Is your Laptop Touchpad Not Responding Here Are 10 Fixes

Is your Laptop Touchpad Not Responding Here Are 10 Fixes
  • Jan 11th, 2024
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Is the Touchpad not? Are you working on a laptop, or is the Touchpad malfunctioning? This may be incredibly annoying, especially when you realize that you haven't done anything to contribute to the issue. If you also faced the same problem with your device and searched "Why is my touchpad not working on my Lenovo laptop" or "Why is my laptop touchpad not working properly," keep calm. This is a common issue where your touchpad thinkpad is not working, and you can quickly and easily fix your touchpad issue even if your new laptop touchpad is not working! This article is all for you to tell what to do if your laptop touchpad isn't working and how to fix touchpad problems. 

How do I fix the keyboard and Touchpad not working?

You can operate your computer without a mouse thanks to the Touchpad. If you have the "laptop cursor not working in Windows 10" issue, you may try a few different things to determine if the problem is with the Acer/Toshiba/Samsung/Lenovo/Dell laptop touchpad.

Even though a laptop touchpad not working Lenovo may often arise, following a few steps might help you resolve your issue and get your laptop touchpad back to work. Windows touchpad issues can occur for various reasons, such as a conflict between software applications, outdated drivers, a hardware issue, etc.

Is your laptop touchpad not working on Windows 10/11/8.1? Try these to see why my Touchpad is not working in laptop tips to get your laptop working again. Why is my laptop touchpad not working?

We may all face the laptop touchpad problem since it may happen due to conflicts with some software and drivers. When our laptop touchpad is not, our mind plays many questions like, why is my Touchpad not working? How do I enable my laptop touchpad? Why does my laptop completely disappear? How do I turn my laptop touchpad back on? It may also be due to an outdated Windows 10 operating system version. However, you can update Windows 10 anytime from the official website. Obsolete software versions and drivers with lousy hardware systems are the most common cause of touchpad problems in HP, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Asus, and Acer Laptops. 

Some might occasionally stop working, and we get into trouble. Many users have experienced the Touchpad not working on laptops many times. What can one do in this situation?

What should you do if the Touchpad of the laptop is not working?

If the problem started a minute ago, restart your computer and see if it works. Yes, I understand sometimes it's height and evident. Do not panic at the moment. It's it's overlooking the problem.

1. How Do I Setup My Touchpad?

Enable Touchpad in settings.

Sometimes, it happens; there is a possibility when your Touchpad is not switched on in settings. For example, this occurs when you allow an external mouse to be connected.

Now the question arises: where is my Touchpad in settings?

Usually, windows laptops have a dedicated setting hidden in the settings app of Windows 10.

To support your Touchpad, go to the search box, type Touchpad, and go to the settings. Once you are here, ensure the touchpad button is "ON." A "so, "make sure the speed of the cursor isn't 0 for any reason.

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2. How Do I Enable My Windows Touchpad?

Re-enable your keyboard touchpad Keys.

This is one of the most common causes of a laptop touchpad not working; it might accidentally happen when there is a crucial combination. Many laptops have an Fn key with the F1 and F2 keys to perform particular operations. For some of these, changing the wireless connectivity or setting the brightness level is beneficial. Now, one of these key combinations will turn off your laptop touchpad.

Try pressing this key combo again to ensure your Touchpad starts working again.

Something Extra - In Windows 10, you can find fantastic security settings options in a single location; in Windows 10, all your most important security settings are found in a single Windows Security. Click it by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security.

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3. How Do I Turn My Touchpad Back On?

Remove any other mouse USB –

Stepping on forward, another vital troubleshooting step for a laptop mouse touchpad not working is to try cleaning any USB mice you have connected to your laptop. You should also remove any other Bluetooth device in use. The external apparatus is removed because some laptops have a feature that automatically disconnects the Touchpad when you plug in an external mouse. This could be why your laptop touchpad is not working correctly. Lug all the connected non-essential devices and accessories to fix this, then boot back up.

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4. How Do I Reset the Cursor of My Laptop?

Via Touchpad Disable Zone Setting

The small square logo at the top left corner of your laptop touchpad can be responsible for laptop touchpad buttons not working. If you also have this logo, then double-tapping the logo can enable and disable your Touchpad, so turn your Touchpad on, and the Touchpad will not work on the laptop. Suppose you want to solve this by yourself. In that case, you can enable this feature by going to settings -> Devices -> Touchpad -> Additional Settings -> Touchpad entry-> Settings-> Touchpad Disable zone-> Unticking and double-tap to disable the Touchpad.

5. Disable Tablet PC Service –

Some Windows devices with a touchscreen, like 2 1 hybrid, have a social feature called PC Input Service. This function controls the touch functionality, which makes your Touchpad not work correctly and disables the iPad when you're in tabyyou'rein To Fix it, type services into the Start Menu and open the Services function. Here, scroll to TableCrollervice, right-click the button, and choose Stop.

Something Extra - When you place your three fingers and slide them away from you, you will see all open windows represented as small rectangles at once.

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6. Why is my Touchpad not working on HP?

The issue primarily affects HP laptop users on a standard version of Winstandard0. There are some users from the serial IO drivers (that lets the laptop interconnect with other devices, including.

