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Lenovo Authorized Service Center in India


We can address this question in two ways. 

First of all, for people who are looking for an authorized Lenovo service center, you can find the nearest Lenovo authorized store by mentioning your location on the Lenovo Support India page for finding a Lenovo service provider. However, the current service available in these stores depends on the pandemic norms in that locality and some other similar facts. Hence, it is advisable to contact (direct phone call should do) them first, before you reach there to avail of some service.

Here is the list of Lenovo customer care details given below:

  • For Lenovo India IdeaPad support, call +91 80679-16666

  • For Lenovo India ThinkPad, ThinkStation, and ThinkCentre support, call +91 80679-16677

  • Lenovo India WhatsApp Support +918067916666

Lenovo India Toll-free Numbers:

  • For Consumer Technical support on IdeaPad, Yoga, or Legion, contact 1800-419-7555 (Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM)

  • For Commercial Technical Support on Think series devices, contact 1800-419-4666 (Monday to Friday – 10 AM to 7 PM)

  • For general order support, call 1800-572-6465 (Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 6 PM)

  • FOR general sales inquiries, call 1800-4199-733 (Monday to Saturday - 9 AM to 8 PM)

Again, the other way to narrow down the specific Lenovo service center near your site is to consult our dedicated pages on them. We are offering all the details of the Lenovo authorized service center near me in major locations in India. 

Now, you may be trying to wield the warranty benefits for your laptop or looking for an authorized Lenovo laptop service centre for some other reasons, maybe business-related issues. Well, your query matches a lot of other users we come in contact with. So, that’s the reason we have covered all the required data on those pages to help our customers with the most appropriate information when they are looking for an authorized Lenovo service center near me.

Since you are on this current authorized Lenovo service center locator page, you can navigate toward the location-wise pages from here. Also, some people may find the below list even more helpful:

Residents from other cities will also be provided with similar information in the specific pages created for their help. Or, you can search for the common questions of authorized Lenovo laptop service center near me, Lenovo laptop authorized service center near me, or authorized Lenovo service center near me in any search engine, our dedicated page will pop up on the first page just after the official Lenovo pages. Here to mention, we also provide similar authentic info on other brands' authorized laptop service center such as authorized Dell service center, authorized Acer service centers, authorized HP service centers, etc. you can dial our Lenovo service center toll-free number at 9717150098.

Now, why am I directing you to those of our pages instead of letting you consult the official Lenovo India page? Well, of course, you will find the same authentic addresses for any authorized Lenovo service center near you on the official pages too, but our pages cover the same info and more thorough research. Such as, we mention the type of service available in a particular www Lenovo service center store, working hours, and all contact details we find for them. Because our aim is to offer as much info as possible to help the customers beforehand. 

Moreover, we present the other professional Lenovo laptop repair center shops nearby on the same page based on their authenticity and popular feedback, including ourselves. Because all the people searching for a nearby Lenovo service center may not want to end up on a faraway Lenovo authorised service centre after the end of their device’s warranty. The common reasons behind that are the high price of the Lenovo authorised service centre policy packages, delay in work, and distance from their residence. On the other hand, authentic private Lenovo laptop repair centers always strive to present their best customer service effort on the user’s plate at every inch of the location they operate. you can dial our Lenovo service center phone number 9717150098.

As an example, our Lenovo laptop repair center department in NSS Laptop service center offers home service for domestic customers and doorstep service for all small to large businesses and other organizations without any hidden extra cost for that. Besides, we offer a money-back guarantee for at least 30 days duration after the service, in case the same condition recurs during that period.

Now, it’s upon you to decide where to go. And I think the best way to make up your mind is based on the existing user experience. Do your own research to know better.

Feel free to find more on our general Lenovo repair center page. Our services are spread across the entire nation. Also, if you need services on other leading laptop brands in India, you can check our pages like Dell repair center, HP repair center, and more.

Now, why don't I just let you visit the Lenovo official service center instead of sending you to those of our pages? Of course, you can discover the same real locations for any Lenovo laptop authorized service center in your area on the official website as well, but our Lenovo-exclusive service center includes more in-depth research and the same information. For instance, we provide any contact information we locate for them, the sort of service offered at a certain online Lenovo warranty service center, and its operating hours. Because we want to provide our customers with as much information as we can to assist them beforehand. you can dial our Lenovo service center number 9717150098.

