MacBook Screen Replacement Cost In India

MacBook Screen Replacement Cost In India
  • Sep 14th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Macbooks are one of the most innovative products by Apple—not to forget, quite powerful too! But just like every other laptop, it's bound to break with an accidental drop or dings, and voila, there you go with a spider web glass pattern on your screen. And as creative as it may seem, it's annoying and needs quick fixing. 

Nobody likes a mashed-up retina display now, or do we? Speaking of which, Is your last search on Google, "Apple MacBook Air screen replacement cost India" or'' Apple Macbook pro screen replacement cost india"?  If yes, then, we got you. Further, if you need any professional assistance from the Apple repair center near you or you are seeking help from the authorized Apple service center, you can always do that. NSS provides macbook screen fix price for replacement of screen but all of the model of macbook pro screen repair cost is genuine and pocket friendly.  

Going deeper with this, many Apple lovers own different versions of the Macbook with different hardware elements. But, when it comes to the MacBook air m1 screen replacement cost India or simply apple Macbook Air screen replacement cost India, it’s a jaw-dropping amount.

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Added to this, the Macbook pro is also coming up pretty fast as a popular device along with the good old Macbook Air models. And, it’s needless to say that Macbook pro owners also face the same issues with their laptop screens. At times the screen problem comes from the software layers that can be handled easily. But in case of physical damage Macbook pro owners also search for the same thing:

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13 screen replacement cost India 

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15 screen replacement cost India

  • Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch retina screen replacement cost India

  • Apple MacBook retina display screen replacement cost India

  • Apple MacBook Pro 2017 screen replacement cost

  • Apple MacBook Pro 2019 screen replacement cost

  • Apple MacBook Pro 2019 16 inch screen replacement cost

In general, what they are searching for is simply how much an Apple MacBook Pro screen replacement costs in India— screen replacement cost macbook pro. And, it’s fair enough. If your Macbook Pro’s screen is damaged you do not go for buying a new Macbook. Rather, you look to replace or repair the screen. It’s sensible and saves a lot of bucks. At NSS we not only quote apple laptop display price but also our technicians will provide you with a full quotation of macbook battery replacement cost and after services too. To contact our service center for mac repair costs Dial our service center number; 9717150098. 

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Now we know how Apple is one of the finest in making the MacBook not to forget, costly too, and once damaged, gather all your attention to fix it. In this blog, we will discuss types of damages and their costs with regards to the damage on the screen. Although the screen repair entirely relies on how critical the damage is. It might be a slight crack or a proper smash, okay so - Here we go. 

Apple MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Cost India is as follows- 

