Computer Repair Cost In India

Computer Repair Cost In India
  • Sep 1st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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The other day I was searching about how much computer repair cost in India. The basic reason behind that is, I own an Intel core 2 duo processor-powered computer but it’s quite old now and it’s having some performance issues. So, I was looking for the best computer repair shop near me who can provide a reasonable computer repair pricing guide and average cost of computer maintenance. Visit our site: for an affordable computer services price list. 

Astonishingly, I found out that the web is flooded with search terms like:

  • Computer repair near me

  • Best computer repair shop near me

  • Best computer repair services near me

  • And, so on, and on.

I was moved. It did hit a nerve. Eventually, I understood the simple thing - just like me, most old computer users are also looking for the single answer - the best computer repair near me with reasonable computer service charges. And, there’s no wrong with that. Admittedly, laptops have taken over computers over the last decade due to their sleek design and portability. But, still today, there is no substitution for a well assembled and powerful computer. Statistically, 275.15 million desktop units were sold back in 2020. Yes, It’s not a joke.

So, computers still exist. Thus, computer repair shops will also exist. Here I'm gonna share computer service charge list in India including the cost of computer maintenance, cpu repair cost, pc repair cost and computer installation cost. NSS computer repair center believes in these stats and we believe that we are the answer to this popular search term - the best computer repair near me. We are doing this for the last 8 years and we have strategically placed our computer centers across this nation.

Let’s come back to the focal point of this article - Computer repair cost in India and complete computer repair cost list. And, you are on the right page as we have detailed this article for you. In this article, there will be a deep and part by part analysis regarding the repair or replacement cost of various computer hardware parts and software layers.

Before we start this article, we would like to share some details regarding the NSS computer repair center. 

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Our computer repair centers are spread across the nation. NSS computer repair centers are strategically placed in the important cities where many of the IT companies exist. Further, we function 6 days a week from 10 AM in the morning to 8 PM in the evening. Further, our vastly experienced technicians and engineers are capable of handling any type of computer repairing-related issue. Added to this, we are a computer spare parts store. We have a wide pool of authentic computer spare parts at our disposal. Thus we believe in the same-day delivery repairing business model.

And, the best part of the story - our computer repair service starts at INR250/-. It’s the cheapest cost known to us and our satisfied customers. So, let's dig a bit deeper about computer repair price list in india. And, here we will also be discussing the cost of different computer parts repairing and replacement such as cpu repair price as well as laptop repair cost india. So let’s get started; 

Computer Software repair/re-installation costs

Cost Range: INR250 to 1000/-

Many of our customers come to the NSS computer repair center with software-related issues. We have handled problems like the computer failing to boot up, blue screen of death, the bios are not sensing the primary booting device, and alikes.

Most of the software layer problems that we have solved mainly initiated by these areas:

  • The operating system is broken

  • A particular program is glitchy

  • Virus attack/ malicious program

  • The CMOS battery is discharged(thus, BIOS)

  • Weak configuration to run heavy programs(Processor, RAM)

Computer software is not always glitchless, and any problem faced by the software layer can get initiated by the firmware layer or by the hardware layer. So, the basic cost of software repairing swings between a wide range. Typically for OS reinstallation or other program reinstallation computer repair charges, it’s pretty less. But, when it comes to virus removal, data backup, and total system overhaul it becomes a bit hefty.

At the NSS computer repair center we do:

Here, we want you to notify us of a very important thing. We store original and authentic software only. If you need to install an original software or other paid program you will have to bear the computer repair rates of that along with our service charge. And, our service charge starts at INR250/- only. So, don’t worry. Your software-related woes are covered. Another computer service price list is; 

Computer Hardware Repair Costs

The other part of a computer is its hardware assembly. And, a computer’s hardware assembly packs many important parts like Processor, motherboard, RAM, HDD or SSD, and Optical drives. In this article, we will discuss the computer repair prices of each of them. 

Let’s jump in to know about the cost of laptop repair.

Computer Motherboard repair cost

Cost range: INR800/- to INR3000/-

The motherboard is the most important part of any laptop’s or computer’s hardware pack. It holds everything. That means each of the other hardware components gets installed on it. So, when people try to assemble a new computer they always go big on buying a powerful motherboard.

Further, most of the performance issues depend on the proper functioning of the motherboard. So, the motherboard plays a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of the entire device. But, that does not make any motherboard invincible. The motherboard is one of the hardware devices in computers that is vulnerable to the disturbances initiated by other hardware components and also outer malware attacks.

Here are some of the most common issues that we have faced when repairing motherboards:

  • Motherboard power failure. Each motherboard has a CPU fan. And, when the fan is not working then technicians check whether the power is coming to the motherboard or not.

