How Much Does It Cost To A Laptop Screen Replacement in India

How Much Does It Cost To A Laptop Screen Replacement in India
  • May 5th, 2024
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Hello! Join us as we review the detailed guide on how much it Costs to Fix A Laptop Screen Replacement in India. We can advise you on choosing the cheapest service options so that you can trust some reputable centers and avoid extra charges.

Common Reasons Which Decide Your Laptop Screen Replacement Price

The cost of laptop replacement in India could be different for several reasons, including the kind of screen that takes place are-:

Laptop Brands
The variety of the laptop screen in Size & Resolution
The authorised service center itself
Quality of Screen
Warranty of Screen
Standard Screen or Touch Screen
Product Availablity
Location From the Shop or Store
Normal Screen
Common Laptop Screen Coming with max laptop brands
Premium brands laptop screen


The final laptop screen replacement price depends on the nature of the above points.

Now, it directly comes to what is the starting laptop screen or display replacement cost in India.

The price of replacing a laptop screen generally starts at ₹1900. However, expectations should be between ₹5,000 and ₹10,000 or even more above this bracket for the more complex ones.


It’s better if you involve a couple of service points or technicians inquiring about the price of service and quality of service at the same time. Moreover, warranty and insurance mechanisms can be a mitigating factor in shaping repair cost implications.

How to Find Cheap Laptop Screen Replacement in India 

Several issues may cause laptop screens to go for replacement. Here are some tips on how to find a cheap laptop screen replacement in India:


Check the warranty: Most laptop computer warranty periods expire after one year, and screen replacement is a part of that. If the warranty still covers your laptop, you get a new and free replacement machine or a substantial discount from the manufacturer.

Check your insurance: One option is to buy insurance that includes screen replacements. If you have insurance, please check your policy to see whether the insurance firm will refund the cost of replacing the screen.


Shop around: Depending on your laptop and the screen quality you are looking for, the cost of laptop screens varies greatly whether you purchase them from a specialized brand seller or a regular electronics outlet. Check prices at various stores to avoid overpaying for your choice.


Ask for discounts: Most stores offer discounts for students, seniors, army persons, and members who carry organization credentials, so shopping in public does not supersede fashion needs anymore. Ask the store representative if a replacement screen is offered at a discounted price.


Consider used screens: Secondhand laptop screens are often very cost-effective in terms of their original price tags compared to new ones. You can search on the Internet or even some stores selling electronics to find the necessary screens.

How to Find a Reputable Laptop Repair Shop in India for Laptop Screen Replacement

Laptop screens tend to have problems more frequently than other machine parts. This is the most frequent case encountered by laptop owners. In India, where your screen has died, you may be interested to know if there is a reliable laptop repair shop nearby so that you can buy a new screen.


It will be of great help if the reader observes the following tips in mind before they find a reliable computer repair shop for laptop screen replacement. The first and foremost important factor for you to consider is that the companions are experienced, have a good reputation, and show a high level of ethics. Indeed, there are two ways for you to seek assurance of the excellent reputation of a service: by reading reviews online or from family members and friends.


When you have a few probable stores, call them in and request a quotation detailing their rates and policies. For extra reassurance, inquire whether they have a warranty for the workmanship. Make sure you know all the terms and conditions that are agreed upon to have them do the job.


Eventually, bring the laptop to the service station and ensure that you bring all the necessary files, such as the warranty note and the receipt from the time of purchase.


One important aspect is that these are just approximated prices, and the actual costs might deviate from these ranges, depending on particular circumstances. To get fair quotes, compare prices from different repair centers, and ensure that you are dealing with a reputable service provider before commencing any replacement process, it’s advisable to take some precautionary steps. On the one hand, other than that, prices change very often. Thus, this only provides us with an approximation of the possible cost to set it up. Therefore, you should always check the repair center or online sources for the latest of it.


Laptop repair is costly due to the high cost of replacement parts, the high prices of technicians, and the sophisticated tools required.

Screen Types in Laptop's 

Expanding knowledge about the types of laptop screens is significant initially as it will increase one’s skills in repair and replacement. At present, three classes of laptop screens are accessible: Twisted Nematic (TN), In-plane switching (IPS), and Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED).


More often now, laptops are put on different screen displays such as 7-inch, 10-inch, 13-inch, 14-inch, 15.6-inch FHD, 17.3-inch, and NHD with touch system and non-touch capabilities. Getting your laptop screen replaced might be your best choice if you are available at a professional laptop service center or computer repair shop nearby. This method gives you the clarity you deserve and the best possible display when using the laptop.


