How can We Activate Function Keys In Dell Laptops

How can We Activate Function Keys In Dell Laptops
  • Jan 12th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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Here, you will find all the topics and information related to laptops and PCs. Today, our case is: How can we activate function keys in Dell laptops? Before continuing this topic, we must understand  "What function keys in laptops"? Function keys are those keys on the keyboard on the topside that perform various specific functions on PCs and laptops. These are also called shortcut keys and F keys. Functional keys can operate many specific tasks like ;

• Printing a document

•Copy any text

• Paste any text

• Saving a document etc.

F1, F2,  F5, and F12 are essential keys known as function keys. There are a total of 12 function keys on the keyboard of a PC and laptop. Function keys take the topmost side of the keyboard and lie in the first horizontal row. Specific Function keys perform certain functions on the keyboard of the laptop. We can input the functions by pressing different function keys( from F1 to F12), and the output comes with a computer and PC.

For Example,

F1 Fn (Function key) opens the Help and Support window to different programs on the laptop.

The F2 function key is used in renaming any file or document.

The F3 function key is used to - open the "search feature" of the currently active application on the laptop. It can be used to find or search for something.

F4 function critical use - When the F4 key is combined with Alt, it helps close an active window on the laptop.

The F5 Function key is used to Refresh and reload something from the web or any document, file, or page on the laptop.

The F6 function key is used to Highlight the "Address bar" from a cursor in a web browser.

The F7 function key is used in "Check word spelling and grammar" of any document. It is primarily used in Microsoft applications such as MS Word.

The F8 function key turns on the "boot menu" to start the laptop and PC.

The F9 function key is used to " refresh a file or document in MS Word" and "send and receive email messages on MS Outlook."

The F10 function key is used to open the main menu bar. "Shift+F10 " did the same thing.

The F11 function key is used in an online internet browser's active enter and exit fullscreen mode.

The F12 function key is used to - activate the "save as dialogue box" option on MS Word.

So, function keys perform various functions. That's why they are also called Secondary keys. Most laptops have 12 function keys, but newer laptops have 24 function keys from F1 to F24. Apple laptops have 19 function keys from F1 to F19 on the keyboard.

But these are examples of tasks that can be done with function keys. If these keys are deactivated, then activating these function keys on a laptop is necessary to maintain better performance.

In a Dell laptop, to turn on these functions keys, follow these simple steps and make the task easier -:

 • First, activate your Dell laptop's BIOS (essential input and output system).

•  Turn on your Dell laptop.

• Press the F12 function key to go to the boot main menu.

• Move the cursor to Select "BIOS system" from the list in the boot main menu.

• Press enter under "BIOS system."

• The page shows you the Fn lock option on the settings page.

• Click on the " Fn lock option."

• You will see two alternatives after entering the Fn lock option.

(i) Lock mode disable/ Standard

(ii)  Lock mode enable/ Secondary

The means of lock mode disables/Standard option is to the function keys. In the case of the lock, mode turns off the opportunity to turn on the function keys and will not work directly on your laptop and PC.

The means of the lock mode enable / Secondary option is that you can easily activate the function keys on your laptop to perform shortcuts.

• Click on the "Lock mode enable /Secondary"  option to activate function keys in the Dell laptop.

• Save and Apply the changes to the settings page.

• Then Exit and shut down your laptop once.

• After rebooting the laptop, you can use function keys from F1 to F12.

These are the basic steps "to enable function keys in your laptop." By following these points, you can make your function keys work.

This blog contains all the data about the function keys.

- What are function keys?

- Where are function keys located on the keyboard?

- What are the works of function keys?

- How do you activate or enable the function key option in the Dell laptop?

- How can I make the Function key turn on?

- How can I use different function keys for different works?

- Uses of F1 and F12 functional keys.

I hope this blog helps you operate your laptop's function keys.


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