Laptop Hinge Repair Costs In India

Laptop Hinge Repair Costs In India
  • Feb 27th, 2024
  • Ranjeet Singh
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At the NSS Laptop Service Center, We encounter various laptop-related issues, including the common problem of a broken laptop hinge. The laptop hinge is a crucial mechanical component that attaches the laptop display screen to the other part of the device, allowing for smooth opening and closing of the screen as needed. 

Thus, the question - of laptop hinge repair cost is a popular search term on major search engines. People are also searching for these queries:

Laptop Hinge Repair Cost in India? 

Dell Laptop hinge repair cost 

Inspiron & Vostro & Latitude

INR 600 + INR250(repair charge)

IBM Laptop hinge repair cost 

IBM G series and most of the other IBM laptops

INR 550 + INR250(repair charge)

Lenovo Laptop hinge repair cost 

Lenovo G450 to G455 series, along with other laptops

INR 530 + INR250(repair charge)

HP Laptop hinge repair cost 

HP 6535B series

INR 520 + INR250(repair charge)

HP Laptop hinge repair cost 

HP 15, Pavilion G6 & DV series

INR 610 + INR250(repair charge)

HP Laptop hinge repair cost 

HP 4530 Probook series

INR 990 + INR250(repair charge)

Acer Laptop hinge repair cost 

Acer Aspire series

INR 530 + INR250(repair charge)

Compaq Laptop hinge repair cost 

Compaq presario series

INR 550 + INR250(repair charge)

Lenovo Laptop hinge repair cost 

Lenovo Ideapad series

INR 460 to INR 660 + INR250(repair charge)

Toshiba Laptop hinge repair cost 

Toshiba Satellite series

INR 660 + INR250(repair charge)

, the price range may differ in different cities and at other times. But, this list will give a rough perspective regarding the cost of laptop hinge repair within India at any regular NSS Dell laptop repair.

Now, consider the scenario: you are happy with your new laptop and are busy working on it, and suddenly, something happens: your computer falls, and you see that the laptop hinge is broken. This may or may not have occurred to you, but chances are you have faced a damaged laptop hinge. 

However, fret not; it is a feasibly repairable issue, often considered the most common problem for every make and model laptop.

It is obvious that a 'laptop hinge broken' cannot be left as is; it would render the laptop almost unusable in that condition because the Hinge is a fundamental part of your hardware that connects the screen holder and the keyboard system.

Thus, in this blog, we will discuss the cost of repairing a broken laptop hinge and the signs that your laptop hinge needs service.

Laptop Hinges Importance

Laptop hinges are among the most fragile components of these devices, and they can quickly become damaged by accidents or over time. Since laptops are designed for portability, they are more vulnerable to accidental damage from drops or impacts. Over time, the wear and tear on laptop hinges can cause them to fail.

The hinges play a critical role in supporting and connecting the entire screen and display system to the body of your laptop. They facilitate smooth opening and closing of your device and keep the LED display, enabling it to maintain a fixed angle for ease of use. The hinges also protect the delicate cable network that links your display to the motherboard.

Thus, they are necessary from both functional and comfort points of view. Hence, they are critical components of any electronic device, and if damaged, your laptop might not be up for further use until repaired or replaced.

 Dell Laptop Broken Hinge Warranty

If you have a broken Dell laptop, repairing it can be a hassle. Luckily, some services will help you with parts and labor. If you have a fractured Dell laptop, fixing it can be a hassle. Luckily, some services will help you with details and work. The first place to check is your local computer repair shop. They should be able to find the part for your machine and fix it quickly. The second step would be contacting Dell directly. They offer free parts replacements on certain warranties and free shipping if the item was purchased from them in-store or online. The last option would be contacting the retailer where you bought your laptop in hopes of getting a replacement sent out to you at no cost to yourself whatsoever!

