Laptop repair cost in India? It’s variable. How? The major player is the type of problem here. Well, if you are under the warranty period, you may not have to pay anything, or the least charge sometimes. Again it's based on the trouble you have gotten yourself into. 

Now, you are searching for the cost of laptop service, which means your ‘lappy’ is giving you a hard time to be fixed in your home-repair department, isn’t it? Some of you may have tried the local market already. Either you are not satisfied, or you are one of them who likes to research well before making a decision. And you are right about it. You must consider authentic advice even with some laptop service charges before dissecting your professional partner, right?

Well, you are on the right track to finding one of the best structures for the laptop repair cost in India. Here, I must tell you that some damages are beyond fixing. In that case, you can always go for a replacement based on your priority to keep the old device intact or to buy a new one. 

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Tell us about your problem, and here in NSS Laptop Service Center, we offer you a free quote on the best price model of laptop repair cost in India you may have to spend on your device. Remember, it’s an estimate based on your description. However, most of the time the problem may not be the same you guess and hence the laptop repair cost also changes when our expert team tests your device. Also, there are other factors affecting the last calculated figure of the laptop service charges you need to pay, such as:

    • The availability of the specific parts from certain manufacturers
    • The model of the laptop
    • The brand of the software
    • The age of your device
    • Your location
    • The time required to finish the job

We value our customers most and we don’t start on your laptop without letting you know the entire scenario. We suggest you should do your fair share of research and get more quotes to learn about the current rates for the laptop repair cost in India. Ask for warranty and other details, check for feedback and don’t forget to recheck the authenticity before falling for any cheap cost of laptop service especially the ones concerning laptop motherboard repair cost or the cost of repairing laptop motherboard, laptop water damage repair cost in India, laptop charging port repair cost India, or some specifics like Dell laptop motherboard repair cost in India, HP laptop motherboard replacement cost in India, Dell laptop hard drive replacement cost India, or maybe HP motherboard price with i5 processor or so. For example, we only use genuine spare parts with a warranty, and in most cases, we deliver within 24 hours or take the shortest time possible to fix your laptop woes. Check out the tons of positive feedback left by our long-term consumers who rely on both of our services and the laptop repair cost in India structure followed here.

Enough about us, let’s break down the various price range for different portions of your laptop.

Laptop Repair Cost In India Price List

Laptop Problem  Laptop Repair Cost 
Laptop Screen Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 2000 - 8000
Laptop Motherboard Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 2000 - 6500
Laptop Keyboard Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 300 - 2500
Laptop Fan Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 300 - 1200
Laptop Battery Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 500 - 4000
Laptop Speaker Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 500 - 1200
Laptop Adapter Repair/Replacement Cost Rs. 500 - 1200
Laptop Repair Cost for Software and OS Issues Rs. 300 - 6500
Laptop Repair Cost for Data Recovery Rs. 2000 - 12500
Laptop HDD Repair or Upgrade Cost Rs. 500 - 4500
Laptop SSD Repair or Upgrade Cost Rs. 500 - 8500
Laptop Wifi Card Replacement Cost

Rs. 1450-2850

Laptop USB Port Replacement Cost 

Rs. 1250-2850

Laptop Charger Port Repair Cost


Laptop Charging Port Repair or Replacement Cost


Laptop Repair Cost for RAM Upgrade or Other Issues

Rs. 2000 - 4000

You got the chart for the average laptop repair cost in India, right? Now, let's take a detour inside your laptop so that you can understand the several angles of your queries like how much does it cost to replace the motherboard, laptop water damage repair cost in India, laptop service charges, or laptop repair cost in India based on some other issues, or your specific queries such that HP motherboard price with i5 processor, Dell laptop hard drive replacement cost India, Dell laptop motherboard repair cost in India or similar. Interested? Stay tuned...

Laptop Screen Repair Cost in India(Rs. 2000 - 8000) 

[caption id="attachment_48198" align="aligncenter" width="600"]


 Damaged Screen[/caption]

This is one of the most common queries people search for while asking about the laptop repair cost in India. Because, in most of the cases, the laptop screen is the one that starts showing the sign of old age first, even without any external effect. That said, it’s common for most laptops to face some display issues with time.

