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If you go on the web and search about the side effects of authorized laptop service centers, you will land on articles headlined like:

  • How can I trust a laptop service center?

  • How to know whether I’m receiving the same laptop that I have deposited to an authorized laptop service center?

  • How do I make sure that any mechanic has not altered the other hardware parts of my laptop/computer?

  • My laptop became slow after giving it to a laptop repair shop. What might be the reason?

There are tons of similar questions that are hanging there on Google SERPs, Quora, and other similar places. The main issue is trust here. Whether it’s an authorized laptop service center or a private one the transparency in the repairing service should be so strong that your users believe you.

Except for this trust issue, there are other mixed sides of an authorized laptop service center, and we will be looking into those now.


As you may have known, the service charge of an authorized Asus service center is costlier than the other private laptop service centers. The other side of the coin is that if your laptop is under warranty then you can enjoy a free service depending on the free service conditions. If the free service conditions are purely met then you get the service else you need to bear the service charge even if your laptop is under warranty.

Longer time

Like the others, authorized Asus service centers also take a long time to return your repaired laptop. This time period also depends on the complexity of the repair work to be done. Technically, authorized Asus service centers function in a predefined modular way. They may ship your laptop to various connected departments for doing the repair work. And, this entire internal shipping process burns a lot of time.

Now, private laptop service centers always look to deliver repaired laptops to their customers as soon as possible to retain their customer base. Some of them like NSS have a same-day delivery work process if there is the possibility.

Covered services

Even if your laptop is well under the warranty period you may not get all the benefits from it. As most of the replacement warranties cover only the hardware manufacturing defects you do not get any coverage for mishaps like a liquid spill, an accidental drop of the laptop, and if anything gets broken by anyway.

Customer service 

Authorized Asus service centers do not cover all types of services. Like the other premium authorized laptop service centers, authorized Asus service centers do not pick your faulty laptop from your doorstep. Nearly all of the time you will have to carry your laptop to their service center points or shops. 

But, an authenticated laptop service center like NSS has a doorstep service for you. We can pick up your laptop and repair the same for you. You are just a call away.

Chip level service

Most of the authorized Asus service centers do not offer chip-level service for free like the other big branded laptop service centers. Let’s say you have a motherboard problem and the problem is getting initiated from certain parts of the motherboard. Most of the authorized laptop service centers will advise you to go for a full replacement at your own cost. It can be avoided if your laptop fulfills two qualifications:

  •  It’s under the replacement warranty.

  • The fault is labeled as a manufacturing defect.

Limited service time/availability

Authorized Asus service centers, like other laptop service centers, do not function on weekends along with the local and national holidays. SO, the service availability is a big issue here. Where private laptop service centers like us offer our service throughout the week and even on certain holidays. 


Personal data is important to us. Authorized laptop service centers do not back up your data before starting the repair work. At any point in the repairing cycle, you can lose your precious data. On the other side of the coin, when you come to us with your laptop we do a data backup before we start repairing, and that too with absolute user consent.


So, why should you choose us? We bet there are many reasons behind it.

Full range service availability

NSS laptop service center is a private laptop repair center chain based in India. We do provide both offline and online laptop repairing services to our users across the country. We even have a doorstep service for you. Simply give us a call and we will pick up your faulty laptop from your home. You don't have to waste your precious time.

We are a trusted Pan India laptop service center

We have been doing this for the last 8+ years. We do have a group of experienced technicians and service engineers. And, we are present at strategically important places across the country. Lastly, we have a wide customer base who trust us and are happy to have our services multiple times.

 You can avail our offline service at your nearest NSS laptop repair center. You also can contact us to avail our online service that reaches your doorstep. We are just a call away, 7 days a week.

We have no hidden repairing cost

There is no price variation for our service across the year. Our service charge starts at iNR250/- and goes above along with the complexity of the repairs that your laptop needs. We do value absolute transparency and professionalism. We always try to provide the best service quality at the minimum possible cost to our customers.


There are multiple benefits of NSS laptop repair center such as:

  • Quickest service availability and same-day delivery working ethics

  • We are available 364 days a year.

  • Customers across India can avail our service by connecting with the nearest NSS laptop repair center they can find.

  • We are a store of authentic PC & laptop components and spare parts. So, your laptop’s problem mostly gets covered within the site.

  • We are a laptop buying and selling platform. You can sell and buy old & refurbished laptops using that platform at interesting prices.

  • We do offer a no-cost laptop health diagnostic check to our users. Along with that, there is a no-questions-asked money-back policy if any glitch happens to your laptop within the 30 days warranty period from availing our service.

  • We ensure the laptop’s health before handing it to our customers. And, our laptop service charge starts at a mere INR250/-.

  • We have 8+ years of laptop servicing experience as a brand that’s made possible by our vastly experienced technicians and engineers.

  • We have a strong customer service that’s connected with each service department.


Here’s the list of laptop repair related services offered by all NSS service centers:

  • Chip level repair

  • Liquid spill fix

  • Data recovery

  • Virus removal and anti-malware protection

  • Password removal and OS installation

  • Laptop motherboard repair or replacement

  • Laptop screen repair or replacement

  • Laptop keyboard and trackpad repair or replacement

  • SSD and RAM upgrade

  • Laptop body fabrication

  • Overheating fixes

  • Webcam fix

  • Speaker repair or replacement

  • Battery and adapter repair or replacement

  • Hinge fixes

We do a full user data backup before we start any repairing service. And, we do this along with your undivided permission.


There are many ways through which you can connect with your nearby authorized Asus service centers. Due to this current Covid-19 pandemic situation, many local centers may be closed currently due to the guidance of the local authorities. But you can still contact their service outlets through these links:

  • Authorized Asus service center webpage for India - This is the mother page for all information regarding the Asus service center and the other allied services that Asus provides through their channel partner program. You will be able to find all sorts of information for connecting with authorized Asus service centers.

  • Call - 1800 209 0365 - This is the official mobile number for all sorts of communication. For any queries, you can call this number at different timing for different service queries. But, for all of the service queries Asus has provided this number that is valid for India only. If you go to the webpage said earlier, you will find the range of timing for recalling this number that Asus has provided.

  • Connect through your WhatsApp - Friends, you can connect with the official Asus service through WhatsApp. Simply follow this link and you will end up on the Asus official Whatsapp page. And, through your WhatsApp number, you will be able to connect with this Whatsapp portal.

  • Find the nearest Asus service center near me- Locations - This page is for finding the google map location of the authorized Asus service centers. This page contains a google map along with Asus service center location pins. You can also get the physical location address of these service centers on this page. Simply, put your home or office address on the address locator search bar and the search result will show the Asus service center that is nearest to your address.

  • Asus India Support - This is the mother page for the Asus support centers. There are three main categories here on this page, and they are:

    • Product Information- Here you can find an Asus model name, an Asus product serial number, and the version number for the BIOS that your device is running currently 

    • Product policy - This segment includes information about the product’s service policy from Asus like Customer induced damage, Commercial Notebook Warranty Policy, Warranty Terms, Asus Premium Care, Purchase Warranty extension package with MyASUS, and IMPORTANT CYBERSECURITY NOTICE

    • MyASUS - MyASUS offers various support features like problem troubleshooting and others for individual Asus devices.

  • Asus Dedicated business support webpage - this is Asus’s business solution page. Asus offers various kinds of offers from large to medium scale businesses. It extends even to the educational groups. This page is dedicated to businesses that may demand Asus products as solutions.

  • Asus Email support page - Contactless communication has been the best form of communication during this COVID situation. As a result, Asus is also focusing on contactless service solutions. The result is this page. On this page, you will be able to directly email your queries to the Asus service center without any delay.

  • Asus - Check your device warranty status page- As the segment name says, on this page, you will be able to check your Asus device warranty status. You will be able to make sure whether your device is within warranty or out of it before giving your device to Asus service centers. This is a good way to know whether you will have to pay for the service or not.

