How To Download Youtube In Laptop

How To Download Youtube In Laptop
  • Sep 14th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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How To Download YouTube In Laptop

YouTube is one of the most popular online video streaming social media apps for watching different types of entertainment, educational, and social subject-related content through videos and shorts. YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can like, share, and comment on different videos or also subscribe to other youtube channels and also upload their videos, short films, songs videos, shorts, etc by creating their own YouTube account or channel. Youtube can be accessed on windows OS, iPhone OS, macOS, and Android OS.

It is one of the most reached and popular apps in India as well as all over the world users. YouTube is updating with new advanced features from time to time which is also the main reason for its popularity. Youtube is just not for adults but it is also for kids. Youtube is also a source of income. The more followers, views, likes, and popular channels have more money you will get. You can keep yourself updated to connect with Youtube as it is also the source of getting information related to sports and current affairs.

How To Download YouTube On Windows 11?

These are some of the tested methods through which you can download YouTube and can run youtube on your laptop or computer. Look at the methods listed below-:

1. Download YouTube In Laptop Through The Google Chrome

If you want to know how to download YouTube in laptop read this article carefully. You can easily install and launch YouTube on your windows11 laptop by following these simple steps -:

Step 1- Open the google chrome web browser updated version.

Step 2- Search for the YouTube app for windows in the search bar of a chrome web browser.

Step 3- Go to the official site and Click on the installation button option.

Step 4- After, successfully downloading or installing YouTube click on the app icon to open and run it.

Step 5- if you aren't able to find the YouTube app on your windows laptop then click on the start icon or it will present on the desktop main screen also.

2. Download YouTube On a Laptop With the help of Microsoft Edge

You can also install the Youtube app on your laptop with the help of Microsoft edge by following these simple and easy steps -:

Step 1 -: Open Microsoft Edge on windows 10 and 11 and reach out at the official site of YouTube by search.

Step 2 -: Click on the tools icon present in the search bar.

Step 3 -: It will redirect you to the page of permission seeking to install YouTube as an application on your laptop.

Step 4 -: After installation, Youtube will open its windows with safely integrated windows features.

Step 5 -: You can run YouTube without any problem with the help of Microsoft edge.

3. Download YouTube In Laptop With The Help Of A Desktop File Format

You can also download YouTube in a zip file format on your laptop, just follow these easy steps -:

Step 1: Go to the official site of YouTube or search for YouTube desktop file for windows.

Step 2: Click on the download button option" Youtube desktop for windows 11".

Step 3: Open the ZIP file folder and extract it for the folders.

Step 4: Now, Open the extracted file and run the YouTube desktop.

How To Download YouTube Videos On A Laptop?

You can download the video from YouTube with the help of a third-party app. These apps make the download of videos easier. To download YouTube videos with the help of a Video downloader app follow these steps -:

1. Install the "Video downloader app " from any web browser on your laptop.

2. Open youtube and play the video that you want to download.

3. Copy the URL of that video.

4. Again came back to the video downloader app.

5. There you will see a search box or address bar.

6. Paste the link to that video in the search box which you copied from YouTube.

7. It takes a moment to recognize the URL.

8. As the result come in the form of that same video that you want to download then click on the + button right next to the search box.

9. After clicking on the add button you will be able to select the video format in which you want to download the video such as audio, graphics, HD, SD resolution, etc.

10. After selecting the format of the video, scroll down you will be able to see the download option.

11. Click on it and start downloading.

12. After the download process is complete, click on the option of showing the video in the folder.

13. After a click on it you will be able to access the downloaded video from that folder.

This is how you can easily download YouTube videos with the help of the video downloader app. It is an online app that is free to use.

How To Add A YouTube Shortcut On desktop?

To add a shortcut desktop for YouTube follow these steps -:

  • Open windows explorer, and Export the file to which you want to add a shortcut of it

  • Right-click on the name of the folder, then click on the shortcut option.

  • The shortcut will be present on your desktop screen.

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This article concludes with the methods through which you can download YouTube on a laptop.

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Right-click on the name of the folder, then click on the shortcut option.

You can make a YouTube icon shortcut with the help of Windows explorer.

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