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There are different kinds of issues you may experience with your laptop screen and hence varies the laptop screen repair cost in India through a wide range. But don’t you worry, as we have solutions for almost every one of them. Let’s shovel the ice from the path, shall we?

Now, let's talk about the other common display problems we face every day:

The laptop screen is not turning on:

This issue may not be caused by the screen. The reason can be the AC adapter malfunction or a broken DC cable. And so, our query comes to laptop charging port repair costs in India or similar, instead of asking how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen in India or general queries like laptop repair cost in India.

If these are not the causes, it can even be an issue of the motherboard or hard drive and we are back to asking cost of repairing a laptop motherboard or purchase specifics like Dell laptop hard drive replacement cost India, or HP motherboard price with i5 processor or so.

A black screen:

Sometimes you can experience a situation where the laptop turns on, everything runs properly, yet the screen remains black. The reason behind this may not be the screen, but the GPU, motherboard, memory failure, or even some short-circuit issues from the liquid spill. Back again, it leads to our search for laptop water damage repair cost in India or how much it cost to replace the motherboard.

A blank screen:

This means that the screen is lightened up, but you can't see any image on it. This problem can also be a result of some hardware or software issues as we mentioned above.

The screen doesn't glow up:

This condition can be the consequence of the backlight or inverter failure, or sometimes the LED screen itself.

Multiple lines, dots, or black spots appear on the screen:

You may think it's definitely a screen problem, but even in this case, it can be caused by other parts, such as the battery or the signal cable. The reason can also be the video card. And what we actually need to search are the cost of repairing a laptop motherboard, how much does it cost to replace the motherboard, even laptop water damage repair cost in India, Lenovo, Asus, or Dell laptop hard drive replacement costs in India or Acer or HP motherboard price with i5 processor instead of asking the cost of laptop service or just the laptop repair cost in India.

Before you take it to the repair center, try one thing first. Try attaching another screen to your laptop. If the problem doesn't occur there, that indicates a faulty screen on your laptop. If the problem remains the same with another screen, then you may need to upgrade the GPU card driver. Go to your manufacturer's website to get the upgraded version as suggested in this video here.

If the problem still stays, try another test. Make sure your laptop is charged enough before starting it. Remove all the power sources and then the battery itself. Then restart the device. If the problem is still on, let us check what is causing it. Then we can give you a free quote for the laptop repair cost in this case.

The screen is turning on-off:

The most reasonable cause behind this common issue is overheating. Clean the dust out of the vents, and use your laptop on a flat surface and not in the bed. If the problem is not solved yet, our expert engineers will always have an answer for you.  The laptop repair cost in India for screen issues also differs based on the size, screen type, model, and the manufacturer itself. For complex cases, the difficulty of restoration and elapsed time also affect the price required to fix the laptop.

Now, if you are concerned about screen replacement, then it’s a straightway job except for some high-end display plates. 

Laptop screen replacement cost in India (Rs. 2000 - 8000):


 Laptop Screen Replacement[/caption]

If your display has broken accidentally, or if you are sure enough to buy another screen alternative, just give us a call at the NSS Laptop Service Center or contact us here, and we will surely get back to you in no time.

Here is a piece of simple advice, even when you are convinced to replace the screen, you should listen to the expert opinion first and let them decide if it's really necessary or not. Because the new screen always demands more than just a laptop repair cost and here in NSS, our priority is to serve our customers the best under the lowest possible charge.

Now, the price of the screen mostly depends on many factors, such as the screen type, resolution, screen manufacturer, size, panel type, the specific laptop model, and also the availability of that screen in a certain location.

Currently, there are two types of screen systems:

  • 30 pin display
  • 40 pin display

Besides, there is another type of screen division - LCD and LED. There are also other varieties here as CCFL, VGA, XVGA, HD screen, FHD or UHD, Touchscreen, etc., but they all are based on these two primary kinds. Now, LED is the newer technology and also power-efficient, but their initial charge is more than LCD screens. Recently, most modern laptops use thinner paper LED engineering with 30 pins. Normally, small screens cost more than a traditional 15-inch display.