  • Asus repair status inquiry page- If you have submitted your device to the Asus service center, this page is for you to know the status of the repair. This is a good way to officially know how long you will have to wait to receive your device from the Asus service center.

There are different service query timing for different devices like mobile phones, laptops, network gears, motherboards, HDD & SSD, and others.

Now, if you are looking for NSS laptop service center pages for Asus service please follow  our page links:

We also have similar pages for the other laptop brands dedicated to other important cities. Further, when it comes to Asus service centers people are asking many questions as follows:

Q. How do I contact ASUS customer service?

Ans: We already have detailed about Asus authorized service center contact points. Still, you can follow this page for starting your queries with Asus. 

Q. Does ASUS have good customer service?

Ans: Admittedly, there is no definitive answer to this. Obviously, different Asus customers will answer this question differently. Those who have a good experience will say that Asus customer service is good. But, those who faced extreme difficulties will not say good about this. So, it depends on whether your problem is getting solved or not.

Q. How do I complain to ASUS?

Ans: You can definitely email them about your queries. There is an official page for that. We have detailed that before on this page. Still, you can follow this official email support webpage.

Q. How much does it cost to service ASUS laptops?

Ans: It depends on the complexity of the repair issue. Like all other laptop brands, Asus laptop repairing charges also range between a few hundred to few thousand. Having said this, Asus charges for its service in a modular way. It charges separately for the diagnosis and the labor charge.

Diagnosis charge: INR250/-

Labor charge: From INR500/- to INR800/-.

For a better understanding, you also follow the official webpage.


Ans: There is no information on this about how to become an authorized Asus service center. But, you can become an Asus system reseller. For US and Canadian(except Quebec) resellers Asus offers its system products along with notebooks and tablets for selling to SMB, education, government, or healthcare markets and others.

Further, Asus assists them with these:

  • Volume purchase discounts

  • Sales and marketing tools assistance

  • Sales exposure enhancement

  • Training on increasing sales

  • Critical information assistance

  • Asus product newsletters 

  • Dedicated reseller website support

You can join to begin accessing the listed benefits. Simply go to this reseller registration webpage and fill out the form to start the process.


Asus offers an offsite laptop repair service. That means you will have to carry your laptop to the Asus service center near you. There is a dedicated page from Asus for you to find the nearest authorized Asus service center.

Simply, go to this find your nearest Asus service center webpage. Input your home or office address from where you will carry your laptop. Get the address and you are done. For your information, most of the Asus service centers are situated in the central part of India. So, if you are from that cordon of India you are in luck.


The clear answer is no. Asus does not have an onsite or doorstep service or home service in India. You will have to carry your laptop to your nearest Asus service center. You can check the useful information regarding the Asus service that we have detailed in the upper section of this page.

But, if you own an Asus laptop and you are looking for home service, the NSS service center is the best solution for you. We provide a 24*7 doorstep service to you. You call us and our people will receive your laptop from your home or office. 

First, you need to look for the nearest NSS laptop service center that you can contact. Depending on your physical location you can visit these pages dedicated to Asus laptop repair issues:

We do provide our home service to the other parts of India too. We value your precious time and we deliver your laptop in the minimum possible time that is required to solve your laptop problem.


Yes. As per the Asus official service web page information, there are various segments of repairs. You need to find out under which category your laptop falls. The basic categories are:

  • Customer induced damage -  This implies that the damage on the laptop is caused by the user or the customer. You do not get any service cost rebate here. This type of damage includes  PCB Trace Scratched, PCB Broken, Damaged capacitors, resistors, inductors, small passive components, socket, etc., PCB & Component Oxidation, PCB Burned, Component Burned, Missing Component, Dirt removal and cleaning, and S/N Label Damage.

  • Commercial Notebook Warranty Policy - Asus offers a limited period warranty for all the Asus branded hardware products. Technically, this limited period warranty does not cover any software or application level faults. This is also true for the non-Asus products and peripherals.

Before you purchase any Asus notebook, Asus makes sure that the device is free from any manufacturing defects. Further, Asus makes sure that under the normal working condition the device performs well. Further, under the limited warranty period if there is any hardware glitch Asus will take care of that as per their service rules.

The limited period warranty starts from the day of purchase. And, your purchase document is proof of that. If you want to receive any service under this limited period warranty offer you will have to produce these purchase documents at the service receiving point of any authorized Asus service center.

You are entitled to receive any sort of hardware related servicing within the limited period warranty offer if you fulfill all of these described conditions. Asus also makes sure that if any hardware element replacement is needed they will do that for free of cost within this service period.

  • Exclusion of these Warranty Terms - If you seek telephonic assistance out of this warranty period, Asus technicians will help you with all of your ‘How-to’ queries. This includes warranty related information, product setup, malfunctions, and others. Technically, you should remember that this limited period warranty covers only material and workmanship defects. The warranty will not apply for the following conditions:

    • The Asus product has been tampered with or repaired or modified by non-authorized technicians or personnel.

    • The serial number of that Asus device has been removed, altered, or tempered by someone else or the user.

    • The warranty seal has been disturbed or broken or replaced.

    • There is any accidental misuse, abuse, neglect or improper handling by the user

    • Damage caused by accident or natural disaster.

    • Damage caused by improper installations, other third-party peripherals like external keyboard or monitor.

    • Damage caused by external electrical accidents or faults.

    • Damage caused by the usage outside optimal operation and storage parameters as detailed on the User’s manual.

    • Damage caused by the usage of other third-party hardware installations that is not from the Asus ecosystem.

    • Damage to or loss of any program, data or removable storage media, or if there are costs from recovering any program or data.

    • There is damage from third-party software or viruses.

    • There is software loss or data loss that may occur during repair or replacement.

  • Asus Premium Care - APC or Asus premium care is a service offered by Asus for extending your service options for any Asus product range. It’s tailored to your device specific budget needs, and this APC includes a wide range of benefits too.

Benefits of Asus Premium Care :

  • A wide range of cost reduced and optimized service packages that can meet any user demands of any service size.

  • Maximum service protection is guaranteed as it goes beyond the standard warranty service.

  • Device downtime is minimized as the APC is an always available service as-needed basis. It’s the best possible way to leverage Asus’s skilled and scaled service.

Asus Premium Care Tailor-made Packages

This package includes:

  • Warranty Extension - there is no worry if your standard warranty expires. Asus premium care warranty is an extended service that ensures your device’s health and safety for a longer period of time. But, this service package does not cover software, peripherals, free accessories, and most importantly, customer-induced damage.

  • Local Accidental Damage Protection - Asus accidental damage protection helps to save repair and replacement costs due to accidental damage while using. This service has certain boundaries like:

  • The package provides coverage for the certain types of accidental damage while the user is using it normally. It covers drops, falls or other collisions, Liquid Damage, Electrical surges, and Accidental breakage.

  • The good side of this scheme is that an unlimited number of hardware parts is allowed to be replaced under this Service Package every year commencing from the activation date of this Service Package. If there are any additional claims made for a repair of hardware parts, the labor, shipping, and spare parts costs will be borne by the customer.

  • The total costs of repair services claimed by customers of repair services provided under this Service Package shall not exceed the purchasing price of the Product.

  • All components repaired or replaced by an ASUS Service Center will be under warranty for three months or from the remainder of the warranty period.

  • Local On-Site Service - Asus also provides local on-site service under this Asus premium care package. If your device-specific problem can not be solved through telephonic support, then Asus will send a technician to your location for repairing that device. Now this local service also has its own boundaries like:

  • The technician will be sent to your location generally by the end of the next business day from your complaint but that depends on your geographic location, the spare parts, and local service availability.

  • If your product fails during normal and proper usage then Asus will repair or replace the defective parts of the product, or the product itself, with new or reconditioned parts or products.

  • Battery Service Package - Asus also has a battery service package called as Asus battery service package or BSP. This service package is nothing but an extension of your standard battery warranty. In this package you will be able to do these:

  • You will be able to replace your battery once a year if there is any difficulty in your battery charging or any physical deformation happens.

  • The newly replaced battery will go through the normal battery warranty as to the previous one.

