How To Fix Asus Laptop Wi Fi Not Working Problem

How To Fix Asus Laptop Wi Fi Not Working Problem
  • Jan 23rd, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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This blog mentions how to fix ASUS laptop wifi connectivity problems. We hope this blog will solve ASUS Laptop users' wifi connectivity issues.

Generally, asus users face issues regarding how to connect the Asus laptop with wifi, how to fix Asus laptop wifi not working, how to resolve wifi Asus laptop, and so on with wifi connectivity issues with Asus notebooks. 

 You must fix these problems for your ASUS Laptop before connecting to your Wwifi-F.

 Do you have an Asus laptop and are struggling with wifi connection problems? Although wireless network issues in Windows 10 are not very common on Asus laptops, they may sometimes trouble you out of the blue, which is not very unusual.

 The Problem could be laptop settings or software issues if it is a newly purchased laptop. An old asus laptop could attract software as well as hardware issues. In this blog, we address Asus's laptop wifi problems with some of the usual solutions to fix Asus laptop wifi not working that could also be used to resolve similar issues on any Windows 10 Asus laptop.

How to Fix Asus Laptop wifi Problems

Let us check out the remedies that can be used to fix the wifi problem on Windows 10 asus laptops. You can try these methods in the given order to regain internet access on your PC. Let's start.

Run Internet Connections Troubleshooter

You can start to fix wifi issues on Asus's laptop by running an in-built troubleshooter that comes with Windows 10 asus laptop. Windows has a set of troubleshooting tools that can scan your PC for bugs and fix them. One of the troubleshooters is the Internet Connections Troubleshooter. This tool will detect issues on your PC that could be causing wifi not to work with an ASUS laptop.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Settings app on your PC. It would help if you pressed the Windows key + I key together. To do so.

  • In the Settings app, select the Update & Security option.

  • Go to the left panel in the new window and click the Troubleshoot option. Now, go to the right panel. Here, you will see a list of troubleshooters. Make a selection on the Additional troubleshooter's option.

  • From the list of troubleshooters, look for an Internet Connections troubleshooter. When found, click on it. Now, you will be able to see the Run the troubleshooter button. Press enter to run.

Now, the troubleshooter will look for wifi internet-related issues on your asus laptop. Now, you can follow the on-screen instructions to fix any detected problem.

In case any issue is detected, resolve it. After applying the fix, make sure to restart your laptop. See if using the troubleshooter fixes the Problem.

If the troubleshooter does not find any issue and doesn't see or fix any problem, go ahead and try the following method.

Check whether your wifi is enabled.

Your power is saved by turning off the ASUS wifi adapter; when it is not needed, you may accidentally turn it off. By pressing the shortcut key Fn + F2 simultaneously, you can check your Problem and fix the wifi in the Asus laptop running on Windows 7. You need to recheck the wifi in the Network and Sharing Centre if your hotkeys aren't working. You can do that by following a few steps in order:

  • Type network connections in the Search box and select View Internet Connections.

  • Click on your wifi connection (with the wifi name or WLAN address) and select Enable.

  • If the connection is already enabled, you can disable and re-enable the wifi network, repeat a few times.

See if your wifi works after it. If not, you can try the following method below.

The DNS server address should be changed.

 No internet issues may occur if the DNS server address is not set incorrectly. Proper DNS server settings will fix the Problem that you are facing. You can select the grounds of the DNS server: 

  • If the Network Connections window remains open (in the previous method), you can right-click your wifi and choose Properties.

  • Click Internet Protocol Version 4 and then select Properties.

 Under the General tab, select Use the following DNS server addresses.

  • for the Preferred DNS server, enter

  • for the Alternate DNS server, enter

Then select OK to apply.

  • See if this helps you fix your wifi problem in an ASUS laptop. If not, you can move on to the next solution.

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Check whether your WLAN AutoConfig Service is running properly

If your asus laptop cannot connect with wifi, then there must be a failure in running the WLAN AutoConfig Service. Make sure this service is working correctly. To do that, follow some steps: 

  • Press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously on your keyboard to invoke the Run box. Then, type services. msc and press Enter.

  • Scroll down to the bottom and click WLAN AutoConfig.

  • Set the Startup type to Automatic and select Start. Then click Apply > OK

You should reset your network setting 

With the help of Command Prompt, users can fix their wifi connection problems in asus laptops by resetting their network settings; how to run Command Prompt:

  • Type cmd in the search box. Right-click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator.