Apple Pro Series


MacBook A1398 15" Mid-2015 screen replacement cost

42,800 INR

MacBook A1502 13" Mid-2014 screen replacement cost

39,500 INR

MacBook A1502 13" Late 2013 screen replacement cost

39,500 INR

MacBook A1502 13" Early 2015 screen replacement cost

39,500 INR

MacBook A1398 15" Mid-2014 screen replacement cost

42,800 INR

MacBook A1398 15" Mid-2012 screen replacement cost

42,800 INR

MacBook A1398 15" Late 2013 screen replacement cost

42,800 INR

MacBook A1398 15" Early 2013 screen replacement cost

42,800 INR

MacBook A1708 13" Late 2016 screen replacement cost

39,350 INR

MacBook A1534 12" Early 2015 screen replacement cost

36,300 INR

MacBook A1990 15" 2019 screen replacement cost

52,500 INR

MacBook A1989 15" 2018 screen replacement cost

39,500 INR

MacBook A1708 13" 2017 screen replacement cost

39,350 INR

MacBook A1706 13" 2016 screen replacement cost

39,350 INR

MacBook A1278 13" Mid-2012 screen replacement cost

10,300 INR

MacBook A1286 15" Early 2011 screen replacement cost

11,300 INR

MacBook A1278 13" Early 2011 screen replacement cost

8,300 INR

Apple MacBook Air Screen Replacement Cost India

Apple Air Series


MacBook A1466 13" Early 2015 screen replacement cost

30,000 INR

MacBook A1369 13" Late 2010 screen replacement cost

30,000 INR

MacBook A1466 13" Mid-2013 screen replacement cost

31,800 INR

MacBook A1466 13" 2017 screen replacement cost

30,000 INR

MacBook A1370 11" Mid-2011 screen replacement cost

23,800 INR

MacBook A1465 11" Mid-2012 screen replacement cost

23,800 INR

MacBook A2179 13" 2020 screen replacement cost

63,500 INR

MacBook A1932 13" 2018 screen replacement cost

41,500 INR


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About MacBook Series:

The MacBook Pro is a brand of mobile laptops that Apple Inc. unveiled in January 2016. It comes in 13- and 15-inch screen sizes and is the most expensive variant of the MacBook family, ranking above the MacBook Air for consumers. Between April 2006 and June 2012, a 17-inch model was offered. One of the most sought-after Macbooks out there is this one because of its incredible CPU. In 2012, Apple discontinued the 17-inch model of the MacBook Pro and introduced the third version with a 15-inch screen. With improved CPUs, the 13- and 15-inch unibody versions from the previous generation were still in demand. The third-generation model features a high-resolution Retina Display for the first time and is smaller than its forerunner. In October 2012, a 13-inch version was made available. On October 27, 2016, the fourth-generation MacBook Pro was unveiled. With the exception of the basic model through 2019, the new generation replaced all data connections with USB-C and function keys with an interactive touchscreen strip called the "Touch Bar" that has a Touch ID sensor built into the power button.

How Can You Get NSS's MacBook Pro Display Screen Replacement Service?

You can simply schedule a repair for your MacBook with us anywhere in India using one of two methods:

Initial Choice: Mail-In Service

Postal service The best approach to replace the screen on your Macbook Pro is to use our mail-in service. We at NSS offer the best macbook pro display replacement cost india. And you get the best macbook air m1 display price deals from us. 

Solution 2: Perform the task yourself

The last option you have is to purchase a MacBook Pro screen from a reputable internet retailer like amazon or flipkart and get it fixed locally for between 200 and 500 rupees. Additionally to these, you can get a variety of high-quality components for your MacBook Pro at the lowest cost and with a dependable guarantee. With the help of our tutorial blogs and YouTube recordings, you can even test it yourself. You can get the best macbook pro display cost— macbook air screen cost from our service center. 

Buying a screen by yourself is an easy task but implementation of a mac screen right somehow requires expert hands to perform the task. It might cost you cheap to buy a screen yourself and locally fixed by giving some scratch but do you feel it is safe to give your device in some random hands, i don't think so. How much does macbook Pro repair cost, comparing the worth of the device it’s nothing but the value of your device we know, i personally recommended you to visit NSS laptop service center near your place where you get the right macbook screen change price. They don’t charge additionally or hide pay charges for services. 

Where Can You Replace or Repair Your MacBook Pro Screen?

Apple Authorized Service Center

This is the first location that could cross your mind. To find a nearby Mac repair shop and to inquire about macbook display replacement costs, check online. Many of our clients have complained that any repairs beyond the warranty are quite expensive, but you may still try it. If your device is in warranty then there would be no macbook pro lcd replacement cost. 

Local Repair Center

When compared to Apple Center, this offer can be a decent one. To find out how much their mac pro screen replacement costs for repairs, you may go there or give them a call. If you have a retina display, replacing the screen won't take more than 30 minutes; thus, don't send in the device and request that it be done while you wait.

Replace Your MacBook Pro Screen with NSS:

Several things are possible here. If something goes wrong during the warranty term, you will normally receive a replacement for the components. However, you should be aware that any physical or water damage is not covered by the guarantee. The first consideration is the quality of the parts, which will be 100% original. At NSS, we may have the parts changed on-site so that you can inspect them before installation. Best deal for macbook pro screen replacement price and macbook air display replacement cost india. Nss is a trustworthy screen change macbook pro center who offers the macbook pro replace screen cost at a nominal range.  