  • The replacement battery will be covered under this service package for the remaining coverage period.

  • This service package covers manufacturing defects only.

Purchase Warranty extension package with MyASUS

You can always purchase the warranty extension package from Asus for securing your device’s sanctity for a longer period of time. This can ensure that the very people who developed the product will handle the same for an extensive period of time. But, if you are planning to buy this package there are a certain number of things that you need to take care of beforehand like:

  • You will have to buy this package before your standard warranty expires

  • You will have to avail the extended warranty in the same country where you had purchased the product.

  • It’s effective only on the brand new Asus products that are purchased through official Asus resellers only.

Lastly, an extension of the warranty package from a reputed company is always a good investment. Further, this extension ensures that you will not have to suffer if there is anything glitchy regarding the device hardware. Added to this, you are also getting the doorstep onsite service through this warranty extension.


If you are within your warranty period and your device has not experienced any user or customer induced damage like accidental drop, breakage, or something similar then you will be able to receive free service from Asus. Further, if there’s any damage initiated by installing any third-party software or there is any glitch on the BIOS or the OS, you are not covered for free service.

Further, if you want to buy the extended warranty package you will be able to get free service. And, as per Asus, the APC or the Asus premium care is optimized for any budget size and for any kind of customer.


You can communicate with the Asus service center using three official channels. They are,

  • Call: 1800 209 0365 - This is the official mobile number for all sorts of communication. For any queries, you can call this number at different timing for different service queries.

  • Communicate: Connect through the official Whatsapp channel.

  • Use the official Asus service center locator page.

You can also use the official Asus service webpage for other details regarding everything related to warranty, service, Asus premium care, and other terms and conditions for receiving Asus service on your product.


It depends on the age and the condition of a laptop. If you are not that confident about finding it out whether you should go for the repair route or you should buy a new one, you can start with these self-answered questions:

  • How old is your laptop?

Ans: Generally, as per the common customer representations, a laptop performs optimally for 5 to 6 years. This is the actual lifetime of a laptop. But, it has been seen that many laptops go beyond that depending on the user demands and the laptop performance. Now, if we take 5 to 6 years as the optimal life period of a laptop, then you should compare that with the age of your laptop.

If your laptop is more than 5 to 6 years old then you should not go for repairing. You need to shift your attention to buying a new laptop. If it’s under 2 to 3 years of age, then you should definitely go for repairing. Beyond that, the repairing cost is wasted. Further, people always look to buy a new laptop after 5 to 6 years as the technology and the hardware improvements are there within the same laptop model and the user demands also get enhanced during this long time period.

  • What hardware part is to be repaired?

Ans: Whether you should go for repair or buy a new laptop also depend on the hardware part that is under the scanner. If the hardware part is the motherboard, then repairing that may not be a good idea as the motherboard repair often gets so expensive that you can invest that budget to buy a new laptop.

Now, other than the major hardware part like the motherboard, if the other parts of the hardware get glitchy like the HDD, Screen, or the RAM, you should go for alternative hardware parts for sure. So, how deep is the repair work also defines whether you should go for the repair or you should buy a new one?

  • Check for an Extended Warranty?

Ans: Is your laptop under warranty? If you are covered then that is a big relief for you. If your laptop is out of warranty, make sure that the warranty period can or can not be extended. Most of the laptop brands extend the warranty for a certain amount of fee. If you have already opted for that then it’s a good sign.

If you are out of warranty and you haven’t opted for the extended warranty make if you can still apply for that. You may be able to extend the warranty for an additional cost if your laptop is out of warranty. Check for that.

Have you bought your laptop through your credit card? Most of the credit card companies double the warranty period as a bundle offer for purchasing. And, most of the users may not know it. SO, if you are in a similar condition make sure that whether you are already covered or not. It will help you solidify your decision for whether to go for the repair or look for a new laptop.

  • What is the overall cost of the repair?

Ans: The cost of the repair is also a deciding factor whether you should do the repair or not. The latest consumer trends show that if the overall repair cost is more than one-third of the cost of buying a new laptop, then you should invest that money in buying a new laptop. Further, if the repair cost is more than half of the price of a new laptop then do not go for the repair. 

The age of the laptop is also a factor here. Let’s say that your laptop age is less than 2 years then you can think about going with the repair. But, if the age of the laptop is more than 3 years and the cost of the repair is almost half of the cost of a new laptop then you should not go for repairing. The main focus here is you should do what’s commercially sensible.

There are other factors like broken screen, your laptop’s keyboard & trackpad is not working, and similar issues. For these situations, we have our DIY(do it yourself) helping blog section with definitive titles that can help you decide everything regarding a laptop repair. Please go to our blog section and follow these topics for your decision making:


Along with these articles, there are tons of other titles regarding laptop health and other ‘how to solve’ issues in the NSS blog section. You may want to check these articles and do things yourself if your laptop gets down.


AVP or Asus valued partner program is optimally designed for the official Asus channel partners. You can apply for that if you are a company owner, a buyer, or a marketing/sales professional. You can always join the Partner Program and leverage the advantage of Marketing Collaterals, Price Lists, and Asus’s Channel Site for product image and information on the newly launched products.

Asus has a series of hardware elements like Motherboards, servers, workstations, monitors, graphic cards, optical drives, networking peripherals, Chromebooks, and other Mini PCs. You can integrate these devices with your business to take your business to a new height as most of the Asus products are industry Award-winning hardware parts for their unique design and enhanced performance.

And, Asus takes this partner program seriously as there are many small companies that are signing up with this program and getting all the resources and support from the official Asus partner support portal. This program helps you with the tools and the services from Asus to grow your business in this competitive market. There are 4 layers of this partner program namely, Registered, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

These layers are based on the volume of purchase of the AVP qualified products from the authorized Asus resellers within a calendar year. There are benefits and incentives like demo units, marketing assets, and much more. And, the incentive percentage grows along with the layers of the partnership program. So, if you are planning to become an Asus partner it’s the best time to do so and push your business.

Q. What people are searching around toll-free Asus customer care number?

The following search terms are pretty popular when it comes to the Asus laptop service center. People are searching for these questions are we will try to cover as much as we can on this page with all the answers that you are looking for. To find official Asus India customer care webpages you can search the following terms on google:

  1. Asus customer care

  2. Asus customer care number

  3. Asus India customer care

  4. Asus laptop customer care number

  5. Asus support India

  6. Toll-free customer care

  7. Asus laptop service center

  8. Asus laptop service center near me

  9. Asus authorized service center

  10. Asus rog customer care

  11. Asus mobile customer care number

  12. Asus customer care email

  13. Asus toll-free customer care

  14. Asus laptop customer care near me

  15. Asus mobile customer care no.

Q. How do I contact Asus customer care service?

Ans: You can easily call Asus customer care service based on your Geolocation on this Planet. If you want to connect with the Asus customer care service headquarters go with these credentials:

Technical Support

Hotline: +886-2-2894-3447 (0800-093-456)

Fax: +886-2-2895-9254


  • If you are looking for Asus customer care service in the US, use these credentials:

Address: 48720 Kato Rd

Fremont, CA 94538


Tel: 510-739-3777

Fax: 510-608-4555


US Support Site:

  • If you are looking for an Asus laptop customer care number in Canada, use these credentials:

Address: 70 Gough Road

Markham, Ontario L3R 0E9


Tel: (905) 370-2787

Fax: (905) 489-2718


Support Site:

Further, if you are looking for the Asus customer care number in India, you can go to the official Asus India customer care page with Address:

ASUS India Pvt. Ltd.

4C, Supreme Chambers, 17 18, Veera Desai Road, Industrial Area, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072

Tel: 1800 209 0365

There are official communication addresses for the Asus customer care centers that are situated in different countries. You can simply follow this page from Asus - Asus customer care center number along with addresses.

People are also searching for the phrase - Asus laptop service center near me. It’s a popular google search term regarding the Asus laptop service center. So, there is an official Asus page that has the address and the Asus authorized service center locations. So, the Asus service center near me search query has a definitive answer as a webpage. Please follow this Official Asus service center locator page.