Here are the average costs of both screen types:

LCD charges Rs. 4000–6000

LED charges Rs. 4500–7000

Paper LED charges Rs. 7000-8000 or More

However, you get a lesser price in the local markets, but for a trustworthy purchase, you should at least go for an authorized laptop repair company. Besides, special screens equipped with expensive high-end laptops have complex structures, and hence more pricey than regular displays. In that case, you must take an individual quote for that device, before deciding any further.

The manufacturing brands provide the highest warranty for their products, but they ask for such a price that you can get a new laptop on that.

Cost of repairing Laptop Motherboard or How much does it cost to Replace Motherboard (Rs. 2000 -6000)



Laptop Motherboard Repair

Another big issue in our hands. You may not see the problems from outside all the time, but the source of many laptop issues is the motherboard. And if you are looking for specific answers on Acer, Asus, or Dell laptop motherboard repair cost in India, Lenovo or HP laptop motherboard replacement cost in India, or replacement queries like HP motherboard price with i5 processor or i3 processor instead of searching for laptop repair cost in India, this section is presented for your solution.

Now,  why is such variation in laptop motherboard repair cost? The answer is similar to before. The price varies based on the complexity of the work needed to fix the underlying matter. And if it's the laptop motherboard replacement cost we are concerned about here, it starts with Rs. 2000 and never ends. Well, the joke's apart. In reality, if you opt for the original manufacturer product like Dell or HP motherboard price with i5 processor or i3 processor, it can range between 6k-30k based on the manufacturer, and the high-end model you are purchasing the motherboard for. Certainly, you can buy a new laptop in this price bracket instead of researching more on the laptop repair cost in India anymore.

Now, if your laptop is so precious to you, you should go for a replacement, but wisely. You go for OEM products and you end up spending all your savings on that. You go for the cheapest local product and may get yourself a faulty product. Now, if you try a mid-way path, I mean an authentic laptop service center like us, you get at least a 30-day warranty or even up to 3 months in some certain cases. The best part is that all our laptop repair services or replacement products are promised to provide a 6-month warranty. Here, in NSS, we only deliver the genuine product but under reasonable laptop service charges affordable by anyone.

If your laptop is continuously restarting or taking a long time to start, just give us a call or contact us and get a free estimation about the charge. Depending on the brand and the model, our replacement motherboards can range between Rs. 2500 - 5500, or even a bit more for hardware-heavy power-packed devices.

Laptop Repair Cost in India for Keyboard Issues (Rs. 1000 - 2000)

 Laptop Keyboard Repair or Replacement[/caption]

Well, laptop keys decay with time. Almost all of us are familiar with that. Sometimes one or two, and then, even more, as the days pass by until you are unable to ignore the problem anymore. If the problem is not so contagious, we can repair the defective keys to make the keypad work again properly. If that's not the case and most of the keys are 'infected', then we suggest a replacement.

Most laptop keyboards come under a range of Rs. 1000 - 1700, although Mac charges more around Rs. 4000 - 5000. Moreover, specialty laptop keyboards always stay in an out-of-the-ordinary range. Thus, the average laptop repair cost stays between Rs. 1000 - 2000 in case of keyboard issues.

Laptop Repair Cost for Fan Replacement or Repair (Rs. 700 - 800)


 Laptop Fan Repair or Replacement[/caption]

(Source: HP)

Laptop overheating is a common problem among laptop users. In most cases, it happens when the CPU cooling fans are clogged with dust and need to be cleaned. Sometimes they require replacement due to some other damages. 

Laptop fans are comparatively inexpensive than the other parts. Hence the laptop repair cost is also low in this case. The replacement fan costs you between Rs. 150 - 700 based on the model. 

Mostly, you pay for the labor cost since removing the fan from the laptop is no joke. The entire device is needed to be dismantled properly to reach the fan and also be assembled cautiously after the job is done. 

Here in NSS, we also take a look at the heatsink while working on the laptop fan. Redoing the thermal paste on the heatsink makes it work better than before. 

