Does your laptop's battery gets drained very quickly? Do you want to know How to Repair a Laptop Battery at Home? Do not become frustrated because you need to plug in your HP laptop all the time when you work on it? Does your Dell Laptop battery backup drastically reduce? Do you own a 4-5-year-old Asus laptop and it has a battery problem?   Well, nothing to scare off because there are various methods to repair laptop battery at home of any brand. Laptops are electronic products. That's why, from time to time, they reveal several problems. Suppose you need to use your laptop for several years or manage it in a perfect state. In that case, you ought to know and implement the basics principle, e.g. refreshing your system often, delete unnecessary data, never visiting an unsecured website on the Internet, etc., and all this stuff. Maybe, you became tired of your laptops' poor battery performance and want to do anything to improve your machine's performance or get back the high performance when you first buy your laptop? Whatever the reason is, the only fact is you want to repair dead laptop battery.

Then you are at the right place because here you will get the right, most authentic and genuine information that you can trust and rely on. If you fear that you can't be able to do that, and then let me tell you, the whole process is super easy, and with little guidance, you can do it yourself. And that's why I am writing this article so that I can help you.  This blog will systematically tell you the step-by-step process you have to follow to repair laptops battery at home.  But before that, I need to say that if you don't understand the cause of a problem, then maybe you end up making the same blunder again and again and accordingly you ought to face the same issues several times. That's why training is essential. You must know the problem so that you do not have to face the same issues in the future. Or at least you need to know the symptoms which you can watch to detect the problems. So, I suggest you collect some information on how to maintain the perfect health of laptops battery. You can gather genuine communication from the Internet, your friends. You can also read our articles for a deep understanding of every topic.  

Now let's start the discussion about the topic—Fix Laptop Battery Repair at Home. But if you have NiMH or NiCD based battery at your laptop, you can try to revive the battery. After restoring the battery performance increases most of the time. But be cautious if you have a lithium-ion battery. Because unfortunately, you cannot revive the lithium-ion battery. If you follow the step with a lithium-ion battery, then even a blast can happen. So be very cautious and check the battery before doing anything. In case your laptop battery not working, so here we are giving the answer of how to fix laptop battery or can a laptop battery be repaired. If you are also the one who wants to know is laptop battery repairable, well the answer is yes. Visit any laptop battery repair near me center for repairing laptop battery. NSS service center is the best choice to pick for laptop battery laptop repair. We at the center offer laptop battery repair software free download and tips for how to recondition laptop batteries. So let’s discuss few methods on how to repair battery of laptop; 

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Method 1: Reviving a NiMH or NiCD Battery 

If your laptop has a Nickel-Metal Hybrid (NiMH) or Nickel-Cadmium (NiCD) based batter, only then go for this method for laptop battery fix. Once again, I will say that if you have a lithium Ion battery, then do not use this method. It will further damage the battery. 

All Macs and the majority of the modern laptop has a lithium ion-based battery. So, if you have one of them try another method.

Step 1: At first, you have to switch off your laptop and disconnect it from the power source.

Step 2: Then open the bottom of the laptop. After you can remove the battery from there and sometimes there is a battery release button, you have to press to unclip the battery.

Step 3: Then keep the battery in a soft bag. Keep the battery (with the smooth load wrapped around it) in a zipped pocket. The zip bag should be waterproof. The Ziplock bag will prevent the battery from getting dump. Do not use the regular plastic bag. Because these bags generally hold some amount of moisture inside them.

Step 4: Place it in a freezer for an extended period at least 10 hours. But do not leave the battery in the freezer for more than 12 hours because it can damage the battery. 

Step 5: Dried the battery with a dry cloth and bring the battery in the average room temperature.

Step 7: Place the battery into the laptop and connect to the power supply to charge the battery.   Check if your difficulties are solved if not. If it is resolved, you are done with the battery problem; then you can start work again. If the problem does not resolve by this method, then try another approach. 

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Method 2: Recalibrating a Laptop Battery

Sometimes you may notice that the indicator shows that laptop has supposed 80 ?ttery, and after some time it may be showing that battery percentage is 20 %.  This problem appears when the battery percentage indicator does not show the right percentage of the battery. You can do Recalibrating a Laptop Battery when you face these types of laptop battery recondition problems.

To Recalibrate your laptop, follow the steps-

Step 1: At first, connect your laptop to the power source to charge your laptop. Charge the laptop till 100 %. Do not unplug the ac power adapter of your laptop from the power source, until it is. Fully Charged.  

Step 2: Next step is unplugging the ac power adapter. First, disconnect the side which is connected with your laptop. 

Step 3: Use your laptop to drain the battery completely. Running and battery consuming programme such as playing the game, watching videos, will drain the battery fast. This way, you can entertain yourself, and you do not have to wait for a longer time.

