Is Nehru Place Open On Sunday

Is Nehru Place Open On Sunday
  • Jan 6th, 2024
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Is Nehru Place Open On Sunday? Concerning Nehru Place Market

I was wondering if the Nehru Place market is open on Sunday, so if you are here by searching this, read along. I will share all possible details regarding the Nehru Place market if the "Nehru Place market is open on Sunday." Your search for the tech market or textile market we shared here whether these markets in Nehru Place remain open on Sunday or shut off. So before digging into "Are Nehru Place shops open on Sunday?" let's first learn about the Nehru Place market.

Nehru Place is a well-known corporate district and IT hub in New Delhi, India, located in the core of south Delhi. It is one of India's leading financial and commercial centers, as well as the country's and possibly South East Asia's largest IT market. Nehru Place, the country's IT hub, is home to the HOs, or head offices, of several significant Indian IT firms. As a result, it is regarded as India's primary information technology center.

The name of a famous Indian celebrity is the source of the market's moniker, Nehru Place. It bears the name of Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, who served as India's first prime minister. This market was established in the 1980s and comprises several four- to five-story buildings and a few tall tower structures. Parking garages with an overhang and an underground level are also included. Some of the high-rise structures are EROS, IFCI, ANAL TOWER, DEVIKA TOWER, MODI TOWER, and others. Here are the showrooms and manufacturing outlets of several large fabric export businesses and textile merchants.

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Nehru Place is accessible through all forms of public transportation, including the Delhi Metro, DTC buses (Delhi Transport Corporation), autos, personal vehicles, and taxicabs. A metro operates every five minutes from the GK and Badarpur sides. DTC bus services are pretty frequent, running once every ten to fifteen minutes on average. Today, however, the primary transportation mode to Nehru Place is the Delhi Metro. Regarding the area around Nehru Place, the Lotus Temple, one of the well-known temples, is situated relatively close by. Small hotels are also located all around Nehru Place for lodging.

Nehru Place is a hub for all IT hardware merchants, including PCs, networking gear, software, documentation, and other linked services. It is renowned as the center for small and medium firms of IT services. It is frequently regarded as a significant computer hardware shopping region since several manufacturers operate approved dealerships and authorized service facilities here. It also houses the showrooms of several cloth merchants and textile mills, making them factory price outlets because they deal in and sell cloth and fabric at factory pricing. Many companies specialize in hardware service and repair, while others manufacture customized personal computers—assembled PCs and servers—to order on-site. It also contains a lot of shops that fix printers and computers. Both modest, one-room stores that sell software and used computer gear can be found in abundance at Nehru Place. Here, one may discover some of the finest offers on computer gear. One of Nehru Place's distinctive characteristics is the pervasive casual ambiance, reminiscent of a flea market or bazaar, in a location that trades in high-tech goods. In the Nehru Place IT market, haggling is accepted and practiced frequently, making buying goods for less than their listed price feasible.

Nehru Place Market Is Known For

Two marketplaces have been combined to form Nehru Place Market, and these two markets are entirely unrelated. One of India's largest electrical marketplaces is on the one hand, while Nehru Place's renowned flea markets are on the other. So, "Is the Nehru Place market open on Sunday?" The question remains to be answered, yet The market in Nehru Place is well recognized for its enormous selection of electronics.

Everyone shopping in Delhi must go to the shops at Nehru Place to get a new computer, laptop, or printer. If you're wondering whether "Nehru Place is market open on Sunday," I'm here to tell you that it isn't. However, the NSS laptop Service facility in Nehru Place is open every day of the week, including holidays; YES, the NSS Laptop Service Center in Nehru Place is open on Sunday. You may phone them at 9717150098 for computer and laptop repair and maintenance. They are thought to provide a better deal on comparable goods. In general, Nehru Place is home to a wide variety of technology. The Nehru Place is open today, which means Monday to Saturday → Nehru Place market features everything at a lower cost, whether you want to get a new VR, a new TV for your house, or any other electronic device. You will discover a lot of stores specializing in repairing electronic products, like the NSS laptop service center in Nehru; the place is open on Sunday, among the commotion of sellers shouting at you to catch your attention (best laptop service center across Delhi). Although you can't locate retail establishments and repair shops everywhere, Nehru Place excels in this area.