  • Motherboard BIOS/UEFI settings problem.

  • The motherboard SMDs(surface-mounted devices) are shot.

  • The motherboard is shorting with the cabinet or there is any internal shorting within any section.

  • Motherboard overheating.

  • Motherboard capacitors have been bludged or faulty.

  • Motherboard displaying any error code in its output. There are some motherboards that pack with diagnostic LED light profiles. With such motherboards, it’s easier to tell whether there is any motherboard-related fault or not.

Undoubtedly, most of these faults are not in your hands to solve. These need the experience of skilled technicians with proper tools to find out and kill the problem. Further, you may have an idea that each problem demands different levels of solution time and effort. Thus, different laptop repairing costs. We offer very reasonable PC motherboard repair costs at our service center. 

We at the NSS computer repair center offer our repairing service at a mere INR250/-. It goes up with the complexity of the problem along with the parts that we replace to solve the problem. Typically desktop motherboard repair cost, motherboard-related issues in the computer repair ecosystem cost between INR800/- to INR3000.

Computer processor replacement cost

Cost range: Original/refurbished CPU price + handling charge

The computer processors are also known as central processing units or CPUs. It’s the most active part of a computer hardware assembly. Most of the technicians and users call it ‘the brain. Technically, it’s the cardinal processing power behind every ongoing task and algorithmic attribute that a computer offers to its users.

Some of the well-known computer processors are:

  • Intel (i3, i5,i7 with respective and various generations)

  • Ryzen (3, 5, 7 with their respective series number and processing power)

Each processor comes with specific processing power and energy demand. The more electrical energy it consumes the hotter it becomes. There are design specifications too. How thin it is. What technology is used - LGA(land grid array) or PGA(pin grid array)? But, most regular computer users do not go for processor details that deep. But, a skilled technician updates himself every time with these details. Especially, what is existing and what is upcoming.

But, before all of these, every CPU displays some failing signs before it becomes completely dead. These are:

  • Computer booting issues - when a CPU fails you get the sound of ‘beep’ along with the intermittent sound of the CPU fan getting turned on and off. It also happens if your startup programs are faulty or your BIOS is faulty.

  • Frequent computer shutdown - over-heating or over-processing problem.

  • Beeping noise - each computer, before turning on checks whether every hardware component is working or not. This check is called ‘POST’. If this process encounters any problem with the CPU you will hear a series of beeping noises.

  • Computer freezing - If you are running a heavy program that demands more computing power than your CPU has. Further, it can be a malicious program that is looking at the computing power of your entire system. But, once you make it confirm that the program side is ok and the other hardware parts are working fine, then it comes to the actual computing power of the CPU.

Now, processor repair is a daunting task and it requires specific machinery. Most of the regular and well-known computer repair centers do not possess these kinds of expensive and dedicated machinery. Only, some of the authorized computer repair centers send their faulty CPUs to other CPU fabrication companies to repair those faulty CPUs.

But, at the NSS computer repair centers, we do store a stockpile of authentic and refurbished computer spare parts. Now, if we replace your dead CPU with a refurbished CPU that we store, you can have your entire system back within less than the half price of a new CPU.

That’s the trick. Typically, the cost of the CPU that we replace extremely depends upon three factors:

  • Availability

  • Age

  • Condition

As we have already told you that we are a store of authentic computer spare parts, there's a high chance that your in-demand CPU brand and version will be available to us.

Computer RAM repair cost

Cost Range: INR500 to INR2000 for repair ( && original RAM price for RAM replacement)

RAM or Random Access Memory is computer hardware that is one of the most important parts of the entire system. It doesn’t have any moving parts and it uses the least power in comparison to other hardware components.

Ram or physical memory is the most fail-safe hardware component in your computer. Having said that,  at times RAM does go bad or dead. Is your computer screen showing dead pixels for HD images?  Are you facing broken images on your screen? Is your computer getting booted off frequently? These are some common RAM-related issues that we deal with at our NSS computer repair centers.

Here are some common RAM related glitches:

  • The computer is freezing when you are running heavy Games or programs like graphic editors.

  • Broken screen image while gaming.

  • The infamous blue screen of death

  • The computer is booting up frequently while running a heavy program

  • Overall performance of the computer is declining during a certain amount of time

  • New programs are not getting installed.

  • The computer file structure is corrupted due to RAM.

So, these are some common problems that we face when we have bad RAM within our computers or there are some issues with RAM. At our NSS computer repair center, we deal with every kind of BAD RAM problem if it’s repairable at cheap prices. Our repair service starts at a mere INR250/-. And, if there’s no way to repair a RAM, then with the user’s permission we go for replacement.

