Right Click Shortcut

Right Click Shortcut
  • Jan 23rd, 2024
  • Anshu Chauhan
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Right Click Shortcut

Having a mouse was once considered odd. It was a costly accessory that only a few professional users could afford. Nowadays, a simple mouse costs approximately $5, and almost all computer operating systems are designed to work with this ubiquitous pointing device.

So, how would you right-click if anything happened to your mouse today? How the heck would you left-click? I know, it's a scary thought. But after reading this article, you'll be able to right-click with the keyboard like a pro and take control of your mouse in any situation.

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Use A Keyboard To Right-Click Instead Of A Mouse

There are two main benefits of using the keyboard instead of a mouse when using a graphical user interface. Accessibility is the first problem. Many people can use a keyboard but not a mouse because they are limited in their range of motion or have weaker limbs.

The second involves faulty hardware. You may need to use your computer while waiting for a replacement or repair if your trackpad or mouse suddenly stops working for several reasons.

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In some circumstances, utilizing keyboard shortcuts rather than a mouse to manage your computer might be quicker and more effective. Since keyboard shortcuts are essentially necessary for professional operations, this is already known to computer professionals.

Consequently, you could find that you prefer utilizing some of these keyboard shortcuts to using the mouse. There is nothing wrong with customizing computer control to meet your requirements.

In Windows 10, Use The Mouse Keys

The "Mouse Keys" feature in Windows 10 allows users to control the mouse cursor using the keyboard. To enable right-click shortcut or Mouse Keys in Windows 10:

  • Click Start.

  • Type Mouse Keys.

  • Click on Turn Mouse Keys on or Off.

  • You can also reach a more advanced set of Mouse Key settings by going to Control Panel > Ease of Access > Ease of Access Center > Make the Mouse Easier to Use > Set Up Mouse Keys.

The buttons on the numeric keypad can move the cursor once the Mouse Keys are on. The mouse buttons are now "/," "*," and "-." with the right mouse button being "-." You can fine-tune the pointer's behavior in the advanced Mouse Keys Control Panel settings and right-click using the keyboard if you'd like.

Utilize Mouse Keys In Catalina On Mac

macOS offers a similar accessibility function that lets you control the cursor with keyboard shortcuts, so it's not left out. It doesn't operate precisely the same as the Windows version of the concept, as you might think, but it still functions effectively.

To Activate The Feature:

  • Select the Apple menu from the menu.

  • Decide on System Preferences.

  • Deciding on Accessibility.

  • Select Pointer Control next.

  • Select Other Control Methods by clicking.

  • Switch on the Mouse Keys.

  • Option-Command-F5 or pressing the Touch ID button consecutively on a Mac will quickly activate Mouse Keys.

You can also use these keyboard shortcuts to right-click on MacBooks and Magic Keyboards since they frequently lack number pads. as displayed in this diagram created by Apple.

The "I" and "5" on the Numpad are the mouse buttons. The buttons will be pressed and held by "M" and "0." The full stop (period) button releases the mouse in either method.

Right-Click In macOS

The so-called "alternative click" isn't configured by default if you use a Mac, which is likely the case. Therefore, nothing happens when you right-click on a Mac right out of the box.

You must configure the mouse's right-click behavior under the mouse and trackpad options in System Preferences. When you click with two fingers (on a trackpad) or on the right side, your Magic Trackpad or Mouse will do a right-click (with the Magic Mouse).

# MacBook Repair Center

However, a right-click must be produced using the mouse and keyboard by default. Left-click while continuing to hold down the control button. It is not the same as the "options" button.

Instead, if you press and hold, you'll frequently receive a popup menu but not the right-click one. For instance, advanced WiFi options are opened by holding options while clicking the WiFi icon.

Use The Shortcut By Right-Clicking The Key

Using the Tab and the cursor keys, you can select items in Windows.

The item will then be activated by pressing Enter. Combined, those provide you the same capability as left- or double-clicking on items.

Most people are unaware that you can also right-click using a keyboard shortcut. This kind of button can be seen on several Windows keyboards.

Many contemporary keyboards, meanwhile, lack this feature. Fortunately, shift + F10, a standard shortcut on Windows, accomplishes the same result. In programs like Word or Excel, it will right-click on anything highlighted or wherever the cursor is.

Why Do You Need A Mouse?

Okay, perhaps I exaggerated. However, these keyboard-based solutions can be constructive if your pointing device breaks or you find a mouse difficult to use.

You should consider purchasing an alternative pointing device if your disability prevents you from using a mouse to control the pointer.

For those with a range of mobility difficulties, numerous specialized controllers are available—for instance, voice control or eye-tracking cameras. Even using a generic off-the-shelf game controller to control your mouse pointer is possible with software like Keysticks.

Even while the mouse pointer is still a vital component of most desktop operating systems today, there are several ways to move it.

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I won't say much, as the blog has informed you about the click shortcut. It is an easy process, and you can use it for various purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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F10 and Shift What would happen then if your mouse broke and you were unable to right-click? Fortunately, Windows offers a global keyboard shortcut that performs a right-click wherever the pointer is. Shift + F10 is the key combination for this keyboard shortcut.

When using a device without a mouse, you can open the right-click menu by pressing and holding your finger on the screen for one to two seconds, or until the menu appears.
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