How to transfer data from laptop to mobile via wifi

How to transfer data from laptop to mobile via wifi
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
  • Computer
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This blog helps you to know about " how to transfer data from laptop to mobile via wifi." Data transfer is one of the most essential things required for use. We always listen to data transfer from mobile to laptop, but from laptop to mobile, it seems to be quite complex. But before concluding our topic, Do you know what data is? and what data transfer is? So, data is a collection of essential files and documents on our laptops and PCs, which remain permanent and temporary. Data transfer is transferring or sharing important informational files and documents from one device to another. Office work, such as making presentations, and school work, such as completing assignments and projects, all happen on a Laptop or PC for our comfort. But sometimes it becomes essential to have that data on our mobile phones which were saved on our PCs and laptops. Laptops and PCs are not easy to carry everywhere and anywhere. That's why we transfer our important data, files, and documents on our mobile phones to access them easily.

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We can carry mobile phones everywhere, but some work can't be done without a laptop or PC. Smartphones make it easy to take the job, but laptops or PCs make the work or tasks easier. That's why data transferring become an essential need in our daily lives.

How do you transfer essential files from a laptop to a mobile? OR How steps should be taken for sharing critical data from a computer or PC to a mobile. These are the common questions about data transfer from one device to another. But how can we use our laptop or PC for data transfer?

Many people know about it because it is one of the most essential steps in making our IP (information practice) manageable.

We will help you out and make this easy for you. Some methods are mentioned below to transfer laptop data to mobile.


USB cable is one of the best and easiest techniques to transfer data from laptop to mobile. For using a USB cable in data transfer to mobile, follow these steps:-

1. Turn on your PC or laptop.

2. Connect the USB wire to the laptop.

3. Refresh your laptop or PC.

4. Your Mobile phone screen lights up with the "Charging a device via USB." notification.

5. Click on the notification to see the file transfer option.

6. Select the file on the laptop which you want to transfer.

7. Start transferring.

8. Mobile will receive the file or data in some time.

Note: You can use USB-A and USB-C for better data transfer.

2• Bluetooth

Blue tooth is one of the common ways through which you can transfer your files and documents from laptop to mobile.

Follow these steps-:

1. Open your laptop as well as your mobile phone.

2. Turn on the Bluetooth of both devices and pair them.

3. select the file you want to transfer to your laptop after connecting both devices.

4. You will quickly see the " transfer file via Bluetooth" option.

5. Click on this option and transfer the data or file.

Note-: Bluetooth is unable to transfer larger files. You can transfer small-size files through Bluetooth

3•With The Help Of Wifi

Wifi is one of the best options for sharing larger files from one device to another at a higher speed.

To transfer the files through Wifi, follow these simple steps -:

1. Turn on your laptop or PC.

2. Enable Wifi on both devices.

3. Open www. google chrome. In.

4. Search portal by pushbullet app.

5. Download this app on your PC as well as on your Android mobile phone.

6. Open the app and scan the QR code.

 7. Choose the file you want to share.

8. Share the file with a wireless connection through Wifi.

Note -: You can use apps like Share it, Feem and AirDroid to transfer files via Wifi.

4• Through Gmail, email, and messages

Gmail, email, and messages are typical applications to transfer small files from one device to another. Through email, you can share a file of up to 25 MB in messages, and the limit of the file will be decreased.

5. Google Drive / Cloud Accounts -

You can also use Google Drive to share or transfer a file. There is a space of 15 GB on the Google Cloud account.

1. Generate a link to drive on a laptop or PC.

2. Share the link on your mobile phone.

3. Upload the file for transfer on a laptop or PC.

4. Receive the file from the drive on the mobile.

These are the methods through which you can transfer data or files from a laptop to a mobile.


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