Best Extensions For Chrome

Best Extensions For Chrome
  • Sep 13th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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The number of browser extensions available in the Chrome store is one of the best and worst features of Google Chrome. It's the best because users have virtually endless options for enhancing their Chrome experience, but it's also the worst since, if you don't look for extensions, you might not realize how many amazing ones you're losing out on.

Best Useful Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions can perform a wide range of tasks, such as completely arranging your email inbox or blocking websites with pornographic material. Here is a selection of some of the more practical Chrome extensions that are currently available (listed in no particular order).

1. Save to Google Drive

Send screenshots to Google Drive instantly with this extension. Send screenshots to shopping mode Google Drive instantly with this extension.

This one is really simple and self-explanatory, yet it excels at what it does. When you click the Save to Google Drive icon in the top right corner of the browser, the current page is sent to your Google Drive account for later reading. Additionally, there is a choice for increased specificity in the right-click menu.

It works to save pictures, audio, and video in addition to taking screenshots. Again, there isn't much to this extension, but for anyone who might need to move files across devices, it's a quick and easy way to send stuff to cloud storage.

2. Sortd

Sortd makes it simple to categorize emails into various groups. Sortd makes it simple to categorize emails into various groups.

When Google announced that its Inbox by Gmail service will be discontinued, there was understandable gloom in the air. The productivity-focused Gmail alternative offered users options to prioritize the items that were most important to them and manage their inboxes.

Even while the Sortd Chrome addon isn't a perfect substitute, it functions adequately. After installation, it effortlessly connects with Gmail and enables users to drag and drop messages into specific columns. In a sidebar of Sortd, you may also make notes and maintain a to-do list.

The finest feature is that, with just a click of a button, you may instantly return to the standard Gmail interface for any reason.

3. Honey

Honey makes it simple to locate and sort through coupons.

It's simple to understand why Honey is one of the more well-liked and rated Chrome extensions available. Finding coupons while shopping online is quick and easy thanks to a symbol next to the URL or a centralized website.

Although there are many ways that the internet has made buying easier, it can be challenging to determine whether or not you are getting the greatest deal. Honey is a worker who does the labor for you.

4. Chrono Download Manager

Much superior to the default downloads view, Download Manager is a better method to sort through Chrome downloads.

Despite all the improvements Chrome has made, downloading is still not the most enjoyable aspect of the experience. Opening a different tab is necessary to browse through photographs, apps, or other possible downloads, and this tab isn't very well-organized. Additionally, the download bar at the bottom of the screen is merely unsightly.

The extension marketplace offers a decent substitute in the form of Chrono Download Manager. To get a window with all of your downloads organized neatly, click the extension icon in the upper right corner. You can arrange them according to the date or the type, and you can even get a preview of each download right away.

5. HTTPS Everywhere

Keep your data secure. Maintain the security of your data.

In 2019, browsing the internet can be dangerous. Your information can be taken at any time, seemingly from anyone, and it can be challenging to determine which websites are secure or not.

In response, HTTPS Everywhere was created. Any website may be changed from the default "HTTP" to "HTTPS," which, in layman's terms, indicates it's encrypted and more secure, using the straightforward Chrome plug-in. Although it is difficult for a single browser plugin to fix every issue with the internet, HTTPS Everywhere only has one task and excels at it.

6. I don't care about cookies

These sweets are deserving of attention.

Many websites record user information from everyone who visits them using tracking "cookies," which are little text files. These websites must now inform you of this and request your consent in order to comply with European data legislation. Even though that could be a good thing, doing this on a regular basis can get tiresome.

This Chrome extension basically just clicks the "I agree" button on cookie pop-ups for you, so it isn't fancy or sophisticated. It is mostly a time-saving strategy, but one that is effective.

7. Dalton color blindness extension

The Dalton color blindness extension is a useful tool for colorblind people.

The world is not designed for folks who don't have flawless color vision. The Dalton Chrome plugin is a clever fix for websites that don't make it easy for color-impaired users to discern between objects or images.

Dalton opens a straightforward menu with options for three different types of colorblindness in the browser's upper right corner. Users can select one color and change two color sliders to potentially improve the readability of the website they are viewing. Dalton might be of assistance, but colorblindness has no known treatment.

8. Speedtest

Use Speedtest to quickly view your internet connection. Quickly view your internet connection.

Despite being faster than ever, the internet is still far from ideal. Sometimes, before attempting to stream a video or download a large attachment, you may need to check your connection speed. Fortunately, Speedtest makes that fairly simple.

Simply click the "Go" button, and Speedtest will quickly test your connection on your selected network. Other than that, there isn't much to it, however, Speedtest can provide you with information on your network speed if you have any questions.

9. Tab Suspender

Your Chrome browser will run faster thanks to The Great Suspender, and it will run more quickly thanks to Tab Suspender.

Tabbed browsing's biggest drawback is that it's simple to fly too near to the sun. It can be tempting to have numerous tabs open, but doing so will certainly cause Chrome to run slowly.

A workable solution to that issue is Tab Suspender. To keep things operating smoothly, it will automatically suspend any open tabs after a predetermined period of time. To bring it back, simply click the tab or hit the refresh button.

10. Grammarly

Grammarly will fix your mistakes.

Although Grammarly is not a recent or obscure Chrome extension, it is still helpful. Anyone who has ever written anything understands how terrifying unintentional typos or spelling errors can be. These will be located by Grammarly, who will then correct them.

Although there are already spell-checking systems in place, it never hurts to have a more thorough one.

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I won't say much as the blog has informed you all about the best extensions for chrome. It is an easy process and you can use it for various purposes.

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