Laptop Battery Replacement or Repair Cost in India (Rs. 1200 - 6000)

Well, you are already aware of battery backup going down on all your laptops, right? Maybe it’s the first-ever way your laptop tells you that it’s taking an intense workload for you. Yes, the battery decays first. And some of us don’t really care as long as we get a full-time power source. But the ones carrying their device around really get a headache on low backup trouble.

You may have changed the battery once or more. So, you know already, that they are not so cheap, not so expensive either. They range around Rs. 1500 for an alternative but durable battery, and a little less in the local market, although the later is not recommended for quality purposes. The original ones come between a price bracket of Rs. 2000 - 6000 as par the model. You can also check our store here for original laptop batteries.

Now, you don’t have to replace the battery every time it loses efficiency. If it happens after a very short period after purchase, then it is possible to have a defect in it. In that case, we have to see if it’s treatable or not. There are various ways to repair a laptop battery and here we always try to make it work and assist our customers to extend the battery life before suggesting a replacement.

Laptop Speaker Repair or Replacement (Rs. 500 - 1200)



 Laptop Internal Speaker

(Source: IndiaMart)

Laptop speakers are tricky things. In the beginning, they act like a pretty good performer. But they start making a cracking sound after a while, especially when you are an habitant of loud audio ambiance. 

Laptop speakers, even the original products don’t leave you out of pocket like the heavy hardware parts. You can have your replacement speaker within Rs. 500 - 1000. But that’s not always necessary, since there are many ways to fix them before changing and we charge the lowest for the labor cost on that.

Laptop Repair Cost in India for Adapter Issues or Laptop Charging Port Repair Cost (Rs. 500 - 1200)

 Laptop Adapter Issues

If your AC power adapter is broken, you are clueless even with a fully-functional laptop. Because, after a while, your battery life will wear off, and you won’t be able to charge the notebook to continue work. Sometimes, it's just the delicate charging port, the repair of which is tricky. And we end up searching for the laptop charging port repair cost in India or the laptop battery replacement cost in India.

Now, it’s really hard to notice where a tiny part of the adapter cable is broken, or if it’s the port mouth or maybe anywhere in the adapter body. Maybe all are fine, yet you can’t charge the machine. The problem may lie inside the adapter. Let us check for you within an hour or so. We can fix it for you at a surprisingly low price rate. Even if it’s needed replacement, we have genuine products present in our own store, or you can opt for a pricey OEM product too and we will find it for you. The manufacturer's products can demand up to Rs. 1000 or even some more laptop repair costs. But you can have a good quality product with a warranty from us if you decide so.

Laptop Repair Cost in India for Software and OS Recovery Services (Rs. 300 - 2000) 

Well, the long-range for the laptop repair cost, in this case, is due to the kind of software bug you have got yourself into. It can be a little issue and can be fixed easily even before half an hour passes by. Hence, the laptop repair cost goes down to the least value we can provide.

But there are others, really stubborn, hard to fix, and almost impossible to find out. Of course, they take a lot of time and hard work to start working again. And thus, the repair cost spikes as well. 

Some bugs just can’t be fixed without a factory reset. In that case, we take the backup for all your data before starting the actual reinstallation. Our experts take really good care to do it cautiously so that the customer doesn’t lose any files. Yes, here the laptop repair cost spikes to the top. Since it doesn’t require any external purchase from outside, the time can be shorter than other repair jobs. But it always depends on the workload condition in the repair center.

Now, if your device is not booting properly, or not running as you command, or similar weird stuff happening beyond your understanding, it is a possible consequence of a virus attack. We are confident to fix all these messes, but you should know that to clean your device completely out of the hands of a serious attack, It’s always best to do a factory reinstallation. Moreover, we offer free service if you suffer the same again within the service warranty period after we finish the job.

Also, after removing the virus, we can install anti-virus and anti-malware protection as per requirements. And they come with separate purchase values for the license.

Lastly, it’s about the OS. You can observe a serious slowdown with time. Actually, like other physical things, the computer OS collects baggage, like cache files or similar. Also, there remains unused files and folders hidden in many places to build up extra weightage. Long story short, the OS also needs cleaning, formatting. And we do that for you. But it has got many steps, taking backup from the entire system, formatting, then OS installation, then installing all the software and data you had before to return your device as it was. The only difference, it will run on a horse speed now. Now you know why the laptop repair cost of Rs. 2000 is worth the money.