Q. What is the Asus customer care number in India?

We have discussed this point on this page already before. If you want to communicate with anything that is official with Asus there are many communication channels and different types of communication channels. Still, if you want to reach the Asus service center with the official  Asus laptop customer care number here it is - 1800 209 0365.

 It’s important to say that there are different time frames to discuss various service-related issues. Please, follow the official guideline from Asus.

Q. how is Asus India customer care?

Many service impact analyst says that Asus India customer care is neither very good nor very bad. And, according to our analysts, it’s 7 out of 10. Also, Asus India customer care has won many service-related prized and accolades. It can be definitely said that Asus India customer care handles their business pretty seriously and they try to turn around with your repaired laptop within the minimum possible time frame.

Still, there are some negative sides of Asus India customer care like all other Authorized laptop service centers.

Q. How do I make a phone call from my Asus laptop?

Link to MyASUS is An Android App that integrates your ASUS PC with your mobile devices seamlessly. It dynamically integrates your ASUS PC with your mobile devices, boosting your productivity and allowing easier multitasking. There are an array of handy features that pack with this beautiful app like:

  • transfer files or links quickly and wirelessly between devices

  • Easily control your phone from your PC,

  • access local PC files remotely from your phone.

Here’s an important note -  Link to MyASUS is only supported on ASUS devices using processors later than Intel® 10th Generation and AMD® Ryzen 4000 series.

File Transfer - Coming to file Transfer, you can simply tap or drag to send files to other PCs or mobile devices within a blade of time. It’s way faster than the good old Bluetooth file transfer. Further, there’s a user-friendly drag and drop experience to ensure a seamless transfer.

Shared Cam - Now coming to its Shared Cam feature you can easily turn your mobile device’s camera into a webcam. Simply go through, Link to MyASUS – Shared Cam as the video source in your PC video conference app, then you can easily enjoy seamless webcam share.

Hands-free phone call - You can simply make and receive phone calls, that are routed through your PC’s speakers and microphone. Added to this, you can access your phone’s contact book on your PC. As a result, you can search for contacts and call them directly from your laptop. There's no need to fish out your phone from your pocket, every time.

Remote Access - This is probably the best part of this awesome Application. Now you can use your mobile device to remotely access files stored on your ASUS PC. Further, you can use your PC as a personal cloud replacement, and gain access from your mobile device anywhere on the go. Remote Access, which includes remote file access and remote desktop, adds an extra beneficial layer to it for commercial users.

Q. Is Asus a Chinese company?

Nope. Asus is a Taiwan-based multinational computer hardware and consumer electronics company which was established in 1989. Currently, Asus tops the list as the most influential motherboard manufacturer and as a computer gaming brand. Further, Asus is also in the third position as a global manufacturer of consumer notebooks.

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Asus Customer Care Toll-Free Number For All cities across India : 1800-209-0365

This is the state vise list of all Authorized Asus Authorized Service Center in India & Exclusive Store List With Address & Mobile Number

Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Andhra Pradesh
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman and Diu
Abrama Adalaj Adityana Advana Ahmedabad Ahwa Alang Ambaji Ambaliyasan Amod Amreli Amroli Anand Andada Anjar Anklav Ankleshwar Anklesvar INA Antaliya Arambhada Asarma Atul Babra Bag E Firdosh Bagasara Bahadarpar Bajipura Bajva Balasinor Banaskantha Bansda Bantva Bardoli Barwala Bayad Bechar Bedi Beyt Bhachau Bhanvad Bharuch Bharuch INA Bhavnagar Bhayavadar Bhestan Bhuj Bilimora Bilkha Billimora Bodakdev Bodeli Bopal Boria Boriavi Borsad Botad Cambay Chaklasi Chala Chalala Chalthan Chanasma Chandisar Chandkheda Chanod Chaya Chenpur Chhapi Chhaprabhatha Chhatral Chhota Udepur Chikhli Chiloda Chorvad Chotila Dabhoi Dadara Dahod Dakor Damnagar Deesa Delvada Devgadh Baria Devsar Dhandhuka Dhanera Dhangdhra Dhansura Dharampur Dhari Dhola Dholka Dholka Rural Dhoraji Dhrangadhra Dhrol Dhuva Dhuwaran Digvijaygram Disa Dungar Dungarpur Dungra Dwarka Flelanganj Gadhda Gandevi Gandhidham Gandhinagar Gariadhar Ghogha Godhra Gondal GSFC Complex Hajira INA Halol Halvad Hansot Harij Himatnagar Ichchhapor Idar Jafrabad Jalalpore Jambusar Jamjodhpur Jamnagar Jasdan Jawaharnagar Jetalsar Jetpur Jodiya Joshipura Junagadh Kadi Kadodara Kalavad Kali Kaliawadi Kalol Kalol INA Kandla Kanjari Kanodar Kapadwanj Karachiya Karamsad Karjan Kathial Kathor Katpar Kavant Keshod Kevadiya Khambhaliya Khambhat Kharaghoda Khed Brahma Kheda Kheralu Kodinar Kosamba Kundla Kutch Kutiyana Lakhtar Lalpur Lambha Lathi Limbdi Limla Lunavada Madhapar Maflipur Mahemdavad Mahudha Mahuva Mahuvar Makarba Makarpura Makassar Maktampur Malia Malpur Manavadar Mandal Mandvi Mangrol Mansa Meghraj Mehsana Mendarla Mithapur Modasa Mogravadi Morbi Morvi Mundra Nadiad Naliya Nanakvada Nandej Nandesari Nandesari INA Naroda Navagadh Navagam Ghed Navsari Ode Okaf Okha Olpad Paddhari Padra Palanpur Palej Pali Palitana Paliyad Pandesara Panoli Pardi Parnera Parvat Patan Patdi Petlad Petrochemical Complex Porbandar Prantij Radhanpur Raiya Rajkot Rajpipla Rajula Ramod Ranavav Ranoli Rapar Sahij Salaya Sanand Sankheda Santrampur Saribujrang Sarigam INA Sayan Sayla Shahpur Shahwadi Shapar Siddhapur Sidhpur Sihor Sika Singarva Sinor Sojitra Sola Songadh Suraj Karadi Surat Surendranagar Talaja Talala Talod Tankara Tarsali Thangadh Tharad Thasra Udyognagar Ukai Umbergaon Umbergaon INA Umrala Umreth Un Una Unjha Upleta Utran Uttarsanda Vadia Vadla Vadnagar Vadodara Vaghodia INA Valbhipur Vallabh Vidyanagar Valsad Valsad INA Vanthali Vapi Vapi INA Vartej Vasad Vasna Borsad INA Vaso Veraval Vidyanagar Vijalpor Vijapur Vinchhiya Vinzol Virpur Visavadar Visnagar VU Nagar VV Nagar Vyara Wadhwan Waghai Waghodia Wankaner Zalod
Ajjampur Aland Almatti Sitimani Alnavar Alur Ambikanagara Anekal Ankola Annigeri Arkalgud Arsikere Athni Aurad Badagavettu Badami Bagalkot Bagepalli Bailhongal Baindur Bajala Bajpe Banavar Bangarapet Bankapura Bannur Bantwal Basavakalyan Basavana Bagevadi Belagula Belakavadiq Belgaum Belgaum Cantonment Bellary Belluru Beltangadi Belur Belvata Bengaluru Bhadravati Bhalki Bhatkal Bhimarayanagudi Bhogadi Bidar Bijapur Bilgi Birur Bommanahalli Bommasandra Byadgi Byatarayanapura Chakranagar Colony Challakere Chamrajnagar Chamundi Betta Channagiri Channapatna Channarayapatna Chickballapur Chik Ballapur Chikmagalur Chiknayakanhalli Chikodi Chincholi Chintamani Chitaguppa Chitapur Chitradurga Coorg Dandeli Dargajogihalli Dasarahalli Davangere Devadurga Devagiri Devanhalli Dharwar Dhupdal Dod Ballapur Donimalai Gadag Gajendragarh Ganeshgudi Gangawati Gangoli Gauribidanur Gokak Gokak Falls Gonikoppal Gorur Gottikere Gubbi Gudibanda Gulbarga Guledgudda Gundlupet Gurmatkal Haliyal Hangal Harihar Harpanahalli Hassan Hatti Hatti Gold Mines Haveri Hebbagodi Hebbalu Hebri Heggadadevanakote Herohalli Hidkal Hindalgi Hirekerur Hiriyur Holalkere Hole Narsipur Homnabad Honavar Honnali Hosakote Hosanagara Hosangadi Hosdurga Hoskote Hospet Hubli Hukeri Hunasagi Hunasamaranahalli Hungund Hunsur Huvina Hadagalli Ilkal Indi Jagalur Jamkhandi Jevargi Jog Falls Kabini Colony Kadur Kalghatgi Kamalapuram Kampli Kanakapura Kangrali BK Kangrali KH Kannur Karkala Karwar Kemminja Kengeri Kerur Khanapur Kodigenahalli Kodiyal Kodlipet Kolar Kollegal Konanakunte Konanur Konnur Koppa Koppal Koratagere Kotekara Kothnur Kotturu Krishnarajanagar Krishnarajapura Krishnarajasagara Krishnarajpet Kudchi Kudligi Kudremukh Kumsi Kumta Kundapura Kundgol Kunigal Kurgunta Kushalnagar Kushtagi Kyathanahalli Lakshmeshwar Lingsugur Londa Maddur Madhugiri Madikeri Magadi Magod Falls Mahadeswara Hills Mahadevapura Mahalingpur Maisuru Maisuru Cantonment Malavalli Mallar Malpe Malur Manchenahalli Mandya Mangalore Mangaluru Manipal Manvi Maski Mastikatte Colony Mayakonda Melukote Molakalmuru Mudalgi Mudbidri Muddebihal Mudgal Mudhol Mudigere Mudushedde Mulbagal Mulgund Mulki Mulur Mundargi Mundgod Munirabad Munnur Murudeshwara Mysore Nagamangala Nanjangud Naragund Narasimharajapura Naravi Narayanpur Naregal Navalgund Nelmangala Nipani Nitte Nyamati Padu Pandavapura Pattanagere Pavagada Piriyapatna Ponnampet Puttur Rabkavi Raichur Ramanagaram Ramdurg Ranibennur Raybag Robertsonpet Ron Sadalgi Sagar Sakleshpur Saligram Sandur Sanivarsante Sankeshwar Sargur Sathyamangala Saundatti Yellamma Savanur Sedam Shahabad ACC Shahapur Shahpur Shaktinagar Shiggaon Shimoga Shirhatti Shorapur Shravanabelagola Shrirangapattana Siddapur Sidlaghatta Sindgi Sindhnur Sira Sirakoppa Siruguppa Someshwar Somvarpet Sorab Sringeri Srinivaspur Sulya Suntikopa Talikota Tekkalakota Terdal Thokur Thumbe Tiptur Tirthahalli Tirumakudal Narsipur Tonse Tumkur Turuvekere Udupi Ullal Uttarahalli Venkatapura Vijayapura Virarajendrapet Wadi Wadi ACC Yadgir Yelahanka Yelandur Yelbarga Yellapur Yenagudde
