Finding The Mac Address Of The Laptop

Finding The Mac Address Of The Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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Do you also want to know how to find the laptop's Mac address? Then you can take the help of this piece of the article through which you can find the Mlaptop's Mac address. But before we start our main topic, do you know what a Mac address is?

What Is A Mac Address Of A Laptop?

The complete form of Mac is media access control. Every device with a network has the Mac address scripted on the device interface card inserted into the machine. The device manufacturer provides this Mac address on the device interface card. A Mac address is a permanent address that will always remain on your device, such as a laptop wifi adapter. It is unchangeable. It is a unique address found as partial numbers code with alphabets, which works as a hardware identifier that accesses the Internet.

What Is The Need To Check The Mac Address?

Several uses for Mac addresses make it necessary to check the Mac address of your device, such as -:

· To make the extra security concerns about your device, you need to change its settings, which is impossible without checking the Mac address.

For example,

In wifi router.

·  If you want to resolve some computer network-related errors, the Mac address is required.

·  MAc address is essential to identify the other device network.

·  Mac address is a series of 12 alphabets and digits with six pairs.

for example,


· It is necessary to connect with other local network devices with the help of Mac addresses.

·  When the device interacts with a router, it opens with the Mac address to make or initiate the connection.

·  Mac address is located with the IP address.

What Is The Difference Between A Mac Address And An IP Address?

·  Mac address is not changeable, whereas IP addresses can be changed.

·  An IP address is based on your device location, whereas a Mac address is pre-installed.

·  An IP address is used to identify internet network devices worldwide, whereas a Mac address is only used to identify and deal with local networks.

How do you check the Mac address of the laptop?

You can  check or find the Mac address of the laptop by following these steps -:

1.      By the use of a command prompt

·  Turn on your laptop, ref, resh the main page, and go to the taskbar option.

·  Search for the command prompt option.

·  Open the command prompt page.

·  There, enter this command -ipconfig.

·   This will take you to the page of network configuration.

·   On that page, find out the column of the physical adapter.

·   The series of numbers and alphabet listed in the physical adapter column is your Mac address.

·   Read it and resolve your problem.

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Note -: If you have older versions of laptops, then click on the start button and open the menu list to open the command prompt option.

This is how you can easily find the Mac address of your device by the command prompt in minutes. It is the easiest way to check the Mac address.


This blog concludes with the procedure of finding the laptop's Mac address. You can check out the computer's MAC address by following the abovementioned points.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Mac address is in a series of 12 alphabets and number digits which included six pairs in itself. for example, (00:1A:C2:7B:00:47)

Mac address is a type of unique address that a network interface or device has which is used to initiate to make connections between local devices.

Yes, you can change the IP address of your device.

No, it is permanent. It cannot be changed.

Yes, you can go to the Network and internet area under the control panel and locate it in the column of physical address.
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