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Toshiba is a famous Japanese laptop brand known as a manufacturing company for electronic devices, computers, or PCs.

Several major cities or states like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Chennai are home to Toshiba-authorised service centers.

You can look for the NSS Toshiba laptop service center in Delhi, one of Delhi's most popular Toshiba service centers. If you are facing any problem related to the Toshiba laptop, such as Toshiba laptop hard disk issues, Toshiba laptop CPU-related problems, OS issues, Toshiba laptop battery issues, etc. can quickly be resolved by the NSS laptop service center in Uttam Nagar, Delhi. NSS laptop service center, equipped with well-certified and expert technicians, offers varied services for your Toshiba laptops. We do not belong to the Toshiba-authorized service center, but we are providing detailed information about the Toshiba-authorised service center near me for the convenience of our readers.

We provide a variety of services for Toshiba laptop repair. We are the best and most comparative option for a Toshiba-authorised laptop service center near me.


  1. We are like the Toshiba Care Center for battery replacement issues.

We are just like the Toshiba care center for the Toshiba product. If your laptop battery is not working correctly, don't worry. Our technicians are equipped with the best tools and are responsible for replacing your old Toshiba laptop battery with a genuine and top-notch battery.

  1. CPU-related issues in Toshiba laptops

Suppose you are searching for a Toshiba laptop service center near me to fix CPU-related issues in your Toshiba laptop. In that case, we are an excellent alternative near the best service provider. We offer CPU repair and replacement services if your Toshiba laptop lacks fast performance due to a faulty CPU.

  1. Any OS related to the Toshiba laptop

We are a Toshiba laptop service center near me to fix OS-related issues such as the slow performance of a laptop, troubleshooting problems, and black screen issues.

  1. Hard disk drive (HDD) problems in Toshiba laptop

We are here to fulfill your needs as a Toshiba-authorised service center. HDD Problems are one of the common problems in Toshiba laptops. Our technical team is best at operating HDD problems in Toshiba laptops. We also offer low prices for HDD replacement.






Toshiba Repair & Replacement of Screen or Display at Delhi

900 to 11000 lNR

900 to 19000 INR

Toshiba Motherboard Repair Service & Replacement Cost at Delhi

1200 to 7000 INR

1200- 10000 INR

Toshiba Battery/CMOS Problems Solution at Delhi           

250 to 1300 INR

250 - 1300 INR

Toshiba Keyboard/Trackpad Repair at Delhi

900 to 4000 INR

900 to 3999 INR

Toshiba Laptop Hinges Repair or Replacement Cost at Delhi

900 to 1600 INR

1300 to 4000 INR

Toshiba Hard Drive Problems or HDD at Delhi

300 to 7000 INR

350 to 1000 INR

*Prices may differ due to market fluctuations.


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As discussed above, Toshiba is a famous Japanese laptop brand, also known as a manufacturing company for electronic devices, computers, laptops, or PCs. The Toshiba service center in Delhi, the Toshiba authorized service center in Mumbai, and the Toshiba laptop repair service center in Delhi NCR are more authorized service centers in India. Click or log in to for more information. The toll-free Toshiba service center contact number is 1800 200 6768.



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Yes, Toshiba authorized service centers provide warranty repair but only if applicable.

No, Toshiba is a popular laptop brand.

The toll-free Toshiba service center contact number is 1800 200 6768 for customer care.

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