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The cost will depend on the issue your laptop is facing. You will learn this once you book an appointment with us.

We are available most of the time, working from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., but you can request the repair at any time.

Yes, we do sell laptop accessories. However, if they are required to repair the laptop, we will provide you with an alternative.

Yes, We provide 7 days of doorstep service in Kalyan and nearby areas of Thane.

Universal is the best LCD controller board kit for laptop screens because the chip in the universal has been updated, It is compatible with a high-quality screen. It saves the screen applications to a USB flash drive. Not only can a USB interface be used to upgrade applications, but it may also be utilized to play video/music/photos. You may also configure a boot display image or LOGO. As a result, purchasing an LCD controller board kit for laptop displays is an excellent option.

Yes, there are special considerations when choosing an LCD Controller board Kit as it depends on the model you are using.

The typical price range for an LCD Controller Board starts from Rs. 2000 to 14,000. It depends on which module you are using. So, it\'s better to take advice from the person who works in the computer center.

LCD panel technology is classified into three types: IPS, TN, and VA. TN is an abbreviation for twisted nematicon. Voltage controls the liquid crystal molecules in TN screens, causing them to change orientation. When there is no voltage, the molecules rotate 90 degrees and enable light to pass through. When exposed to voltage, the crystals become untwisted, obstructing light. VA display technology employs liquid crystals that tilt when a voltage is applied, allowing light to pass through. In contrast to IPS display technology (see below), the crystals in VA screens are perpendicular rather than parallel. IPS displays, which stand for In-Plane Switching, employ liquid crystals placed in rows between two glass surfaces to generate vibrant colors. Furthermore, the capacity of the liquid crystal to move horizontally allows for amazing viewing angles where the colors do not alter. As a result, IPS displays are ideal for individuals looking for color fidelity and consistency with super-wide viewing angles.

The LCD controller/driver modifies the input signal, scaling resolution if necessary, and then outputs the signal for usage by the LCD monitor. Low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS), SPI, I2C, and Parallel are examples of output interfaces. There are two other input/output systems on most LCD Controller/Driver Boards. Both of these systems, however, are two-way. One includes utilizing the on-screen display (OSD) control panel to adjust and monitor parameters such as brightness, picture, and color controls. The other is used for communication through connections such as Ethernet, Bluetooth, or IP. The LCD board also includes an inverter, which is responsible for lighting and powering the LCD\'s backlight. Normally, computers convert alternating currents (AC) from a wall power socket into direct currents (DC); however, the cold-cathode fluorescent light used in most LCDs requires AC current to power. The inverter\'s duty is to convert DC to AC. The initial conversion from AC to DC is still required since it allows the device to select the frequency utilized to operate the inverter.

Digital View LCD Controller Boards are available in a variety of configurations, including high-resolution and multi-purpose controllers, as well as harsh environment controller boards. These LCD controller boards are general-purpose controllers that are small and completely buffered. LCD controller boards have rich functions and command sets. These LCD controllers are intended for use with commercial, industrial, and specialized monitor and display systems. LCD controllers provide dependability characteristics and are adaptable to the majority of application needs. These controllers are utilized in almost every LCD display-related application imaginable, including defense and security, industrial displays, harsh environment displays, defense and security, and architectural display systems.

It’s a quite common question about where to fix laptop screen as people want quality and very less laptop service centers provide quality but NSS Laptop Service Center is one of them which provide quality how let’s see:- Door-step service is available Fair price Expert and qualified technicians Online support as you can post your query online We don’t charge extra to visit home Delivery on time Seven days of service are available

