Dell is one of the finest brands when it comes to purchasing a quality laptop. However, buying a laptop brings lots of questions in mind about warranty such as dell laptop battery warranty check, etc. Dell provides a 1-year warranty on all laptops it sells. Suppose any hardware failures are encountered during this period, it can be covered under dell laptop warranty. In that case, the customer will get the device repaired or replaced without any extra charges through Dell Laptop Warranty. But what if the warranty period of dell laptop ended? How To do dell warranty check? or dell warranty check up.  These are the questions that are hanging around your and my mind too. Dell users can also choose to  extend dell laptop warranty. Consumer laptops can opt up to a four-year dell warranty extension from the date of purchase. However, commercial laptop users can extend dell warranty for up to five years. The dell warranty check can be done easily to find the status of your Dell check warranty online. Usually, most buyers tend to forget the original date of purchase, and it becomes an issue when claiming a warranty. If a Dell laptop is showing signs of hardware or software failure, then it needs servicing. If you want it to be repaired on the warranty, then check if dell laptop is under warranty. Are you thinking about How To Check my Dell Laptop Warranty? To know that is my dell laptop under warranty, I do it in diverse ways which I had listed below.

Dell Laptop Warranty Period In India

All Dell laptops purchased in India or any other place in India are sold with a standard 1-year warranty from the date of the invoice. Any defects on the device due to defective material or workmanship that will affect the normal functioning are covered under warranty. Dell warranty check is easy to be done. 

How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty

However, the standard warranty does not cover any damages or failures in the device caused by external agents like abuse, accident, and misuse, including electrical power, storage, maintenance, or installation. Customers can opt to extend the warranty up to 4 years before the standard warranty expires. Let's read about How To Check Warranty of dell laptop.

Dell Laptop Warranty Types

Dell India provides three types of Warranty with dell laptops. These are Base warranty, Premium support, and Premium support base. Buyers can add accidental damage warranty with any of the three types by connecting Dell warranty support. Accidental warranty of  covers Liquid spilled damage, Drops, falls and other collisions, Electrical surge, Damaged or broken LCD due to a drop or fall. The information related to how many years dell laptop warranty is available

  1. Base warranty: Base warranty is the most simplest warranty which only includes 24*7 support and hardware replacement which also varies sometimes.
  2. Premium support: It covers various premium benefits for the customers which are not available in base warranty.
  3. Premium support base: This kind of warranty includes complete Support assist for virus removal etc. 24*7 online support is available for the customers.

How to  Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status Online?

Are you looking for How To Check Dell Warranty status online? Customers with a service tag or express service code of Dell laptop can check the Dell warranty online with a few simple clicks. The service tag is present on the back of the device. If the service code is not available for some reason, the second method can be used. 

How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty

The following are the steps involved in checking the Dell warranty status online.

  • Customers need to visit the official Dell warranty page. You can be redirected directly from here.
  • The dell warranty status of the device can be viewed by submitting the service tag or express service code.
  • Once you submit the service code, you will be redirected to Dell's official page, where you can see warranty start and end dates.
  • All this information is available free of cost.

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How to Check Dell Warranty Status Using Support Assist (Dell Warranty Checker)?

Individuals who cannot find the service tag information on their Dell laptops can run the inbuilt support assistant tool for dell warranty check. 

How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty

Following are the steps for Dell laptops warranty check using the support assist dell warranty check tool:

  • Most laptops come equipped with the Dell support assistant program if it is not installed, customers can download it from the Dell website. It is free to install, and users do not require paying any amount for a Dell support assistant.
  • After opening the support assist program, the device's warranty status check list can be viewed on the left-hand side pane.
  • It also displays the expected date, service tag number, expiry date of the warranty, and even an option to upgrade the warranty.
  • Along with the warranty status, you can get the option for checking hardware status and system optimization.

How To Do Dell Warranty Check by Call Dell Customer Support?

Customers can check the Dell laptop warranty and device status by calling the customer care and telling the express service code or service tag. The Dell customer support service is available for a limited time from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday. 

