F12 Function Key

F12 Function Key
  • Jan 6th, 2024
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The F12 Function Key

The Function Keys on every keyboard range from F1 to F12. However, the older computer sets used to have these keys grouped on the left side of the keyboard. In general, these function keys are on the top row. While each function key has a unique purpose, these keys may also be used with the Alt and Ctrl Command keys to create practical keyboard shortcuts. You might be unfamiliar with these keyboard function keys when using a computer. Nonetheless, only the F12 key will be discussed in this article. We'll soon give you access to more function keys.

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A brief reminder: Besides the F1 through F12 function buttons, your keyboard has a unique Fn key adjacent to the Ctrl key. Special Function Keys are identified by unique icons of the same color and are activated by pressing the Fn key. For instance, the F6 key on my laptop's keyboard has a little symbol for the Touchpad Off in the same color as the Fn Key, so pressing Fn+F1 will toggle my Touchpad On/Off. Different programs have different ways of using function keys. So, let's begin by pressing the F12 key.

F12 Is Known As…..

A function key called F12 may be near the top of practically every computer keyboard. The key is typically used to launch the debugging tools for Firebug, Chrome, and other browsers. Depending on the computer or laptop type and application, as described below, F12 also has additional purposes (as per our knowledge).

F12 Key Use Instructions

Press F12 to launch the application that uses the key. A supplementary purpose of the F12 key is indicated if it also has an icon. Hit the Fn key while maintaining critical pressure to activate the secondary function, then press the F12 key. The function keys are the secondary function if tapping the F12 key performs the primary purpose (for example, increasing brightness). For instance, to hit F12 on an Apple computer, hold down the fn key and press F12. Now that you know where the F12 key stands and where it is located, you will see how to use it on various media. 

Note: Until the function lock (FnLk) is released, the keyboard will behave as though the Fn key is being depressed. 

Where Does The F12 Key Come Into Play?

The F12 key may be used in every position listed below, along with instructions on utilizing it.

macOS By Apple

The Dashboard may be shown or hidden on an Apple running macOS 10.4 or later by pressing F12.


Access the computer's list of bootable devices during startup to choose a new device to boot from (e.g., hard drive, CD or DVD drive, floppy drive, USB drive, and network).

Internet Explorer

Open the debugging tools for Firebug, Chrome, or another browser. In Microsoft Excel, there is a Save As option. And a page in Microsoft Expression Web that is being previewed.

Windows Word

  • Open the Save As dialog box in Word.

  • Ctrl+F12 launches Word and starts a document.

  • Similar to Ctrl+S, Shift+F12 saves a Microsoft Word document.

  • Microsoft Word publishes a document when you press Ctrl+Shift+F12.

The F12's Secondary Purpose

Each function key on desktop and laptop keyboards with the Fn key has two distinct purposes. Every keyboard is unique since there is no standard for each key's secondary objective. A list of several keyboards and the secondary use of the F12 key is shown below.

F12 On A Lenovo ThinkPad

The F12 key's secondary purpose on the star-symbolized IBM and Lenovo ThinkPad keyboards is to launch a user-defined shortcut. The shortcut may be changed through the Lenovo Keyboard Manager.

The F12 Key On A Logitech Keyboard

The secondary F12 function in compatible media players skips to the next track or fast forwards on Logitech keyboards with two right arrows pointing to a line. The "ns" key on Logitech keyboards is an insert key.

F12 On The Microsoft Surface

The PgDn key is the auxiliary purpose of the F12 key on Microsoft Surface notebooks.

The F12 Key On A Dell Keyboard

The F12 key's secondary use on Dell laptop keyboards is to mute and unmute the audio.

The F12 Key On An HP Keyboard

The secondary F12 function on laptop keyboards made by Hewlett-Packard includes an airplane on the F12 key that turns airplane mode on and off.

F12 On An Apple Keyboard

The F12 key's default use on Apple keyboards is to reduce audio volume. For the secondary function, press F12 after pressing fn+F12.

The F12 Key On A Cooler Master Keyboard

The F12 secondary function on desktop keyboards from Cooler Master turns off and on the Windows key.

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Every computer keyboard has a function key named F12, often found at the top. Pressing the Fn key activates Special Function Keys, designated by distinctive icons of the same color. If pressing the F12 key accomplishes the desired result, the function keys serve as the secondary function (for example, increasing brightness). Every position indicated below, along with instructions on how to use it, allows the usage of the F12 key. Since there is no established standard for the secondary function of each key, every keyboard is different. The default function on Apple keyboards is to lower the audio volume. After pressing fn+F12 for the secondary role, press F12.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ensure that the Fn Keys are active. Look for the Fn, F lock, or F Mode keys on your keyboard. You should either push once or press and hold for a few seconds depending on your laptop. If it didn't work, simultaneously press Fn and Esc. After that, try using a Function key.

To open the JavaScript debugger in the Chrome browser, use the F12 function key, then select "Scripts." Place the breakpoint to the debugger for the JavaScript code in the JavaScript file by selecting it as the top file.

The F12 key may be used to launch Chrome Devtools if you aren't already there. You are immediately taken to the Sources tab.

By hitting the F12 key during the Power On Self Test, or POST, procedure of the computer, you may select which device you would want to boot the operating system from using the F12 Boot Menu. The F12 Boot Menu is by default deactivated on several laptop and netbook models.

enables you to operate on JavaScript expressions inside the context of a web page to interact with it.

The F12 key on every device performs a distinct purpose. The F12 key's default use on Apple keyboards is to reduce audio volume.
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