Dell Laptop Broken Hinge Warranty

When a laptop breaks, you may have a few options:

You can replace it with a new one. When you do this, you're essentially paying for the cost of the laptop itself, plus any warranty coverage that comes with it.

You can get repairs for less money than what you paid for your laptop. This is common if your computer was purchased from Amazon or another online retailer.

You can get a low-cost repair from a local computer repair store. This is an option if you bought your laptop at retail stores like Best Buy or Office Depot.


There are various reasons why your hinges may break or undergo damage, often dealing with usage and maintenance issues as the hinge wears are usually not a manufacturing defect.

The first and foremost reason is improperly opening and closing the laptop screen. Many everyday laptop users, not just novice device owners, have the bad habit of closing the lid with just one hand. This harms the device because holding just one side while closing exerts a disproportionate force on that end, creating unnecessary torque and leading to unbalanced damage and wear.

Another reason the laptop hinges break is straightforward: the build of the workstation might not be very durable. Sometimes, the computer might have manufacturing vulnerabilities, and because of this, there can be factory defects. 

Often, these laptops are cheap and low quality in build, leading to more chances of breakage.

Most of these low-cost workstations are made to endure as far as the market changes. They are not designed to be as robust as they would be, and sometimes, a minor fall can result in damage, including all the breakage of hinges.

Laptops can also fall and suffer accidental damage. Your computer may accidentally tumble from you or be negligently put at the edge of an elevated structure. If it drops, you'll have to deal with a broken laptop. In such cases, you must bring your computer to an NSS laptop repair center near you

An excellent way to avoid this issue is never to place the device around elevated surfaces.

Finally, one significant hazard from improper usage is that many users carelessly handle their laptops by the screen. 

The base of your computer is usually heavier than that of the top, which contains the display. Never carry it by the lid to avoid weakening your laptop's hinges.

 Laptop Hinge Repair Price? 

If your laptop hinge is broken, it can render your device unusable, which can be incredibly inconvenient. However, I wouldn't suggest discarding it or purchasing a brand-new one, as this would result in additional expenses.

There are various ways to repair a damaged laptop hinge, eliminating the need to switch to a desktop computer. Since laptops are typically expensive devices, you can save considerable money by replacing a broken or disassembled hinge for a modest fee.

Except for a few models, most laptop models feature distinct hardware parts. Based upon your particular laptop type, there are several other techniques to mend your damaged Laptop hinges, taking into account the amount of both the damage and cost.


The cost, time, and expertise required to fix an issue with the hinges depend on the damage they have endured. There are four different sorts of problems that might arise.

The first scenario is where the laptop panel with the attached string nuts will break.

The second problem that may arise is a plastic container that holds brass screws that may disintegrate.

The third reason your Hinge may need maintenance is that hinges may split into two parts.

The fourth cause of the consequence of hinge damage is that the screen ceases functioning or begins to flicker as a result of the unequal strain. 

The hinges may also become loose at times. All of them will require you to spend money on repairs. 


Various factors, such as each model's unique build and components and the manufacturing company, influence the cost of laptop repairs. It's important to note that the price includes not only the cost of the spare parts but also the fees for the skill and knowledge of a professional technician.

There are various tutorials on the web for self-attempts at fixing and repairing a laptop. Still, these are delicate devices, and you are better off hiring the services of a professional repair shop.

The factors that can affect the costs vary. Sometimes, the laptop's damage is easy to fix, but the spare parts can be challenging to find. Such a situation may drive the prices up.

Other times, the Hinge, made of two faces connected by a rail, might have been damaged in a complicated way, making separation and proper repair difficult. In such a case, the bezel needs to be opened up, and then the hinges need to be changed, leading to a much more complicated procedure, which can increase the costs, too.

A basic laptop hinge repair costs approximately Rs.500 and Rs.1000. However if the restoration necessitates any replacement of other components, such as that of the front bezel or back of the screen, the cost may surpass Rs.3000. In rare situations, the technician may need to insert specialized braces to repair the hinges.