Computer Hard Disc Repair Cost

Cost Range: INR550/- to INR1000/-

Hard drives or HDDs are prone to fail the most within the entire hardware setup of a computer. And, there are reasons behind that. So here we are at our center providing genuine hard drive repair cost in india. 

HDDs have moving parts. They are super sensitive to mechanical pressure and impulsive shocks. Even for laptops, the hard drives are super vulnerable as laptops are portable devices and they move with the users. So, any sudden mechanical thirst helps wear down the mechanical arrangement for rotation of HDDs.

As per standard global data, the failure rates of  HDDs are as follows:

  • 1st-year failure rate - 5.1%

  • 2nd && 3rd year - 1.4%

  • Beyond 3rd year - 11.8%

Major reasons for the HDD failures:

  • Manufacturing faults (initial year/time)

  • Bad usage

  • Gradual wear & tear of the rotation mechanism

  • The number for start/stop it has experienced

So, hard drives are most likely to fail after a few years of regular usage. Normally, a hard drive provides optimal performance for the first 5 years. Personally speaking, I have seen a computer Hard drive that performed optimally for 8 years. Now, that’s sheer luck. And, most of us are not that lucky. Hard drives are important for another reason. They house all the important programs and personal data. So, when an HDD fails it goes down with all of it. So, data recovery is a popular term among computer and laptop users. 

We at the NSS computer repair center do critical data recovery and repair any kind of HDD issues. We have a professional-level software array and tools set to deal with any kind of data and hardware-related issues. So, if you get any sign that tells your HDD is about to fail then it’s the best time to bring your computer to your nearest NSS computer repair center.

Computer Processor FAN Repair Cost

Cost Range: INR250/-  & New Fan Price 

Computer Processor FAN Market Cost - INR250/- to INR600/-

Every processor comes with a cooling fan. Whether it’s a computer or a laptop, every processor has its own cooling fan. When the cooling, fan for any reason, stop working the processor gets heated, and the heated processor immediately shuts down the system. Many of us do not know it but the working duration of a processor is the same as the cooling fan.

The process is simple. During computation, the processor heats up. The heat is then gradually conducted to the heat sink. The cooling fan injects the cool air into the heat sink and pulls out all the generated heat. The system cooling vents then suck out this hot air and let the cold air to flow into the cooling fan.

Now, there are many reasons when the cooling fan stops working. The cardinal reasons are as follows:

  • Dust and dirt particles mechanically jam the cooling fan from rotating.

  • There may be some issues with the motherboard power supply ports that deliver the electrical power to the cooling fan.

  • There may be software-related issues that shut down the cooling fan.

  • The power cable can get into the way of the cooling fan blade and make it stop.

Typically, these are the chief reason behind the cooling fan malfunctions. Having said this, there may be other software and hardware-related issues that can initiate the same problem. And, there are some cool DIY(do it yourself) fixes to this problem. Like:

  • Physically clean the cooling fan using an air blower if there is any jam initiated by the dust or dirt.

  • If the problem is originating from the software layer, you can flush the BIOS and reinstall everything to mitigate the issue. But, data backup is necessary before you flush the BIOS.

  • Open the CPU box and check if there are any other cable-related issues that are stopping the cooling fan.

Now, if none of this solves your problem, it’s the best time to repair the cooling fan. The good part of the story is that cooling fans are cheap and you can always go for a replacement. If there are minor issues then go for the cooling fan maintenance. But, if the fan itself is not working or misbehaving then it’s best to replace the same. Always remember that the processor performance is directly linked with the performance of the cooling fan.

Computer Monitor Repair Cost 

Cost range: INR250/- to INR2000/-

A computer monitor is the output device of the system. It’s also called the VDU or video display unit. At the early stage of computers, CRT(cathode ray tube) monitors were the leader in this segment. Even today you can mind those monitors around you. Typically, computer manufacturers still use the CRT as the monitor for the entry-level computer assembly sets.

But, with the passage of time new display technology tools place like LCD(liquid crystal display) and LED(light-emitting diode) display units. Previously, CRT monitors were bulky, heavy, and power-hungry. But, today's computer monitors are much sleeker, light-weighted, and less power-hungry. Admittedly, modern branded desktop series and assembled desktops are using LCD and LED monitors as DVU as primarily, they are energy efficient(less carbon footprint count as a computer manufacturing company) and they are easy to move around.

Now, coming to the computer monitor repair, it’s a pesky task. A broken CRT monitor is as good as a dead monitor. They are next to impossible for any repair. Further, if you replace the CTR, which is the heart of the CRT monitor, the cost of the replacement is equal to or more than the cost of a new CRT monitor. So, people do not go for repairing the CRT monitor. Rather, they buy a new one. Coming to the LCD and LED computer monitors, the repairing cost issue is the same. If they got broken, most of the time it’s beyond any repair. If there is any minor issue within the assembled circuit of these monitors then it’s altogether a different story. It’s cheap and easy to repair. But, if the LCD or LED panel gets broken, replacement is the only option.

