Why should we invest in laptop repair tools? Well, as the name suggests, this is obviously the most fundamental basis, that determines the quality and also the possibility of each of the laptop repairing and building projects you take in hand. Not only that, without proper laptop repair tools, you can’t work safely and may even damage those fine parts inside a laptop.

Whether you are a professional IT engineer, a laptop service technician, a DIY enthusiast, or just an amateur, without proper tools, you can’t take one step ahead of your laptop repair service endeavor. 

Currently, modern laptops come equipped with extremely sophisticated structures with some auto-recovery credibilities. Yet, there arise some common laptop problems that still require human intervention. And renowned manufacturing brands and authorized laptop service center or authentic laptop repair center stores always trust only appropriate laptop repair tools to poke inside the laptop cover protecting ultra-fine components. 

Besides, in some cases, you need brand-wise dedicated repair tool kits. Because every brand creates their signature built structure and uses different joining bolts or screws. That said, selecting the right laptop repair tools, that serve all brands of laptop requirements, has become even harder than before. And you are not alone to think that way. Often, we hear from our experienced laptop repair team in several stores about how the ever-changing built structure of laptops rears more challenges to repair than before.

And not only about hardware, but selecting proper software tools also requires long-term experience and proper research on the same. Hence, today's effort is directed to answer the common question: what are the best laptop repair tools in 2021?

Before detailing each of them, we have listed most of the tools here to sort out all the necessary equipment altogether.

List of Laptop Repair Tools:

  1. Philips Head Screwdriver
  2. Extra screws (Spare computer screws)
  3. Cotton swabs
  4. Thermal paste (Arctic Silver 5)
  5. Anti-static wrist strap
  6. Rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl)
  7. Light source
  8. New plastic zip bags
  9. Vacuum or a Canned air
  10. Grounding strap
  11. Prebuilt toolkit
  12. Tweezers (Tweezers/magnetic pick-up tools)
  13. Hex driver
  14. Twist or Zip ties
  15. Lint-free cloth
  16. Crimping Pliers
  17. Old components for testing
  18. USB 3.0 TO SATA/IDE converter
  19. Hand sanitizer
  20. PCIe test card
  21. Digital multimeter
  22. Ultra Slim Portable DVD Writer
  23. USB 3.0 hub Multi Tester
  24. Thermal camera
  25. Insulated screwdrivers
  26. Sugru
  27. Voltage detector
  28. Stripping tool for data cable
  29. Cutting Pliers
  30. In-Line Network Troubleshooter
  31. Threadlocker Blue
  32. Broken/chewed up screw remover
  33. Electric punch down tool
  34. Neutral color LED headlamp
  35. PSU tester
  36. Liquid electrical tape
  37. Professional repair tool kit

As we mentioned before, basically there are two types of laptop repair tools -

  • Hardware repair tools
  • Software repair tools

Laptop repair tools for hardware

Now, among the hardware equipment, we can divide all the laptop repair tools based on their purpose of serving:

  1. Regular hand tools
  2. ESD tools
  3. Diagnostic tools
  4. Cleaning tools

Now, let’s begin dissecting each of the tool types in detail.

Regular hand tools to add in your laptop repair tools set

Whether you build your own laptop or repair some issues in it, most of the basic tools used in the process are various types of hand-controlled equipment. You can purchase them individually or as parts of the laptop repair tools kit available in the market.

Now, each of the components in a toolkit varies in size and quality based on the work they perform. And according to the components available in a laptop repair tools kit, the cost also varies from low to premium ranges.

Let’s see what are the essential hand tools we need to add to our laptop repair tools equipment:

  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Torx screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Hex driver
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Tweezers
  • Part retriever
  • Flashlight
  • Wire stripper
  • Crimper
  • Punch-down tool

While working on the laptops, we must take some precautions to prevent any harm to the device and move safely throughout the entire process.