Pros of macbook screen replacement by private service provider; 

  • At the Apple Service Center, the MacBook Pro Original Screen is highly expensive. A cost of MacBook Pro screen replacement India is available at NSS from between Rs.8500 to Rs.42,000 with a limited warranty. Apple Macbook air screen Price India is between Rs.20,000 to Rs. 65,000. 

  • Your broken, cracked, or damaged MacBook Pro laptop screen can be replaced by a team of expert Apple Mac repair technicians at NSS.

  • Do you notice any of the following issues with the screen on your Apple MacBook Pro laptop? Are there dead pixels, wavy lines, or a loss of sharpness?

  • For the cost of screen repair we take less money than you might expect, we can replace the 13.3- or 15.4-inch LED screen in your MacBook Pro laptop with a brand-new, superior replacement.

  • With a one-month warranty, we fix the Flexgate Issue the same day.


How long does it take to replace a Macbook Pro Screen?

Apple produces some of the top goods on the market right now using the highest-quality materials available. The MacBook Pro is no different. Apple's usage of a precise unibody made from an aluminum block allows the MacBook Pro to get slimmer without sacrificing its renown for toughness, portability, strength, and power. There are many screen problems with displays that require a repair right away. The following are some of the typical faults and their causes: White or Black Screen There are several causes of a black screen. A good illustration of how water damage can harm the entire display screen is a surge in electrical currents. An entire display may be blank due to problematic drivers or memory. An unreliable operating system might be another factor. Therefore, in order to detect this problem, it is always preferable to consult a computer technician or an expert in apple screen repair and get the perfect quotation of Macbook screen repair cost india. You may call our professionals at NSS to inquire about the MacBook screen price, and they will give you a detailed quote regardless of the Apple MacBook display price or display's inch size that you want. If you want to know how much a Macbook Pro 16 inch screen replacement cost India, or how much a Macbook Pro 13 inch screen replacement cost India or macbook air 13 inch screen replacement cost India, or how much a Macbook Pro 15” screen replacement cost India, visit our NSS macbook repair delhi service centre.

Various Colored Lines Typically connected to internal cable problems. You should take it to an Apple screen repair facility to be looked at. However, it is a straightforward remedy, and changing the connections will have your display up and running. Customers are always recommended to get AppleCare as soon as they purchase their device because it is commonly known among Apple users that apple screen repairs may be expensive. In contrast to the regular warranty of one year, Apple Care increases the device's (MacBook Pro) guarantee to a maximum of three years. However, if your MacBook Pro started to exhibit signs of a failing display after 4 years of ownership, you'd be out of luck because AppleCare protection would have then been null and void. Then, the best course of action would be to look for a MacBook Pro screen replacement outside of Apple because they are typically less expensive, offer similar service to Apple's own repair facilities, and turnaround times are usually quicker. The replacement of the MacBook Pro screen can be expensive and time-consuming at the Apple service center but NSS offers a MacBook Pro display replacement cost according to customers' budgets. 

The typical macbook screen repair cost of the screen component, excluding delivery and expert replacement services, is between 30,000 INR and 40,000 INR. For a thorough repair and replacement of the display on their MacBook Pro, a consumer searching for apple screen repair service may need to shell out as much as 50,000 INR to 60,000 INR. The following inquiry is how long it takes for a skilled Apple screen repair facility to replace the screen on a MacBook Pro and offers the best mac screen replacement cost india.

The following elements will decide this entirely: 

  1. Whether the Apple Screen Repair facility has the components necessary to replace the screen.

  2. How long would it take the Apple screen repair expert to get to your device given the number of pending units in the queue? 