All you need to download and install is the latest IO drivers first. To start, go to the HGoks page to check the best match pack with your mode that matches dri ers also needs to match with your Windows version (2004, 1909, etc.), which you can usually check by going to "Settings" -> System ->" about, t" en scrolling down to "Windows "specification" s and up" rating the latest window version."

7. How I Setup My To "o upset manage your Mouse Pmanageies

Generally, in many cases, you wonder why you can't use your Touchpadcan'tause because the device doesn't enabldoesn't doesn't of your Touchpad. If your laptop mouse somehow got disabled, then to shift it back on, go to the Windows search menu, Windows, and re-enable it.

Wh, here is My Touchpad in Settings?

In the Windows Search bar, go to Mou, and see Settings, Then c, etc. excretion" l mouse opexcretionhen op" a new wind window" Device" settings "Touch "ad," "r" win widower "is at the "f "i" drought of the wSettisettingsyour t touchpad naSelectn the list, select it, and then.",

select: S "lived: H" Laptop "Touchthenot "Working "n Windows 10

8. update the New Touch ad driver

If you tried the best methods for your laptop touchpad not working, you have to uninstall the current driver and update the touchpad driver to update the Touch. o, download the appropriate-date version for your laptop from the official webpage. o uninstall the old touchpad driver. n the window seasearchox type device ma, Nager -> expand the mice on the suitable dev device category might-category, the device cacategorytioncategoryuchpad is I, sab disabled BIOsab disabled chance that yourThThere'souchpad is disayourThere's mot mother turn off your op's mothemotherboard mottlaptop'srnturned of you ensumotherboardEnte ly, press the Delete or f2 key. Di different motherboards to ensure these cards have different layouts, as you need to find the option called "internal pointing device" and" then make sure it is Cena" led."

Something Extra - To move" a window to the left side of the screen with the Win + left arrotheshortcut. En, the Win up or do w  arrow, and the window will snap to the corner.

10. Why Does My Touchpad Not C ick?

Replace the Touchpad, not.

If you are still facing, your laptop keyboard and Touchpad are not working; if it is likely a pm with your Touch, there is a pad module. All you need is to replace the new module. If you buy a new one, take your phone to a professional technician and ask them to return the Touchpad.

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Generally, the above-stated 10 touchpad fixes tricks should fix the problem of how to reset the curs. Resetting the laptop's outsourced some issues; please feel free to leave a message to us in the comments section, and I will assist you. —repairing our touchpad issues

Is Your Laptop Touchpad 


When our Lenovo touchpad buttoLenovo working windows 1are 0, Lenovoind on Windowsany questions like, why is laptop touchpad not the working? Wi dows 10/11/8.1? Try these laptop tips to get your laptop working again. Our dated versisoftwareftware versions hardware systems are lousy. The most common laptop problems are Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Asus, and Acer Laptops. How do I fix the mouse not working on the laptop? 

In Windows 10, can you access all o,f? Your most crucial city set changing a location. That could be why Yard and TLenovod are not working, or S, only Vare are Aiskeyboard and anSonyuViod not working. The issue is that it affects HP laptop users on a standard version of Winstandard0. When you place your three fingers and slide them away from you, you will see all open windows represented as small rectangles at once—Nd serial IO drivers (letting the laptop interconnect with other devices, including the laptop touchpad).


If your laptop mouse somehow got disabled, then to shift it back on, go to Windows and, seWindowsuse pro, searMouse Proble it. There is a chance that your laptop is disabled at the moment. There's a disabled laptop's motherboard; Enter the pre-laptop's Delete or f2 key. To update the Touch, ensure this case pad downloads the appropriate version for your computer from the official webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You may hold down the Fn key on your keyboard while pressing either the F6 or F7 key on the majority of Acer computers. If you can't find the F6 or F7 key, a little image of a hand tapping a touchpad should appear instead. After pressing these keys, try using your touchpad.

A missing or outdated driver might be the cause of your Dell touchpad's malfunction. The issue could be fixed by updating or reinstalling your touchpad drivers in Device Manager. To access Device Manager, type device manager into the taskbar's search box and then click Device Manager.

The issue could be fixed by updating or reinstalling your touchpad drivers in Device Manager. Install the touchpad drivers again. Activate Device Manager. Click the device's name with the right mouse button, then click Uninstall device. After selecting Uninstall, restart your computer. The driver will be reinstalled by Windows.

In order to utilize your touchpad, you must re-enable it. Press the Fn key and the F6 or F7 key (the function key with the touchpad icon on it) simultaneously on your laptop keyboard to reactivate your touchpad. After that, test whether you can use your touchpad.

Making sure you have the most recent driver updates is the first thing to do if your Lenovo laptop's touchpad isn't working. Go to in your internet browser to install or update the touchpad driver.

Hold down the Windows () key while pressing the q key. Enter Touchpad in the Search box. Mouse and touchpad settings may be changed by touching or clicking. Look for a toggle to turn the touchpad on and off. When a Touchpad On/Off toggle option is available, touch or click it to switch the touchpad on or off.

Examine the Power Source. A mouse, like any other gadget, requires electricity. If your wireless mouse isn't working, the first thing to look for is a dead battery. If your mouse is battery-powered, open the battery compartment and replace the batteries to see if it helps.

If your touchpad isn't working, it might be because a driver is missing or out of current. Updating or reinstalling your touchpad drivers in Device Manager may assist in resolving the issue. To access Device Manager, put device manager into the taskbar's search box and then pick Device Manager.
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