Consider the scenario, you are happy with your new laptop and are busy working on it and suddenly something happens, your laptop falls down and you see that the hinge is broken. This may or may not have happened to you but chances are that you have faced the issue of a damaged laptop hinge. 

However, fret not, it is a feasibly repairable issue, often being considered the most common problem for laptops of every make and model.

It is obvious that a broken laptop hinge cannot be left as is, it would render the laptop almost unusable in that condition because the hinge is a fundamental part of your hardware that connects the screen holder and the keyboard system.

Thus, in this blog, we will discuss the cost of repair and the signs that your laptop hinge is in need of service.


One of the most delicate components on a laptop would be the hinges, which may be easily undone by mishaps or damage over time. Because laptops have been designed to be portable, they may be susceptible to unintentional damage whenever they are dropped or bumped. Due to wear and tear, laptop hinges often become broken down at some point.

The entire screen and display system of your laptop is delicately supported and joined to the body of your workstation through the hinges.

The hinges help in the smooth opening and closing along with the basic functioning of your machine. They support the LED display and allow it to retain the fixed angle when bent for convenience and ease of use. The delicate network of cables that connect your display to the motherboard is protected by the hinges too.

Thus, they are necessary from both the functional as well as comfort points of view. Hence they are very important components of any electronic device and if damaged, your laptop might not be up for further use until repaired or replaced.



There are various reasons why your hinges may break or undergo damage, often dealing with usage and maintenance issues as the hinge wears are often not a manufacturing defect.

The first and foremost reason obviously is the improper practice of opening and closing the laptop screen. A lot of common laptop users, not just novice device owners, have the bad habit of closing the lid with just one hand. This is harmful to the device because holding just one side while closing exerts a disproportionate force on that end, creating unnecessary torque and leading to unbalanced damage and wear.

Another reason the laptop hinges break is very simple, the build of the workstation might not be very durable, to begin with. Sometimes the laptop might have manufacturing vulnerabilities and because of this, there can be factory defects. 

Often these laptops are cheap and low quality in build, leading to more chances of breakage.

The majority of all these low-cost workstations are made to endure as far as the market changes. They are really not designed to be as robust as they would be, and sometimes a minor fall can result in damage, including all the breakage of hinges.

Obviously, laptops can also fall down and suffer accidental damage. Your laptop may tumble from you through accident or just be negligently put there at the edge of an elevated structure. If it drops, you'll have to deal with a broken laptop.


A good way to avoid this issue is to never place the device around elevated surfaces.

Finally, one major hazard that arises from improper usage is because of the fact that many users carelessly handle their laptops by the screen. 

The base of your computer is usually heavier than that of the top, which contains the display. Never carry it by the lid to avoid weakening your laptop's hinges.



A broken laptop hinge might leave your laptop unusable, causing you a world of discomfort. I wouldn't recommend throwing it away or ordering a fresh one because that would be an additional cost.

A damaged laptop hinge may be fixed in a number of ways, avoiding the need to transition any laptop to something like a desktop computer.

Laptops are indeed costly devices, so that if you don't want to spend a lot of money on the new ones, you may replace a damaged or dismantled hinge for a modest charge.

With the exception of a few models, most laptop models feature distinct hardware parts. Based upon your particular laptop type, there are several other techniques to mend your damaged Laptop hinges, taking into account the amount of both the damage and cost.



The cost and time along with the expertise required to fix an issue with the hinges depend on the kind of damage they have endured.  There are four different sorts of issues that might arise.

The first scenario is the one that the laptop panel where the string nuts are attached will break.

The second problem that may arise is a plastic container that holds brass screws that may disintegrate.

The third reason that your hinge may need maintenance is that hinges may split into two parts.

The fourth cause of consequence of hinge damage is that the screen ceases functioning or begins to flicker as a result of the unequal strain. 

The hinges may also become loose at times. All of them will require you to spend money on repairs. 



Every laptop model has a different build and is made up of different components and all these factors, along with the company the laptop has been manufactured by, have a big influence on the cost of the repairs.

One thing to be noted is that the cost involves not just the payment of the spare parts but also the charges for the expertise of a professional technician.

There are various tutorials on the web for self-attempt at fixing and repairing a laptop but these are delicate devices and you are better off hiring the services of a professional repair shop.

The factors that can affect the costs vary. Sometimes the laptop’s damage is easy to fix but the spare parts can be difficult to find. Such a situation may drive the prices up.


Other times, the hinge which is made of two faces that are connected by a rail, might have damage in a complicated way that makes separation and proper repairing difficult. In such a case the bezel needs to be opened up and then the hinges need to be changed leading to a lot more of a complicated procedure which can increase the costs too.

A basic laptop hinge service costs approximately Rs.500 and Rs.1000. However, if the restoration necessitates any replacement of other components, such as that of the front bezel or back of the screen, the cost may surpass Rs.3000. In rare situations, the technician may need to insert specialized braces to repair the hinges.



Can a broken HP laptop hinge Be Fixed?

  • Any laptop's plastic hinges can be replaced, and there's a good chance they can be repaired as well; it all depends on the state of the hinges.

How much does it cost to fix a laptop hinge?

  • The price can vary but low-end repairs can be availed at around Rs.500 while complex damage can cost thousands of rupees.

How do I fix the hinge on my HP laptop?

  • The procedure for the repair will vary depending on the build, damage, and expertise of the technician.

How long do HP laptop hinges last?

  • Typically the hinges are meant to last the lifetime of the laptop but damages can occur within 1-2 years of continuous usage.

Can I use a laptop with a broken hinge?

  • You should avoid using laptops with broken hinges because they may cause the screen to crack or break the wires connecting the screen to the motherboard.

Can you oil laptop hinges?

  • No this is not a good idea as laptops are delicate electronics and oil might seep into the inner structure of the laptop.

Why did my laptop hinge break?

  • The laptop hinge may have broken due to improper use, fall damage or in rare cases a manufacturing defect.

Do HP laptops have bad hinges?

  • Generally no, since HP is a reputable company and their spare parts market is also very widely accessible.


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