Laptop Data Recovery (Rs. 2000 - 12500)

The tricky layers of data recovery services vary for a wider range than other jobs. It’s one of the most difficult services to quote remotely. Because without checking in hand, we can’t possibly understand how hard it is to get your data back. And that’s what decides the specific laptop repair cost here.

If you are unable to access a large chunk of crucial data, or can’t see it in a readable mode, the reason behind that can be a virus attack, accidental formatting from your end, a software problem, corrupted data files, or sometimes unknown physical damage. In that case, you should stop accessing the corrupted file or the damaged storage media. Because it may lead to an even worse condition of more physical damage or becoming more vulnerable in front of virus attacks. And that also makes it more critical to restore the system as before and as well as the price increases respectively.

If the damage is in the first layer, that is to recover the deleted, formatted, or overwritten data, the required service is not so difficult and can take mostly around 1-2 days to recover it. Here, the price remains between R. 2000-3000. If you want to retrieve a lost partition, then that also belongs to this layer.

The second layer service deals with hardware recovery for PCB damages, Firmware or CRC issues, and also with soft bad sectors in storage sections or external devices. It may cost you up to Rs. 8000 and can take 2-5 days to finish the job.

The third tier of data recovery deals with physical damages like motor issues, broken pins, or heads in internal hardware and may take up to 5-15 days depending on any required replacement. Here, the cost varies based on the physical device charge also and may fall between Rs. 8000 - 10000. 

The last tier is really hard as it deals with server or RAID recovery as in driver, array, or controller failures. The charge may reach more than Rs. 12000 based on how intense the job is required here. After all these efforts, if we can’t retrieve any of your data, then you don’t have to pay us any charges. For a portion of data retrieval, your charge will be considered in a similar manner.

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Laptop Hard Drive Replacement Cost in India (Rs. 500 - 4500)

Laptop HDD 2.5 Inch

Are you experiencing data disappearance recently? Do you think your laptop is freezing more often than before? Are you facing an inability to access files downloaded before? Well, unfortunately, all these together can indicate one thing - a gradual hard disk failure. Added to that, if your hard disk is making disturbing noises like screeching or grinding, then it’s really bad news. I’m talking about the physical damage to this hardware device here. And you can also add booting up problems, bad sectors as the other common HDD damage indicators. If you are looking for Lenovo, HP, or Dell laptop hard drive replacement costs in India, stay with us in this section to find the right answer for your laptop repair cost.

Admittedly, formatting the drive can recover soft bad sectors in the HDD as they are mostly software related, but hard bad sectors can’t be restored that way. Check if you have one of those. Right-click on the mother drive to see the property and click the check button for error checking through the tools section.

For a faulty HDD, even if the laptop boots up, it doesn’t go to the mother drive, but to a system disk, as the system files can’t be found in the HDD. 

Now, for small issues, we can make your laptop work with the old one as before and you only pay for the service charge. But for serious physical damage, replacing the HDD is your only option. You can opt for a cheap or refurbished HDD at a low price, but chances are, it will give you trouble after a very short period. We offer original products with at least a 6-month warranty under a reasonable price bracket. Based on the model, it can cost you around Rs. 2000 - 4000 for 500GB to 1TB HDD.

It is advisable to maintain a healthy HDD life, do not overload it with multiple anti-viruses or similar software. Because all of them running continuous scanning can raise pressure on the HDD mechanical hand and may lead to an HDD breakage from exhaustion.

SSD Upgrade or Repair (Rs. 500 - 8500)


 Laptop SSD[/caption]

(Source: BackBlaze)

It has started already. SSDs are slowly replacing the HDD era behind the curtain. Most modern laptops are now empowered with SSDs now. Every day, more PC users are also turning their heads for SSD upgrades in their existing devices. So it’s the more common requirement among customers than a repair request. The reason behind HDDs not being obsolete yet is the price difference. SSDs are expensive. You can get a 1TB HDD at a similar price for a 240GB SSD. Hence, shorter storage is still people’s concern.