  • After entering each command line below, press Enter.

Note: there's a space between ipconfig and /

  • After running all the commands, you need to restart your laptop for the changes to take effect, then check if it is reliable to fix your wifi connection problem. 

Your wifi adapter driver needs to be updated.

If you're using the wrong wireless network adapter driver, issues may occur in your wifi connectivity with an Asus laptop or if your wifi connection is outdated. See if the drivers work for you by updating them. Your drivers can either be updated manually or automatically.

For the manual update of drivers, go to the website and search for the latest adapter version to download and install onto your laptop.

You can automatically update the driver by using Driver Easy. With Driver Easy, you don't need to know what system is running on your computer; there is no risk of downloading and installing the wrong driver, and there is no worry of making mistakes while installing the driver with Driver Easy. 

By doing this step, your Asus laptop wifi will start working correctly. If not, look for another method mentioned below to fix the wifi issue in your Asus laptop.

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You need to adjust your power management.

To save power, your computer may mistakenly turn off your Wireless LAN Card, which causes a wifi connectivity problem in the Asus laptop. If you're considering how to fix the Asus laptop wifi not working, then follow these steps: 

  • Open Device Manager by right-clicking the Start menu (Windows logo/ window button).

  • Expand Network adapters and click your Wireless LAN Card

  • Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck the option Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Then press enter. Now your Asus laptop wifi problem will be fixed.

You need to repair your system files.

Internet-related system files likely cause wifi not to work on an Asus laptop. You need to restore your system-related files if they are damaged, corrupted, or missing by the following methods:

You can automatically restore recommended system files. To determine the cause of wifi problems, you need to use a repair tool to check various problem areas in your computer.

You can also manually check the system file, which has a built-in tool for restoring your corrupted, damaged system files. However, a manual check of system files will only diagnose major system file issues but won't deal with your damaged DLL, Windows, or Registry key.

Reinstall wifi Driver

You can also try to reinstall the wifi driver on your Asus laptop to fix the wifi not working Problem. Reinstalling the wifi driver will ensure the replacement of faulty or corrupt wireless network adapter drivers. For this, you will need to uninstall the driver software first. Check out the steps:

  • Open Device Manager, expand the Network adapter section and click on the wireless network adapter driver.

  • From the options in the menu, select the Uninstall Device option.

When the driver is uninstalled successfully, go ahead and restart your PC. Upon the restart, the network device driver will be installed automatically. Now check if the wifi trouble continues; you will probably understand How to fix the ASUS Laptop wifi problem by following the above methods. 

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I hope ASUS Laptop users will find this blog helpful in resolving their Wi-Fi-related connectivity issues and get their answers on How to fix the ASUS Laptop wifi not working Problem. This blog has described some common problems in ASUS Laptops regarding wifi connectivity issues and ways to resolve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Open your phone's Settings app. Tap System Reset options Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. If you don't see "Advanced," tap Network & internet More. Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. At the bottom, tap Reset settings.

Download Driver: Select [Driver&Tools] -> Select your Operating System. Note?The OS supported by Motherboard is different. ... 3.Select the suitable driver from the options. Please download the latest driver. Unzip the file after download and open the folder , double click on "ASUS Setup" or "Setup" to install.

Press the blue "FN" key and the "F2" key simultaneously, then release. This key combination is the “Hot” key to toggle the Wi-Fi adapter on or off. Your netbook's Wi-Fi indicator should light up when the adapter is turned on.

If your Wi-Fi isn't working on your laptop, there might be issues with its drivers or settings. You can easily fix the laptop Wi-Fi not working by restarting your router and laptop. Run the Windows troubleshooter and let your OS find the cause and remedy for the issue.

So what's going on? Rebooting your computer might resolve the issue, especially if it has been a while since the last reboot. If that doesn't do the trick to connect to the WiFi, reset your network adapter. Otherwise, your network adapter might have broken, and replacing it should solve the problem.

Dropping a connection, there can be various reasons behind this issue such as outdated network adapter driver, outdated router software, and optimized power management in Windows 10. You can fix these issues by checking your WLAN adapter or adjusting your wifi adapter in an Asus laptop.

A lot of internet issues can be remedied quickly by simply restarting your modem and router. It's an easy fix that's always worth a shot. To restart your modem and router, unplug the power cable for 10 seconds and plug it back in.
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