Laptop Motherboard Repair 5 Instant Reasons And Symptoms Of Motherboard Failure

Laptop Motherboard Repair 5 Instant Reasons And Symptoms Of Motherboard Failure

Laptop Motherboard Repair: 5 Instant Reasons and Symptoms of Motherboard Failure

On this page of the NSS Laptop Service Center's web blog, I would like to write about a new topic: Can laptop motherboards be repaired? 

A motherboard plays a vital role in computers as it is a central communication backbone connectivity point of the computer via which all external peripherals and components connect. So it's evident that the motherboard is the most essential part of the computer. 

My dear readers, before I provide any information about whether the laptop's motherboard can be repaired, I would like to inform you about the repair near my center, the NSS Laptop Service Center. You will get all the facilities and information about any laptop brand or part here. Call us at +91-9717150098. 

Now, let's discuss whether the laptop motherboard is repaired. Yes, indeed, laptop motherboards can be fixed. It is not impossible for IT technicians as we live in the technology era.

A motherboard is the only house that holds every other hardware part together. Being a veteran laptop motherboard repair service all over India, we strongly agree that a high-quality laptop means a motherboard. It's the first and the last of the entire hardware system. The performance of every hardware part is directly connected to the version of the motherboard they are installed upon. So, what is the downside when a motherboard is responsible for every single operation inside a laptop or PC? Simple. It fails, and there are various reasons for this. 

Laptop motherboard repair is one of the most skill-demanding jobs we do daily in the NSS Laptop Service Center. Yes, motherboards, as a single piece of hardware, have the highest failure rates when compared to the failure rates of the other hardware components. As a trusted laptop motherboard repair near my center, we face HP laptop Motherboard or any other brand's laptop motherboard issues from our clients daily. Not only repair but laptop motherboard replacement jobs are also one of the significant parts of that. Statistically, the motherboard failure rate globally is around 2.1% (Data ref: Puget). Means? One out of every 49 motherboards manufactured by hardware companies will fail before its estimated lifespan. And, the reasons for motherboard failure? There are plenty out there. There are tons of large and small components that a motherboard encases, like CPU array, HDD/SSD channels, System RAM Panels, fans, Network controllers, Audio chips, different USB ports, GPU channels, and a sea of surface mount devices. If any of these goes haywire, the system collapses, no matter how durable and expensive the other hardware parts are. The delicacy of the components makes the laptop board repair a strained and complex procedure. But you may still argue whether the laptop motherboard is repaired, and I would stay optimistic about that. Let's give you some ideas here. When some little parts are damaged, let's say one or two capacitors, we can remove them and solder some new ones to make it work as before. If the laptop motherboard issue concerns some bad soldering ba,d connection, or some little fused chip, diagnosing them and applying the right tools in a precise measure requires perfect talent in the laptop board repair field, which our users find commendable about us here.

After completing this guide, you will have an excellent blog about whether a laptop motherboard can be repaired. Please do not leave the article in between; you may skip important information about whether the motherboard can be fixed. If you are stuck anywhere or have a question regarding any laptop problem, post your question on the NSS Laptop Service Center website.

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In this paragraph, I will explain how the motherboard can be repaired. Yes, laptop motherboards can be improved. You need to follow a particular instruction set to improve it. 

  • Ensure that the OS is intact and error-free. Try to install a new OS that fits your existing hardware system.

  • The power supply unit of a laptop can cause tons of similar hiccups. You can replace the power supply unit and check whether the problem remains. Remember that a faulty power supply unit can damage the RAM and motherboard.

  • If the problem remains the same, try replacing the RAM sticks. At times, swapping the RAM fixes the problem. If the problem still exists, it's time for the laptop motherboard repair service.

  • Starting with the motherboard, the first important thing is a physical look-up. Cheap motherboard manufacturers commonly use substandard electrolyte capacitors and tend to leak the electrolyte paste from the inside. Further, when the flat capacitor caps start bulging, they are indeed fostering the future problems of motherboard failure.

What Are The Reasons For Motherboard Failure?

Now, what are the chief reasons for motherboard failure issues? Let's see some obvious laptop motherboard issues in the next section.

Laptop Motherboard Failure Due To Overheating

Now, it's a no-brainer. Right? Heat is the arc enemy of SMDs. But, when it comes to laptop motherboards, it's highly expected. Firstly, desktops and other full-fledged PCs have more room for generating heat dissipation. Secondly, the cooling vents are more significant, thus airier. So, if there is an abnormal amount of heat inside the CPU box, these better cooling conditions will surely take care of that. But, when it comes to laptop motherboards or any other hardware elements generating more heat than expected, it becomes tough for the cooling system to pull out the excess heat from the closely knitted hardware parts. And as well, a fried motherboard failure condition makes the laptop motherboard repairs job harder.
Further, most entry-level laptops have air vents at the bottom side of their clamshell cases. Now, if anything blocks those air vents, the inside of the computer will experience a steep rise in the temperature, and that's accidental for the motherboard. And it's not brand-specific, either. If you are searching for the Dell laptop motherboard failure symptoms or if it's an HP Laptop Motherboard, Lenovo Laptop Motherboard, or any one of the best brands in the market, the situation is almost the same, and so is the laptop motherboard repairs job as well.