Do I need to replace the hinges on my laptop?

Buying a laptop comes with a certain amount of wear and tear on its hinges. This wear and tear can affect how well your computer works and how long it lasts. If you notice that one Hinge is weak, it's probably time for a new one. You can usually tell when one Hinge is damaged by seeing if it wobbles when held up by one finger or two fingers at once. If it does, then it's probably time for a new hinge.

The laptop's hinge repair cost is a big question. If you are looking for the best laptop Hinge repair cost, here is some helpful information to help you decide.

The first thing you should do regarding laptop Hinge repair cost is find out the brand of laptop Hinge. Many different brands are in the market, each with its warranty information. The second thing you must do is know whether your computer has any warranty. If it has a contract, you can get a quote from any company that offers these services.

If your laptop has no warranty, it might be difficult for you to get an estimate from any company because they will charge more money than what they would charge if there were no warranty involved in their services. This is why you need to check whether your computer has any warranty before going ahead with any project related to its repairs; otherwise, there would be no point in spending on this service at all!

Once you have decided on how much money should be charged by one of these companies for their services, then many other things need attention before proceeding with Laptop Hinge repair in Mumbai.

Laptop Hinge Repair in Dadar

That depends on what kind of Hinge is broken and how much work needs to be done to fix it. When there are many different options regarding quality and price, this question becomes vital because each option has other benefits and drawbacks. This means that many factors could affect how much something costs.

If you are concerned about the cost of laptop hinge replacement near me, you might wonder how much this service will cost. The good news is that the price of laptop hinge replacement is not as high as many think and can be done quickly. Here are some questions that you might be afraid to ask about laptop hinge replacement costs near me:

Laptop Hinge Replacement Cost in Pune

You need to know what is included in your laptop hinge replacement cost estimate near me. In most cases, the price includes labor and parts. There may be additional fees for features and installation, but they should not add up to more than 50% of the cost of an estimate for laptop hinge repair service.

Laptop hinge replacement?

If you buy a new computer from a reputable dealer like Best Buy or Apple Store, there will be a one-year warranty on the part needing repair or replacement. If something goes wrong with your computer within one year of purchase (like if it gets stolen), you can return it.

Laptop hinge repair cost in Noida

The cost of laptop hinge repair depends on the extent of the damage. The more expensive parts are the hinges and the screws, so you can expect to pay a premium for these. If you have just one Hinge that's not working correctly, it may be possible to replace it without taking your laptop apart. Otherwise, if you need to replace all four hinges or screws, then it will cost more than replacing them individually.

If you're looking for a quote on laptop hinge repair in Noida, we can help! Our expert technicians have years of experience repairing this type of device and will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.

If you have a laptop, chances are it has a failing hinge. The Hinge holds the screen and computer in place to use as your primary computing device. If your Hinge fails, you may need to replace the entire laptop.

There are many different types of laptop hinges: ball hinges, butterfly hinges, and pivot hinges. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses and requires extra care regarding repairs. Ball hinges don't tend to last very long; they're easy to break because they're made out of plastic, which degrades over time since heat can cause them to expand and contract rapidly. Butterfly hinges can be more durable than other types but will eventually fail over time due to their design. Pivot hinges are more robust than ball or butterfly hinges. They are also more challenging to repair because they require you to disassemble your laptop to fix it properly.

If you've ever used a laptop before, you probably know that breaking hinges is one of their most common problems. Whether you drop it or because of constant use, laptop hinges break more often than any other laptop component. And while they may seem like a small part of your laptop, if they are broken and not functioning correctly, it can be pretty frustrating to use your computer. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can repair your laptop hinges rather than replacing them entirely. However, if you feel that improving them isn't an option for you at this time or that replacing them might be easier for you in the long term, then these are some things that you might be afraid to ask about replacing them before making a final decision.