Adimaly Adoor Adur Akathiyur Alangad Alappuzha Aluva Ancharakandy Angamaly Aroor Arukutti Attingal Avinissery Azhikode North Azhikode South Azhiyur Balussery Bangramanjeshwar Beypur Brahmakulam Chala Chalakudi Changanacheri Chauwara Chavakkad Chelakkara Chelora Chendamangalam Chengamanad Chengannur Cheranallur Cheriyakadavu Cherthala Cherukunnu Cheruthazham Cheruvannur Cheruvattur Chevvur Chirakkal Chittur Chockli Churnikkara Dharmadam Edappal Edathala Elayavur Elur Eranholi Erattupetta Ernakulam Eruvatti Ettumanoor Feroke Guruvayur Haripad Hosabettu Idukki Iringaprom Irinjalakuda Iriveri Kadachira Kadalundi Kadamakkudy Kadirur Kadungallur Kakkodi Kalady Kalamassery Kalliasseri Kalpetta Kanhangad Kanhirode Kanjikkuzhi Kanjikode Kanjirappalli Kannadiparamba Kannangad Kannapuram Kannur Kannur Cantonment Karunagappally Karuvamyhuruthy Kasaragod Kasargod Kattappana Kayamkulam Kedamangalam Kochi Kodamthuruthu Kodungallur Koduvally Koduvayur Kolazhy Kollam Komalapuram Koothattukulam Koratty Kothamangalam Kottarakkara Kottayam Kottayam Malabar Kottuvally Koyilandi Kozhikode Kudappanakunnu Kudlu Kumarakom Kumily Kunnamangalam Kunnamkulam Kurikkad Kurkkanchery Kuthuparamba Kuttakulam Kuttikkattur Kuttur Malappuram Mallappally Manjeri Manjeshwar Mannancherry Mannar Mannarakkat Maradu Marathakkara Marutharod Mattannur Mavelikara Mavilayi Mavur Methala Muhamma Mulavukad Mundakayam Munderi Munnar Muthakunnam Muvattupuzha Muzhappilangad Nadapuram Nadathara Narath Nattakam Nedumangad Nenmenikkara New Mahe Neyyattinkara Nileshwar Olavanna Ottapalam Ottappalam Paduvilayi Palai Palakkad Palayad Palissery Pallikkunnu Paluvai Panniyannur Pantalam Panthiramkavu Panur Pappinisseri Parassala Paravur Pathanamthitta Pathanapuram Pathiriyad Pattambi Pattiom Pavaratty Payyannur Peermade Perakam Peralasseri Peringathur Perinthalmanna Perole Perumanna Perumbaikadu Perumbavoor Pinarayi Piravam Ponnani Pottore Pudukad Punalur Puranattukara Puthunagaram Puthuppariyaram Puzhathi Ramanattukara Shoranur Sultans Battery Sulthan Bathery Talipparamba Thaikkad Thalassery Thannirmukkam Theyyalingal Thiruvalla Thiruvananthapuram Thiruvankulam Thodupuzha Thottada Thrippunithura Thrissur Tirur Udma Vadakara Vaikam Valapattam Vallachira Varam Varappuzha Varkala Vayalar Vazhakkala Venmanad Villiappally Wayanad
Agethi Amini Kavaratti Minicoy
Madhya Pradesh
Agar Ajaigarh Akoda Akodia Alampur Alirajpur Alot Amanganj Amarkantak Amarpatan Amarwara Ambada Ambah Amla Amlai Anjad Antri Anuppur Aron Ashoknagar Ashta Babai Bada Malhera Badagaon Badagoan Badarwas Badawada Badi Badkuhi Badnagar Badnawar Badod Badoda Badra Bagh Bagli Baihar Baikunthpur Bakswaha Balaghat Baldeogarh Bamaniya Bamhani Bamor Bamora Banda Bangawan Bansatar Kheda Baraily Barela Barghat Bargi Barhi Barigarh Barwaha Barwani Basoda Begamganj Beohari Berasia Betma Betul Betul Bazar Bhainsdehi Bhamodi Bhander Bhanpura Bharveli Bhaurasa Bhavra Bhedaghat Bhikangaon Bhilakhedi Bhind Bhitarwar Bhopal Bhuibandh Biaora Bijawar Bijeypur Bijrauni Bijuri Bilaua Bilpura Bina Etawa Bina Railway Colony Birsinghpur Boda Budhni Burhanpur Burhar Chachaura Binaganj Chakghat Chandameta Butar Chanderi Chandia Chandla Chaurai Khas Chhatarpur Chhindwara Chhota Chhindwara Chichli Chitrakut Churhat Daboh Dabra Damoh Damua Datia Deodara Deori Deori Khas Depalpur Devendranagar Devhara Dewas Dhamnod Dhana Dhanpuri Dhar Dharampuri Dighawani Diken Dindori Dola Dumar Kachhar Dungariya Chhapara Gadarwara Gairatganj Gandhi Sagar Hydel Colony Ganjbasoda Garhakota Garhi Malhara Garoth Gautapura Ghansor Ghuwara Gogaon Gogapur Gohad Gormi Govindgarh Guna Gurh Gwalior Hanumana Harda Harpalpur Harrai Harsud Hatod Hatpipalya Hatta Hindoria Hirapur Hoshangabad Ichhawar Iklehra Indergarh Indore Isagarh Itarsi Jabalpur Jabalpur Cantonment Jabalpur GCF Jaisinghnagar Jaithari Jaitwara Jamai Jaora Jatachhapar Jatara Jawad Jawar Jeronkhalsa Jhabua Jhundpura Jiran Jirapur Jobat Joura Kailaras Kaimur Kakarhati Kalichhapar Kanad Kannod Kantaphod Kareli Karera Kari Karnawad Karrapur Kasrawad Katangi Katni Kelhauri Khachrod Khajuraho Khamaria Khand Khandwa Khaniyadhana Khargapur Khargone Khategaon Khetia Khilchipur Khirkiya Khujner Khurai Kolaras Kotar Kothi Kotma Kukshi Kumbhraj Kurwai Lahar Lakhnadon Lateri Laundi Lidhora Khas Lodhikheda Loharda Machalpur Madhogarh Maharajpur Maheshwar Mahidpur Maihar Majholi Makronia Maksi Malaj Khand Malanpur Malhargarh Manasa Manawar Mandav Mandideep Mandla Mandleshwar Mandsaur Manegaon Mangawan Manglaya Sadak Manpur Mau Mauganj Meghnagar Mehara Gaon Mehgaon Mhaugaon Mhow Mihona Mohgaon Morar Morena Morwa Multai Mundi Mungaoli Murwara Nagda Nagod Nagri Naigarhi Nainpur Nalkheda Namli Narayangarh Narsimhapur Narsingarh Narsinghpur Narwar Nasrullaganj Naudhia Naugaon Naurozabad Neemuch Nepa Nagar Neuton Chikhli Kalan Nimach Omkareshwar Orachha Ordinance Factory Itarsi Pachmarhi Pachmarhi Cantonment Pachore Palchorai Palda Palera Pali Panagar Panara Pandaria Pandhana Pandhurna Panna Pansemal Pasan Patan Patharia Pawai Petlawad Pichhore Pipariya Pipliya Mandi Piploda Pithampur Polay Kalan Porsa Prithvipur Raghogarh Rahatgarh Raisen Rajakhedi Rajgarh Rajnagar Rajpur Rampur Baghelan Rampur Naikin Rampura Ranapur Ranipura Ratangarh Ratlam Ratlam Kasba Rau Rehli Rehti Rewa Sabalgarh Sagar Sagar Cantonment Sailana Sanawad Sanchi Sanwer Sarangpur Sardarpur Sarni Satai Satna Satwas Sausar Sehore Semaria Sendhwa Seondha Seoni Seoni Malwa Sethia Shahdol Shahgarh Shahpur Shahpura Shajapur Shamgarh Sheopur Shivpuri Shujalpur Sidhi Sihora Singolo Singrauli Sinhasa Sirgora Sirmaur Sironj Sitamau Sohagpur Sonkatch Suhagi Sultanpur Susner Suthaliya Tal Talen Tarana Taricharkalan Tekanpur Tendukheda Teonthar Thandia Tikamgarh Timarni Tirodi Udaipura Ujjain Ukwa Umaria Unchahara Unhel Vehicle Factory Jabalpur Vidisha Vijayraghavgarh Waraseoni
Achalpur Aheri Ahmadpur Ahmednagar Ajra Akalkot Akkalkuwa Akola Akot Alandi Alibag Allapalli Alore Amalner Ambad Ambajogai Ambernath Amgaon Amravati Anjangaon Arvi Ashta Ashti Aurangabad Aurangabad Cantonment Ausa Babhulgaon Badlapur Balapur Ballarpur Baramati Barshi Basmat Beed Bhadravati Bhagur Bhandara Bhigvan Bhingar Bhiwandi Bhokhardan Bhor Bhosari Bhum Bhusawal Bid Biloli Birwadi Boisar Bop Khel Brahmapuri Budhgaon Buldana Buldhana Butibori Chakan Chandrapur Chandur Chandur Bazar Chandvad Chicholi Chikhala Chikhaldara Chikhli Chinchani Chinchwad Chiplun Chopda Dabhol Dahance Dahanu Daharu Dapoli Camp Darwa Daryapur Dattapur Daund Davlameti Deglur Dehu Road Deolali Deolali Pravara Deoli Desaiganj Deulgaon Raja Dewhadi Dharangaon Dharmabad Dharur Dhatau Dhule Digdoh Diglur Digras Dombivli Dondaicha Dudhani Durgapur Dyane Edandol Eklahare Faizpur Fekari Gadchiroli Gadhinghaj Gandhi Nagar Ganeshpur Gangakher Gangapur Gevrai Ghatanji Ghoti Ghugus Ghulewadi Godoli Gondia Guhagar Hadgaon Harnai Beach Hinganghat Hingoli Hupari