.

The popular laptop and electronics firm Acer offers a broad selection of computers and normally offers a one-year acer guarantee on laptops and on-site acer laptop warranty check in india. This article will assist you in checking the Acer warranty Lookup and warranty extension in India since it is quite tough to get the information about your Acer laptop warranty check india on their website. Below is a list of the direct links for checking and extending the warranty for Acer laptops. Not only in india but also in other countries acer provides the same warranty acer check, to other countries check warranty acer— search acer warranty check malaysia, acer warranty check south africa, acer warranty check australia, acer warranty check uk. 

Bring your device to an Acer service center authorised for acer warranty claim india if it becomes damaged and you don't have any evidence of warranty. The service center representative will be able to inform you how long your warranty will last by looking up your device's acer serial number check. You can also check the extended warranty of acer laptop by checking your device serial number. Acer warranty extension india usually lasts for 3 years after that acer extended warranty will be expired. 

Acer is one of the fiercely contested participants in the PC and laptop markets. They provide desktop computers and laptops that vary from moderate to ultra-gaming models. No matter how good the products can be eventually it is electronic device who need service time to time too, for servicing of device acer also provided acer repairs centers across the world, you can submit your application for repairing on acer support website or can contact acer customer care number in india provided by acer company.  The warranty varies from component to component in terms of the Desktop series due to Acer's partnerships with several different PC component manufacturers. In this article i’m gonna mention how to do acer monitor warranty check india and acer desktop warranty check india. In the laptop market, however, they work with partner companies like Chicony or Delta to produce their charging adapters, so if you find a Chicony or Delta brand charger inside the laptop, don't be alarmed—Acer is the authorised supplier. Acer laptop charger warranty varies from other components of acer laptop, if you find any difficulty to check acer laptop warrenty, don’t be concerned visit registration for getting the all knowledge regarding your device. 

Online Acer Product warranty Registration

  • Your PC or laptop will first prompt you to register your Acer product for warranty; alternatively, you may register using an app using your laptop's name and the phrase "Acer product Registration." If you were unable to register, you may do so using the link below.

  • Visit the official Acer website for registration click here– warranty registration

  • Fill out the form accurately, using the information from the purchase invoice. You must also enter the product's serial number, which includes about 22 digits.

  • Enter your purchase information as it appears on the invoice. Enter your contact information, including name, email, and phone number.

  • Once the detail has been completed successfully, click the submit button and wait up to one week.

  • You can check your Acer product warranty check and registration details below.

Link— warranty registration

Acer swift 3 warranty, acer aspire 3 warranty check, acer swift 5 warranty, and acer aspire warranty check all come with a one-year standard limited warranty from the business. In India, however, only approved acer service centers are able to extend these warranties up to three years.

Doing the Acer Nitro 5 warranty check, the Acer APN warranty check, and the Acer Nitro 5 serial number check. Generally the warranty Acer Nitro 5 is one year, however if it was purchased in India, that warranty may be extended to two years; in other countries, there is only one year of extension possible.

How To Do Acer warranty check by serial number in India?

Acer serial number warranty check– You need your device's serial number in order to check the status of the Acer warranty. Your gadget will have it at the bottom or on the back. Once you've located the serial number, you may use the official Acer programme to verify the warranty on an Acer laptop online. In the next part, I've described every procedure for checking an Acer laptop warranty online.

Launch the Acer Warranty Checker

Simply use your browser to search for the official Acer warranty status tool. It's also available here.

Put the serial number in.

You must input the serial number and the country or area from which you purchased your device in order to use the Acer warranty check india tool. Click on the "Get Information" area below after providing the necessary information.

Look up Acer warranty status.

On the following link, you may see the status of the Acer warranty check india after providing the necessary information.

How To Check Acer Laptop Warranty By Using Official Website Of Acer?

Checking the Acer laptop warranty in India just requires a few easy steps. 

1. Go to its website of Acer at the following link-

2. From the menu option, select the” warranty information “option.

3. From the list of sub-options, click on the “warranty status".

4. You will be required to fill in your SNID number.

5. You must also fill in the serial number of your product. 6. The warranty status of your laptop will be displayed.  


How To Check Acer Laptop Warranty By Using Shop Acer Website?

Checking the acer laptop warranty check india just requires a few easy steps. 

1.The warranty status of your laptop can be checked by using the shop acer website link-

2. A web page will be displayed asking for the various details.

3. Fill up all the details correctly.

4. Next, click on the ‘Warranty Validation ‘ option displayed above.

5. Choose' Check Warranty Validity' from the sub-options.

6. The status of your laptop warranty will be shown. 

How To Check Acer Laptop Extended Warranty By Using Acer Customer Helpline Number?

Checking the Acer laptop warranty extension just requires a few easy steps. 

1. Forgetting the warranty information, you may directly call the customer helpline number and get the status of your acer laptop warranty. The toll-free number provided is- 1800116677 for laptops. Support is available Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays). 2. You will get all the information about your warranty status, easy peasy on how to check warranty of acer laptop from there. 

How to Do Acer monitor warranty check?

Checking the Acer PC warranty check in India or acer chromebook warranty check just requires a few easy steps. 

  1. Acer produces monitors and other computer accessories. You need to have a serial number, which is 11–12 digits, before you can verify the warranty. The serial number is next to the barcode on the back of your monitor.

  2. Just click here to access the website and verify the warranty for an Acer monitor.

  3. You may now verify the warranty on your monitor. This approach only applies to India.

How to claim warranty for acer laptop?

Acer warranty Claim/Repair support India

Physical damage is not covered by the guarantee; only manufacture or natural defects can be claimed by the customer. One year on-site warranty is offered by Acer. Only consumers who registered their purchase with Acer India within 15 days of receiving the goods are eligible to submit claims under Acer India's warranty, according to Acer. For unregistered items, the original sales invoice must be included with the claim as a requirement.