As you can understand the screen repairing issue is not the same with laptops and computers. Laptop screen repairing is fairly a common incident. And, the laptop owners tend to repair their broken or faulty laptop screens rather than going for a complete replacement. So, the point is, if there are minor issues with your computer monitor circuits then you can go for repairing. Except that, replacement is the best option. The NSS computer repair centers repair all types of computer monitors. And, we are a store of computer and laptop screens. 

That means we are very much able to solve your computer monitor-related issues whether it needs a simple repair or it needs a complete replacement.

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Computer SMPS Repair Cost

Cost Range: INR250/- to new SMPS Replacement Cost

New SMPS cost - INR650/- to INR1200/- 

SMPS or the switch mode power supply is responsible for the entire power demand of the system. Physically, it’s like a box that powers the other hardware components. If you are a computer assembler, you would know that every hardware component draws electrical power from the SMPS. Generally, at the top of the CPU cabinet, it gets placed. It also comes with an in-built fan to cool down the power MOSFETs inside any SMPS.

The main function of an SMPS in a desktop system is to convert 220V AC, 50HZ (input supply from house electrical outlet) supply into +5V, -5V, +12V, and +3.3 V DC for various electrical hardware components in the computer.

Now, SMPS power supply units do fail. Mainly the power MOSFETs are pretty vulnerable to any incoming power fluctuations. And, in our households, there are inevitable spikes in the supply voltage and it severely damages the SMPSs.

So, how will you know if your computer’s SMPS power supply is failing or not? You can simply follow these signs:

  • There is no input power to the computer when the electrical outlet is live and provides power to the SMPS power supply.

  • The computer is getting turned on after several tries.

  • Black display on the monitor. It means the monitor is getting power but the SMPS is failing to provide power to the other parts of the computer.

  • Disturbing noise comes from the SMPS power supply when you are turning on your computer.

  • Your computer is freezing or rebooting suddenly and frequently.

These are the mani check signs for a probable SMPS power supply failure. Although. These signs are also connected with other hardware elements of a computer. Still, these problems mostly get initiated by the SMPS power supplies.

There are some reasons behind these failures. Like

  • SMPS overheating due to bad or improper air circulation/cooling system blockage

  • POWER MOSFETs are faulty.

  • SMPS fan is not working or it’s mechanically clogged by dust or dirt particles.

  • There may be fluctuations in the 230V AC input power supply.

The solution to most of these problems is not in your hand except for the issues with your electrical power supply plug. So, it’s better to bring your CPU cabinet to our computer repair center and have our technicians take a professional look at that.

Last Words…

Lastly, the prime focus of this article was to make you aware of the computer repair cost in India. We have detailed the issues that you face day to day while using your computer at your home. Along with the issues, we also tried to analyze the probable remedies of those that you can administer at your home. Further, we have detailed the general price range for the repairing or replacement of any of the essential computer hardware elements. And, we do hope that this article portrays a clear image regarding the computer repairing cost for various problems that happen at various complexity levels. 

On the end note, we request you to like and share this article with other persons who may be facing the same issues as you. And, do visit the NSS Computer Repair Center nearest to you or simply give us a call. We will be happy to help you with your computer repairing problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A repair will almost always be cheaper than a replacement computer, but if the repair is looking to cost 50-70% of the cost of a replacement then you should always consider the age/condition of the machine before making a decision. And please – Always get a free quote before deciding to skip a repair.

To determine whether an upgrade is worth your money, look at how much it will cost, and compare that to the computer's age. “If the computer is seven years old or more, and it requires a repair that is more than 25 percent of the cost of a new computer, I'd say don't fix it,” says Silverman.

Many laptop owners assume they need to buy a new laptop when this happens. But there are many circumstances where a motherboard can simply be repaired. In other cases, you may be able to replace the motherboard without replacing your other components, saving yourself a lot of money in the process.

Yes, absolutely. If you take good care of a laptop, it could last for more than 10 years. Usually the first thing that gives out is the battery, which you can usually replace or use your laptop plugged in.

Age. Various technology experts weigh in with different advice regarding the life span of computers. Computer Hope says consumers should expect to replace a computer once every four years. Home Computer Help advises five years for desktops and three to four for laptops is a good time frame.

Is Motherboard Worth Repairing? Your motherboard is definitely not worth repairing when we are talking about a laptop. For desktops, you can do it as long as the damage isn't extreme. Laptop motherboards have other components soldered onto them so those will have to be replaced during your repair.

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