Modern civilization has gone too far to stay without laptops. But there are countless choices here. Hence, our list of the 6 best laptop brands in India who is also providing best laptop after sales service india is a humble try to help the consumers, especially the fresh buyers with some well-researched advice on which company they should rely on or best laptops in india under 60000.

Now, it’s the digital era. And during the Covid-19 pandemic, the digital presence of a person is becoming more and more important than the physical presence in the global work culture. In this circumstance of work-from-home manner becoming the primary norm, the PC market is seeing a whopping spike in demand in the second quarter of 2020. And so many latest laptop series are being introduced in the market. 

According to IDC (International Data Corporation), after experiencing a record sale of 11 million units in 2019 (highest in six years), the Indian PC market suffered from a steep downfall of 16.7% year-over-year sales (only 1.8 million) in the first quarter of 2020 during the first surge of the global economic slowdown. Currently, the market is normalizing and the global shipment is now experiencing an 11.2% year-over-year growth in 2Q2020.

Although the global notebook PC market shrank only by 2% at the end of the first quarter of 2020 as the Strategy Analytics report was revealed by TimesOfIndia, the Indian laptop and tablet market suffered a downfall of only 1.4% and is expected to see an upturn of 3.6% in 2021 according to Statista.

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 Laptop and Tablet market revenue growth in India[/caption]

(Source: Statista)

During the recent period of the second quarter of 2020, the Indian laptop market spiked high with sudden demand due to the work-from-home strategy. Although the supply chain is panting to match the delivery in a similar manner. The reason behind this is the extreme dependency on China as described by the market leaders interviewed by The Hindu. In April 2020, FinancialExpress reported the urge of MAIT (the apex body representing India’s ICT sector) to the Government for permitting service, sales, and production of laptops and other mobile devices under essential goods and services.

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 Q12020 Preliminary Notebook PC Vendor MS Chart[/caption]

(Source: BusinessWire)

According to the Strategy Analytics chart revealed by BusinessWire and Wikipedia, from 2019 to the first quarter of 2020, the order of the top PC and laptop brands were Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, ASUS, and then Acer. Whereas, in the second quarter of 2020, Gartner and IDC research reports show that Acer climbed high over ASUS based on unit sales. Therefore, selecting which one of the leading companies occupy the fifth or sixth position as well as the first or second position in our list of the six best laptop brands in India is quite a tough decision, since the game is always on between Acer and ASUS as well as Lenovo and HP.

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 Worldwide PC vendor-wise unit shipment estimation during 2Q2020[/caption]

(Source: Gartner)

However, the Indian market is still growing along with the world. The CEO and MD of the leading brand Lenovo India, Rahul Agarwal believe that new laptop brands (like Honor, Xiaomi here) always help the market to enhance further.

The Executive Director and Head of Consumer PCSD of Lenovo India, Shailendra Katyal also revealed to IndianExpress that the most sold laptop models are the ones between the price bracket of Rs 32,000 and Rs 52,000 in India.

Let's see what our best laptop brands offer their customers in India. Here we gonna compile which laptop brand has best service in India and which brand has the best laptop customer service 2021. 

Best laptop brands in India

Before we go any further with our selective choices, you must understand that your choice of the best laptop is not only dependent on the brand, but mostly on your purpose and requirements as well as your budget. That's why your choice of the best brand or device may not match with others. We will be happy to know which brand do you prefer. But before that, let us guide you through that path to eradicate your confusion so that you can easily pick up the best laptop brands available in India perfecting especially for your requirements. There are a lot of blogs running on google who can provide you with the top 10 laptop brands in india but as we said choices can differ according to purpose and requirement as well budget. So here we are sharing some of the laptop brands with best customer service according to our research. 

Lenovo - The Business Solution

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 Lenovo Yoga Laptop[/caption]

(Source: Amazon India)

Among the best after sales service laptop india, Lenovo laptops are currently leading the mainstream Indian market. Starting in 1984, this Chinese company has spread through more than 60 countries all over the world with its business-class notebooks. It has occupied the biggest global PC market share of 24.1% in 2019. Mostly dark or grey colored Lenovo products are always a good fit for professional elegance.