Most Apple screen repair professionals can replace the necessary parts in your MacBook Pro in about an hour. However, depending on whether the screen is a Retina display and how big the MacBook Pro is—particularly if it's a 15-inch model—some professionals may need up to a day or two to complete the replacement. The MacBook Pro screen has to be shielded. To extend the life of the MacBook Pro screen, always remember to frequently clean and disinfect it. If you can locate a willing insurer, think about purchasing insurance to cover unintentional damages.

Macbook retina display features; 

Unlike other laptop computer display screen repairs, MacBook has a unique retina display. Admittedly, the retina display is far stronger as a display technology than the existing laptop display standards. It has features like:

  • LED-backlit display 

  • IPS technology

  • 2560x1600 native resolution at 227 pixels per inch(dpi) 

  • support for millions of colors

  • 500 nits brightness

  • The wide color (P3)

  • True Tone technology

  • Supported scaled resolutions:

    • 1680x1050

    • 1440x900

    • 1024x640

When a display technology comes with this amount of superiority and edge, the retina display replacement cost or macbook pro (retina 15-inch mid 2015) screen replacement cost tends to go higher. It’s a simple truth.

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Now, many people, in general, panic to know their Apple MacBook pro screen replacement cost in India and they have to face the reality of the stores to fix it. And since it’s a work-from-home situation, we cannot delay the repair even for a day. We need our device, and we need it now for the continuation of daily work. 

At NSS you can call our technicians and ask for the macbook repair cost india, they will provide you with a full quotation, No matter for which of macbook display cost you were asking. If you want to know whether the macbook pro m1 screen replacement cost or macbook pro 16 screen replacement cost whether macbook air m1 display replacement cost india, we provide all types of macbook screen replacement at our service center.

It's going to cost us more than what the apple screen replacement cost in India does. Thankfully all the skilled laptop engineers have now mastered the art of replacing the MacBook screen too. The thing is it is also about how well-behaved this engineer is with you. Admittedly, for the best combination of skill, experience, and sterling professional behavior you can trust the NSS laptop repair center in Delhi.

We often go to places with our problems but then, the authorities do not consider our opinion as they think they have all the skills (which we don’t deny). But ethical values of hearing out a customer, addressing his needs, and taking care of his timeline are crucial aspects and the true essence of the best service centers like we follow these at the NSS laptop repair center India.

Actual Apple Macbook screen replacement Cost in India

It's impossible to give one particular figure for the Apple MacBook screen replacement cost India. This factor varies in different scenarios. The overall mac screen replacement cost can be determined by the table given above to at least an approximation. If you have an Apple care protection, then voila, you get your service for free and save a big amount from the official service center. But if you don’t then check the macbook pro display price or macbook air display price in nearby stores and confirm if your service care is offering the same or if the margin difference is too much. Research and conformity are vital when it comes to trusting a service center.

Apart from that, any authorized service center has many drawbacks that a popular and near-to-you NSS laptop service center does not carry. As we all know the timing of the service is a big factor when it comes to the official service centers. They do kill a lot of your quality time as they deal with many optimization parameters.

Apart from repairing, or choosing a store for fixing, think about the quality engineers and the kind of service you get over there and especially what they would charge for macbook air m1 screen replacement price. It's important to be treated like an important customer. Many engineers or repair services rubbish the customers which pushes you down the lane of aggression. You deserve to be treated right, understood, and above all, given the right amount of apple mac screen repair cost and time to fix your MacBook. Macbook pro screen price should be according to customer budgets and no hidden fees should be charged for servicing. 

Secondly, official service centers charge a lot by saying that they have the best repair engineers and the service charge of those engineers is big. We are not denying that. But, like NSS laptop service centers, more organized laptop service centers are coming up pretty fast and they are delivering their services within a day, even in some hours.

Now, it’s a big thing. Many times, they tell you that your device is sent to that location that will repair your device. Or, the hardware element your laptop is seeking is yet to come to that authorized service center and that's causing the delay and more of your bucks.