  • For any reason, pencils should stay out of those delicate electrical components inside a laptop. The lead pencil-head may act as a conductor and create unwanted electrical upsurge, even data loss.
  • Similarly, it’s best to avoid magnetized instruments as much as possible. Although the magnets used in laptop repair instruments may not be too strong, magnetic screwdriver-heads or magnetic extension for small metal part retrieval may cause some data loss in storage components or induce current, if not handled very carefully.

Now, tools in detail.

Screwdriver Essentials

Among the laptop repair tools, screwdrivers are one of the most common yet crucial instruments to keep handy at the time of your work. Whether you are a pro technician or just a DIYer trying to collect the best laptop repair tools kit for your little experiments, the quality of your precision screwdriver set determines the quality of your work. Whether you try to retrieve some components or install parts together, there they come with precise measures.

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  • It is important to put only the appropriate screwdriver against the corresponding screws. Otherwise, forcing the screws with an inappropriate driver may break it at some point.
  • Over-tightening screws may strip them in place, and they may get stuck in the hole or stay there in an improper manner, causing harm to other sensitive parts nearby.

Phillips-head screwdrivers required in laptop repair tools:

One of the most common screws used in laptops has the cross-shaped or plus-shaped recess on the top, which is called a Phillips-head. Hence, in laptop repair tools equipment, corresponding Phillips screwdrivers are the must-have options to keep.


Coming to the sizes, you will be needing mostly #000, #00, #0,  and #1 Phillips-head screwdrivers to cover all your necessities. Although some brands, such as iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and Manta Toolkit also provide #2 and also #3 Phillips screwdrivers, you hardly need them on modern laptops.


Now, you can buy the screws in three ways: individually, in a screwdriver set, or in a complete set of laptop repair tools kit. Obviously, it depends on the purpose for which you are buying it.

Generally, most DIY enthusiasts or newbies buy them individually from local markets at cheap rates and use them prying into several electronic machines. However, this is not a professional or even cost-effective way of collecting your laptop repair tools, especially when you are looking forward to utilizing them for a long period. Laptops are very sophisticated devices that come with delicate parts. Working on them requires complete focus and dedication. Otherwise, a little mistake may harm it even in an unrecoverable manner or something extremely hard to be fixed. Hence, selecting your laptop repair tools demands the same meticulous attention for identical reasons.

Admittedly, professional laptop repair service engineers and technicians always rely on the best quality screwdriver sets, or complete laptop repair tools sets (even brand-wise) dedicated for the same purpose. And these are also more economical decisions for the long haul, which also help you keep all your essential tools in one place.

Still, if you are interested, or currently under a tight budget, you can go for some popular brand models like the Stanley PH0 or PH1, Stanley Quick-change, Klein Tools Multi-bit driver as individual pieces available in the Indian market. 

Although, we recommend at least a good quality screwdriver set as iFixit Manta Driver kit with 112 bits on 4mm and ¼ inch drivers including all the #000 to #3 Phillips bits. 

The bit heads are not magnetic, only the two bit-sockets or driver-sockets are magnetic to hold the bits in place. Although many people may prefer the magnetic bit heads to hold little screws on top, magnetic bits are not the safest option for your laptop hard drive or the exposed circuitry. Even though the magnet on the tip isn’t strong enough, you may want to avoid them from delicate electrical equipment in your laptops unless you are very experienced with them.

Among other screwdriver sets to add to your laptop repair tools equipment, you can try Wiha 26197 7-piece Precision Screwdriver set with PH00, PH0, and PH1 screwdrivers, Taparia PSFP-6 Precision Screwdriver Set with #0 and #1 screwdriver.

And, for a complete set of laptop repair tools kits, our expert professionals in our laptop repair center branches throughout India recommend iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit with #000 to #2 Phillips-head bits. This is one of the most well-known repair tool sets favored by many professionals all over the world. Besides that, you can also go for StarTech.com 19-Piece Computer Toolkit appreciated by smartphone, tablet, and laptop repair technicians.

