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Before beginning with How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive, we should first know why this issue with USB drives is becoming very common worldwide. The answer to this lies in our ways of using it. Some of us use it clumsily in such a manner that it ends up broken and when we try to plug it in our computers, we face the problem of “USB flash drive not detected”. Every device has its durability but exceeding it always leads to problems.


Earlier there were no such devices and people used to make a handwritten record of their data and preserve it. If they lost their data, they used to create another set of a handwritten documents, which was very time taking. But with the growing world of technology and inventions, we came up with this compact data storage and data transferring device called USB flash drive/Pendrive.


Now, In this fastest growing world of technology, nobody has the time to hold a handbook of records and travel with it. Nowadays, for storing data and transferring it from one device to the other the most commonly used tool all over the world is the USB drive/Pendrive. It is compact and easy to carry anywhere and stores data according to its limit. But as we all know, a device works according to its configuration, and sometimes it may cause several problems in accessing your files and data. The article talks about How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive without any trouble.




The most common problem associated with it is USB FLASH DRIVE NOT RECOGNISED. So here arise several questions: Is the USB drive broken? What causes such a problem? How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive?


Several reasons behind not recognized USB Flash drive on the computer:


  • Issues regarding port: In order to know whether it is a port-related issue or not. One needs to test all the USB ports he/she has in their system with different flash drives. It will help in knowing the exact issue. And if it is a port-related issue, then it could be either a hardware or software issue or both. To rectify it, you need a professional as it is very delicate to handle and must be used and processed wisely.


  • Issues of USB Formatting: This issue only occurs when you have not formatted the drive correctly before the first use. So always remember to do so otherwise you may face problems later on. When we format the USB drive, it works more efficiently.


  • Issues related to Hard-drive: An imperfection or an unexpected defect in a machine's hard drive will not permit anything on its work in a proper way. This is a hardware issue which needs to be rectified as soon as possible because it will slow down the functioning of the computer.


  • Issues related to Operating System: Sometimes not updating the operating system with necessary updates may cause problems like not recognized USB Flash drive. In order to solve the problem can only be solved by updating your operating system with essential components.


How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive?

How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive


Depending upon the root cause of the problem you may follow any one of the methods or all of them. Five methods to resolve the issue of undetected USB Flash drive on the computer. How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive:-


METHOD (1): Scanning the Flash drive to know the exact problem


The method of scanning the USB drive is simple. Just follow the simple steps given below.


  1. Insert the flash drive into the USB port of your computer or laptop.
  2. Go to my computers and right-click on the flash drive and click on properties.
  3. A window will appear with the tool tab option.
  4. Now left-click on the tools tab and click on check now.
  5. It will take some time to complete the scan and once completed, you will get to know the exact problem with the flash drive.


METHOD (2): Re-formatting the flash drive


  1. After going to my computer, right-click on the flash drive.
  2. Now click on format, the format window will appear on the screen.
  3. Now under the file system range it in between NTFS and FAT32. now click start.


METHOD (3): Updating driver


  1. Open the RUN command and type the name of the program folder in MSC (devmgmt. msc). Click ok.
  2. After performing the 1st step, the Device Manager will open. Now search for a universal serial Bus controller.
  3. Expand its menu and right-click on the Generic USB hub.
  4. Now click on update driver software.


METHOD (4): Updates of the operating system

  1. Click on the control panel icon and then click on system and security.
  2. Go to the windows update section and click on check for updates.
  3. If it is showing new updates then update it accordingly.

METHOD (5): Assigning the Drive

  1. Click on the control panel and then system and security.
  2. Choose administrative tools then computer management.
  3. Locate your drive and right-click on the drive.
  4. Select change drive letter and paths, now click And then OK.
  5. Click on the first drive letter to assign it to your flash drive.
  6. Right-click on the drive again in order to check if it is online.

Hope these methods have answered your question i.e. How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive. Now let's look at some preventive measures for your USB flash drive.

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Now here are some tips to increase the lifetime of USB so that next time you don't need to search How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive:

  • Protection from physical damage or loss is mandatory as if it gets damaged you will have to buy a new one. In order to avoid damage handle it gently as they are not meant to endure tremendous pressure and rough treatment.
  • Remove the drive when not in use as when you leave it in the USB slot the operating system regularly checks it and this wears on the drive.
  • Don't edit files on the USB drive directly.
  • Do not defragment your drive. If you are doing then you are slowly killing your drive as defrag is a write operation that wears your drive out.
  • Last but not the least, keep it away from water.


We have read about How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive. No, here are several questions to help you out to relate to the above context. 

(Q.1) How does USB Drive work?

(A.1) It connects between the drive and the computer. In addition, this drive is recognized by the computer as a separate hard drive. Allowing to transfer files from the hard drive to the flash drive. As the transfer is done flash memory stores the data.

(Q.2) What is USB?

(A.2)USB stands for universal serial Bus. A standard port which helps to connect computers /with the other peripherals likes; scanner, printer digital camera, flash drive, etc. Read more

(Q.3) Why does the USB stick stop working?

(A.3) The USB stick can stop working because of dust sometimes. However, condensation from high temperature or humidity can also cause the shortening of the circuit board or corrosion of contacts.

(Q.4) What is the lifespan of a USB flash drive?

(A.4) Between 10,000 to 100,000. But if you continue to use it over and over. It will wear out eventually. Its Lifespan can be measured by the number of writes or erase cycles.

(Q.5) What is the fastest USB port?

(A.5) USB 1 has a maximum theoretical speed of 12mbps.

(Q.6) How to fix a flash drive that cannot be read?

(A.6)  Follow the steps to solve the issue:

(1) Recover files and format raw USB

(2) Update unassigned USB drivers and create a new volume.

(3) Change the USB drive letter.

(4) Check USB port change USB connection.

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Since USB(Universal serial bus) came into run it took all over the market because of its specifications and capabilities to store and handle data. In other words, made users access the data in such a manner that it can be used to transfer data from one device to another but also store it safely. However, USB cables, USB drives not only provided an elevation to the technical field but also made the work of memory transfer and data storage more efficient.

This device is economically feasible and easily accessible. It is a very compact device, thus needs to be kept safe from any physical damage. However, these devices are not meant to endure pressure or rough handling otherwise they may cause problems like mentioned above. Therefore, be aware of your own devices as well as their uses. Handle them properly and make the most out of them. 

Hope the above article has answered your question How to Fix USB Undetected Flash Port Drive. If the problem persists, then the only way left is to run to a service center. But trusted service centers are hard to find. NSS LAPTOP SERVICE CENTER provides the best repair and service for laptops with a warranty. So whether you are facing the same issue as discussed above or any other matter related to the computer, we provide service for all.

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