The cost of repairing a Samsung laptop hinge depends on the type of Hinge and where it broke. The most common type of Hinge that wears out is the latching Hinge, which can be found on all laptops. This Hinge allows you to open the computer by pressing down on both sides of the screen with your fingers or thumbs. Latching hinges can also be found on laptops with an ultra-portable design or are thin and lightweight.

Latching hinges are relatively easy to replace since they only need to be removed from their housing and replaced with another part. However, this process does require stool and some skills to do the job correctly.

Another type of Samsung laptop hinge that may need replacement is known as a rolling hinge or rolling ball hinge, which allows users to roll up their screens when not in use. Depending on your model, These hinges come in various styles, sizes, and colors. If you are looking for the best Samsung laptop hinge repair cost, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of laptop hinges at affordable prices. Our professional team of experts is trained in repairing all types of laptop hinges and can improve any part of your laptop at a time.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Laptop Hinges in an Asus Laptop?

Depending on the size of your laptop and the type of hinges you have, laptop hinge replacement can cost anywhere from $100 to over $1000. Since hinges are such a small part of your computer, you may be wondering why replacement hinges can be so costly. The answer is that hinges are one of the most challenging parts of a laptop because it is a very tight space. As such, it can be hard to work on hinges, and it can also be difficult to find technicians willing to work in such a tight space. As a result, it is also one of the most expensive parts to replace on a laptop. So, if you are looking at hinge replacement as an option, you should remember that it will cost significant money.


What Are the Different Types of Laptop Hinges?

There are several different types of laptop hinges. So, no matter what kind of laptop you have, there are hinges out there that can work for your specific computer. However, not all hinges are created equal, and some are much better than others. Spring-loaded hinges - These hinges are some of the most common laptop hinges and are the ones that are most likely to break. They use a series of springs to hold the laptop in place, meaning they are under constant pressure and are less likely to last as long as other types of lingerie. They are also the easiest to replace and can cost less than $30. - Continuous hinges are similar to spring-loaded hinges, using a series of springs to shut the laptop. However, they are better because they do not put as much pressure on the laptop and can last longer. - Butterfly hinges are similar to continuous hinges but use less pressure to keep the laptop shut. However, they are different because they are meant to be more durable.

Laptop hinge repair cost Gurugram. You can contact us directly if you want to know about laptop hinge repair costs. We are the best laptop hinge repair company in Delhi NCR, India. We have a large team of experts who can repair your laptop hinges as per your requirements at an affordable price.

We have all types of laptop hinge repairs done by our technicians. These include:

Laptop hinge replacement – This is one of the most common repairs that we do on laptops and other devices. You can easily replace your old hinges with new ones made of high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum, as they will not break down over time as plastic ones do.

Laptop hinge repair – In some cases, your old hinges may not be able to support the weight of your laptop, so it may fall from time to time, due to which your screen may get cracked or damage may occur at various places on the screen surface due to which it becomes difficult for you to operate it properly without facing any problems like blurry images, etc., etc., etc.

How Do You Know If You Need to Replace or Repair Your Hinges?

The best way to know whether or not you need to replace your laptop hinges is to be able to identify the problem. As such, you first need to know which Hinge is giving you trouble. Then, you need to know what the problem with the Hinge is. Doing this will allow you to determine whether or not the Hinge needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired instead. - Bent hinges - Bent hinges are when one or both hinges are not sitting straight or bent out of place. This hinge problem can often be repaired by straightening or tightening the Hinge. However, if one or both hinges are severely bent out of place, they may need to be replaced. - Broken hinges - If one or both of your hinges are broken, they must be replaced. Bent or broken hinges can make it difficult for your laptop to open and cause other components to break. - Loose hinges are when one or both laptops are slightly off but not broken. This type of hinge problem can be fixed by tightening the Hinge.

