Are you looking for an answer about What is the Difference between Chrome and Chromium browser? If yes then you have landed on the right page. Google Chrome is undoubtedly the single most popular web browser globally that has been the market leader over a long period without any signs of leaving the top spot. On the other hand, Chromium is an open-source application from Google that allows users to develop new projects using the source code. Many people still fail to understand the difference between Chrome and Chromium browser. Read this article until the very end to know best browser for laptop and What is the difference between Chrome and Chromium browser?

What is Chrome?

The Google Chrome browser is a proprietary application of Google and one of the best browser for laptop that users can download and use for free. However, the code cannot be reverse engineered, recompiled, or manipulated to develop a new application.

Which is the best browser between Chrome and Chromium?

Download Chrome Web Browser

Anyone can download it from the Google Chrome website and follow the instructions to download and install the browser on their macOS or Windows device within minutes. According to the reports, Google Chrome holds around 64.5 percent of the global market share of web browsers. Application developers should always test their projects on Chrome. It is recommended that applications should be compatible with both older and current versions of Chrome. Many users continue to use older versions even today. If you haven't installed it till now, then do it so that you can answer your question i.e. What is the Difference between Chrome and Chromium browser? Users can install Google Chrome on the device from the Google Chrome download page. All you need to do is just follow the steps below:

  1. Search for Google chrome in any browser like Internet Explorer.
  2. You will get an option for downloading the Google chrome browser.
  3. Click on the Download button and the installation will start automatically.
  4. After that your chrome is ready to start and you can make it your default browser too.

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Methodologies of testing a website on different versions of Google Chrome

  • Developers can try downloading older versions of Google Chrome for running their website. The process might take a significant amount of time and effort. Still, it will ensure that the web application is compatible and reliable.
  • Browser emulators are also helpful during the initial stages of application development. Still, they fail to replicate realistic conditions for application testing. Factors like device location, network connectivity, and battery condition cannot be simulated well-using emulators.
  • Several cloud-based testing services give access to different Chrome versions for testing purposes. Developers can simply choose a Chrome version of their choice and a device and start testing their website. These platforms offer the convenience of both automated selenium testing and manual testing.

What is Chromium?

Chromium is quite different from any other web browser. Most importantly, it is an open-source project capable of generating the source code on which it is developed by Google. Google decided to roll out a significant portion of the Chrome source code through Chromium so that developers can give their reviews on the underlying code. This feature also makes the application compatible with Mac and Linux. 

Google Chrome is the result of integrating proprietary code on top of the existing source code from Chromium. As a result of which Chrome is equipped with better features and add-ons. The Google Chrome browser is programmed to automatically receive updates, track browsing data, and compatibility with flash. Often people ask is chromium browser safe. For which the answer is yes as popular web browsers like Amazon silk, Microsoft Edge, and Opera are based on Chromium's source code. If you haven't installed it till now, then do it so that you can answer your question i.e. What is the Difference between Chrome and Chromium browser?

Download Chromium Web Browser

The simplest way of downloading Chromium is by visiting the download page. The website is designed to automatically detect the device's operating system and provide a suitable version of Chromium. Users can also select the operating system manually. The web page is also capable of identifying the built-in number and version. Users with Linux on Windows devices can click on the last known good revision link present at the bottom of the page to choose older Chrome versions. 

Chromium can be installed directly on Linux devices using the distribution software repository. It will also receive security updates on the same platform. Windows old Mac users can download Chromium from select websites. But it must be kept in mind that the application has a bleeding edge. The initial downloading procedure is similar to Google Chrome for Chromium. Users needs to keep these points in mind:

  1. All the updates and advances need to be downloaded manually.
  2. Linux users browse through the Linux distributions software repository for installing Chromium on the device directly.

Difference between Chrome and Chromium?

To solve your confusion regarding Difference between Chrome and Chromium browser, it is important to understand the difference between them.


