An overheating laptop is a very common problem these days. And the majority of us have experienced it, especially during summer. However, we all know that overheating laptop leads to laptop breakdown, blue screen, and many other issues. Sometimes, it is possible, that a higher fan speed may also be the cause of an overheating laptop. In that case, the performance will get reduced because an overheating CPU cuts its clock speed to discharge heat pressure. If you want to know the heat inside the laptop, you can go for the HW monitor. This tool will help you to know which portion of your laptops is getting heat. Moreover, the CPU or GPU gets more overheated. In this article, we have explained the cause of laptop overheating and three ways to prevent it. This is applicable to all laptops such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Apple, etc.

Cause of laptop overheating

Overheating laptop due to excess amount of dust

An excessive amount of dust can block the holes of the laptop, and result in poor air circulation. Generally, most of the time the dust sticks to the cooling fan which reduces the heat indulgence efficiency of the fan.

[caption id="attachment_14666" align="aligncenter" width="537"]


 The air vent at the bottom[/caption]

(Source: How-To Geek)

Also, check out the air vents situated at the bottom of the laptop in most of the cases.

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 The air vent in the back panel[/caption]

In thicker models, these vents can also be found in the back panel. If they are blocked due to dust or any other reason, it is possible that the laptop can't pass the hot air outside through them, and that leads to excessive heat production.

Overheating laptop during lots of programs running

When the laptop runs too many multi-programs, the utilization of motherboard, hard-disk, soft-disk, and the power source is very high when these components are used at a high rate and a lot of heat is degenerated and these results in overheating

Overheating laptop due to environment

When the temperature of the laptop is high, the heat generated by the laptop will automatically get increase and the amount of heat will automatically get decreased.

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How to fix overheating laptop

Use a laptop cooling pad to fix an overheating laptop

It is not possible to add a cooling fan inside the laptop, but you can buy a cooling pad or an exhaust radiator to reduce the heat performance. However, for the notebook users who continuously play games face difficulties due to the overheating laptop, and this problem will not get solved just by cleaning up the dust. In this situation, it is recommended to use a cooling pad to prevent the laptop from getting heat.

Place the laptop on a rough and flat surface to cool down the overheating laptop

Mostly laptops stay in the cooling condition through their bottoms. Surfaces like a blanket, pillow block the laptop’s airflow. This results out to be extreme heat, your laptop gets heat, the temperature of cooling air increases, and subsequently, the laptop gets overheat. This situation is avoided by keeping the laptop on a rough surface. You can use the laptop holder to avoid unnecessary issues.

Clean heat sink and cool down the overheating laptop

When you use the laptop for more than one year, the fans will get covered by the dust, and the heat sink will also cover a lot of dust and. We need to clean our laptops to avoid overheating. Many people are unaware of the tools used to clear the dust on laptops. Tools used are:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Brush
  • Thermal grease
  • Rag

Using these tools can be useful in removing the dust properly from the laptop. Well, we have reached the end of our brief discussion. We have tried to cover the most common reasons why laptop temperature increase and also discussed the possible solutions. But that doesn't mean you won't experience other different reasons on this issue except for the ones we discussed here. In that case, we ask you to kindly give some detail about your problem, so that we can reach out to you as well. Let us know about any of your laptop issues in our NSS Laptop Service Center Contact US page, and we will be glad to connect with you.

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