How To Repair the Cooling Fan Of A Hp Laptop

How To Repair the Cooling Fan Of A Hp Laptop
  • Jan 4th, 2024
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How To Repair The Cooling Fan Of An HP Laptop

Does your HP laptop stop working suddenly, and the laptop gets heated up? Well, one of the reasons for this problem is the default cooling fan in your HP laptop. Read this article to find out the best ways to fix the cooling system on your HP laptop. This article will list the best methods to select an HP laptop fan.

Before going straight to the main topic, let's discuss why the HP laptop's cooling fan is not working.

Why is the cooling fan Not working on the laptop?

These are the various reasons behind the malfunctioning of the cooling fan in an HP laptop:-

1. One of the most common reasons for the cooling fan malfunctioning in your laptop is accumulated tiny dust particles, dirt, or grime, which stops the cooling fan function in your computer.

2. If your cooling fan is already broken or damaged by an accident or something else, it also leads to the malfunctioning of the cooling fan of your laptop.

3. If the installed cooling fan in your laptop is defective and not according to the laptop model, it also leads to your computer's cooling fan malfunctioning.

4. If you work on your laptop for long hours without breaks, the cooling fan for your computer stops working, which causes your laptop system to overheat.

5. Fan failure due to overheating is also why the lousy cooling fan's functioning in the laptop.

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How do you fix the cooling fan on your HP laptop?

To fix the cooling fan of an HP laptop, follow these simple and easy steps:-

Step 1- First, get your cooling fan completely clean with the help of a dry microfiber towel.

Step 2- If dust particles are collected inside the fan, clean out all the dirt carefully with the help of a laptop liquid cleaner solution.

Step 3- If there is a spill of water, juice, or anything liquid on the laptop cooling fan, then dry it out immediately with the help of a blow dryer after swiping all the excess water.

Step 4- After cleaning the laptop fan properly, do a hard reset on the laptop.

To do a hard reset on a laptop, follow these simple and easy steps:-

  • Press and Hold the power button of the computer for 2 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • If the laptop is shut down, press the power button to switch it on.
  • If the laptop is opened, shut it and do a hard reset.
  • After a hard reset, go to the settings, click on the refresh option, and refresh the laptop system.

Step 5- If you find any damage during the cleaning of the fan, replace it with a new fan.

Step 6- If the cooling fan is in a condition of repair, then repair it by taking the laptop to the certified laptop service center.

Step 7- You can also update the laptop's BIOS to fix the cooling fan on HP.

To fix or update the BIOS of the HP laptop, follow these simple and easy steps:-

Step 1- first, turn off or switch off your laptop or PC entirely, but ensure the power adapter is connected to the HP laptop.

Step 2- Press and hold the Windows + B keys on the keyboard, then simultaneously press and hold the laptop's power button. After 3 to 5 seconds, press and hold the Windows + B keys again until you can hear the beep sound, but this time release the power button.

Step 3- The HP BIOS Update screen will appear on the display screen with a recovery option to recover the Bios with the help of a USB Drive.

Note: If the HP BIOS Update screen doesn't appear, use the Windows +V keys.

Step 4- Select the option and press enter on the  HP BIOS Update screen.

Step 5- When the recovery process is complete, check the bios response on the laptop.

Step 6- Overheating leads to fan failure of the laptop, so stop working for long hours on the computer and let it cool down.

Step 7- Don't overclock the laptop; boot the laptop system.

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What Is The Cost Of Fan Replacement In A Laptop?

HP laptop Fan Repair/Replacement Cost varies from Rs. 600 - 1500 in India. The repair cost depends on the damages, whether they are major or minor. Replacement cost depends on the quality.

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This article concludes with the best ways to quickly fix your HP laptop's cooling fan.

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Clean out all the first particles first, then do a hard reset.

Remove all the junk, and refresh and reboot your laptop or PC properly.

Laptop Fan Replacement Cost varies from Rs. 600 - 1500 in India

Swipe out all the excess water with the help of cotton cloth.
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