How to Check Dell Laptop Warranty

If you have purchased Dell laptop in India then you can go to official dell India website to do dell warranty check India. The number to reach customer support of Dell is 1800-425-4002. Other than calling, you can mail your query to Dell customer support. Other than this you can go for dell warranty lookup by visiting NSS laptop service center website

Issues That Are Not Covered Under the Dell Laptop Warranty

Dell Warranty doesn't cover the following issues:

  • Broken laptop base panel door Hinges.
  • Broken screen, black spots or lines on the screen.
  • Broken charger cable.
  • Missing keyboard keys.
  • Physical damage like scratches or dents.
  • Damage due to water or any type of fluid.
  • Damage due to short circuit.
  • Software related issues due to a third-party application.

What Does Dell Warranty Cover?

Dell laptop warranty is an essential part of buying dell laptops in India or anywhere in the world. When I was purchasing my dell laptop, I was curious about what does dell laptop warranty coverage. I asked the vendor that does it covers hardware damages?. He advice me to check complete dell warranty information on Dell India website. Here is the list of things covered under the Dell laptop warranty.

  • Damaged laptop due to shipping
  • Manufacturing defects or issues.

What Should I Do If Dell Laptop Warranty Expires?

If you did a dell warranty check online and find that your Dell laptop's warranty has expired, there are a few options to avail of technical support from Dell. This will be the perfect time for extending the warranty on your laptop by purchasing an accidental damage service that will take care of all the repairs and replacements. It will also take care of system damages that are not covered by the standard Dell laptop warranty. The status and availability of dell warranty check can be done by using the Dell support website. First, locate the service tag on your device and keep this information handy before making a call on checking the details on their website. The service tag code comprises 5 to 7 alphanumeric characters which are unique for every device. The product ID is also known as express service code consisting of 10 to 11 numeric and is also needed for dell warranty check.

How To Extend My Dell Laptop Warranty

If you are looking for how to extend warranty of dell laptop, then you can easily extend your Dell laptop warranty for 4 years on consumer devices and 5 used on commercial devices by contacting their customer support via call or website before the dell laptop expiry date arrives.

Requesting or Repair from Dell Support

  • Identification of the failure or issue on the device.
  • Dell warranty check from the Dell support site.
  • If the device is out of warranty, Dell's technical support should be contacted.
  • Technicians will check the device over a phone call and provide an estimate for chargeable repair if requested.
  • If you wish to get your laptop repaired, an acknowledgment will be generated as the quote's acceptance.
  • After successful payment, the repair request will be accepted and processed.

What Is the cost of extending dell laptop warranty?

Hope your question that how to check the dell laptop warranty is answered. If you are looking for how to extend my dell laptop warranty, then here is your answer. You can also go for Dell extended warranty of Dell laptop. Dell extended warranty will give you complete peace of mind as it takes care of all types of hardware defects that can arise after the standard warranty expires. To extend or upgrade your warranty Dell cost up to ₹11,000. You can purchase or extended dell warranty plan within the manufacturer's warranty. Coverage can extend up to 3 to 4 years based on the type of device and original warranty. The On-site go extended warranty plan is a continuation of the standard manufacturer warranty for additional two years. You can purchase this plan within the Dell warranty period. The cost of a 1 year extended warranty plan is around ₹6000, while a 2 year will cost you around ₹8500. Accidental damage plans are available for ₹10500 but must be bought within 45 days of purchasing the device. On-site extended Dell laptop warranty plans for one year cost around ₹1399 and ₹1999 for 2 years based on the laptop's original price. Dell provides its customers with complete service assistance through the on-site extended warranty and guarantees a 14-day repair order placement of the device. If the laptop cannot be repaired within the same period, you will get a completely new replacement device with equivalent features.

Dell Warranty Transfer

If you have purchased a Dell Laptop recently or purchased an used product or sold your old Dell laptop then you can go for Dell warranty transfer. The warranty transfer is applicable when you move to another country  or region. This can help you to easily get benefitted of your laptop warranty anywhere. You can do a dell online warranty check for transferred warranty in the same way as mentioned above. The transfer process also allow you to change permanent address of the owner of the laptop.

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The above information about dell laptop warranty check and what it covers which you need to know while purchasing a new laptop or extending the warranty period. Hope you find the info useful and we had answered your question i.e how to do warranty check Dell laptop. Are you looking for a service center on which you can trust? Then the NSS Laptop Service Center is the place which will gain your trust. We are a team of professional and experienced hardware engineers who are qualified to repair all top brand laptops. Find us near you.

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