How To Check Battery Health In A Laptop

How To Check Battery Health In A Laptop
  • Sep 12th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Even the battery that powers your laptop isn't intended to last forever. Even while it might seem that your device's power source should be the technological equivalent of a gobstopper that never runs out, laptop batteries have a life cycle that comes to an end just like any other battery.

In order to avoid having to replace your laptop battery in an emergency, it is crucial to monitor the condition of your laptop battery. It can and probably will die at some point. Additionally, just because the battery is dead does not necessitate the purchase of a new laptop.

What causes laptop batteries to die?

Lithium-ion batteries, which are the power source for the majority of laptops, typically lose their ability to charge over time. Your laptop battery may eventually only hold, say, 30 percent of its original charge, while having originally held a full charge of 100 percent due to this.

This could affect both your laptop's performance and productivity. Although laptops are designed to be portable, their usefulness to you may suffer if you are unable to move them from one location to another without the battery dying. View your life in numbers with this addictive website, which you may also enjoy.

This occurs as a result of your laptop battery's limited capacity to handle full battery cycles, or, to put it another way, the process by which your battery charges from 0 to 100 percent before it begins to lose efficiency. Your laptop battery will lose efficiency if you often put it through full charge cycles, just like older batteries do as they get older.

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How to check your laptop's battery life

Your laptop's kind will determine the procedures you need to take to assess the health of your battery. On a MacBook, verifying the status of your battery is considerably easier than it is on a PC laptop. New ways your phone can keep you safe in an emergency is something else you might appreciate.

How to examine the condition of your PC laptop's battery

  • Use the Windows PowerShell terminal as the first option (Windows 8 or later).

  • To check the health of your battery, you only need to issue one straightforward command from the Windows Powershell interface.

  • Select Start from the laptop's menu.

  • Click the PowerShell option that appears after performing a search for it.

  • Once it does, enter powercfg /battery report onto the command line.

  • Entering the key will produce a report with details on the condition of your battery.

  • To retrieve the report, look for the folder named C: Users[YourUsername] in your user accounts directory.

Note: You can choose to input "cmd" while pressing the Start button instead of looking for Powershell.

  • Run the program in administrator mode by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

  • Enter powercfg /battery report while in administrator mode.

  • Press Enter.

  • To access the report, navigate to UsersYour Username and look for the battery-report.html file.

Option 2: Use Battery Report to check the health of your battery (best for older laptops)

  • To access the Win + X menu, press Windows Key + X.

  • Decide on Command Prompt (Admin). (Note: By doing this, Command Prompt is opened in administrator mode, enabling you to run a battery report on your laptop.)

  • Enter the same command you use for Windows PowerShell when Command Prompt opens: Run the report using powercfg /battery report.

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How to examine the condition of your Mac laptop's battery

  • When compared to monitoring the battery health on a PC laptop, checking the health of your MacBook battery is surprisingly easy. For a MacBook, you can check the condition of the battery by:

  • Click on the Apple menu while holding down the Option key.

  • Then select System Information.

  • Access Hardware > Power > Cycle Count by scrolling down.


I won't say much as the blog has informed you all about checking battery health in a laptop. It is an easy process and you can use it for various purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Around 2-4 years A laptop battery typically lasts 1,000 charges or two to four years of regular use. You should prepare to change your laptop battery at that time. There is no need to replace the laptop battery if you are comfortable using it plugged in more frequently than you used to.

There can be an excessive number of background processes active. A resource-intensive program (such as gaming or any other desktop program) might also deplete the battery. Your system can be using high brightness or other cutting-edge features. A surplus of network and online connections may also contribute to this issue

Although storing laptop batteries in colder environments is advised, extreme cold can permanently damage your battery. Do not use your actual lap to hold the laptop. Frequently, placing a laptop on your lap causes it to heat up and obstruct air vents.

A battery won't overcharge if you leave it plugged in constantly, not even around the clock. It will stop charging as soon as it reaches 100 per cent and won't begin again until the voltage drops below a particular point. A battery will be harmed if it is fully discharged.

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