Torx screwdrivers required in laptop repair tools:

The next set of screwdrivers in your laptop repair tools set will be Torx screwdrivers. They go against the screws having star-like depression on their top. This screw variation is found especially in laptops. 


Now, let’s talk about the size varieties. Generally, your work will involve T3 to T5 drivers most of the time, although it’s better to keep the series of T1-T8 size screwdrivers close to your hands. These are sufficient to fulfill all your work requirements over each of the PC devices or Mac models. 


If you are searching for a good quality Torx screwdriver set, you can certainly try the Wiha 26791 Precision Torx T1-T8 Set.

Otherwise, as mentioned before, iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and iFixit Manta Driver Set both come with Torx T2-T5 size bits with a 4mm driver.

Flat-head, Straight-head, or Slotted Screwdrivers: 

Inside your screwdriver set, a flat-head or slotted screw is the oldest and most fundamental variation, that is, apparently, a finger in every pie when it comes to any repair tools kit list. Because slotted screws are always the most common variation to connect parts together. And hence, you need a similar screwdriver to loosen or tighten them on the spot. Although, in the case of laptops, you may not be using them as much as the Phillips-head screwdrivers. 


Speaking about the sizes, 1-4 mm flatted-tip screwdrivers are enough to cover the requirements related to all brands of laptops. 


The iFixit Pro Tech Tool Kit offers 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and 4mm sizes of straight-head bits. This is one of the best laptop repair tools kits according to many long-term professionals from renowned laptop service center stores all over the world. Also, the price comes under your budget when we consider all the tools covered in one single pack.

Here to mention that, for people searching for more bit options, iFixit Manta Driver Kit comes with a wide range of 112 bits precision screws upon 4mm and ¼ inch drivers set to complete your laptop repair tools list along with many other electronic accessories building or fixing jobs demanding precise screwdriver control.

Well, another popular brand Wiha from Germany offers Wiha 26197 7 piece precision screwdriver set, that includes 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and 3.5mm flat-head screwdrivers along with three Phillips screwdrivers as shown below:

Apple MacBook Pro/Air screwdrivers

Now, when it comes to any Apple product, there would always be some unique signature of this brand. And that doesn’t differ in their MacBook models' built structure. Besides Phillips and Torx screws, we find Pentalobe and Try-Wing screws in a MacBook body. 

Pentalobe Screw in MacBook and Pentalobe P5 Screwdriver

Tri-wing Screw and Tri-wing (TW2) Screwdriver Bit


Generally, the pentalobe screws found in MacBook devices are of size P5 and the tri-wing screws used there are of the size of TW2. Hence, we need to add corresponding screwdrivers in our laptop repair tools to be able to work on the MacBook devices.


Recommended by our experts, some useful MacBook repair screwdriver sets to add to your laptop repair tools collection are Rion 5Pcs MacBook Pro/Air Repair Screwdriver Set, Kaisi 18 in 1 Professional MacBook Repair Tool Kit, etc.

Rion 5Pcs MacBook Pro/Air Repair Screwdriver Set

Kaisi 18 in 1 Professional MacBook Repair Tool Kit

Or, you can also rely on the precision screwdriver set as Wiha 75971 Master Tech Micro Bit 68 Piece Set, Wiha 75965 Precision Micro Bit Ratchet Steel Storage Box, 65-Piece, or complete laptop repair tools equipment iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit as mentioned before.

Laptop Repair tools for Component Retrieving

Case opening tools

At the time of disassembling the laptop, first, we need to pull out the case wide open. Then, there are moments when we have to retrieve some plastic parts or separate small connectors. 

For instance, in order to fix a laptop screen or replace one, the screen bezel needs to be separated. Or, at the time of laptop fan repair, laptop motherboard repair, or maybe RAM or SSD upgrade, we need to open the bottom cover case first.