The average laptop screen repair price in India falls between Rs. 3000 - 6000 range. Now, add the most basic laptops and the highest-end devices, the range for the laptop screen repair price in India will change to Rs. 2000 - 8000. Check our How much does it cost to fix a laptop screen in India topic for more details. Here, we have discussed how laptop touchscreen replacement or repair prices and other advanced screens outrun the standard display cost. For the people who seek service from authorized stores, check our info pages like the Authorized Asus Service Center Vashi, Acer Authorized Service Center in Vashi, Authorized Lenovo Service Center Thane, Dell Authorized Service Center in Gurgaon, and similar pages for details. And if your laptop is out-of-warranty, you should select a service based on customer satisfaction quotient. Check our NSS Laptop Service Center pages for what our users are talking about the services in Dell laptop repair center in Thane, HP repair center near Thane, Samsung repair center in Navi Mumbai, and all other branches. Again, you will get a list of laptop repair cost in India on those pages including your answers to laptop screen repair price or queries like how much it cost to fix a laptop screen in India. Check our tips & tricks section for DIY software solutions like How To Fix Application Error 0xc000007b In Windows, How To Stop System Data Usage In Windows 10, How to Fix Black Screen in Toshiba Laptop etc.

The average laptop screen replacement price in India falls between Rs. 1900 and Rs. 6000. Now, adding the most basic laptops and the highest-end devices, the range will change to Rs. 2000 - 8000. Check out how much it costs to fix a laptop screen in India for more details. Here, we have discussed how laptop touchscreen replacement prices and other advanced screens outrun the standard display cost.

We have already discussed this point on this page. There are many different communication channels if you want to communicate with anyone who is an official with Asus. Still, if you\'re going to reach the Asus service center with the official  Asus laptop customer care number, it is - 1800 209 0365.

The following search terms regarding the Asus laptop service center are pretty popular. People are searching for these questions, and we will try to cover as much as possible on this page with all the answers you are looking for. To find official Asus India customer care webpages, you can search the following terms on Google: Asus customer care Asus customer care number Asus India customer care Asus laptop customer care number Asus support India Toll-free customer care Asus laptop service center Further, if you are looking for the Asus customer care number in India, you can go to the official Asus India customer care page with the Address:

Suppose you are within your warranty period and your device has not experienced User- or customer-induced damage like accidental drop, breakage, or something similar. In that case, you can receive free service from Asus. Further, if there\'s any damage initiated by installing any third-party software or glitch on the BIOS or the OS, you are not covered for unrestricted service. Further, you can get free service if you want to buy the extended warranty package. And, as per Asus, the APC or the Asus premium care is optimized for any budget size and customer.

A wide range of cost-reduced and optimized service packages that can meet any user demands of any service size. Maximum service protection is guaranteed as it goes beyond the standard warranty service. Device downtime is minimized, as the APC is always available as needed. This is the best way to leverage Asus\'s skilled and scaled service.

The clear answer is no. Asus does not have an onsite, doorstep, or home service in India. You will have to carry your laptop to your nearest Asus service center. You can check the valuable information regarding the Asus service detailed in the upper section of this page. But if you own an Asus laptop and are looking for home service, the NSS service center is the best solution. We provide a 7-day doorstep service. You call us, and our people will pick up your laptop from your home or office. 

It depends on the complexity of the repair issue. Like all other laptop brands, Asus laptop repair charges also range between a few hundred to a few thousand. Having said this, Asus charges for its service in a modular way. It charges separately for the diagnosis and the labor charge. Diagnosis charge: INR250/- Labor charge: From INR500/- to INR800/-. For a better understanding, you can also follow the official webpage.

You can email them about your queries. There is an official page for that. We have detailed that before on this page. You can still follow this official email support webpage.

Admittedly, there is no definitive answer to this. Different Asus customers will answer this question differently. Those with good experience will say that Asus customer service is good. However, those who faced extreme difficulties would not sound good about this. So, it depends on whether your problem is getting solved or not.

We already have details about Asus authorized service center contact points. You can still follow this page to start your queries with Asus. 

First, check if your electrical outlet is active. Secondly, check whether your MacBook charger is working correctly. Thirdly, check whether your MacBook charging port is working correctly. Try to connect your MacBook charger with other MacBooks and check whether your charger can capture MacBooks. If your MacBook charger can charge other MacBooks, there are certainly some issues with your MacBook charging Plug or your laptop battery. Now, try charging your MacBook additional times and see whether it gets charged. If not, then the problem is out of your hands. In such cases, we strongly recommend bringing your Laptop to your nearest Apple Store or MacBook Repair Center.