Step 4: After the battery completely drained, your laptop will be switch off. Then leave the laptop for 3-5 hours. Please do not use it or recharge it in that period. This 3-5-hour time will drain the remaining power. Do not leave the laptop for 3-5 hours if the laptop has a lithium-ion battery. 

Step 5: Recharge the laptop to 100 per cent again. This process will Recalibrate your battery.  Check if your difficulties are solved if not. If it is resolved, you are done with the battery problem; then you can start work again. If the problem does not resolve by this method, then try another approach. 

Method 3: Performing a Full Recharge

This is also very simple, yet it can be very beneficial for your laptop's battery. This technique is also known as the 100-percentage charging technique. Though this is just a trick on how to revive a laptop battery, not a, establish that battery will revive by this method. It works fine sometimes, and your battery life may repair from a low of 30 per cent to as much as 90 per cent. Though there is no adverse effect of this method in your laptop's battery, so, you can surely try this method. Though it is not sure, you are fortunate, and then this method may save some money from your wallet.  To do this, you have to charge the laptop until 100 per cent as the name suggest. After charging it entirely, use it until the battery percentage becomes 3-5 percentage. That is, you have to do this.  Check if your difficulties are solved if not. If it is resolved, you are done with the battery problem; then you can start work again. If the problem does not resolve by this method, then try another approach. 

Method 4: Use cooling Pad

The cooling pad helps to remove the extra heat and cools down the laptop(how to fix a laptop battery). Thus, it prevents the laptop as well as the battery to overheat. Anyway, I cannot restore a lithium-ion battery. But you can surely use some tricks, which increase battery performance. Overheating does not only damage the battery but it also many other problems on the laptop. So, you have to prevent your laptop from overheating anyway.  

If batteries temperature increase, then the laptop can be overheated completely. Thus, it would help if you did something to keep the laptop and the batteries temperature as low as possible. To do this, you can use it a cooling pad. The cooling pad helps to maintain a minimum temperature by eliminating extra heat.  Check if your difficulties are solved if not. If it is resolved, you are done with the battery problem; then you can start work again. If the problem does not resolve by this method, then try another approach. 

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Method 5: Use laptop without battery when in plugged 

It is also a simple looking trick but gives excellent result sometimes. To do this, you have to remove the battery from your laptop and use it occasionally without the battery. To get most out of this trick, remove the battery while the laptop is charging. Be very cautious while doing so, while doing so, you can get an electric shock. Sometimes this method works very well. So, give it a try.  

Check if your difficulties are solved if not. If it is resolved, you are done with the battery problem; then you can start work again. If the problem does not resolve by this method, then try another approach. 

Method 6:Replacing laptop battery

You can try these five techniques to revive your laptop's battery. But, what if none of this works? Well, there is a chance of it. If the battery is old or badly damaged, then reviving the battery using this technique is impossible. In that case, you have to replace the old battery with a new one. There are no other options available.  

As we mentioned some methods earlier to answer can laptop battery be repaired or where to repair battery laptops. If the battery is completely damaged and the only solution left is replacing a laptop battery. Now, I'll discuss the common facts before replacing, including how to open laptop battery, compaq laptop battery price, hcl laptop battery price list, laptop battery deep discharge recovery and last but not the least recondition laptop battery. 

So, now I will discuss what you have to replace your old battery. Follow these steps—

1. Purchase a new laptop battery

This is the first step. If you have no other option than replacing a battery, then you need a new battery. So, order a new a battery depending on the type, serial number of your laptop.

2. Create a battery report in Windows

Battery report window shows the performance of the battery over time. You can use it to ensure that if the replacement is essential. Click "powering/battery report on the command prompt and click "Enter". Then go to the user section to watch the report. 

3. Disconnect the laptop from the power source

Next step is disconnecting your laptop from the power source because if you do not disconnect it from the power souse, you can get an electric shock while removing the battery.

4. Remove the back panel 

Next, use a screwdriver to open the back panel of your laptop. Some laptop has some rubber pads there. Remove them as well to access the battery.

5. Remove your laptop battery

At first, unscrew the battery while at the place. Then disconnect the connecting cable very carefully with delicate hands. These parts are susceptible. So, handle them carefully. After removing the battery from the laptop.

6. Connect the new battery in your laptop

Then place the new batter at its place. Connect the cables and tighten the screw. After connecting the original battery with your laptop, check if it is set correctly. If everything is right, then do the following steps.

7. Replace the back panel

Place the rubber pads at the place if there any. Then place the back panel at its palace and Tightened the screw. 

8. Confirm performance with a new battery report

Connect the laptop with the power source. Switch on your laptop. Open a new matter report. Check the report. If everything is right, the battery report will show that the performance will be similar or very close to the optimum performance level.

How to repair laptop battery at home? –Final thought?

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