There, we need plastic-made, especially nylon prying tools to open the plastic parts. And to retrieve or separate any components, tweezers and metal spudgers will be needed. And all these come with a good case opening toolset.



Needle-nose tweezers are another very essential tool in your laptop repair tools equipment. Whenever you try to attach or detach tiny wires and cable connectors with the motherboard and other components or fit them together, you will feel the necessity of strong and good-quality tweezers. 

Without them, if you try to manage these jobs with the help of some inappropriate tool, it may even cause some fatal damage to those ultra-fine parts of the laptop body.

Our experts rely on sharp and long-lasting Wiha 44501 ESD safe tweezers, made out of specially alloyed non-rusting stainless steel material. Not only for laptops, but these are also suitable to work on any modern-day electronics instrument.



Laptop repair tools for Diagnostics

 Electronic measuring instruments

As we all know, laptops run on an electrical power supply. No wonder, there would be a plethora of electrical connections, circuitry, and small to large components, where we have to measure the electrical behavior on them. There comes the electronic measuring equipment in our laptop repair tools kit.


Digital Multimeter

This is the device that measures the AC/DC voltage and the characteristics of the electricity passing through the tiny wires and cable systems connecting with the battery, AC adapter, DC jack, and all other major components. To test the continuity in the current flow in wires and circuit boards, this instrument is an inevitable option in your laptop repair tools kit list.


While selecting a digital multimeter, we must ensure that it provides the highest level of accuracy possible in those aforementioned tests. And after consulting many professionals, we chose Fluke as the most reliable option currently available in the market. 

The durable Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter device may seem pricey, but it’s worth every penny when you are serious about your laptop repair projects, especially when you are involved in some laptop service center engineer or technician career anywhere.


Multimeter test probe kit

Now, we have our multimeter. Here comes its partner. Yes, without the extended fine-point tip with adapter set connecting with the digital multimeter, component-level or chip-level troubleshooting, diagnosis, and repair on MacBook logic boards or other system motherboards remain incomplete.


The tips can fit on the original Fluke probes equipped with the multimeter in your hand. The accuracy of this entire measuring system helps you to notice the electrical behavior of the smallest parts of the printed circuit board in any PC device.

There is another variation of these invaluable probes you can use similarly with your multimeter. Besides these fine-point tips and adapters set, there are needle-nose probes multimeter tester

Which you can use alternatively at the place of Fluke probes. They come connected with a cable as shown below.



Soldering kit

We need to add an efficient and powerful soldering kit in our tools for laptop repair in order to work on the finest and smallest components in a motherboard or logic board. It is also convenient equipment for fixing DC jack and similar stuff.

Soldering station

Soldering stations are an essential commodity in chip-level repair services. But, you have to choose very carefully. Without a very powerful one in hand, it can even cause damage to the circuit board while melting the solder. 


Hakko FX-951-66 soldering station is one of the standard products on which experienced hardware practitioners could rely on. It heats up fast and works perfectly on lead-free solder on circuit boards.


With this device, you can connect the Hakko T15-JS02 Conical Bent Tip. It’s a very long-lasting one, and you can continue with it even after hundreds of hours or more.



Rosin core solder is the best option used in electronic and electrical jobs. A 1lb spool lasts long enough for laptop repairing projects.

According to our hardware repair team in the laptop repair center shops, we recommend Kester 63/37 rosin core solder with .015 DIA and 1lb spool. It’s a good choice for both professionals and DIY experimenters.


Desoldering pump

A professional will always tell you about the importance of a desoldering hand pump. When your hardware projects involve lots of soldering and desoldering jobs regularly, including DC jack removal or chip-level services, you’re surely missing out if you haven’t already included this device in your laptop repair tools equipment. It’s very fast and efficient in removing a large amount of soldering within a short period.


Edsyn SOLDAPULLT desoldering tool hand pump DS017 is one of the most preferred professional choices for everyone in this field. 