According to SmallBusiness, the safe temperature range inside a laptop is 50 to 95 degrees F or 10 to 35 degrees C. Anything outside that temperature range is fatal for a laptop motherboard and the other hardware components. So it would help if you ensured that the cooling vents are open and pulling out the heat so that your device remains less prone to catching a laptop motherboard issue. How? It would help to keep a healthy gap between the bottom side of a laptop and the desk or floor on which it is placed. This gap gives space to the air circulation vents at the bottom of the shell/case. Now, many of us use the laptop on our lap, on the bed, or on a thick carpet that blocks the way of these air circulation vents. And, if you are using your computer in such conditions for a long time, it gradually weakens the motherboard parts. Finally, when it stops working, it burns a hole in your pocket as the laptop motherboard repair cost is considerably high. So, ensure you are using your laptop healthily when cooling is concerned, and save yourself a considerable fortune on laptop motherboard replacement or repair.

Laptop Motherboard Issue Is based on A Good Power Supply Unit With A Surge Protector.

Electrical power does not always stay calm. Spikes in the supply voltage and power surges are pretty common phenomena. This sudden burst of electrical energy is lethal for the complex and delicate SMDs of a laptop motherboard, and that's sure to lead you to a laptop motherboard repair service to shed some bucks. Admittedly, there can be many reasons behind this energy ripple. The main culprits are faulty electrical power transmission systems and high energy-demanding devices connected to any electrical network. So, if anything causes a sudden surge in supply voltage and you feed that supply to your laptop, it harms the motherboard. You may not see any immediate danger for that, but what happens is that your laptop motherboard gets damaged gradually if it faces similar power issues for a long time, which leads to various laptop motherboard issues with time. There's a solution to this problem. A good quality surge protector can neutralize these power fluctuations and save time and money by restricting you from visiting a laptop motherboard repair center for motherboard failure. So, start taking prior precautions from the beginning and stop asking questions like symptoms of motherboard failure in laptop, laptop motherboard repair costs, or laptop motherboard replacement costs, or maybe more specific queries such as Dell Laptop motherboard failure symptoms, HP Laptop Motherboard, or Lenovo Laptop motherboard failure symptoms, or Acer or Asus laptop motherboard failure symptoms.

Laptop Portability Has Its Curse To Bear Motherboard Failure Incidents

Portability is one of the cardinal factors behind our love for laptops over desktops. But every feature has its negative side, too. Portability invites accidents and leads you to a laptop motherboard replacement or repair. When we tend to move frequently with our laptop, then there is a possibility that our computer may get accidentally impacted by other objects. Further, your computer can get severely damaged if it gets dropped on a hard floor from a certain height. In such cases, the laptop motherboard can get damaged and stop working altogether. Any impactful force is vicious to a laptop motherboard, generating a severe issue. And when you are out of warranty, it's not a pleasant experience to shell out on laptop motherboard repair services caused by careless choices.

Further, we all love to have a cup of smoking coffee while working on our laptops for an extended period. It's OK for us, but your computer hates drinking coffee or other liquids. So, even if a droplet of water or other thicker liquids gets sipped inside the laptop shell, it could kill the laptop motherboard instantly by short-circuiting it. So, be extra careful when your coffee and laptop sit together on your lap or desk so that you can worry less about one thing - laptop motherboard repair or replacement costs. I'm sure this can also save some users plenty of time searching for whether a laptop motherboard can be repaired, reasons for motherboard failure, Apple or Dell motherboard failure symptoms, or symptoms of motherboard failure in laptops.

What Are The Symptoms Of Motherboard Failure?

The symptoms of motherboard failure in laptops:

  • Your laptop is not booting up.

  • Your laptop is freezing frequently.

  • Your laptop is taking a sudden restart.

  • Blue screen of death or BSOD with or without error codes.

  • A complete black or a blank screen.

  • The components stop working correctly.

  • Slows down the performance of the laptop.

  • Not enough power or data speed.

  • Strange noises from the PC.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Laptop Motherboard/ How Long Can A Motherboard Last?