Several tiny repair businesses offer computer support, from routine maintenance to fixing significant damages. The buildings' top floors include offices and service facilities for several well-known brands. Now, the search for "Is Nehru Place computer market open on Sunday?" This question is answered here; you can contact NSS without visiting the center for a tech facility. Adios – apart from "Is Nehru Place computer market open on Sunday?" some Delhi visitors also want to know about "Is Nehru Place Delhi is open on Sunday for textile shopping?" so visitors, yes, the Nehru Place market for textile shopping opens on Sunday. Also, you can visit this market from Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 7 pm for great shopping deals on fabric.

There is a flea market located within the market complex in addition to the well-known electronics and gadget market at Nehru Place. Nehru Place's flea market is one of Delhi's numerous inexpensive flea markets. The Nehru Place flea market is the place to go if you want a wide selection of affordable clothes. Small local sellers supply reasonably priced apparel items for everyday use. Cheap t-shirts, shirts, jeans, and pants are available for both men and women. Even though it isn't the most varied market, the Nehru Place flea market meets your essential demands.

The Nehru Place flea market tests your negotiating abilities, as are many flea markets in Delhi. Your negotiating strategies would determine any product's final price. The Nehru Place, mainly recognized as a tech bazaar, includes various features. The only way to understand Nehru Place, one of the top dining destinations in Delhi, is to visit it for yourself.

Delhi's Nehru Place market is a ridiculous place to buy. The largest electrical bazaar in India, Nehru Place, is known for its laptops and PCs. You may accept all sorts of electronic devices, and there are many service locations for tech giants like Dell and HP (NSS LAPTOP SERVICE CENTER). Additionally, there is a clothing market at Nehru Place where you may find affordable everyday clothing.

Some Details About The Nehru Place Market

At the end of this article, "Is Nehru Place Open on Sunday?" we conclude all necessary information related to the Nehru Place tech market and Nehru Place fabric market (is Nehru Place closed on Sunday). A few details to be noted:

Delhi's Nehru Place is accessible Monday through Saturday but is closed on Sunday. Although the market is officially closed, a few smaller stores and sporadic dealers who buy in bulk on Sunday nonetheless open their doors.

The Nehru Place Market is open from 10 am to 7 pm but is closed on Sundays. The tech market is also closed on Sundays, whereas The flea market, or bazaar, is open daily. The primary post office nearby is Kalkaji, and Nehru Place's PIN code is 110019.

In addition to being closed on Sundays, Nehru Place Market stores are also closed on three Indian public holidays.

Republic Day (January 26th)

Independence Day (August 15th)

"Gandhi Jayanti" (October 2nd)

Because Nehru Place is located near the Outer Ring Road, a circle that encircles much of South Delhi, it is easily reached by all types of public transportation. Bus services are also available often, typically every five to eight minutes. Additionally, there are private taxis and paid parking spaces for automobiles and motorcycles. Delhi Metro provides access to Nehru Place. Nehru Place, Kalkaji Mandir, and Nehru Enclave are the closest metro stations.

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There are helpful directions by all modes of public transportation:

  • Delhi-Metro Station on Violet Line (Kashmere Gate to Escorts Mujesar via Badarpur) 

  • Has a second Metro Station by the name of Nehru Enclave on Magenta Line (Botanical Garden-Janakpuri West) that connects commuters with a short route from Gurgaon with an interchange at Hauz Khas and directly connects Noida and IGI Airport.

  • It is just 45 45-minute run from New Delhi International Airport by Taxi or Auto.

  • Thirty minutes by car or taxi from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station; 1 hour by car, taxi, or cab from New Delhi Railway Station. It features a bus station, commonly referred to as Nehru Place Bus Terminal.

If you found this page by searching for "Nehru Place laptop market open on Sunday," hopefully, this article helped you answer your query. Many people are googling about Nehru Place Market, and probably their first search is whether Nehru Place Laptop Market is open today or whether Nehru Place is available tomorrow. If you belong to those users for information on the Nehru Place computer market closing day, we've shared it here. The Nehru Place closing day is Sunday for tech services; if you want any laptop or desktop repair service in the region of Nehru Place, you can contact the NSS laptop service center; the center remains open on Sunday, too, for laptop desktop repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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you can take a few options to reach this flea market. One is from New Delhi International Airport by Taxi or Auto and from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station and from New Delhi Railway Station. It has its own bus station, Nehru Place Bus Terminal.

The flea market, or bazaar, is open every day, but the tech market is closed on Sundays.

One is Delhi-Metro Station on Violet Line and another is the Metro Station by the name of Nehru Enclave on the Magenta Line.

NSS laptop service center in Nehru place is open from 10 AM to 7 PM all days of the week and also offers home services.

The Outer Ring Road, a circle that encircles part of South Delhi, is close to Nehru Place.
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