If you have many old gadgets in our house which are not in use and we cannot sell them as junk. Like laptops, tablets,s and gaming consoles so, if you want to sell them at a good price, then we will tell you the best place for them.

Actually, there are many websites in the market where you can sell your old laptop at a good price. These include sites like Olx, SahiValue and Cashify and etc. Know which site will get the best price in the next slide.

Before selling your old laptop make sure to take back up your data and reset the laptop to the factory condition. In order to save your privacy and make the laptop better.


If we talk about Cashify, here you can get a good price for your old laptop which you cannot get on any other site. In such a situation, you can sell your old laptop on this site. Learn how this site works in the next slide.

By visiting this Cashify.com, you will get the option to sell TVs, Mobiles, Laptops, Tablets, iMacs, and Gaming consoles. From here, click on the product you want to sell, and then you will be asked about the brand and condition of your laptop or gadgets.

After this, you will know its exact price online only. After this, an engineer of the company will come to you and check the product and leave after paying the money. The company can also give money to your bank account. Also, there may be a difference between the price viewed online and the post-engineered price.

At last, you can also go with other sites like Olx, but there you have to deal directly with customers, so there might be chances of deflation in the value of your laptop and it is time taking process.

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Final Words 

In this article, we have discussed how to sell old laptops fast with a good deal. If this article has helped you then do share it with your friends and knowns. Don’t forget to comment.