Moreover, the amazing strength and durability of these laptops to withstand any adverse situation make them perfectly suitable to carry around while traveling. Besides, back in 2011, Lenovo played a pioneering role in revealing a successful Windows 2-in-1 as their X220t Thinkpad model in the mainstream market. Since then, their ultraportable 2-in-1 notebooks have acquired the position for a most trusted band for portable laptops packed with performance. Lenovo since then provides a lenovo after sales service india through their service centers. 

Additionally, the lifelike gaming experience is another field of expertise in Lenovo notebooks. There are various Lenovo lineages like Y series notebooks specially dedicated to gaming and graphic artistry. Let's see the popular Lenovo family members here:

  • V series for cost-conscious everyday usage

  • IdeaPad as budget devices

  • ThinkPad and ThinkBook for creators and productive professionals

  • Legion and Y series for gaming and graphic designing

  • Gaming series for gamers

  • Yoga as convertible laptops

Also, there are other variations like the S series, E series, G series, and Flex series dedicated to various purposes.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) - Talks about productivity

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 HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop[/caption]

(Source: Amazon India)

Sometimes it's hard to decide which brand is actually leading the market, not to mention best. According to statistics, Lenovo and HP are the closest competitors in the Indian electronics industry to be crowned as the major player among the top laptop brands in india. This USA-based company is one of the oldest and largest ones in America. After its establishment in 1939, it has spread its root over 150 countries and more in this world.  Among them, India is the biggest market they have conquered. In 2017, IDC reported HP as the biggest PC manufacturer worldwide, leaving Lenovo behind. Although in 2019, Lenovo snatched the throne again, leaving HP as the second global PC market leader%C/a> with 22.2% revenue-holder. Hence, the competition is always on.

But what exactly do they offer to reach so many consumers all over the world? It's the promise of durability, functionality, latest hardware equipment, satisfactory performance, and all packed in a reasonable price range. The customer support is also noticeable. The common target customers of HP lineage are regular users, students, and professionals.

Although Pavilion is the most popular innovation from HP lineage, there are other well-known series dominating the upper-layer of the best laptop brands in India.

For home users

  • Essentials

  • Chromebook

  • Specter

  • Envy

  • Pavilion

For students

  • Essentials

  • Chromebook

  • Pavilion

  • Elite

For work and business purposes

  • EliteBook

  • ZBook Workstation

  • ProBook

For the gaming and graphics profession

  • Omen

  • Pavilion Gaming

Dell Technologies - Mindblowing performance and services

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 Dell Vostro Laptop[/caption]

(Source: Amazon India)

If you are concerned about performance, then this is one of the best laptop brand in India to promise you ultimate user satisfaction with high efficiency packed in a well-designed notebook. This US Multinational company, founded in 1984, has earned a worldwide reputation over more than 70 countries due to its laptop quality with sturdy and robust built, a variety of features, good configuration, and most notably on after-sale customer services and support in Windows laptops.

Although the cost is a bit higher, the performance and price ratio is still acceptable for a large number of customers all over the country. But don't expect much of battery life from them. Actually, the basic idea is the same for all, to enjoy high-end hardware and aesthetics, you should look forward to a premium model from any brand. Dell is no exception, yet they earned their space in our list of 6 best laptop brands in India due to the overall performance and user experience they provide. In case you face any trouble with the performance of your laptop, visit our service center for repair. We cost minimal Dell service charges. 