The work purpose of HDDs and SSDs are similar, they are the PC’s main storage media. And SSDs are not perfect either, as they carry their own downfalls as well, but they are undoubtedly more efficient than HDDs in every aspect. Moreover, they are more durable than HDDs as they don’t use mechanical parts but NAND flash chips. Still, they have a tendency to die suddenly

If it's physical damage, you need a replacement. Otherwise, we can repair your SSD at a low price of around Rs. 300 - 500. For a replacement or SSD upgrade, try only genuine products rather than local cheap items. Research before you decide what to buy. Check out our best SSD for the laptop's guide and also on Amazon for your individual requirement. Normally, 240 - 512GB SSDs range between Rs. 4000 - 8000, and the range spikes high with more storage availability.

Laptop RAM Upgrade (Rs. 2000 - 4000)


Laptop RAM

Ok, RAM upgrade. I think most computer users are familiar with this expression, right? Usually, people buy a laptop model with low RAM availability but has upgradable settings so that they can add more memory power to their device later when money is available. The Random Access Memory is the main system memory directly communicating with the CPU. And it also keeps a temporary track of your recent works to provide the CPU with certain data requirements without wasting time. Besides, it is responsible for temporarily saving the data on the screen. 

Therefore, you can understand, that more RAM availability means a better ability of the computer to handle all the ongoing workload and easy multitasking features. That’s why RAM upgrades significantly speed up your PC’s working efficiency.

Normally, modern laptops use DDR3 or DDR4 RAM modules. The minimum requirement of 4GB DDR4 RAM ranges between Rs. 1600-2200, and the cost increases proportionally with the more space availability of the RAM module. 

Remember, in the case of RAM upgrade, adding exactly similar modules having the same type, speed, voltage control, and even the manufacturer (if possible) matters a lot since different RAM modules are not compatible to work with each other. Having different clock speeds means, the low-speed module will bottleneck the high-speed one to reach its full potential, and that means a total waste of your money. But if you rely on us, we are bound to find out the perfect match for your existing RAM stick to speed up your entire system properly.

Finally, we reached the end. These were some general descriptions of the laptop repair cost on some of the parts we repair here in NSS. We can't cover the detailed problems in such a short span. Therefore, we ask you to connect with us and give us a chance to learn about your requirements. If you are not satisfied, you can always have the option to leave.

Laptop USB Port Repair or Replacement Cost in India:

I work in a laptop service center, which means I have to deal with many technical problems with laptops. My day starts with queries from customers related to issues with laptops. One of the most common problems with laptops which I come across every day is the problem of the laptop’s USB port replacement. Every individual has to face this problem with their system sooner or later and visits the laptop service center for the replacement of the USB port in the laptop. So, I decided to write a blog on laptop USB port replacement costs in India.

I expect that this paragraph will solve all your queries about laptop USB repair.

For that, readers just need to throw a glance at this paragraph and read every text discreetly in order to learn more about laptop USB port repair.


What exactly is a USB?

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface connects a laptop or computer to other media or devices. The goal of utilizing a USB device is to improve your computer connection methods. That is why USBs are now common use media, and their global adoption has also caused them to advance technologically.

In this context,  USB repairing and replacement services have also emerged, resulting in a significant price difference.


Why isn't my laptop's USB port working?

There are several reasons why USB ports fail to function properly. However, one of the most common causes for this might be that your computer is having trouble identifying your USB ports, or that your USB has become completely and irrevocably infected.


Cost of Laptop USB Port Repair & Replacement

When you contact any repair center, you may repair your USB port much more easily. In this scenario, the beginning price for even the finest quality USB port repair is between Rs.1250 to Rs. 2850. If you are searching for the best laptop USB service center then NSS Laptop Service Center is the place to give your laptop the best treatment. They provide you with the freedom to pick the quality of your service while keeping costs to a minimum.

This paragraph will throw light on the cost of laptop USB port repair and its functions. I expect that this article will solve all the queries of the readers who want to know the laptop USB port replacement costs in India.

NSS Laptop Service Center has the best and most economical USB ports available there. This article will tell you all you need to know about laptop USB port replacement costs in India.

Laptop Charging Port Repair or Replacement Cost in India:

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