The MacBook sometimes fails to shut down because it freezes during the shutdown process. This problem can occur in many places. Your opened programs may stop your Macbook from the shutdown process. At times, your macOS can freeze and stop the shutdown process. You can try these fixes: Reset the NVRAM. Go to the SMC and reset that. Switch to the safe mode and try Reinitiating your MacBook. Try running the Apple Diagnostics on your MacBook. Check whether you have switched off the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'FileVault.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" It can stop Mac from shutting down. If none of the mixes above work, please bring your MacBook to your nearest MacBook Repair Service Provider in Mumbai.

The latest MacBook Air and MacBook Pro series have minimum SSD storage, so most Apple users are familiar with external devices like HDDs. Let\\\'s play. You plan to connect an external device to your MacBook, but it is not sensing. Firstly, you need to make sure that the external device is compatible with the MacBook that you are running. Let\\\'s play. It is compatible with your Mac, but it doesn\\\'t get sensed when you plug it into your MacBook. Now try plugging that same external device on different laptops and check whether it works on them. Secondly,  check whether the counterpart of your Macbook is faulty or mechanically broken. You also need to check whether the cable of the external device is OK and if it is connecting to your Macbook properly. Lastly, suppose your external device and cable are working OK, but your MacBook\\\'s external port is faulty. In that case, bring your Macbook to the nearest Apple Care Store or Shop, where our experienced technicians can look into that matter professionally.

When your Macbook starts, You may face a different colored screen than the standard booting screen. If you have a black or blue screen, it means the startup. Your MacBook has stumbled upon a problematic application or a glitchy startup process. Resetting your MacBook is your best option here. Further, if the problem still exists, you can always run the device safely to see what is causing the pain. You can sort out the glitchy program or the issue within the startup process. Use a Mac cleaner application to get rid of these faulty programs.  Additionally, seeing a gray screen after startup signifies that one of the critical software is not responding. You can try running your Mac in safe mode or go to the utility center to check if the lousy sector in the hard drive is causing the problem.

Do you have enough RAM on your MacBook? Is your hard drive failing on your MacBook? These hardware issues can cause your Macbook to run slowly or sluggishly. Try these fixes: Do a simple restart. Go for a Mac hardware upgrade. Check whether the hard drive in your MacBook is working correctly or not You can go to the \\\'Activity Centre\\\' to check whether a particular problem is causing this damage or whether our Macbook works correctly with everything working simultaneously. Lastly, if you haven\\\'t updated the operating system of your Macbook, it\\\'s time to update the same. If these fixes cannot solve your problem, there are some deep issues with your MacBook hardware system, and it is best to bring your MacBook to Your Nearest Mac Repair Specialist.

This problem can originate from different hardware sections. First, you must ensure your Macbook screen is not physically damaged. If that\\\'s not the problem, then follow the steps : Is your macOS updated? If not, update it first. You can reset the PRAM/NVRAM. This mainly causes the screen flickering issue. Are you using Chromium or Firefox on your Mac? Both these web browsers are known to cause screen flickering problems on Macs. Use other web browsers. Try to run your Macbook on safe mode and locate the faulty problem causing the screen flickering issue. If you still can\'t fix the Mac screen flickering issue, contact Mumbai\'s NSS Laptop Service Center experts. They will diagnose and fix it at an affordable cost.

First, make sure that your MacBook is charging properly when connected. If it\\\'s setting, then there\\\'s no charging-related issue. It would help if you looked into your MacBook dying even when the battery charge percentage is healthy. If it is, the problem may be in the battery or originate from a different device part. To eliminate the problem, perform a proper shutdown. First, press and hold the power button to shut down the device. Then, do the same to power up the device. This is called a hard reset. Once macOS loads, perform a soft reset—Restart the machine from the software layer. This process should kill the issue. But if the problem still exists, go to the SMC or System Management Controller and try to reset it, as it controls most of the hardware resources and the other software programs running on the device. Lastly, if the problem does exist, You should bring the device to your nearest MacBook Repair Service Provider.

Yes, Toshiba authorized service centers provide warranty repair but only if applicable.

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