Here are some of the renowned Dell laptop series based on purpose:

  • Inspiron for everyday users

  • Vostro for official and business purposes

  • XPS offers a slim design for a coder's choice and sometimes 2-in-1 laptop-tablet convertible versions

  • Alienware is built for gamers and graphic designers

Apple Inc. - Great design and user satisfaction

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 Apple MacBook Pro Laptop[/caption]

(Source: Amazon India)

If you are looking for an allrounder, your answer is always Apple. But the problem is affordability, which is way higher for average Indian customers. After being born in 1976, this company built the building block of recognition over 90 countries around the world and more. The mojo is user satisfaction. Among worldwide companies from all branches, Apple got the 13th Forbes ranking on user satisfaction with 83.3 ACSI scores. Their cutting-edge technology, customer support, slim and portable style with elegance, super-smooth functionality, tons of features, excellent battery backup, and extraordinary performance made people crave for them.

Yet, Apple always stayed in a different world. With macOS and other different features, they remained separated from regular Windows users. Although, the flexibility is coming through. Any current MacBook offers an amazing technology to let people use Windows and Linux OS in them in a triple boot setting. But in recent years, Apple is losing that sharp edge in the mainstream market. In a 2019 article, LaptopMag suggested that HP and Alienware have outrun MacBook user review rates. Another research report on laptop buying behavior and user satisfaction in India published in ResearchGate in November 2019 also supports these results. That's why Apple is not given a higher place in our list of the best laptop brands in India.

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 Laptop brand rank[/caption]

(Source: LaptopMag)

Let's see the latest Apple MacBook models in India here:

  • MacBook Air (Retina) for best display

  • MacBook Pro 13-in for portability

  • MacBook Pro 16-in for overall uses

ASUS - Allrounder in all aspects

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 ASUS VivoBook Laptop[/caption]

(Source: Amazon India)

Our fifth selection for the best laptop brands in India is the all-rounder Asus brand. Allrounder, because they offer a wide variety of laptops for different purposes. This Taiwan company has carved its brand name deep in the path of the global electronics industry in a very short period after starting only in 1989.

What attracts its users is the most innovative design and style including ErgoLyft hinge and ScreenPad. Their VivoBook Gaming, ROG, and TUF Gaming families never failed to impress gamers. If you are looking for a portable gaming solution, ASUS can stop your search at a reasonable cost variation. asus service in india is a remarkable performance given from a very long time. 

Let's see what we have got here:

  • EeeBook for basic users

  • VivoBook for students

  • ZenBook for business and office-dwellers

  • VivoBook Gaming for gamers

  • ROG and TUF Gaming for hard-core gaming and graphics work

Here is the List of Asus Authorised Service Center in Mumbai

Here is the List of Asus Authorised Service Center in Vadodara

Here is the List of Asus Authorised Service Center in Kolkata

Acer - Amazing display design

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 Acer Aspire Laptop[/caption]

(Source: Amazon India)

This is our last member of the shortlisted best laptop brands in India. It's another Taiwanese company founded in 1976, although it started emerging in the Indian market in the 1990s. The competitive characteristics of Acer laptops within an affordable price range made them popular all over the world.

The specialty of Acer laptops is on their screen display with a sleek design. Also, long-lasting battery life, style, and amazing sound quality are the features you can rely on most on these devices. The premium models also perform like any other high-definition laptop with the offering of an elegant look and sturdy design.

Here are some well-known Acer family laptops:

  • Swift and Aspire for day-to-day usage

  • Swift, Spin, and Switch for portability

  • Aspire E, Chromebook, and Acer One for students

  • Nitro for casual gaming

  • Enduro, One, Extensa for office works

  • TravelMate B, P, and X for business purposes

Here is the List of Acer Authorised Service Center in Noida

Here is the List of Acer Authorised Service Center in Faridabad

Here is the List of Acer Authorised Service Center in Delhi

Best laptop brands in India based on your purpose

Well, we were talking about the best laptop brand selection and the companies who serve best laptop customer service in india. It matters to some extent mostly because of reliability and customer support for the highest level brand promises for sure. But as we mentioned before, the best laptop in India, the actual choice lies in the purpose and hence the configuration you are looking for. Because most top-ranking brands offer almost similar quality performance for their budget as well as premium models. It depends on whether you are looking for a laptop for your business in deciding which portable devices should your company use or whether it is for personal work or enjoyment. Let's see what we need according to our use priority for choosing best customer service laptop brand.