Google Chrome

Google Chromium

FeaturesGoogle Chrome browser undoubtedly offers many more features like update mechanism, digital rights management for working with copyrighted content, reports with multiple platforms, etc.Chromium, on the other hand, is a much simpler application that does not support any of these features.
PrivacyGoogle Chrome is designed to collect and transfer data automatically to Google. Information includes usage statistics, crash reports, operating devices and systems, and more.Chromium keeps track of lesser information that is relayed back to Google. Uses of statistics and crash information reports are not shared.
Stability  Google Chrome reserves a very reliable application that earned it the top spot globally.Chromium, on the other hand, is prone to scratches and lacks some of the basic features.
License reportGoogle Chrome comprises licensed products for different media formats. It provides access to media content and websites based on HTML5 for streaming videos. It also features some raw codecs like VP8, Vorbis, Opus, Theirs, WAV, etc.Chromium only supports essential free codecs.
UpdatesChrome is not updated frequently.Chromium is updated more frequently than Chrome, but the updates need to be downloaded and installed manually by the user. It lacks the automatic update feature.
SecurityAs the application is based on the Chromium source code, security mechanisms are quite similar, but your security patches are updated automatically.Chromium also packs in identical security features. The absence of an auto-update part that requires the user to update is a security patch manually.  
UsersFor the average web-user, Chrome is undoubtedly the better choice. It offers a stable and safe experience to the user, along with automatic error reports and updates.Chromium is a perfect web browser specifically for those using Linux devices; it offers similar features like Chrome on open source platforms.
PrivacyIt keeps track of the browsing activities, history, cookies, and other related information. Users can make use of the Incognito mode to remove all the data after the browsing session is over.Chromium does not keep track of the browsing data or share information with Google about the user's behavior or history.
OtherGoogle Chrome features native support for the flash player and media codecs like MP3, H.264, and AAC.Chromium doesn’t support flash players. Flash is not an open-source application and is not naively compatible with Chromium. Users looking to integrate flash in Chromium will need to add the necessary code on top of the existing source code to support it.

Essential facts about Google Chrome and Chromium

  1. What devices are supported by Chromium and chrome?

Device supports plays an important role in answering the question What is the Difference between Chrome and Chromium browser. Both Google Chrome and Chromium are supported by all kinds of devices like laptops, tablets, phones running on android and IOS. Google Chrome is the default browser of Android devices. It is also functional on smartphones running on Windows 8. Its compatibility with the wide range of devices loves Google to include some innovative features not supported by Chromium. Users get a seamless experience of using Google on every device.

  1. Does Chrome track user information?

Chrome is integrated with user metrics functionality that sends data about the user's behavior and choices to Google. This feature is used for improving the performance and user experience of the following versions. Earlier, Google Chrome featured a unique client ID, which was discontinued back in 2010.

  1. Which one of the two has higher memory consumption?

If you are looking for Difference between Chrome and Chromium browser, then you should be aware of their memory consumption. According to the users, the memory usage for both browsers is the same. Chromium is, however, the lighter of the two as it is equipped with lesser features and does not relay information to Google.


Making a final choice can become a bit confusing between What is the Difference between Chrome and Chromium browser. Windows users typically Google Chrome gadget offers a stable experience, and it holds for Mac uses. Web developers and advanced uses using Linux devices always prefer Chromium. The only drawback is it does not have the auto-update feature and is not compatible with the Adobe Flash plug-in for media contents. Chrome browser on Mac and Windows devices only allows the installation of extensions downloaded from the Chrome web store. Conventional open-source browsers will enable third-party extensions, but open-source platforms have stricter restrictions on the user end. Third-party extensions sometimes often result in technical glitches and pose a severe threat to system security. Users have the option of enabling the developer mode to install third-party extensions. Some also prefer Also, there are fewer restrictions on installation and use of third-party extensions. Google Chrome is designed with multiple release channels. Even the Canary channel gets more infrequent updates than Chromium. Users can easily download routine updates from the Chromium projects website. Hope the above article clears out your question What is the Difference between Chrome and Chromium browser? You can choose your web browser as per your requirements. Looking for service related to laptops and computers then connect with NSS Laptop Service Centre. We are providing our services to our users from many years all around India. So if you want a trusted service provider, we are just a call away.