Desoldering wick braid

It’s not always that you need to remove a large amount of soldering at once. Sometimes, you need something better suited for removing just a little amount of it at a time. And this job is best done by desoldering wick braid. 

For instance, you have a component-level repair job in hand, and you need to clean the thermal pads on the logic board. That’s when you realize how useful these little wick braids are for your work. Definitely worth adding to your laptop repair tools box.


Goot provides one of the best wick soldering braids in the market. The 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm versions do the job perfectly well.


Solder flux

We also need solder flux to build a complete laptop repair tools set including all soldering requirements.


Currently, AMTECH Solder Flux NC-559-V2-TF is the best option available in the market. It is used for professional soldering projects and helps you finish the job fast and with perfect accuracy. Although you may find a lot of fake products out there, you must look out for the USA-made original product, manufactured by Inventec Performance Chemicals company.


Benchtop smoke absorber

While doing soldering work, you must protect yourself from harmful soldering fumes. But it depends on how often you get involved in soldering. If your job demands only a few times for you to get exposed to the fumes, you don’t need to spend a lot of bucks on commercial-level fume absorbers. A benchtop smoke absorber will be enough to suck out the harmful soldering air before reaching you.


Here is one of the most efficient and safe options offered by the Hakko brand. Hakko FA400-04 works sufficiently fast to get rid of the soldering air and help you in continuing your job for a long time.


Stationary fume extractor system

When you are exposed to the soldering air almost regularly, you need a stronger solution for your safety. And that is a stationary fume extractor. 


Again, our professional team relies on the Hakko brand. The Hakko FA430 smoke absorber station is the secure option they keep in the working area. This device is designed to work in a soldering station and extract the contaminated air directly as quickly as possible. This compact device is also quieter than its other counterparts and easily maintainable.


Hot air soldering station

For motherboard repair services, chip-level repair, or soldering projects on any surface-mounted laptop parts such as the built-in DC jacks, we need a very efficient quality hot air soldering station to be able to maintain the job properly. Of course, the expense is an eye-watering factor for your budget, but it will surely be compensated throughout a long-term job profile.


When you are spending this much, you should always go for the best option, and that is the JBC hot air station. But you can also select the Hakko FR-810B station, in case you are really facing trouble with the current budget. The latter one also works very well and you don’t need to worry about that.


Kapton tape

When we are dealing with laptop repair, especially some soldering and desoldering on the finest and complicated electrical components, we need tape at some point. And ordinary tape can’t handle the excessive heat generated in soldering tasks. Hence, we need Kapton tape, specially made to survive the heat. We need to put a very high temperature-resistant Kapton tape roll in our laptop repair tools kit list.

The special characteristics of the Kapton tape come from the polyamide film it is made of. It’s actually a silicone adhesive with high-heat resistance criteria. Now, this tape protects the internal connectors, keeps the loose wires secure in their places, and shields the heat-sensitive components of the laptop out of the reach of excess heat during soldering. So, the responsibility is huge. Without a good quality tape, the internal parts of the laptop may get mutilated or destroyed in the process.


You may find a lot of size variants of these tapes available in the market, but mostly two sizes work fine with your laptop repair jobs. You can choose 19mm or ¾ inch and 12mm or ½ inch tapes to put onto your laptop components inside.



Yes, we need a good quality microscope to deal with micro-soldering. Whether you are recovering almost destroyed long-lost data, fixing a USB board, or dealing with chip-level fixes, you need to see through that entire environment clearly. 

Well, you are not going to research biological cells using it, but a basic one to see the behavior of tiny chips and components while encountering any kind of soldering process.

What tool is needed to open a laptop?

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Taparia laptop tool kit
Laptop opening tool kit bd
Laptop tools
Best laptop tool kit in India
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A binocular stereo level AmScope SE400-Z microscope will be enough to see the chips and components built in the circuit board clearly well.


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