Best Service Laptop as Everyday Use

It's the most basic level of laptops starting with the minimum configuration from any brand. Admittedly, the price will also be less than other series boasting about high-end performance. If you are on a tight budget, you should not go for MacBooks, since they already start with a premium cost.

Asus, Acer, and Lenovo are the one who is providing the best laptop service in India to offer the lowest value products with good performance under INR 30, 000. HP and Dell are also good choices, but HP and then Dell will charge you a little more than others on a similar configuration. You can consider other laptop brands like Japanese brand Toshiba, IBM's Compaq, Indian brand HCL, Sony's Vaio, or South-Korean brands Samsung and LG as well.

Intel Core i3 processor or its equivalent AMD Ryzen 3 with 4-8GB RAM and integrated graphics will serve all your purpose in this case. Here, Windows OS is heavier than Linux or ChromeOS, and hence requires more RAM than the others.


The modern education system relies a lot on computers and laptops. They help students as well as teachers to extend the field of study over the entire globe. That wasn't possible before only with a limited number of books even including the library. Computers and PCs are the doorways of accessing knowledge in every aspect. Not only that, but they also take care of a student's creative mind, social connections, and extracurricular activities.

If you are looking for a laptop only to take notes, write content, and access the internet then the most affordable basic models from any brand will suffice your purpose. In that case, Lenovo, Asus, Acer are your best choices. Also, check the sound quality of the device if you are about to record the class lectures. Acer is known for being one of the best laptop brands in India to offer the same. If you have a doubt on which laptop brand is best go for any of these. Besides, if you have enough internet facility on the campus, you should go for Chromebooks from any laptop brand as they run on the lightest ChromOS system and mostly relies on the internet to do all their dirty works. Hence, this kind offers the most affordable devices with amazing performance. The configuration for everyday usage laptops can deal with all your requirements here as well.

Now, if you are studying some special courses where top-notch performance is your focus, you shouldn't waste your money on basic models. In such a case which is the best laptop company in India so here Premium performers will be needed here. If you are a computer science or business management student, Dell, HP, or Lenovo are the best laptop brands in India to serve you most without making a hole in your pocket. If money is no bar, you can also try out MacBooks as well. No matter which brand is best for laptop that you think or choose, don't accept anything less than Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 CPUs with a minimum of 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD.

For multimedia or graphic designing courses, you need a high-end dedicated GPU as well, and also consider adding more power on your SSD like 512GB or so.

The two most crucial things to consider for a student laptop are battery backup and light-weight. In that case, Acer and Apple are the best laptop brands in India to stay with you for day-long services. Also, Chromebooks are the least power-hungry devices to count on a good performance as well. Japanese brand Toshiba also provides a very good battery backup.

Official work and Business

If you are thinking of which laptop has best service in India for business. Here, the regular office work doesn't demand many hardware specs. Mostly Microsoft Office suite or similar stuff can run on Core i3 level processors if at least 8GB RAM and 256-512GB SSD back it up well. Performance is your priority here, hence Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Apple are some of the best laptop brands in India to deal with all your workload properly. Besides the best ones, Sony's Vaio has also made their name as a good performer.

For business-runners, impression also matters in some cases. In that case, aesthetics should talk about your choices. Besides, if your work demands a lot of traveling, you need to consider portable and even convertible devices with sturdy built. The look should boast elegance with a dark color selection and leek design. That said, Apple and Lenovo are the best laptop brands in India to talk about business. Moreover, Samsung laptops are well-known for an elegant business look.

Programming and Analysing

If you are a software developer, computer engineer, data analyst, or simply a programmer or coder, this section is dedicated to your needs. Admittedly, you should not start any less than Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processors. Most programmers also rely on Intel processors for the best high-end services. Besides, RAM capacity should be 8-16GB backed up with a 512GB SSD. Don't go for stylist ultraslim devices if you mustn't, as they can suffer from thermal throttling due to intense workload.