For acer warranty claims just contact their customer support, details are given below.

E-mail : [email protected]

Toll Number : 1860-120-2019

WhatsApp Number : +91 6366 800 400

How long is Acer laptop warranty?

All Acer laptops have a one-year standard warranty mentioned by the support team of warranty check acer india. During the Acer laptop warranty period Acer provides the full hardware support to its customers if your device requires service simply search for acer repair near me. It comes into force from the date of purchase. The software assistance persists for 90 days after purchase.

How to check warranty of Acer laptop?

Acer Laptop Warranty India is a contract between a consumer and a consumer product manufacturer. In the case of products like laptops and mobile phones, the manufacturer replaces the defective parts. Although it is not possible to cover all types of defects in an entire product, there are some things you can do to check acer warranty in India if you have purchased an Acer laptop.

Here are a few steps you can follow to check warranty of Acer Laptop:

1) Open the lid of your Acer laptop and look for the serial number printed on the underside of the display panel. This will help you identify your laptop easily when you go for service or replacement in future.

2) Use an infrared camera to see if there are any issues with hard drive or RAM memory that need attention. It is also possible that someone has tampered with your computer without your knowledge by replacing additional hardware components with their own ones, which could be causing problems with your computer too.

3) Check whether any ports on your computer work properly or not. Make sure there are no loose cables inside the system before checking anything else because it could lead to various issues including power supply problems or hardware failure due to poor ventilation inside the case itself

What does the Acer laptops warranty cover?

It's crucial to know the steps of “How to check Acer laptop warranty “, but along with that, it’s also important to be aware of “warranty conditions” and “what does the acer laptop warranty cover”. These tell us what damages would be included in our laptop warranty and for what damages our warranty won’t support us. The standard warranty which comes with our Acer laptops covers all the manufacturing defects and the workmanship damages. However, the acer warranty india does not include the following:- 1. The transportation and delivery costs. 2. Error caused by the Installation of a different software other than specified. 3. Damage, loss of data, and removable storage media. 4. Parts damaged by normal wear and tear or corrosion. 4. Defects that arise from the use of unauthorized CD ROMs which may damage the system. 5. Defects caused by virus attacks. 6.Parts that get affected by normal wear and tear. 

Acer Warranty Check Extension!

So now we are aware of “how to check Acer laptop warranty” and “what acer warranty covers” , we must also know “how to extend the warranty on acer laptop” . Warranty extension provides extra protection for our laptops and aids in repairing the defects. The steps for extension of the Acer laptop warranty are:-

1. Go to the store site of Acer on the link –

2. You will be required to fill in your details for registration.

3. After filling in all the necessary details, click on proceed.

4. Choose the ‘consumer offers' option.

5.A menu displaying “warranty extension and accidental damage protection “appears.

6. Select the option ‘ Purchase and register extended warranty".

7. Next you have to fill in the serial number and the purchase date of your laptop and click on proceed.

8. The last step is choosing the plan which suits your needs best ( depending on whether you want to extend the acer laptop warranty period by one or two years) and making your payment accordingly.  

Acer Accidental Damage Cover

Accidents are unpredictable in every field including the working of our laptops. Dealing with them effectively becomes an important part and that’s when the Acer Accidental Damage Cover comes into play. It enables you to provide protection to your laptops against unfortunate and unforeseen events. The Acer accidental damage covers exceed the standard warranty of your laptop. It safeguards your laptop from accidental damages, for example-

1. Drops and falls

2. Damages are caused by liquid spills.

3. Electrical surges and damage by fire

4. Accidental breakages The intentional damages or the damages caused by natural disasters, bad weather, and animals are not covered by the accidental damage cover. Acts of theft, intentional losses, and damage due to general wear and tear of the product are also not included under this plan.

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In this article, I tried to cover the fundamentals of the warranty information for Acer laptops. I hope this article answers your questions regarding “How to check Acer laptop warranty” and all the related doubts relating to the warranty acer check. Are you in search of a reliable acer service center that can help you out with all your problems related to your laptop., then undoubtedly NSS Laptop Service Center is a one-stop destination for you. For this service center, the customers, as well as the needs of the customers, are important. Therefore they provide an affordable and trustworthy service for the benefit of their customers. They are a team of expert professionals who are well qualified to handle your laptops efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No , the acer laptop warranties are non transferable .It extends only to the person who buys the product originally. It can’t be transferred to the person who obtains the laptop from the original purchaser in any case.

When the system is not used according to the user-guide. Acts of mishandling, improper use and negligence of the system. If the system is modified due to external reasons. If the defects are caused by natural calamities like earthquakes ,fires etc. Upgrading the system’s RAM and storage won’t void the warranty.

Acer SNID number is a 11-12 digit number without any letters. Acer serial number is 22 digit number which contains alphabets as well. Instead of the letter ‘O', it contains zero. These can be found the bottom of the laptop on a label. You can also use other methods for finding the serial number and SNID number like using the serial number detection tool and Acer care centre.

Yes, for its laptops Acer imparts an International Travelers Warranty (ITW). For claiming the International Travelers Warranty it is necessary to possess the original receipt of the product. It is non-interchangeable with the local warranty .

No , opening the case panel won’t void the warranty. If the panels are damaged by external causes then it will void the warranty.

The acer laptops generally come with a standard warranty of one year. So next time whenever your laptop shows some type of technical issues, connect with this service centre and enjoy the benefits of a pocket – friendly, quick and supportive services for your products. NSS Laptop Service Center providers will definitely satisfy you with their committed services.

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