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Customer Reviews

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So Helpful team... I was looking for dell & Lenovo service center in thane, Which really could not locate them after all the efforts, I contacted NSS Laptop Service Center after reading their reviews... Trust me, I Experienced really very good support same day.

- Shahid Sayyed

Good prompt service. Very happy with the work by Aditya. My laptop modal no hp15s eq 0132au 16 GB RAM upgrade

- Samir Joshi

The Service was fast and quick I Just Changed the Battery And Upgrade the Ram 8 > 16 The prices were reasonable

- KingPstar Gaming

I'm satisfied with their services and would totally recommend. thanx saurabh sir and thanx dell service center. Best responce and quick work All person go to laptop gallery all computer solutions Very perfect owner , fully supported thanx dell service center

- Ranjeet Pal

I had issues with my HP laptop and Sony Vaio. The issue were identified and rectified immediately. I must say that Manish is a Nss Service in Laptop repair. I highly recommend his services.

- Aanshi Gala

Exllent service center in Thane.. Very Good service my Laptop model no Dell -3511 Screen and hinges issue slovd by Manish Singh

- KS Music HD

Very polite and professional. It was urgent repair situation for me. They said they would replace the screen within 2 hrs. However, the screen required a was different (Asus laptop), so they ordered it within 5-6 hrs and I got my laptop repaired within 1 day. I can’t comment about the price charged because don’t have comparison with other shops. The screen to replace costed 10.5k plus 2k for repair charges so you decide. Overall my experience was very pleasant.

- Bhushan

I had issues with my Dell laptop The issue were identified and rectified immediately. I must say that Manish is a Nss Lsptop Service Center in Thane Laptop repair. I highly recommend his services.

- Rajiv Shah

I would like to say that I was quite surprised by the efficiency of Pankaj the technician. He was curious and knew his job very well. Would recommend the service to all 100%>


Very nice service. Problem solved within 30 min. Highly recommended for laptop service

- Anil Shivane

The service Center did give me a very quick response time and resolved my issue quickly. Have been getting my issues resolved from them for past couple of years and always had a great experience.

- Sameer Mehta

Exllent service center in thane west my Laptop model no Hp G4 No Power repair motherboard vert fast and low price...Mr Manjeet Singh very good Engineer.....Nice service 100% Gen

- Sanjeev Kumar Yadav

Best Dell Laptop Repair Center in Thane Mumbai Very attentive and prices are reasonable and proper guide and show the faults of your parts in front your eyes and troubleshooting was too fast he even got to find root cause within 5 minutes and within 20 min my laptop was fixed. Excellent Manjeet Sir!

- Bhavna Chadha

They are Highly Experienced, Skillful in Upgrading ,Repairing and Servicing Laptops. They solved my 10 year laptop booting problem, with upgrading SSD and Hard Disk.. Visit with your Laptop Problem and They will solve quickly.

- Sunil Sharma

Excellent work done, service is satisable. Manjit Bhai Behaviour is also very nice. My laptop is Acer Aspire 05 A515 repaire service and now my laptop is working in good condition.

- Sandeep Mishra

Very good detailed service with quick turnaround time.

- Ibrahim K

I was having some problems regarding My Ram which was not supporting the PC this service center gave me 1 St hand 8gb Ram in very affordable price and this is how my problem was resolved

- Kazi Tahurali

My MS Surface laptop was lying idle as few attempts to repair it failed. I found NSS Laptop service center on the net. in the first attempt they were able to repair, but it did not last for more than a day. On complaining about the problem, the engineer was promptly sent, and the problem was solved with no extra cost for second repair. I am very happy with their service and appreciate their genuine business approach.

- Yatin Savla

Hp Omen 15dc0051nr. Battery replacement and servicing. Technician - Manjeet Singh

- Arya Jayakhosh

Great place. Very friendly people. Few ploblems. 1) The Staff isn't professional sometimes. 2) They Take a Lot Of time 3) The Place Itself is untidy. But, the service is good. Got my hp laptop repaired and it's really near from Thane Station!

- Bikki Mandal

Very good service. They repaired my Lenovo laptop and made it like new.

