How to share a screen on the zoom app on a laptop

How to share a screen on the zoom app on a laptop
  • Jul 4th, 2022
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Computer
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Do you also want to know how to share a screen on the zoom app on a laptop? Here we will guide you through this blog to share it.

Zoom App is one of the most useful apps you can go through. Zoom app is not only for video calls, chats or just connecting 20 to 50 people but it is an app used for high-quality video call conferences, online teaching, and learning. It can connect more than 100 people at a time in a class, conference video class, etc. Zoom app provides the best quality features with the best quality existence of video graphics, audio, or sound. Zoom app is one of the most popular apps at the time of the Covid pandemic which provides an easy facility to teach and learn online. Zoom app is not only limited to video calls, and conference calls but through the Zoom app we can also share screen presentations, documents, images, files, etc. It is one of the best features of the Zoom app.

 You can Install the zoom app through the play store or www. zoom app. on your laptop or PC. By generating and sharing a zoom link to another device or entering the code of your meeting you can make video calls and video conferences with your colleagues, friends, etc, can take online classes, and also share a screen of your laptop.

Do you know what sharing the screen is?

Share screen is a feature through which you can present your laptop or mobile screen to others. From this, you can present what you want to show to your classmates, colleagues, and friends, such as a presentation file, spreadsheets, images, or documents, you can also share a whiteboard. Other people who will be in the meet able to see what you are doing on your laptop screen for the mobile screen.

Now, are you curious about know to how we can present or share our laptop screen in the zoom app? So we are going to end your curiosity.

Follow these steps to share your screen on the zoom app on the laptop -:

1. Turn on your laptop or PC.

2. Refresh the main page.

3. Open a web browser such as google chrome or anyone you want to open.

4. Search for play store.

5.  Open the play store after installation on the laptop.

6. Search for Zoom App.

7. download it.

8. Now open the Zoom app.

9. Fill out all the details and login with your user name.

10. As we are learning how to share screens so create a new meeting yourself.

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(Note -: You can also take the help of your friend, share a meeting link, or enter the meeting code which is provided by him or her now two people are there in the meeting when you share your screen your friend will see and confirm whether he can see the presented screen or not )

11. Once you log in to the meeting you will see a control panel row at the bottom of your screen where you will find the options of the invite, manage participant, chat, record, reaction, and share screen with an up arrow symbol.

12. Click the share screen option to present the screen.

13. Now you will see that your display highlights share screen notification.

14. Now select what you want to share such as images, document files, sketches, and assignments from your laptop folders.

15. You can also share videos and photos from your gallery, play videos from youtube, music from the gaana app, any site, or any web browser.

16. All of these you are presenting other people can see it.

17. To stop sharing screens, go back to the Zoom app where your meeting is going on.

18. Click on the share screen option again now an option pops up on your laptop screen and stops sharing screen.

19.  Click on this option and your screen stops the sharing.

So, this is how you can easily share your screen on the zoom app on a laptop.


This blog guide you to share your laptop screen in zoom meetings. Zoom app is one of the most useful apps which remain always in the trend .sharing screen is a very basic task that we need to learn to make our daily activities easy. Work from home jobs, in office jobs, remote jobs, to attend a webinar and seminar zoom app is and the first priory to do conference calls and video calls. Zoom app users are growing day by day. So, to remain up to date we need to follow all the basic steps to fulfill this requirement.

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