Admittedly, the official service centers tend to address these issues. They can not keep your device for months for the sake of repairing it. Your daily work gets immensely hammered due to these issues.

But, for you, there’s a cool solution and that’s laptop service centers like NSS. We have professional tools. The skill. The experience. And, we are located across the country. Lastly, we reach your doorstep to repair your precious laptops.

There’s another facet to this entire laptop repairing the issue. We are a store of authentic laptop hardware that includes different series of MacBook display screens.

Let’s if you are considering the Apple MacBook Screen Replacement cost india, we deliver the good sides in many ways. Firstly, you can bring your MacBook to us and check whether the exact display screen is available to us or not. It saves the day for you.

Further, when the Apple MacBook screen replacement cost India is concerned, we tend to charge you minimally. If a screen replacement happens we do charge you the new screen cost along with a small repairing charge that starts at INR 250/-.

So, in both ways, we save your precious time and your bucks too.  

NSS Laptop Service Center has well-behaved, super-smart engineers. We care for our customers and value their efforts. In this peak time of work from home, nobody can afford a MacBook screen replacement in India at a slower pace. We put your work on priority and get it done before the given deadline by you. In case you want to know apple authorized service center number to know their price. You can contact them and can compare our prices.

How much for MacBook Screen Repair; How much is a MacBook Pro Screen?

The Apple Macbook 2019 screen replacement is staggering. Many Apple fans possess various Macbook models with varying hardware components. NSS offers macbook pro 16 inch display price, however all models of macbook pro screen repair prices are authentic and affordable. Apple Macbook Pro and Macbook Air consumers are also experiencing problems with their laptop screens. Apple is one of the best at producing the MacBook, which is also one of the most expensive, and once broken, requires all of your attention to repair.

In general, they are trying to find out how much to fix a broken macbook pro screen in India. The exact unibody of Apple's Macbook Pro is constructed from one aluminum block. There are several screen flaws with screens that need immediate repair. It is always advised for customers to get AppleCare as soon as they buy their device. The MacBook Pro is the same.

The average a2159 screen replacement cost of the component for a macbook screen repair is between 30,000 and 40,000 INR. Remember to regularly clean and disinfect the MacBook Pro screen to increase its lifespan. Consider getting unintended damage insurance if you can find a willing insurer. The data above may be used to at least roughly estimate the macbook pro a1398 screen replacement cost. You may get your service for free and save a lot of money if you have AppleCare protection.

Whether not, examine the display prices for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air at local shops to see if they are the same as what your service provider is giving or if the margin is too great. NSS is a retailer of genuine laptop hardware that offers a variety of MacBook display screen models. We typically charge you the lowest possible macbook pro 13 inch retina screen replacement cost in India. They frequently claim that they will send your equipment to that location for repair.


When it comes to Apple MacBook Air 2020 screen replacement cost india, it's astounding. NSS offers macbook screen repair prices for screen replacement, however all models of macbook pro screen repair prices are authentic and affordable. Many screen issues with Macbook Pro screens necessitate immediate repair. The average Apple Macbook a1534 Screen Replacement cost is between 30,000 and 40,000 INR. Apple Care extends the warranty of the gadget (MacBook Pro) to a maximum of three years. NSS provides macbook m1 screen replacement cost according to clients' budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

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MacBook Air screen replacement can be done at home, but it requires a lot of technical skills and tools. A MacBook Air screen replacement is available between 18000-23000 depending upon the availability of the part.

A MacBook Pro screen replacement will cost between Rs 15000-24000. This price varies depending on the model of your MacBook and the location of your repair shop.{Prices will vary on parts availability}

Screen replacement costs can vary widely based on what type of MacBook Pro you own and which model year you have. However, most people pay between Rs 15562 and rupees Rs 23343 for the repair service. Your local Apple store may quote you a higher price than independent shops because they do not have to pay for advertising like smaller businesses do.

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