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Are you seeking a franchise that repairs laptops and computers? Form an alliance with NSS LAPTOP SERVICE CENTER, a one-stop shop for computer and laptop repair. Nothing beats NSS LAPTOP SERVICE CENTER. We are a reputable laptop repair company with six years of expertise and branches in at least 18 locations. Get in touch with us to repair your laptop and PC. Our goal is to provide service providers with the necessary information, abilities, and work by offering the greatest franchise in India at a fair rate. Nevertheless, to give the clients the support and care for their equipment that they deserve. The top franchise business in India for 2022 is now being offered by NSS, together with a number of advantageous chances. One of them is the option to send devices to NCR System Solution's main office in Delhi in the event that spare parts aren't readily available.

Our Features

Well Establish Laptop Service Center


You can start a new franchise of NSS laptop service at very low investment but can expect very high returns out of it. NSS is offering the newest franchise chances for all beginners and experienced franchisees to develop their abilities and provide laptop and desktop repair services all throughout India.


6 years of expert job experience with the NSS laptop repair service facility. scattered throughout 19 cities and still growing. The necessity for a reliable expert who can repair the laptop quickly and affordably arises in this situation. Above all, it is anticipated that all data will be entirely safe and secure while the laptop is being serviced.


Repair industry offers higher profit margins in comparison to any other industry. The laptop users will save money by repairing and you will also have a decent profit margin by serving them. It is a perfect win-win situation for all.


The committed crew at NSS Store is here to help you create and manage your company. After registering for a franchise, you will discover that the essential support is only a phone call or mail away.


NSS laptop repair center, The franchisee application procedure begins with a person going to the business' official website and providing his contact information, including name, phone number, and email address. The staff at NSS Laptop Service Center will then get in touch with him or her to get things along.


Recover your investment in a few months. All you need is to finish the services and satisfy the customer when we give you leads.


To join us as franchisee, you need to start the application by dropping an email to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

NSS Laptop Repair Center Franchisee process starts by an individual visiting the company’s official website and submitting his personal details like name, contact number, and email address. Then he or she is contacted by the people at NSS Laptop Service Center to take things ahead.

Well, there is actually no cost, but some initial investment to start. The initial investment amount will come around 1.5L-2L depending upon the space and materials needed. The initial investment will cover the followings:

a. 50K as security deposit which is refundable upon closure of the deal. We need to keep this to handle future mishap, e.g., parts missing, damaged unintentionally etc.

b. 1L for store renovation. We will provide you with necessary banners, stickers, tools, softwares and other necessary items to start your work smoothly. We will also provide guidance to the technicians to increase their knowledge, working skill and marketing skill.

Definitely YES!!! You will be able to recover the investment in a couple of months. We will provide you with leads and you need to complete the services and satisfy the customer.

The amount may vary from 50K onwards depending upon the amount and complexity of work you receive and the amount of work you complete on proper time. With a proper technical team, our guidance and vision you will be able to earn much more after covering your running expenses.

At least 4-5 staff are needed to operate the NSS Laptop Repair Center Franchise business smoothly. Roughly the work distribution are as follows:
- One staff to keep records and organise everything.
- Two staff to repair the devices and to help each other in repair works.
- One staff to handle outdoor activities, e.g., pickup and drop to customer’s place.
- Our suggestion is to train all staff with all the skills so that if anyone is absent for the day, nothing should hamper.

The area required to open a NSS Laptop Service Center outlet is at least 350 to 400 Sq.ft. This minimum space is needed for your counter and service room. Also if you have a 100 Sq.ft waiting room, that will be good for your customers.

NSS Laptop Service Center registration charge is 15000 + 18% GST.

Individuals who are passionate and have a desire to grow and be a part of the technical industry. The people should be willing to accept the challenges faced on a daily basis and should be able to work well with other people. The employees should have good communication skills and technical skills.

NSS Laptop Service Center provides 2 months classroom and on-the-job training to all its franchise employees. The training includes soft skill training, customer handling, improving their technical skills and how to achieve their sales target effectively and efficiently.

Online application Form Submission.
PAN of the owner/owners.
Aadhar Card.
3 Months account statements in PDF format.
Shop Picture.
Shop Electricity Bill / Shop Affidavit.

There will be a 50-50 profit sharing. Let’s say we have a bill of Rs.8000 for a repair job, in which 20% is the profit amount. So the profit amount will be Rs.1600. From this profit amount 50%, i.e.Rs.800 will be paid back to NSS Laptop Service Center and Rs.800 will be your net profit.

The paid back amount is again invested in to teach technicians, provide tools, marketing and promotions and other support and grow together.

If the franchisee is unable to repair, he may send it to the head office for further support.
If any part is unavailable in the market then NSS can help in providing that.

You get an online ecommerce portal (website + app) to sell your product at a very affordable commission: 2% commission + GST.
Affiliate commission 5% if you Sell NSS Products.
Refer a new partner and get 10% from NSS Commission for lifetime.

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