- Prashant Sampat

Dell Inspron 3480 servicing and Upgrade by Manjeet Singh. The service was good and the laptop is working fine now.

- Abhay Satwik

It's very nice service center . Thank to manjeet sir, who help me alot regarding my dell xps L502 i7 system.

- Krishna Sharma

Acer laptop battery was replaced. SSD WAS fixed with servicing. Was very happy with service offered & attitude of attending engineer Mr Manjeet Singh

- Vinay Kulkarni

The lenovo support crew is outstanding. The whole crew is very qualified and knowledgeable. The repair centre for my lenovo laptop has given me with outstanding service, and the new components they delivered are guaranteed to function. We provide Lexicon laptop repair as a service.

- Parag Chheda

Exllent work Asus Laptop internal keyboard issue after 01 hours replacement same time with warranty.. Good Support.. Eng Mr manjeet Singh.. Thanks for service

- Sunil Jadhav

Pankaj engineer was very polite and good in his work. Solved my laptop problem. Good service. Thanks

- Neeta Agarwal

Fast service , got my laptop (Lenova IdeaPad 130) full body replacement within 2 days , Good service n polite dealing.

- YoutubeFanfest

My Laptop model no Lenevo IdeaPad 03 -15 AlC was done the service of fabrication and screen strip hinges and the service was fast and laptop is working fine properly Thank you must visit shop in thane for the repairmen of laptop .


A nice service was offered to me and key problems were notified via call. Responsive staff. Recommended

- Pranit Gadekar

My lappy was successfully diagnosed and repaired. They are very efficient in the laptop service work. Very happy with their job.

- Jaya Henry

Excellent service provided by Mr. Suraj. Provide one stop solution for my laptop. Installed Antivirus in quick time. Lenova model chrome book repairs. Thanks ? …

- Yogesh Pandey

Well behaved manner of Mr Manjeet Singh for customer service. Mr. Suraj Rathod is very good to work within a minimum time of Service, Heating, Hinges & total Body Fabrication. of my Dell Inspiron 35511. In all very good services with proper care.

- Anil Kumar Rout

Fixed charge port on my laptop for a reasonable price, saved me 100's buying a new one so happy out! Nss laptop service center ,? …

- Nikhil Thakur

Very nice service Lenovo service My Lenovo ThinkPad laptop battery issue same time battery replacement normal cost

- Narayan Singh Golu Nishad

Very beautiful work?? I invite all of you to visit this service centre once and get a chance to get the best service which is not available in any other service centre. …

- Ruby Masih

Great experience... Honestly, well done to the point... They also explain the negative/probabilities of failure along with the reasons... let's say their Know the ingredients

- L.L. Jatav

I have repaired my dell laptop here. He repaired my laptop within 2-3 hours. I am realy happy with service . The best service center for urgent laptop repairing

- Vikas Kumar Singh

They are very polite and helpful. Did their best to resolve the issue earliest Acer Laptop Service Center

- Mayur S Petkar

Amazing people working to help the customers in the best way they can. My issue was resolved seamlessly. Bravo ? … …

- Putul Singh

Awesome service provider. Gives time on delivery. I would like to recommend all my friends and family members.

- Hiralal Prasad

The service is very fast and the technician is a thorough gentle and well behaved person canter provided quality sevice and reaponded prperly on every call l got my daughter s laptop repaired from here thnq

- Nisha Shahi

Had a display issue on my ROG. Screen and motherboard replaced in less than a week. Good service and exceptional speed. Recommended for any issues on your laptop.

- Neel Shah

Had gone to get the Screen replaced 6 Month Warranty back in my HP laptop and since then no issues have happened. Came back again to get data recovery and to keep it up to speed. They did the service pretty fast and helped understand all of the parts! Definitely recommend!! ? … …

- Harsh Doshi

Vikas is very knowledgable and professional. His services are also reasonable and gives genuine advise to save your cost


My experience here was awesome, very helpful employees there you will get your laptop done on the same day (99% chances). He helped despite of his accident hatsoff to his work. Loved visiting here. Thanks NSS


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