Furthermore, we can achieve such a process by replacing an LCD with an LED or a LED with an LCD. Largely, you can do it. However, the only thing you should take care of is the screen you will use that is suitable for your device.

When would we need a Laptop Screen Replacement service?

It can happen that we do not know when we need to replace our laptop screen, although we think that such an act should be done as nobody wants to see annoying blinking spots over and over again. A situation can take place when the screen of the laptop is not working even though the laptop seems to be perfectly normal. The monitor might be damaged in several ways, for example, by malfunctioning different sections like the broken or faulty pixelation, which will cause nagging, and the problem with the backlighting, etc. Moreover, you may encounter a screen crack or some particular case where it breaks, which can ultimately be solved by replacing the screen monitor itself. Similarly, You need to go to the service station for a replacement laptop screen because you'd be allocating the bulk of the money to buy a new laptop and resolve the problem with your screen.

Is a Touchscreen Laptop Replacement Possible?

A long goodbye to the manual laptop with the Freddy paddles and mouse. Now, the touchscreen feature of our cell phones, laptops, and apps has replaced paper forms to make our work easier and provide us with a better interface. Is the touchable screen repairable or not? This is the most frequent question that a lot have asked. The response is, this is what it is; you may get them installed, but make sure that you get the services of a skilled professional who has probably graduated from a technical school or hardware replacement institution or has years of experience in the Industry. Therefore, opting for Computer Repair Home would be the best thing you could do as you would have professional people at even fees for fixing your laptop's touch screen. Anyway, your recent laptop needs a screen replacement; even if it is a touch screen, it will no longer give you headaches.


How should you use your laptop to avoid laptop screen replacement?

To avoid the need for laptop screen replacement and ensure the longevity of your device, follow these tips for proper laptop usage:

Handle with Care: Be as delicate with your laptop as possible to ensure the accidental drop or bounce is ruled out and you avoid screen damage. Do always keep it packed in a bag or a case with waterproof features while moving from place to place.

Clean Regularly: Keep your laptop screen clean with a soft cloth and a gentle electronic cleaner solution. Make sure that it is the correct composition for the removal of dust and other particles. Preferably, do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that might scratch your screen; in rare cases, when the screen develops scratches, use very fine sandpaper with extra care.


Avoid Pressure: Don’t put folding pressure on the screen when closing the screen lids. Then slowly eliminate the lid towards the center so that tension is not made on hinges or screen.

Adjust Screen Brightness: Modify the screen brightness to match the perception of your eye to reduce the strain on the display and increase the lifespan of the device. Bright text sticking out on the screens can cause screen burn-in over time.

Use Screensavers and Sleep Mode: Turn off screensavers or activate sleep mode for the time that the laptop is not in use to avoid static pictures causing screen burn-in, you will have to switch off screensavers or activate the sleep mode when the laptop is not in use. Among other things, this activity screen would serve its lifespan and at the same time reduce wear and tear.

Keep Ventilation Clear: Maintain adequate ventilation that is around the laptop to prevent overheating which usually results in ceiling damage like the heat sink etc. Optimally, the laptop should be unobstructed by any vibrations or placed on a flat, stiff surface to keep vents clear.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Do not subject the laptop to the conditions of high or low temperatures, since more heat or cold can adversely affect the whole screen and other elements. The laptop is better kept away from sunlight and moisture; therefore, store it in a cool and dry place when it is not being used.

Update Software Regularly: Always employ updated operation and driver systems to ensure the highest level of laptop functionality and hardware. Regularly applying new versions of the software helps fix bugs and cover any security issues that may affect screen operations.

Use Protective Films or Covers: Screen protectors or laptop covers are a great way to add surface protection from small scratches, dirt, or minor shocks. While an external screen can clutter up your space, it does bring the additional benefit of increasing your laptop screen's lifespan.


By implementing the aforementioned methods and embracing a responsible laptop usage lifestyle, you can mitigate the risk of computer screen damage and without frequent repair or maintenance, you can extend its life.


Handling laptop repair and screen replacement in India could be challenging due to several vital considerations, including warranty expiration, redemption, and cost factors. At our NSS Laptop Service Center, we provide complete tips and tricks and targeted solutions for laptop health care without spending much money. Helping you find the most trusted service providers who offer the cheapest repair options and providing expert advice on dependable repair shops are our top priorities, and we always strive to keep your device in an optimum state. Trust the NSS laptop service center if you have any issues with your laptop. You will get expert technical assistance for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, there are special considerations when choosing an LCD Controller board Kit as it depends on the model you are using.

