Download Disney + Hotstar in laptop

"Disney plus Hotstar" is one of the most trending digital streaming platforms for viewers who are fond of watching movies, serials, web series, T.V shows, reality shows, etc. The diversity of programs that Hotstar offers is the main reason for its popularity. If you are also curious about downloading Disney+Hotstar on your laptop, this article is for you. In this article, we include some easy methods to download Hotstar easily.

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How to download Download Disney + Hotstar on a laptop?

Download Disney Plus Hotstar In Laptop

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To Download Disney + Hotstar on your laptop follow these simple methods

Method 1 - With the use of the Hotstar video downloader app -

You can download  Disney + Hotstar on your laptop with the use of the Hotstar video downloader app easily by following these simple steps -:

Step 1 - Turn on your PC and refresh it.

Step 2 - open google. chrome. in or any other web browser of your desire.

Step 3 - search ' Hotstar video downloader app'.

Step 4 - Make sure that before downloading the Hotstar video downloader app' you installed Allow CROS extension app on your PC and turn it on.

Step 5 - After installing the Hotstar video downloader app, open and log in.

Step 6 - Make your verified account on the App with a login I'd or mobile number.

Step 7 - Choose the movie that you want to watch on your PC or laptop.

Step 8 - There is a URL link to the movie upside of the window tab.

Step 9 - Copy that URL link and paste the link in the mentioned ' input URL' box on

Hotstar Video Downloader App.

Step 10 - You will see a fetch button option on the app.

Step 11 - when the movie is to start click on the download option.

Step 12 - Select the video resolution and quality in which you want to download it like HD, SD, etc.

Step 13 - Download it and enjoy your offline watch on your PC or laptop.

This is how you can easily watch your favorite movies after downloading them on Hotstar on your PC or laptop.

Method 2 - With the use of the Acethinker video downloader app

Acethinker video downloader app is a third-party app that's why make sure your antivirus software is turned off. Because if it is turned on then it doesn't allow access to run Hotstar live streamer app on your PC or laptop.

To  Download Disney + Hotstar on your laptop with the help of the Acethinker video downloader app follow these simple steps -

1. Click on the window icon of your Laptop.

2. Start downloading the Acethinker video downloader app on your laptop or PC from any web browser.

3. Copy the URL link from the Hotstar application and paste the URL link on the Acethinker video downloader app.

4. Press enter successfully to watch your favorite movie without any disturbance.

5. Enjoy your premium videos offline watch.

The official Hotstar app is only available for Android and iOS that's why need to use third-party apps or Android emulators to run Hotstar on laptops.


This article concludes with the simple methods through which you can download the Disney+Hotstar on a laptop.