On top of that, the Lenovo mobile service center near me includes additional local expert Lenovo laptop repair businesses on the same page based on their legitimacy and customer reviews, including our own. Because nobody wants to wind up at a distant authorized Lenovo k4 note service center after their device's warranty expires while looking for a nearby Lenovo mobile service center.

The cost of the Lenovo tablet service center coverage packages, work delays, and distance from their location are the most frequent causes of this. On the other hand, genuine private Lenovo India service centers always work to give the client their finest customer care effort in every area where they operate.

For instance, our Lenovo IdeaPad service center department at NSS Laptop Service Center provides doorstep service for all small to large corporations and other organizations as well as home service for domestic consumers without charging any additional fees. Additionally, the Lenovo computer service center provides a money-back guarantee for at least 30 days following the service, in the event that the same issue reappears within that time.



Since 2005, Lenovo is encouraging franchise systems. This community has helped this brand to strengthen its retail business presence in 600 cities through 1200 franchise units. Since Lenovo products mostly target young millennials, the company aims to spread its brand awareness by joining hands with young entrepreneurs having experience in IT and PC operations. According to Lenovo India, it’s a mutually beneficial ground, offering the immense opportunity to connect with the young target audience, and spread the business day by day. The company also comes up with out-of-the-box ideas to connect with the youth through social media channels that are always loved by everyone including the selected audience, and of course improved sales and awareness.

So, if you have expertise in organizing retail systems and if you already have ripened your hands in the consumer electronics space, Lenovo will surely be interested to invest in your store, especially those situated in any prime market location in India. 

Therefore, you got the idea about the preferred criteria and requirements to become a Lenovo partner. Now, it’s time to apply for the same. 

So, let’s discuss the official process of acquiring an authorized Lenovo service center franchise. It’s quite simple. All you have to do is to create an account in the Lenovo Partner Hub. Select your country name and language from the dropdown box to register for your partner account. Then, click on the ‘Register Now’ option, and you will be redirected to a page as below: 

You can see from the above picture that the Partner registration form asks you to put all the details about your contact info and business, including legal authorities. After you submit this form, Lenovo takes 2 working days to confirm your approval through an official email. 

If you receive the approval, it opens up the Partner Portal to you. Here, you can select the appropriate training opportunity suitable for your business. After you pass the course successfully, you achieve the desired Lenovo authorized service provider or ASP status.

Being one of the leading manufacturers, Lenovo imparts training sessions regularly in sales and soft skills to prepare their franchise partners ready to offer the expected service standard for the worldwide customer base. Professional training agencies take care of the quarterly basis sustained training and a team of dynamic telesales is appointed to address the queries and support for the Lenovo partners.

According to Lenovo, desktop service center trusted sources, you have to accomplish a certain standard to prove yourself worthy of achieving an authorized Lenovo service center tag. Being one of the leading digital electronics manufacturers, Lenovo makes it sure to maintain service quality all over the world. That means the engineers and the service-providing team of your company should have the essential professional certification for offering entry-level PC technical support and IT operations with a high grade of first-time fixed-rate or FTFR score (90% or so). When your business can satisfy similar standards for all other requirements, you would be able to apply for their customized training protocol. 

For more detailed queries on the requirements and eligibility, you must contact Lenovo directly to help you with their partner system. For aspiring businesses from the Asia Pacific, you can email Lenovo directly at [email protected] for the same. Or, if you wish, you can also communicate with any present authorized Lenovo service center stores to find out the necessary details. To help our users, we are offering detailed contact info for these stores located in each major city in India. Those dedicated pages are all listed at the bottom of this current page for Lenovo authorized service center, and some of them are also linked below for your convenience:

If you have any more queries on Lenovo laptops that are not covered on this current Lenovo authorised service center page, feel free to contact our Lenovo repair center branch anytime. You will be responded to promptly.

Again, you may own other brand laptops as well. And we offer the same facilities for any well-known laptop brands in the Indian market. You can check the details of our location and brand-specific doorstep operations under feasible price structure here on pages like Dell repair center Mumbai, Dell repair near me Pune, HP repair center Thane, Sony repair center Mumbai, Acer repair center Navi Mumbai, Asus repair center Dadar, etc.


If you have issues with a Lenovo laptop under warranty, you can contact Lenovo customer support directly to get help, or you can submit a service request eTicket online on this Lenovo Support India page. 