Ichalkaranji Igatpuri Indapur Jaisinghpur Jalgaon Jalna Jamkhed Jawhar Jaysingpur Jejuri Jintur Junnar Kabnur Kagal Kalamb Kalamnuri Kalas Kalmeshwar Kalundre Kalyan Kamthi Kamthi Cantonment Kandari Kandhar Kandri Kandri II Kanhan Kankavli Kannad Karad Karanja Karanje Tarf Karivali Karjat Karmala Kasara Budruk Katai Katkar Katol Kegaon Khadkale Khadki Khamgaon Khapa Kharadi Kharakvasla Khed Kherdi Khoni Khopoli Khuldabad Kinwat Kodoli Kolhapur Kon Kondumal Kopargaon Kopharad Koradi Koregaon Park Korochi Kudal Kundaim Kundalwadi Kurandvad Kurduvadi Kusgaon Budruk Lanja Lasalgaon Latur Loha Lohegaon Lonar Lonavala Madhavnagar Mahabaleshwar Mahad Mahadula Maindargi Majalgaon Malegaon Malgaon Malkapur Malwan Manadur Manchar Mangalvedhe Mangrul Pir Manmad Manor Mansar Manwath Mapuca Matheran Mehkar Mhasla Mhaswad Mira Bhayandar Miraj Mohpa Mohpada Moram Morshi Mowad Mudkhed Mukhed Mul Mulshi Mumbai Murbad Murgud Murtijapur Murud Nachane Nagardeole Nagothane Nagpur Nakoda Nalasopara Naldurg Nanded Nandura Nandurbar Narkhed Nashik Navapur Navi Mumbai Navi Mumbai Panvel Neral Nigdi Nilanga Nildoh Nimbhore Ojhar Osmanabad Pachgaon Pachora Padagha Paithan Palghar Pali Panchgani Pandhakarwada Pandharpur Panhala Panvel Paranda Parbhani Parli Parola Partur Pasthal Patan Pathardi Pathri Patur Pawni Pen Pethumri Phaltan Pimpri Poladpur Pulgaon Pune Pune Cantonment Purna Purushottamnagar Pusad Rahimatpur Rahta Pimplas Rahuri Raigad Rajapur Rajgurunagar Rajur Rajura Ramtek Ratnagiri Ravalgaon Raver Revadanda Risod Roha Ashtami Sakri Sandor Sangamner Sangli Sangole Sasti Sasvad Satana Satara Savantvadi Savda Savner Sawari Jawharnagar Selu Shahada Shahapur Shegaon Shelar Shendurjana Shirdi Shirgaon Shirpur Shirur Shirwal Shivatkar Shrigonda Sillewada Sillod Sindhudurg Sindi Sindi Turf Hindnagar Sindkhed Raja Singnapur Sinnar Sirur Sitasawangi Solapur Sonai Sonegaon Soyagaon Srivardhan Surgana Talegaon Dabhade Taloda Taloja Talwade Tarapur Tasgaon Tathavade Tekadi Telhara Thane Tirira Totaladoh Trimbak Tuljapur Tumsar Uchgaon Udgir Ulhasnagar Umarga Umarkhed Umarsara Umbar Pada Nandade Umred Umri Pragane Balapur Uran Uran Islampur Utekhol Vada Vadgaon Vadgaon Kasba Vaijapur Vanvadi Varangaon Vasai Vasantnagar Vashind Vengurla Virar Visapur Vite Vithalwadi Wadi Waghapur Wai Wajegaon Walani Wanadongri Wani Wardha Warora Warthi Warud Washim Yaval Yavatmal Yeola Yerkheda
Anandapur Angul Aska Athgarh Athmallik Balagoda Balangir Balasore Baleshwar Balimeta Balugaon Banapur Bangura Banki Banposh Barbil Bargarh Baripada Barpali Basudebpur Baudh Belagachhia Belaguntha Belpahar Berhampur Bhadrak Bhanjanagar Bhawanipatna Bhuban Bhubaneswar Binika Birmitrapur Bishama Katek Bolangir Brahmapur Brajrajnagar Buguda Burla Byasanagar Champua Chandapur Chandbali Chandili Charibatia Chatrapur Chikitigarh Chitrakonda Choudwar Cuttack Dadhapatna Daitari Damanjodi Deogarh Deracolliery Dhamanagar Dhenkanal Digapahandi Dungamal Fertilizer Corporation of Indi Ganjam Ghantapada Gudari Gunupur Hatibandha Hinjilikatu Hirakud Jagatsinghapur Jajpur Jalda Jaleswar Jatni Jaypur Jeypore Jharsuguda Jhumpura Joda Junagarh Kalahandi Kamakhyanagar Kandhamal Kantilo Karanja Kashinagara Kataka Kavisuryanagar Kendrapara Kendujhar Keonjhar Kesinga Khaliapali Khalikote Khandaparha Kharhial Kharhial Road Khatiguda Khurda Kochinda Kodala Konark Koraput Kotaparh Lanjigarh Lattikata Makundapur Malkangiri Mukhiguda Nabarangpur Nalco Naurangapur Nayagarh Nilagiri Nimaparha Nuapada Nuapatna OCL Industrialship Padampur Paradip Paradwip Parlakimidi Patamundai Patnagarh Phulabani Pipili Polasara Pratapsasan Puri Purushottampur Rairangpur Raj Gangpur Rambha Rayagada Redhakhol Remuna Rengali Rourkela Sambalpur Sinapali Sonepur Sorada Soro Sunabeda Sundargarh Talcher Talcher Thermal Power Station Tarabha Tensa Titlagarh Udala Udayagiri Umarkot Vikrampur
Paschim Medinipur
Abohar Adampur Ahmedgarh Ajnala Akalgarh Alawalpur Amloh Amritsar Amritsar Cantonment Anandpur Sahib Badhni Kalan Bagh Purana Balachaur Banaur Banga Banur Baretta Bariwala Barnala Bassi Pathana Batala Bathinda Begowal Behrampur Bhabat Bhadur Bhankharpur Bharoli Kalan Bhawanigarh Bhikhi Bhikhiwind Bhisiana Bhogpur Bhuch Bhulath Budha Theh Budhlada Chima Chohal Dasuya Dera Baba Nanak Dera Bassi Dhanaula Dharam Kot Dhariwal Dhilwan Dhuri Dinanagar Dirba Doraha Faridkot Fateh Nangal Fatehgarh Churian Fatehgarh Sahib Fazilka Firozpur Firozpur Cantonment Gardhiwala Garhshankar Ghagga Ghanaur Giddarbaha Gobindgarh Goniana Goraya Gurdaspur Guru Har Sahai Hajipur Handiaya Hariana Hoshiarpur Hussainpur Jagraon Jaitu Jalalabad Jalandhar Jalandhar Cantonment Jandiala Jugial Kalanaur Kapurthala Karoran Kartarpur Khamanon Khanauri Khanna Kharar Khem Karan Kot Fatta Kot Isa Khan Kot Kapura Kotkapura Kurali Lalru Lehra Gaga Lodhian Khas Longowal Ludhiana Machhiwara Mahilpur Majitha Makhu Malaut Malerkotla Maloud Mandi Gobindgarh Mansa Maur Moga Mohali Moonak Morinda Mukerian Muktsar Mullanpur Dakha Mullanpur Garibdas Munak Muradpura Nabha Nakodar Nangal Nawashahr Naya Nangal Nehon Nurmahal Pathankot Patiala Patti Pattran Payal Phagwara Phillaur Qadian Rahon Raikot Raja Sansi Rajpura Ram Das Raman Rampura Rayya Rupnagar Rurki Kasba Sahnewal Samana Samrala Sanaur Sangat Sangrur Sansarpur Sardulgarh Shahkot Sham Churasi Shekhpura Sirhind Sri Hargobindpur Sujanpur Sultanpur Lodhi Sunam Talwandi Bhai Talwara Tappa Tarn Taran Urmar Tanda Zira Zirakpur
