How to download youtube videos on mac

How to download youtube videos on mac
  • Oct 3rd, 2022
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Computer
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Download Youtube videos on Mac

YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming apps through which you can enjoy multiple video content in a single platform. Here on YouTube, you can watch, upload, and share any video also it is a source of income. But there is one problem there you can watch videos or upload videos for free there but would not save or download videos from YouTube directly.

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In this article, we will suggest the easiest way to get or download Youtube videos, save them, and can also watch them offline mode whenever you want.

How To Download YouTube Videos On MacBook?

With the use of third-party apps or software

Download the EaseUS video downloader app to get YouTube videos on Mac.

Download YouTube Videos With EaseUS video downloader

EaseUS video downloader is a safe, ad-free, and reliable app that you can download on your Macbook and get YouTube videos easily on your Mac. One of the best things about this video downloader app is that you can download videos from various other websites to your Mac.

These are some key features of the EaseUS video downloader are -:

It has Multiple download formats in which you can download YouTube videos in MP4, MP3, or WAV format.

It is a third-party app but there is no quality destruction. You can watch High-quality videos and Download YouTube videos up to 8K which is quite a good number.

You can download YouTube videos in Bulk as it allows downloading videos in quantity.

You can also watch videos with Subtitles which can also increase more interest in watching videos as the video language will not become a barrier for you.

To download Youtube videos on Mac with the help of the EaseUS video downloader follow these simple steps -:

Download YouTube Videos On Mac

Step 1 - first of all, Download and open the EaseUS video downloader on Mac.

Step 2 - Now, Open Youtube and search for the video you want to watch and download.

Step 3 - Copy the URL link of that YouTube video.

Step 4 - Come back to the video downloader app and in the search bar of the app paste the URL link if copied the video and search for it.

Step 5 - As a result of searching, you will find the same video there and also the download option under it.

Step 6 - Click on that download option, as you click on the download option a dialogue box will appear on your Mac screen with different options such as Video Resolution, Output formats, Subtitles with language, etc.

Step 7 - You can manage all the video-related formats from there. Once you have done, continue to download the video.

Step 8 - Complete the process of downloading, once the downloading is done you can watch downloaded videos in the library.

Step 9 - You can also watch YouTube videos in offline mode from there.

Note: As there is no such method to download YouTube videos directly from the official YouTube app this method is used.

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This article concludes with the simple procedure to download YouTube videos on Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You have to copy and paste the URL link of the video to any browser that ultimately takes the help of software. So, there is no such direct method to download YouTube videos on Mac.

Yes, you can download YouTube videos to watch offline on Mac.

Yes, You can save YouTube videos offline on a laptop with the help of a third-party app or software.

Yes, a genuine third-party app is safe for downloading Youtube videos.

You can use these methods to download youtube videos on MacBook. · with the Use of VLC Media Player. · With the help of an Online Converter. · With the Use of 4K Video Downloader. · You can Record the Screen with QuickTime.

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