If you are planning on contacting us directly, you can select the tech support option from the Contact page first. There, you can find all the self-help guides you need, or the other necessary links for raising a support ticket, warranty or repair status check-up, or the callback option which requires the product serial number.

Check out the Lenovo customer care details given below:

  • For Lenovo India IdeaPad support, call +91 80679-16666

  • For Lenovo India ThinkPad, ThinkStation, and ThinkCentre support, call +91 80679-16677

  • Lenovo India Consumer WhatsApp Support +918067916666

  • Lenovo India Commercial Whatsapp Support +918067916677

  • LENA Chat virtual assistance 24/7

  • Lenovo India Consumer Email Support at [email protected]

  • Lenovo India Commercial Email Support [email protected]

Lenovo India Toll-free Numbers:
  • For Consumer Technical support on IdeaPad, Yoga, or Legion, contact 1800-419-7555 (Monday to Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM)

  • For Commercial Technical Support on Think series devices, contact 1800-419-4666 (Monday to Friday – 10 AM to 7 PM)

  • For general order support, call 1800-572-6465 (Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 6 PM)

  • For general sales inquiries, call 1800-4199-733 (Monday to Saturday - 9 AM to 8 PM)

For general users, after you contact Lenovo India support, they may ask you to send the scanned copy of your invoice with dealer stamp through an email directed to the [email protected] id. After you submit it, the support case is raised on your behalf and a Lenovo technician may visit you (if necessary), based on your warranty policy. The service will be scheduled according to your service request queue, the product parts availability (if replacement is needed) in the local Lenovo service center, and other serviceable options available in your location.

Now, if you are going to raise the ticket online, you have to select the system you need support for. Since we are concerned about laptops here, we choose the PC option. There, you can see two options. One for detecting your device and another for browsing through the support operations. Now, you can select the second option first. But, you have to put the serial number anyway throughout the entire technique. Hence, it’s better to deal with your Lenovo laptop serial number first.

Generally, the serial number is not provided in the invoice. Usually, you can find it on the printed label at the bottom or the side of the product, followed by SN or S/N or just Serial Number.

However, you don’t have to worry about it much if the label is missing somehow. You can let the Lenovo India support site detect your device to collect the required information, or you can get it in other ways. If you are using the very device you need help with, the best option is to let the website detect it on its own. Otherwise, the next best thing is the Lenovo Vantage app that comes installed on your Lenovo PC at the time of delivery. you can search it in applications and also can download it from the Microsoft store if you don’t have it yet. 

You can also find the serial number from the command prompt window, by entering the “wmic bios get serialnumber” command and for device name, using the “wmic csproduct get name” command.

In case you are searching for a Lenovo service for an old device that is no longer supported for updates and sustainability, you have to consult the end of life product resource page.

Now, when you put the device type and the serial number, it also shows you the warranty status of your device on the Product home page. Click on Details to know more about it. The warranty status also appears in the Lenovo Vantage app as well. Now, click on the Contact Us button from there, and you will find the option to submit a service request. Or, you can directly go to the PC Support page for the same. 

Now, follow the steps below:
  1. If you don’t have an account registered with Lenovo yet, you have to create one to submit the request.

  2. Then, on the request submit page, you have to mention the problem type, country, and serial number of the product there.

  3. Click Next. There, put your current case reference number if you have one.

  4. Also, you have to mention the diagnostics code if there is any.

  5. It’s always best to run the Lenovo Diagnostics app before asking for a service. It helps the support system get a better idea about your specific laptop ailment issue.

  6. Then, elaborate on the description of the problem in more detail in the box provided there.

  7. After you press Next, you are redirected to the customer contact details page. Put your contact info there or the onsite contact details, in case you can’t communicate directly.

  8. Click on the Callback option, shipping address, and machine location details before you hit Next again.

  9. Review all the details before submitting.

  10. Now, you can access the eTicket from the PC Support page. When you select your product there, the left-side Contact Us option provides you with the same.

Now, the Lenovo phones service center can understand that to fix your in-warranty laptop, you will be searching for the authorized Lenovo service centre nearest to your location. In that case, you should put your location details or provide access to your location on this Lenovo Support India page to get the address details for a Lenovo authorised service centre close to your venue on the map. 

However, all the Lenovo service center stores you see there, may not be offering the service opportunity at a specific time. Because different places may follow different norms at a time under the current pandemic situation. So, it’s best to contact them before you go there to avail a service.