Dell, HP, Apple are the best laptop brands in India having the best reviews from coders and analysts. Here, we must understand that the hardware requirement depends on which software and applications you are going to run on your device. If you delve into multitasking with the most engaging and heavy apps, you have to reach further for Core i7 or sometimes i9 or so. The storage plan should be similarly comparable. Even consider having an external cooling pad since your work will produce tons of heat. Moreover, check out the cache design in your CPU since the CPU speed depends mostly on the cache backup they get. On this matter, take a bit of your time to read through our article on How CPU cache works, since you need the most CPU power you can have for intense coding works.

For game developers, you need the highest hardware specs with the latest high-end GPU configuration as well. Your requirements will better match with the next section.

Gaming and Graphics designing

Well, we have come to the section asking for the most intense workforce and hence demand the best hardware specifications from the premium models of any brand as well. Remember, you must search for a desktop replacement laptop here. Nothing less than Dell, Apple, or HP will suffice your need here. Therefore, we can say they are the best laptop brands in India to serve your purpose without any confusion.

Don't bother much with the weight and battery life since your work is to blame for the worst services in these two matters. You can't possibly pack a good amount of highest-end hardware configuration in portable or 2-in-1 devices and expect a good battery backup or cooling system. So, these are the downfalls you have to experience to some extent even for the best models.

For professional gamers, game developers, graphic designers, audio-video rendition, and content creation you must consider the highest display resolution like 4K or so, loud and crisp audio quality, and the top-most choice of dedicated GPUs no less than top-notch NVIDIA graphics cards with enough memory storage of their own. Also, AMD is lagging far behind to compete for face-to-face with them. Check out our latest article on high-end graphics cards for laptops if you need more suggestions on this matter. Lastly, Taiwanese MSI laptops have gained the most popularity as gaming devices all over the world.

Laptop Service Centers

Since laptops are essential stuff in our modern life we should learn more about the service centers they have in this country. Because manufacturing and maintaining a laptop is a good deal of work, and we face tons of issues with laptops every day.

The most widespread service centers you can reach for Dell laptops. Also, HP, Apple, Lenovo are not running far behind to support their consumers in almost all big Indian cities.

Here, I can share with you a bit of advice. You may find brand service centers in all cities in the country, and they are the most reliable places to go for sure. But they charge you comparably more and also take a longer time than companies dedicated to laptop services. Yet, you should select wisely when you are selecting others out of the specific brand. Avoid local services or mechanics unless you know it very well. Remember, you are selecting the best laptop brands in India. So why ruin your device in amateur hands. Try contacting authentic laptop service centers as we are known as The Most Trusted Laptop Repair Company in India. See for feedbacks, home service availability, time duration to fix your device. See if you can get a free quote for your certain requirements as we provide here in NSS. Now you can choose which service you would prefer which depends totally on yourself.


Well, we reached the end. In today's topic, we discussed briefly on the which company is best for laptop in India based on the authentic data collected on various factors as in customer reviews, satisfaction, the company's sales support, performance, design, warranty, and value for money. These brands are the most accepted laptop brands in India and also across the entire globe. Yet, in this limited space, we can't cover everything about which laptop brand is the best after sales service in india. But that doesn't mean other brands are not good performers. In fact, in this highly competitive electronics industry, each brand is revealing new ideas and innovations day by day.


There are brands like Toshiba, LG, Huawei, Vaio, Compaq, Samsung, Microsoft, MSI to serve sufficiently good performance in various aspects. Besides, there is an Indian brand HCL. Although they did well before, currently it has become a bit difficult for them to stay aboard in the competition with the giant multinational companies. Yet, a 2018 study on consumer preferences towards laptops in India published in the International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics shows quite a promising stand for HCL in the Indian market. Moreover, new Indian brands like iBall, Micromax, and other new brands are emerging every day. We can only hope for them to stay in the competition for the long run with good product quality to be able to compete with such IT giants we talked about here. Now we summed up which laptop service is best in india and which best laptop brands in india and what they serve.