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What is SATA SSD?

SATA stands for (Serial ATA Solid State Drive)  A solid-state drive (SSD) that uses the SATA hardware interface is called SATA SSD.

SATA hard disk drives have been used since the early 2000s, but as solid state drives (SSDs) became more popular and come into use as they are more compatible with SSD.

Kingston A400 SATA SSD

Check out KINGSTON A400 SATA SSD features that make it different from other SSDs.

----  Features of  KINGSTON A400 SATA SSD

·        Kingston’s A400 SSD( solid-state drive) improves the adapting power of your existing laptop system as well as increases the process like booting, loading, and transferring files. It increases the speed of the operating system of a laptop than mechanical hard drives.

·        It is the latest SSD powered by a gen controller for reading speeds of odds of 500MB/s and write speeds of up to 450MB/s1.

·         Kingston SATA SSD is 10x faster than a traditional hard disk drive

·         It is ultra-responsive for multi-tasking and overall provides a faster system than before to its users.

·         Kingston SATA SSD  is more reliable and durable than a hard disk drive.

·        It is available in various capacities from 120GB to 1.92TB2.

·        It has Multiple capacities of storage space for different applications, software, and hard drive replacement.

·        It has backward compatibility with SATA Rev. 2.0 (3Gb/s)

·        Provides the best SSD setup for laptops.

·        More details -:

Hard Drive - Interface Solid State

Hard Disk form - Solid State Hard Drive

Compatible Devices -Desktop

 Size of Standing screen display -7 Inches

NO Batteries Included

 No Batteries Required

 Rate or speed of data transfer - 500 Megabits Per Second

Type of Connector -SATA

Importer of SSD - Saleha, India

The form factor of SSD - 2.5"

Interface  -          SATA Rev. 3.0 (6Gb/s)

Capacities available - 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB, 1.92TB

NAND    - 3D

Baseline Performance1 - Data Transfer (ATTO)

120GB – reading speed up to 500MB/s and writing speed up to 320MB/s

240GB – reading speed of  up to 500MB/s and writing speed up to 350MB/s

480GB – reading speed up to 500MB/s and writing speed up to 450MB/s

960GB – reading speed up to 500MB/s and writing speed up to 450MB/s

1.92TB – reading speed up to 500MB/s and writing speed up to 450MB/s

Power Consumption -      0.195W Idle,0.279W Avg, 0.642W (MAX) Read with 1.535W (MAX) Write

the temperature of storage -        -40°C~85°C

Operating temperature - 0°C~70°C

Dimensions of SSD -         100.0mm x 69.9mm x 7.0mm (2.5”)

weight   of SSD available  -39g (120GB – 2.5”)

41g (240-480GB – 2.5”)

41.9g (960GB – 2.5”)

 operating vibration  -      2.17G Peak (7–800Hz)

non-operating vibration -              20G Peak (10–2000Hz)

Life -      1 million hours MTBF

Warranty - 3-year warranty ( limited) with free technical support

Total Bytes Written (TBW)4          -

120GB: 40TB

240GB: 80TB

480GB: 160TB

960GB: 300TB

1.92TB: 600TB

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This blog concludes with the full details and features KINGSTON A400 SATA SSD.