Apple Laptop Hinge Repair CosYou must find a good place when you are looking for a laptop replacement. This is because when you have chosen the best place, it will be easier to repair your computer. The best way to do this is by checking out online reviews and testimonials of people who have used the services of these businesses before. You can also ask your friends and family about their experiences with these businesses to make an informed decision to use. Many laptops are available today, so you must find one that fits your needs. If you want more information about choosing the right notebook, check out our website at nsslaptopservicecenter.

Many laptops are available today, so you must find one that fits your needs. Check out our website for more information about choosing the right notebook.

Depending on the type of hinges you have, you can get them repaired or replaced from various places. Some computer parts and repair shops specialize in laptop hinges and can help you with any hinge issues. You can also look online for hinge repair or replacement shoes in your phone book or nearby. You can also find many laptop hinge replacement parts online. If you have a specific model in mind,  check your Hinge model number online to see what replacement parts are available. You can also try searching for "laptop hinge repair" to see what types of stores may sell hinges.

Lenovo Laptop Hinge Repair Cost

A broken Lenovo hinge can cause many problems, especially if not repaired quickly. This is why you should get your Hinge repaired as soon as possible. If you are unsure how much it will cost, we can help you figure out the costs of repairing your broken laptop hinge.

To figure out how much it will cost to repair a broken laptop hinge, we need to look at several factors:

The type of Hinge that has been damaged can range from simple plastic hinges to more complex metal hinges. The damage caused by the break could be minor or significant, depending on the damage's severity. The location where the break occurred could be in one place or multiple places on the laptop hinge itself. How long did it take for repairs to take place? This is important when trying to calculate how much it will cost to repair your broken laptop hinge because if there were no time taken between breaks, then we would assume that they happened at once and they

Laptop hinge repair cost in Ghaziabad

Laptop hinges are usually made from plastic, and they have a spring inside them that helps them in place. These springs can wear out over time; if they do, they can cause problems with your laptop or tablet. You may experience issues like the screen not staying open or closing correctly or not working. If this happens, you must replace the Hinge on your laptop or tablet.

A common problem with laptop-hinged devices is that they are too loose and won't stay closed anymore. This can be caused by wear and tear on the hinges and damage due to accidents or misuse. You might also notice gaps around the edges of your screen when you try to fold it back into place after using it for a while. If this happens, call a technician immediately so that they can take care of this issue for you before anything else happens!

Tips for Maintaining Your Laptop and Helping it Last Longer

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your laptop is to ensure you are keeping it clean. Dirt and dust can get into the hinges of your computer, cause problems, and increase the likelihood of them breaking. Therefore, you must clean your laptop often to prevent these issues. Another thing you can do to help your computer last longer is to ensure you are using it correctly. For example, it is recommended that you do not use your laptop on your lap because it can overheat and cause damage. Finally, it would help to consider protecting your computer with a warranty. Warranties can be helpful because they cover repairs that may be needed due to normal wear and tear.

Acer Laptop Hinge Repair Cost

Acer laptop hinge repair cost is a widespread problem with laptops. It can happen because of many reasons. One of them is the wear and tear on the Hinge. The other one is that the old Hinge does not have enough strength to hold the weight of your laptop. If you want to know how much money it would take to repair your laptop hinges, you should know that it depends on many factors like the type of Hinge and its condition, location, age of your laptop, etc.


If you want to know how much it will cost you to get your Acer laptop fixed, then you should follow these simple steps:

First, ensure you have an excellent place to do all this work without getting any damage done in your house or office because it will be costly if anything happens.

Find out what type of hinges are used in your laptop so that you can find out how much it will cost for its repair or replacement in case the need arises.

Now it's time for research from places like eBay or Google, where many sellers sell their used parts at low prices.

Acer laptop hinge repair price in Noida is the best in the market. We provide the best quality laptop hinge repair at a reasonable price. We are one of the leading laptop hinge repair companies in Noida. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced. They fix all problems related to laptop hinges and other Laptop parts. If you are a laptop user and have faced any hinge defect, it is time to get in touch with the best laptop hinge repair price in Noida. The best laptop hinge repair company in Noida offers the service at an affordable price.

