Minecraft is one of the most popular games that can be played by kids to an adult and old age individuals. If you also want to download the latest Java version of the Minecraft game then read out this article thoroughly.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game in which players have to create and break various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. There are two main modes in the Minecraft game -Survival and Creative.

In the Survival mode, players have to find their building of living and war and get supplies and food. Players also have to fight with mobs or moving creatures that are in the shape of different block patterns.

Whereas In Creative mode, players have to create their landscape on their own, with the help of three-dimensional blocks. Players can add resources to their landscapes and can build buildings, houses, kingdoms, etc with the help of blocks.

What is Minecraft Java edition?

There are two versions of the Minecraft game except for simple Minecraft -

The java bedrock edition and Pocket edition. All versions of the game are available on the Minecraft site. Java edition introduced new features in the Minecraft game such as power combat, resources, designed blocks, etc.

It is a game that can be played online together with friends, family members, or multiple people. different types of unlocking and locked levels are one of the main attractions for people to play this.

How to install Minecraft java edition on a laptop?

Take a look at these basic requirements that need to be fulfilled to install Minecraft java edition on your Laptop -:

1. You must have a laptop with at least 4GB RAM to run this game.

2. You must have an extra 2GB of free space to install Minecraft on your laptop.

3. Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000 or Radeon R5 220, one of them is suitable.

4. CPU: Intel Celeron J4105 or FX-4100, one of them is suitable.

5. You need at least Windows 10 or higher window version for this game.

Make sure that your laptop has all these features to play the Minecraft game very easily on a laptop.

To download the Minecraft java edition on a laptop follow these simple methods as mentioned below:- 

Method 1. From Minecraft real site

offficial mincraft website

Method 2. From the play store

mincraft on google playstore

Method 3. From the sites on the internet.

mincraft from websites

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To download Minecraft java edition from a real site. Follow these steps-:

1. Turn on your laptop and refresh it.

2. Open any web browser on a laptop.

3. Search for Minecraft.net.in.

4. Click on the resulted link.

5. Go to the download section and check out the java edition.

6. Download any Java version of Minecraft.

7. After downloading it successfully, opens My PC on the laptop.

8. Locate the folder where you downloaded Minecraft.

9. Click on the Minecraft game icon to open.

10. Now you can play and enjoy Minecraft games on your laptop.

The second method, to download the Minecraft game on a laptop is from the play store.

1. Turn on your laptop and refresh the main page.

2. Open any web browser on a laptop.

3. Type play store in the search box.

4. Open the play store and Search for a Minecraft game.

5. Install it on your laptop.

6. Purchase the Java edition of Minecraft.

7. After purchasing you can easily play Minecraft java edition on the laptop.

The third method to download the Minecraft games is from several internet sites.

There are many sites are available on the internet from which you can download the Minecraft game directly. You can also play it for a free trial. By this method, you can download Minecraft in less MB.

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Conclusion :

This blog concludes with the ways through which you can download Minecraft java edition games easily on your laptop.