Is your laptop touchpad not working? Try these why my touchpad is not working in laptop tips to get your laptop working again.

Why is my laptop touchpad not working?

We may all face the laptop touchpad problem, since it may happen due to conflicts on some software and drivers. When our laptop touchpad is not, our mind plays many questions like, why is my touchpad not working? how to enable my laptop touchpad? Why does my laptop completely disappear? How do I turn my laptop touchpad back on? working and It may also be due to an outdated version of the Windows 10 operating system, however, you can update Windows 10 anytime from the official website. Out-dated versions of software and drivers with bad hardware systems are the most common cause of touchpad problems in HP, Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Asus, and Acer Laptops. 

Some might occasionally stop working and we get into trouble. There are many users who have experienced the touchpad not working on laptops many times. Now what one can do in this situation.

What to do if the touchpad of the laptop is not working?
If the problem just started a minute ago, restart your computer and see that it works. Yes, I understand sometimes it's hectic and it is obvious, do not panic the moment it’s easy to overlook the problem.

1. How Do I Setup My Touchpad?
Enable touchpad in settings


touchpad not working

Sometimes it happens, there is a possibility when your touchpad is not switched on in settings. This happens when you allow an external mouse to be connected, for example.
Now the question arises where is my touchpad in settings?
Usually, windows laptops have a dedicated setting hidden in the settings app of windows 10.

To support your touchpad, go to the search box and then type Touchpad and go to the settings. Once you are here, make sure the touchpad button is “ON”. Also, make sure the speed of the cursor isn’t set to 0 for any reason.

2. How Do I Enable My Windows Touchpad?
Re-enable your Keyboards Touchpad Key’s

Re-enable your Keyboards Touchpad Key’s

This is one of the most common causes of a laptop touchpad not working, it might accidentally happen when there is a key combination. Many laptops have an FN key that combines with the F1 and F2 keys to perform some special operations. Some of these, changing the wireless connectivity or setting the brightness level, are useful. Now one of these key combinations will disable your laptop touchpad.

Now try pressing this key combo again to make sure your touchpad starts working again.

Something Extra - In Windows 10 you can find amazing security settings options in a single location, In Windows 10, all of your most important security settings are found in a single Windows Security.  Click it by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security.

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3. How Do I Turn My Touchpad Back On?
Remove any other mouse USB –

remove other mic devices

Stepping on forward, another important troubleshooting step for a laptop mouse touchpad not working is to try cleaning any USB mice you have connected to your laptop. You should also remove any other Bluetooth device in use. The reason to remove the external devices is that some laptops have a feature that automatically disconnects the touchpad when you plug in some external mouse. This could be the main reason why your laptop touchpad is not working properly? Now to fix this unplug all the connected non-essential devices and accessories, then boot back up.


4. How Do I Reset the Cursor of My Laptop?
    Via Touchpad Disable Zone Setting

why my laptop touchpad not working

The small square logo at the top left corner of your laptop touchpad can be responsible for laptop touchpad buttons not working. If you also have this logo, then double-tapping the logo can enable and disable your touchpad, so this might also cause problems if the touchpad is not working on the laptop. If you want to solve this by yourself, you can enable this feature by going to settings -> Devices -> Touchpad -> Additional Settings -> Touchpad entry-> Settings-> Touchpad Disable zone-> Unticking and double-tap to disable the Touchpad.

5. Disable Tablet PC Service –

Disabletablet input service

Some Windows devices with a touchscreen, like 2 in 1 hybrid, have a special feature called Tablet PC Input Service. This function controls the touch functionality, which makes your touchpad not work properly and disables your trackpad when you’re in tablet mode. To Fix it, type services into the Start Menu and open the Services function. Here, scroll to Tablet PC Input Service, right-click the button, and choose Stop.

Something Extra - When you place your three fingers and slide them away from you, you will see all open windows represented as small rectangles at once.


6. Why is my touchpad not working HP?
The issue affects especially HP laptop users on a common version of Windows 10. There are some users who found this problem from the serial IO drivers (that let the laptop interconnect with other devices, which also include the laptop touchpad.
All you need to download and install the latest IO drivers first. To start, go to the HP driver packs page to check the best match pack with your laptop model. The drivers also need to match with your Windows version (2004, 1909, etc.), which you can check usually by going to “Settings -> System -> about, then scrolling down to “Windows specifications and updating the latest window version.”

7. How Do I Setup My Touchpad?
    Change your Mouse Properties

change mouse properties laptop touchpad not working

Generally, in many cases, you feel why can't I reset my touchpad? because the device manager doesn’t switch the enabling and disabling of your touchpad.  If your laptop mouse somehow got disabled, then to shift it back on, go to the windows and search mouse properties and re-enable it.
Where is My Touchpad in Settings?
In the Windows Search bar go to Mouse Settings. Then connect “Additional mouse options,” then open a new window, go to “Device Settings,” “Touchpad,” or whichever tab is at the far right of the window. Find your touchpad name in the list, select it, and then hit it off “Enable.”


8. Update New Touchpad driver

If you tried the best methods for your laptop touchpad not working, then you have to uninstall the current driver and update the touchpad driver, to update the touchpad download the appropriate version for your laptop from the official webpage. To uninstall the old touchpad driver. In the window search, box type device manager -> expand the mice on the suitable device category, right-click on the touchpad, and select the uninstall option.

9.  Check the touchpad is disabled in BIOS-

BIOS System setup

There’s a chance where your laptop touchpad is disabled in the motherboard of your laptop. This happens sometimes when the firmware is updated. To ensure this case, enter the BIOS by repeatedly pressing the Delete or f2 key. Different motherboards have different layouts, as you need to find out the option called “internal pointing device” and then make sure it is enabled.

Something Extra - To, move a window to the left side of the screen with the Win + left arrow shortcut. Then use the Win up or down arrow, and the window will snap to the corner.

10. Why Does My Touchpad not Click?
Replace the touchpad unit
If you are still facing your laptop keyboard and touchpad not working, then it is likely a problem with your touchpad module. All you need is to replace the new module. You can buy a new one, take your laptop to a professional technician and ask them to replace a new touchpad.

Generally, the above-stated 10 touchpad fixes tricks should solve the problem of how to reset the cursor of the laptop? If you have experienced some problematic situations, please feel free to leave a message to us in the comments section, I will assist you in repairing your touchpad issues.

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