Now, there is another way to find an authorized Lenovo service center if you check our dedicated pages in this regard. Some of the major city-oriented info of Lenovo authorised service centre reseller shops or service provider stores are listed on the following pages here:

For more similar location-specific data, you can check at the bottom of this current Lenovo authorized service center near me page.

And of course, the Lenovo Zuk z1 service center provides the same detailed info on each of these pages and more. Following the list of authorized Lenovo service center stores, we kept the other professional Lenovo repair center shops listed on the same page as well. Because we understand that the real problem starts after the warranty ends. And at that moment, it becomes very difficult and tiresome to receive proper service from a Lenovo authorized service center on time, especially on holidays and weekends, even if you are willing to pay enough. And, this is a common problem with almost all the authorized laptop service center stores. Hence, we provide similar info on them too. Such as our Dell service center in Mumbai, HP service center in Delhi, Asus service center near me Pune, Dell service center near me Indore, etc. all the pages bear detailed information about nearby laptop authorized service center shops following the list of all other authentic private laptop repair center stores.

Therefore, Lenovo laptop users, who are searching for an out-of-warranty repair solution for their devices, will surely be benefitted from our Lenovo repair center branches in all the major cities in India. You can check the user comments on some of the pages below before trusting our services:

Here to mention that, besides Lenovo repair services, we provide the same quality operations on all the leading laptop brands in India. Our experienced engineers and regularly trained technicians have been dealing with all types of PC problems for more than seven years, including all the latest models and chip-level fixes on the motherboard and other similar major components. Our Dell repair center in Mumbai, HP repair near me in Thane, Apple repair center in Delhi, and Acer repair near me in Dadar pages can show you how our services brought back the peace of mind for a large client-base on these cities throughout the entire nation.

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Search the lenovo service center near me or dial customer executive number to reach there. Lenovo service centers are open all day and provide services for all Lenovo devices at one store.

We stick to the highest standards of payment security. Our Payment Gateway is secure and is Visa verified and MasterCard secured. Your card details are not stored on our systems.

Lenovo customer care toll free number: 1800-419-7555.

At authorized lenovo service center the charges of motherboard repairing is about 5500rs for void warranty products. However at our service center we can repair your lenovo motherboard at a customer friendly rate in an economical manner.

Our Lenovo Service Centers are open 365 days a year from 10 am to 7 pm.

Once you deliver your device at our NSS Service Center, our technicians will diagnose your device and provide you with a quotation in case your device is out of warranty. You will then receive a call to inform you about the defect, parts that need to be replaced and the cost of repair. Once you approve, we will start the process and keep you informed once the repair is complete.

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Laptop Repair, Replacement & Parts Updated Price List

Modal Number / Series Part Name Original Part Replacement Cost Repair Cost Discount up to 10% on Repair Approx Saving Onsite Diagnostic Price
Lenovo Laptop Screen and Display 2850 to 16800 847 to 2250 503 497 353
Lenovo Laptop Keyboard 1236to 3850 864 to 2250 514 436 364
Lenovo Laptop Motherboard / Daughter Board 5599 to 17500 1451 to 6850 950 799 399
Lenovo Laptop C Mos Battery 487 to 1550 Not Repairable 187 187 313
Lenovo Laptop HDD or Hard Drive 1587 to 5250 813 to 2250 213 287 387
Lenovo Laptop SSD or Solid State Drive 1262 to 6550 862 to 1750 238 238 362
Lenovo Laptop Windos Recovery & Installation & Up grade 2561 to 4250 839 to 1750 489 489 361
Lenovo Laptop Data Recovery 1287 to 3550 887 to 1750 537 537 387
Lenovo Laptop Hinges 1293 to 3550 807 to 1750 293 293 393
Lenovo Laptop Fan 967 to 3750 733 to 1750 367 367 233
Lenovo Laptop Speaker 1438 to 3650 Not Repairable 338 338 438
Lenovo Laptop Antivirus Installation & Removal 465 to 1750 435 to 999 135 135 335
Lenovo Laptop Ram Upgrade & Installation 1267 to 4250 833 to 1550 267 267 367
Lenovo Laptop Body ABH Parts 2554 to 6550 796 to 1250 304 304 404
  1. Price may vary depending on product availability & market price fluctuation.
  2. No Fix No Free @ NSS Laptop Service Center Store.

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