The LCD controller/driver modifies the input signal, scaling resolution if necessary, and then outputs the signal for usage by the LCD monitor. Low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS), SPI, I2C, and Parallel are examples of output interfaces. There are two other input/output systems on most LCD Controller/Driver Boards. Both of these systems, however, are two-way. One includes utilizing the on-screen display (OSD) control panel to adjust and monitor parameters such as brightness, picture, and color controls. The other is used for communication through connections such as Ethernet, Bluetooth, or IP. The LCD board also includes an inverter, which is responsible for lighting and powering the LCD\'s backlight. Normally, computers convert alternating currents (AC) from a wall power socket into direct currents (DC); however, the cold-cathode fluorescent light used in most LCDs requires AC current to power. The inverter\'s duty is to convert DC to AC. The initial conversion from AC to DC is still required since it allows the device to select the frequency utilized to operate the inverter.

LCD panel technology is classified into three types: IPS, TN, and VA. TN is an abbreviation for twisted nematicon. Voltage controls the liquid crystal molecules in TN screens, causing them to change orientation. When there is no voltage, the molecules rotate 90 degrees and enable light to pass through. When exposed to voltage, the crystals become untwisted, obstructing light. VA display technology employs liquid crystals that tilt when a voltage is applied, allowing light to pass through. In contrast to IPS display technology (see below), the crystals in VA screens are perpendicular rather than parallel. IPS displays, which stand for In-Plane Switching, employ liquid crystals placed in rows between two glass surfaces to generate vibrant colors. Furthermore, the capacity of the liquid crystal to move horizontally allows for amazing viewing angles where the colors do not alter. As a result, IPS displays are ideal for individuals looking for color fidelity and consistency with super-wide viewing angles.

Digital View LCD Controller Boards are available in a variety of configurations, including high-resolution and multi-purpose controllers, as well as harsh environment controller boards. These LCD controller boards are general-purpose controllers that are small and completely buffered. LCD controller boards have rich functions and command sets. These LCD controllers are intended for use with commercial, industrial, and specialized monitor and display systems. LCD controllers provide dependability characteristics and are adaptable to the majority of application needs. These controllers are utilized in almost every LCD display-related application imaginable, including defense and security, industrial displays, harsh environment displays, defense and security, and architectural display systems.

The average laptop screen replacement price in India falls between Rs. 1900 and Rs. 6000. Now, adding the most basic laptops and the highest-end devices, the range will change to Rs. 2000 - 8000. Check out how much it costs to fix a laptop screen in India for more details. Here, we have discussed how laptop touchscreen replacement prices and other advanced screens outrun the standard display cost.

Universal is the best LCD controller board kit for laptop screens because the chip in the universal has been updated, It is compatible with a high-quality screen. It saves the screen applications to a USB flash drive. Not only can a USB interface be used to upgrade applications, but it may also be utilized to play video/music/photos. You may also configure a boot display image or LOGO. As a result, purchasing an LCD controller board kit for laptop displays is an excellent option.

The average laptop screen repair price in India falls between Rs. 3000 - 6000 range. Now, add the most basic laptops and the highest-end devices, the range for the laptop screen repair price in India will change to Rs. 2000 - 8000. Check our How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen in India topic for more details. Here, we have discussed how laptop touchscreen replacement or repair prices and other advanced screens outrun the standard display cost. For the people who seek service from authorized stores, check our info pages like the Authorized Asus Service Center Vashi, Acer Authorized Service Center in Vashi, Authorized Lenovo Service Center Thane, Dell Authorized Service Center in Gurgaon, and similar pages for details. And if your laptop is out-of-warranty, you should select a service based on customer satisfaction quotient. Check our NSS Laptop Service Center pages for what our users are talking about the services in Dell laptop repair center in Thane, HP repair center near Thane, Samsung repair center in Navi Mumbai, and all other branches. Again, you will get a list of laptop repair cost in India on those pages including your answers to laptop screen repair price or queries like how much it cost to fix a laptop screen in India. Check our tips & tricks section for DIY software solutions like How To Fix Application Error 0xc000007b In Windows, How To Stop System Data Usage In Windows 10, How to Fix Black Screen in Toshiba Laptop etc.

The typical price range for an LCD Controller Board starts from Rs. 2000 to 14,000. It depends on which module you are using. So, it\'s better to take advice from the person who works in the computer center.

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