 If you are looking for the best laptop hinge repair price, you have reached the right place. We are here to help you buy the best laptop hinge at the most affordable price. The best part is that we are not just selling a product, but we also offer after-sales services. You can rely on us to solve all your problems in no time. We have a team of experts with years of experience in this field. They have perfected their craft and know how to fix your problem quickly and efficiently. If you have any laptop issues, please contact us today!

A list of authorized laptop service centers in India brand-wise is given here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laptop Repair | Computer Repair | Printer Repair

Any laptop's plastic hinges can be replaced, and there's a good chance they can be repaired as well; it all depends on the state of the hinges. But, for the sake of the safety of the laptop, it will be best if you bring your laptop to a well-versed laptop repair center like us.

You should avoid using laptops with broken hinges because they may cause the screen to crack or break the wires connecting the screen to the motherboard. We strongly recommend that you do not take a broken laptop hinge lightly. In such cases, you should bring your laptop to your nearest laptop service center and have the broken hinge replaced.

Absolutely. If you have the proper toolset to do that you can go for it at home. But, at times unskilled handling of the hinge replacement can cause damage to the laptop display screen. So, if you are not confident about it, do not experiment with it. It may incur further costs.

No this is not a good idea as laptops are delicate electronics and oil might seep into the inner structure of the laptop. You need to make it sure that any other type of moisture does not get into laptop hinges as in such cases there is a possibility of rust generation.

Generally no, since HP is a reputable company and their spare parts market is also very widely accessible. But, like other laptop brands, there is a possibility of manufacturing defects.

The procedure for the repair will vary depending on the build, damage, and expertise of the technician. If you are going to fix the broken laptop hinge then you need to have proper toolsets too.

Guys!!! Laptop hinges mostly depend on how the user is treating the laptop. So to prevent laptop hinges from breaking, follow these tips:- Check the quality before buying any laptop. It is a good idea to buy premium laptops as they come with good hinges. Don't be rough with your device and deal with it carefully. Don't throw your laptop on the bed. If you travel regularly with your laptop, then use the grippy case of your laptop to hold it. If you have placed your laptop at a cold temperature, then don't put it on heat immediately. Keep your laptop in the bag when it is not in use. Don't lift the laptop by its lid.

Guys!!! Laptop hinges mostly depend on how the user is treating the laptop. So to prevent laptop hinges from breaking, follow these tips:- 1. Check the quality before buying any laptop. It is a good idea to buy premium laptops as they come with good hinges. 2. Don't be rough with your device deal with it carefully. 3. Don't throw your laptop on the bed. 4. If you travel regularly with your laptop, then use the grippy case of your laptop to hold it. 5. If you have placed your laptop at a cold temperature, then don't put it on heat immediately. 6. Keep your laptop in the bag when it is not in use. 7. Don't lift the laptop by its lid.

Typically the hinges are meant to last the lifetime of the laptop but damages can occur within 1-2 years of continuous usage. Added to this, most of the laptop hinge broken issues get initiated from accidents as we have faced many similar issues at our NSS HP laptop repair center near you.

We have researched about this and we found out that it roughly ranges from INR 550 to INR 850 plus the repair charge.

The price can vary but low-end repairs can be availed at around Rs.500 while complex damage can cost thousands of rupees. Our laptop hinge repairing service charge starts at a mere INR250/-.

Yes. Certainly. A broken laptop hinge may damage the display screen and the connection strip of the display screen quite easily. We strongly recommend that if your laptop hinge is broken you need to go for a replacement immediately.

Absolutely. We already have explained that a broken laptop hinge can cause further damage to the display screen and other display connection ports of a laptop.

The laptop hinge may have broken due to improper use, fall damage, or in rare cases a manufacturing defect.
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