The average lifespan of a laptop motherboard is around fifty thousand hours. Beyond that timeframe, it is very likely to expect a motherboard failure or some other laptop motherboard problem sooner or later. Moreover, this lifespan is only valid with proper care of your laptop motherboard if you don't want to spend money on laptop motherboard repair. When a motherboard failure occurs due to aging or wear and tear of integrated chips and other passive electronic components, you are left with two options. Either take your laptop and visit a good laptop motherboard repair shop in your locality, or you can go for a laptop motherboard replacement by buying a new one that supports your existing system.

Weak electrolyte capacitors are one of the worst laptop motherboard problems, leading to failure.


Further, a low-quality motherboard is constructed with low-quality electronic items, especially capacitors. On cheap motherboards, capacitors start to leak or bulge in a pretty short time of usage. Being a famous Laptop Motherboard Repair Center in Mumbai and 40 other megacities in India, we face a similar laptop motherboard issue daily. We strongly recommend our valued customers use branded and high-quality laptop motherboards as they improve the overall performance of a laptop with the assurance of long-time fault-free usage. , these are some of the most common laptop motherboard issues you face. Now, the only valid question is how would you understand the early symptoms of motherboard failure in a laptop or if it has failed?

How Much To Repair Laptop Motherboard/ How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Laptop Motherboard?

Laptop motherboard repair costs between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 4500. The price depends on the computer model and the fault. 

Note:- Price depends upon parts availability as well as market fluctuations.

Why Do You Need A Laptop Motherboard Repair Service? 

Are you confident enough to do a component-level checkup of your laptop motherboard? Do you have the proper tools and instruments to carry out a laptop motherboard repair task in an informed way? Do you have the experience and required expertise to locate and replace a faulty SMD or leaking capacitor on a motherboard? Are you sure you will not harm the adjacent components when you return a glitchy part on your motherboard or the entire laptop motherboard replacement process? If the answer to all these questions is a confident yes, repair it. Otherwise, it's time to pick it up and take it to a trusted laptop motherboard repair service. 

Now, branded companies like Lenovo, HP, or Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair Centers have state-of-the-art tool sets and instruments for executing scientific diagnoses of laptop motherboard problems. But they mostly prefer to go straight for a laptop motherboard replacement instead of trying some repair tasks. 

If you are looking for the latter, searching for a general but popular laptop board repair service near you is best. Further, they also hire qualified engineers and technicians to carry out every hardware-related task with surgical skills. So, if you are lucky enough to locate an authentic laptop motherboard repair service near you, the half battle is won. Otherwise, always contact the NSS Laptop Service Center at +91-9717150098 anytime with any of your laptop motherboard common problems. We are confident, and we have laptop repair outlets all over India. We will be happy to help you out within a short time.


This article is all about how to repair a laptop motherboard. We have also discussed how much it costs to improve the laptop motherboard. You can post your queries on the NSS Laptop Service Center website and expect free answers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the laptop motherboard be repaired? Frankly speaking, yes, up to some extent. Actually, laptop motherboard repair is one of the most skill-demanding jobs that we do every day in the NSS Laptop Service Center.

Motherboards are both extremely important and un-important at the same time. They are important because they provide the interconnectivity between the CPU/GPU/Ram/Storage/network - so without one nothing can be done.

In many of the latest laptops, the Motherboard is soldered with everything else inside the laptop. In such cases, the cost of replacing the Motherboard plus the technician charges will be more than the value of the laptop.

Is Motherboard Worth Repairing? Your motherboard is definitely not worth repairing when we are talking about a laptop. For desktops, you can do it as long as the damage isn't extreme. Laptop motherboards have other components soldered onto them so those will have to be replaced during your repair.

The motherboard is the computer, so the usual symptom of a failed motherboard is a completely dead system. Fans, drives, and other peripherals may spin up if the motherboard is dead, but more often nothing at all happens when you turn on the power. No beeps, no lights, no fans, nothing.

The two main materials found in motherboards are fibre glass and copper. Fibre glass provides insulation whereas copper forms the conductive pathways within the component. During the manufacturing process, a sheet of fibre glass fabric is coated with epoxy resin and heated until the resin is partially cured.

Motherboard definition The definition of a motherboard is an insulated board within an electronic device into which circuits or wires are connected and plugged. An example of a motherboard is the main board in your computer that contains the circuitry for everything required for you to type the words on your keyboard.

Among the most common causes of motherboard failure are excess electrical shocks, physical damage, or excess heat. Some of these dangers are inescapable, and may vary in likelihood depending on your computer model.

The motherboard is the backbone that ties the computer's components together at one spot and allows them to talk to each other. Without it, none of the computer pieces, such as the CPU, GPU, or hard drive, could interact. Total motherboard functionality is necessary for a computer to work well.

A computer motherboard is located inside the computer case and is where most of the parts and computer peripherals connect. With tower computers, the motherboard is on the left or right side of the tower and is the biggest circuit board.
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