Abu Road Ajmer Aklera Alwar Amet Antah Anupgarh Asind Bagar Bagru Bahror Bakani Bali Balotra Bandikui Banswara Baran Bari Bari Sadri Barmer Basi Basni Belima Baswa Bayana Beawar Begun Bhadasar Bhadra Bhalariya Bharatpur Bhasawar Bhawani Mandi Bhawri Bhilwara Bhindar Bhinmal Bhiwadi Bijoliya Kalan Bikaner Bilara Bissau Borkhera Budhpura Bundi Chatsu Chechat Chhabra Chhapar Chhipa Barod Chhoti Sadri Chirawa Chittaurgarh Chittorgarh Chomun Churu Daosa Dariba Dausa Deoli Deshnok Devgarh Devli Dhariawad Dhaulpur Dholpur Didwana Dig Dungargarh Dungarpur Falna Fatehnagar Fatehpur Gajsinghpur Galiakot Ganganagar Gangapur Goredi Chancha Gothra Govindgarh Gulabpura Hanumangarh Hindaun Indragarh Jahazpur Jaipur Jaisalmer Jaiselmer Jaitaran Jalore Jhalawar Jhalrapatan Jhunjhunun Jobner Jodhpur Kaithun Kaman Kankroli Kanor Kapasan Kaprain Karanpura Karauli Kekri Keshorai Patan Kesrisinghpur Khairthal Khandela Khanpur Kherli Kherliganj Kherwara Chhaoni Khetri Kiranipura Kishangarh Kishangarh Ranwal Kolvi Rajendrapura Kot Putli Kota Kuchaman Kuchera Kumbhalgarh Kumbhkot Kumher Kushalgarh Lachhmangarh Ladnun Lakheri Lalsot Losal Madanganj Mahu Kalan Mahwa Makrana Malpura Mandal Mandalgarh Mandwa Mangrol Manohar Thana Manoharpur Marwar Merta Modak Mount Abu Mukandgarh Mundwa Nadbai Naenwa Nagar Nagaur Napasar Naraina Nasirabad Nathdwara Nawa Nawalgarh Neem Ka Thana Neemrana Newa Talai Nimaj Nimbahera Niwai Nohar Nokha One SGM Padampur Pali Partapur Parvatsar Pasoond Phalna Phalodi Phulera Pilani Pilibanga Pindwara Pipalia Kalan Pipar Pirawa Pokaran Pratapgarh Pushkar Raipur Raisinghnagar Rajakhera Rajaldesar Rajgarh Rajsamand Ramganj Mandi Ramgarh Rani Raniwara Ratan Nagar Ratangarh Rawatbhata Rawatsar Rikhabdev Ringas Sadri Sadulshahar Sagwara Salumbar Sambhar Samdari Sanchor Sangariya Sangod Sardarshahr Sarwar Satal Kheri Sawai Madhopur Sewan Kalan Shahpura Sheoganj Sikar Sirohi Siwana Sogariya Sojat Sojat Road Sri Madhopur Sriganganagar Sujangarh Suket Sunel Surajgarh Suratgarh Swaroopganj Takhatgarh Taranagar Three STR Tijara Toda Bhim Toda Raisingh Todra Tonk Udaipur Udpura Uniara Vanasthali Vidyavihar Vijainagar Viratnagar Wer
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
Achhalda Achhnera Adari Afzalgarh Agarwal Mandi Agra Agra Cantonment Ahraura Ailum Air Force Area Ajhuwa Akbarpur Alapur Aliganj Aligarh Allahabad Allahabad Cantonment Allahganj Amanpur Ambahta Amethi Amila Amilo Aminagar Sarai Aminagar Urf Bhurbaral Amraudha Amroha Anandnagar Anpara Antu Anupshahr Aonla Armapur Estate Ashokpuram Ashrafpur Kichhauchha Atarra Atasu Atrauli Atraulia Auraiya Aurangabad Aurangabad Bangar Auras Awagarh Ayodhya Azamgarh Azizpur Azmatgarh Baberu Babina Babrala Babugarh Bachhiowan Bachhraon Bad Badaun Baghpat Bah Bahadurganj Baheri Bahjoi Bahraich Bahsuma Bahua Bajna Bakewar Bakiabad Baldeo Ballia Balrampur Banat Banda Bangarmau Banki Bansdih Bansgaon Bansi Barabanki Baragaon Baraut Bareilly Bareilly Cantonment Barhalganj Barhani Barhapur Barkhera Barsana Barva Sagar Barwar Basti Begumabad Budhana Behat Behta Hajipur Bela Belthara Beniganj Beswan Bewar Bhadarsa Bhadohi Bhagwantnagar Bharatganj Bhargain Bharthana Bharuhana Bharwari Bhatni Bazar Bhatpar Rani Bhawan Bahadurnagar Bhinga Bhojpur Dharampur Bhokarhedi Bhongaon Bhulepur Bidhuna Bighapur Bijnor Bijpur Bikapur Bilari Bilaspur Bilgram Bilhaur Bilram Bilrayaganj Bilsanda Bilsi Bindki Bisalpur Bisanda Buzurg Bisauli Bisharatganj Bisokhar Biswan Bithur Budaun Bugrasi Bulandshahar Burhana Chail Chak Imam Ali Chakeri Chakia Chandauli Chandausi Chandpur Charkhari Charthawal Chaumuhan Chhaprauli Chhara Rafatpur Chharprauli Chhata Chhatari Chhibramau Chhutmalpur Chilkana Sultanpur Chirgaon Chit Baragaon Chitrakut Dham Chopan Chunar Churk Ghurma Colonelganj Dadri Dalmau Dankaur Dariyabad Dasna Dataganj Daurala Dayal Bagh Deoband Deoranian Deoria Dewa Dhampur Dhanauha Dhanauli Dhanaura Dharoti Khurd Dhauratanda Dhaurhra Dibai Dibiyapur Dildarnagar Fatehpur Do Ghat Dohrighat Dostpur Dudhinagar Dulhipur Dundwaraganj Ekdil Erich Etah Etawah Faizabad Faizabad Cantonment Faizganj Farah Faridnagar Faridpur Faridpur Cantonment Fariha Farrukhabad Fatehabad Fatehganj Pashchimi Fatehganj Purvi Fatehgarh Fatehpur Fatehpur Chaurasi Fatehpur Sikri Firozabad Gajraula Ganga Ghat Gangapur Gangoh Ganj Muradabad Garautha Garhi Pukhta Garhmukteshwar Gaura Barahaj Gauri Bazar Gausganj Gawan Ghatampur Ghaziabad Ghazipur Ghiror Ghorawal Ghosi Ghosia Bazar Ghughuli Gohand Gokul Gola Bazar Gola Gokarannath Gonda Gopamau Gopiganj Gorakhpur Gosainganj Govardhan Greater Noida Gulaothi Gulariya Gulariya Bhindara Gunnaur Gursahaiganj Gursarai Gyanpur Hafizpur Haidergarh Haldaur Hamirpur Handia Hapur Hardoi Harduaganj Hargaon Hariharpur Harraiya Hasanpur Hasayan Hastinapur Hata Hathras Hyderabad Ibrahimpur Iglas Ikauna Iltifatganj Bazar Indian Telephone Industry Mank Islamnagar Itaunja Itimadpur Jagner Jahanabad Jahangirabad Jahangirpur Jais Jaithara Jalalabad Jalali Jalalpur Jalaun Jalesar Jamshila Jansath Jarwal Jasrana Jaswantnagar Jatari Jaunpur Jewar Jhalu Jhansi Jhinjhak Jhinjhana Jhusi Jhusi Kohna Jiyanpur Joya Jyoti Khuria Jyotiba Phule Nagar Kabrai Kachhauna Patseni Kachhla Kachhwa Kadaura Kadipur Kailashpur Kaimganj Kairana Kakgaina Kakod Kakori Kakrala Kalpi Kamalganj Kampil Kandhla Kandwa Kannauj Kanpur Kant Kanth Kaptanganj Karaon Karari Karhal Karnawal Kasganj Katariya Katghar Lalganj Kathera Katra Katra Medniganj Kauriaganj Kemri Kerakat Khadda Khaga Khailar Khair Khairabad Khairagarh Khalilabad Khamaria Khanpur Kharela Khargupur Khariya Kharkhoda Khatauli Khatauli Rural Khekra Kheri Kheta Sarai Khudaganj Khurja Khutar Kiraoli Kiratpur Kishanpur Kishni Kithaur Koiripur Konch Kopaganj Kora Jahanabad Korwa Kosi Kalan Kota Kotra Kotwa Kulpahar Kunda Kundarki Kunwargaon Kurara Kurawali Kursath Kurthi Jafarpur Kushinagar Kusmara Laharpur Lakhimpur Lakhna Lalganj Lalitpur Lar Lawar Ledwa Mahuwa Lohta Loni Lucknow Machhlishahr Madhoganj Madhogarh Maharajganj Mahoba Maholi Mainpuri Majhara Pipar Ehatmali Mankapur Mathu Mathura Mau Meerut Mehnagar Mendu Mirzapur Modinagar Moradabad Mughal Sarai Mughal Sarai Railway Settlemen Muzaffarnagar Nainana Jat Nizamabad Noida Orai Padrauna Pali Phaphund Pilibhit Pipraich Pratapgarh Purdil Nagar Radha Kund Raja Ka Rampur Ramkola Rampur Rampura Rasra Raya Risia Bazar Robertsganj Rudarpur Sahanpur Saharanpur Sahaswan Sakhanu Sakit Samthar Saunkh Saurikh Shahjahanpur Sirsa Sitapur Sultanpur Swamibagh Tatarpur Lallu Tundla Un Unnao Varanasi
Chamoli and Gopeshwar Dehradun Didihat Haldwani Haridwar Kashipur Pithoragarh Raipur Rishikesh Roorkee Srinagar Sultanpur
West Bengal
Anksa Ankurhati Anup Nagar Arambagh Asansol Aurangabad Baharampur Balaram Pota Bally Bankura Baranagar Barasat Barrackpore Baruihuda Bidhannagar Bolpur Burdwan Champahati Chapari Contai Cooch Behar Dakshin Raypur Darap Pur Dharmapur Digha Durgapur Gadigachha Haldia Hooghly Howrah Jafarpur Jagadanandapur Jagdishpur Jagtaj Jalpaiguri Jhargram Kalyani Katwa Kharagpur Kharar Kolkata Krishnanagar Madhyamgram Mal Malda Murshidabad Nadia Naihati Purba Medinipur Purulia Raghunathpur Raiganj Raipur Rajpur Ranaghat Sahapur Siliguri Tamluk Tinsukia

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