How To Type In Laptop

How To Type In Laptop
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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How To Type With Your Hands Properly: 

1. Use the correct starting position:

When practicing your typing skills, it's essential to use your hands in proper placement. To start, keep your fingers positioned over the home row keys (left hand on the A, S, D, and F keys and the right on the J, K, L, and; keys), with your thumb hovering on the space bar

3. Maintain good posture:

2. Don't look down your hands:

Instead of looking down at your keyboard, focus on the screen. This cannot be difficult, especially if you haven't mastered the exact placement of the keys. However, looking at the screen will improve accuracy because you can catch typing mistakes and remember the keys' positions. 

Sitting in an upright position will make your typing easier to type faster. If you slouch or have a habit of working while sitting on the couch, you should change your posture and start sitting straight.

4. Find a comfortable position for your hands:

The wrong hand placement can make typing uncomfortable for an extended period. The space bar of your keyboard is centered on your body.

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Using an on-screen keyboard:

You should consider an on-screen keyboard if you cannot use your keyboard but can still control your computer mouse or another input pointer device. On-screen keyboards appear on your monitor so you can type without a physical keyboard.

To turn on the on-screen keyboard on your computer, follow the instructions below:

  • Windows: On Windows 10, enable the on-screen keyboard by right-clicking the taskbar and clicking the "Show touch keyboard button." Click on the keyboard icon in the system at any time to have the on-screen keyboard.

  • Mac OS X: From the Apple menu, click on the system preference and select the Language & Text icon. Click on the input sources tab and check the area next to the keyboard. Then, the keyboard will appear on the screen by selecting the keyboard icon on the status menu.

Customizing keyboard setting: 

Do you find yourself performing specific actions over and over again? It can be an excellent decision to adjust your keyboard setting to map these actions to a given keystroke or a combination of keystrokes. 

You can search for the instructions for customizing your Windows keyboard and your OS X keyboard online. 

Another helpful keyboard feature is sticky keys, which let you use keyboard shortcuts if you are facing the problem of pressing multiple keys simultaneously. When you enable sticky keys, the keystrokes for Ctrl, Alt, Command, and Shift become "sticky" so that you don't have to hold them down while you press the following key.  

Press the shift key five times a row to turn on sticky keys on Windows. To turn on the sticky keys on Mac OS X, go to system preference > universal access > keyboard and select the on option for sticky keys. 

Using Voice Commands:

In recent years, Voice recognition has advanced by leaps and bounds. Virtual assistants such as Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana can do everything from checking the weather to searching the web for information.

The positive point for people with motor disabilities is that you can now control your computer using only voice without keyboard or mouse input. All you need is good-quality microphones and speech.

  • To enable speech recognition on a Windows computer or laptop, type "speech recognition" into the search box on the Windows taskbar and click on Windows speech recognition.

  • To enable speech recognition on Mac OS X, go to system preference > Dictation & speech. Select the On option for Dictation and check the following box to use Enhanced Dictation.

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Using an alternative keyboard:

Some people find ordinary keyboards tedious and tiring for typing for a long time, but you can use an alternative keyboard.

  • Ergonomic keyboards are for people with sensitive hands, wrists, or shoulders, helping to relieve the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, for example.

  •  Specialized keyboards come in several varieties. These include a keyboard containing larger keys and a keyboard with a keyguard to prevent pressing neighboring keys.  


Those who are having typing problems can use the methods given above. If you still have problems, you can ask us on our website. I hope you found the information written in this blog helpful.

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