10 Simple Methods To Know How To Troubleshoot and Fix Blue Screen

There are various problems that Windows users face in their day-to-day official or personal chores while operating just like the Blue Screen of Death windows 8, have you ever considered why the blue screen of death occurs, what are the reasons for the blue screen of death windows 10 or what is the blue screen of death causes and solutions and how to stop blue screen of death windows 10 to appear again.  In addition, most window users end up at the screen where they see Windows blue screen of death error codes and where a blue-colored screen emerges in front of them. It shows a summary of notifications describing the error type they are facing due to multiple possible issues. In this article, we will get to know the blue screen of death meaning, the blue screen of death causes, and how to fix the blue screen death windows 10. 

Furthermore, we will understand the distinguished aspects related to the blue screen death text and what is the blue screen of death troubleshooting steps through the 10 simple methods in the article below.

What Is A Blue Screen Of Death?

If you are new to this problem then, first of all, you should understand what is a blue screen of death windows 11 is and why it comes to your windows 10 enabled laptop or desktop. 

Blue screen of death meaning In general terms, let me describe to you the “blue screen of death windows 10” is an error of Windows 10 in which a blue screen appears in front of the user devotedly working on a Windows PC.  That is, it is a stop error code or fatal system error.  It generally comes when the system denies or prohibits itself to go on a certain trajectory which is taking it to some crash mode to run on a safer notion.

At the particular moment, windows show the corresponding blue screen of death color (commonly known as BSOD) with a proper message containing some crucial information about the problem and then restarts.

What Causes Blue Screens of Death

If you are thinking, is the blue screen of death hardware or software related, let me clear that up. Blue screen of death causes or blue screen of death generators generally is caused by problems with your computer’s hardware issues its hardware driver software. So that means blue screen of death hardware issue related. Sometimes, BSOD can be caused by issues with low-level software running in the Windows 10 kernel. Regular apps usually won’t be able to cause BSOD. If an app crashes, it will do so without taking the operating system out with it.  Another cause is the blue screen of death system service exceptions( later in a blog we discuss this).  

A blue screen of death happens once Windows diagnoses a “STOP Error.” This important failure causes Windows 10 to crash and pack up. The only factor Windows will do at that time is restart the computer. This may cause information loss, as programs don’t have an opportunity to avoid wasting their open information.

When a blue screen of death happens, Windows mechanically creates a “minidump” file that contains info regarding the crash and saves it to your disk. you'll be able to read info regarding these minidumps to assist determine the reason for the blue screen of death windows 10.

Blue screens of death conjointly look a small amount totally different, looking at what version of Windows you’re running. In Windows 7 blue screen of death and former versions, the blue screen of death looked very much like a terminal screen, displaying all manner of knowledge. This is a blue screen of death reasons we can conclude. 

Blue Screen error

In Windows 8 and 10, blue screens are much simpler.

That’s really not as big a deal as it sounds, though. Even in previous versions, blue screens tended to go by fast enough that reading that information was difficult, anyway. And there are easier ways to get all the details you need for troubleshooting.

How To Troubleshoot BSOD?

Many users face this Blue screen of death in Windows 10 and want to overcome this problem as soon as possible. If you want to know how to fix the blue screen of death windows 7 read the blog till the end. However, it is a bit problematic to tell why you are facing this issue or what type of specific error you are hitting.  In addition, if you want to genuinely understand how to fix the blue screen of death errors, you may need to let the system complete its processing. Blue screen of death solutions are mentioned below; 

Apart from that, there is a QR code nicely visible on the blue screen along with some information about the window stop code that the operating system has hit.  Subsequently, you may scan the corresponding QR code shown there in the blue screen of death android with the phone camera to the blue screen of death fix which will take you to the Microsoft Support Page.

After coming to the landing page of Microsoft Supports, you will get more info about the windows to stop code and how to run the BSOD troubleshooter at last. Here now, Blue screen of death solutions; 

1. Numerous Blue Screens of Death

Firstly, let me confirm that there is not only a single blue screen showing error codes to you and to the same person you know.  In addition, there are various blue screens that come to your screen while working for distinguished reasons.  You may only know about the corresponding blue screen of death emerging to your system by scanning that specific QR code from your mobile phone’s camera to go to the support page of Microsoft.

2. Examine The Latest Computer Setting Changes

In case you want to know how to solve the blue, screen problem in Windows 10, you should verify the latest computer setting changes you have made so far.  BSOD Window 10 can pop up on your system due to many changes in the computer's default settings.

It could some location permission to some malicious software, in case you unknowingly downloaded a virus containing file from any illicit server or any other varied resources from where your details can be compromised and Windows OS is saving itself from being hacked by limiting itself from the unwanted access of malicious entities from any remote location in the world.

3. Go For Windows and Driver Updates

Above all, it is also possible that a bad update can cause harm to your Windows OS by unintentionally introducing some issue or viruses being downloaded in it. Blue screen of death driver power state failure can also cause defects in windows.   Often, Microsoft itself and other third-party websites always keep on updating their services on the web application and operating systems to resolve some threats and vulnerabilities that can harm the OS,  but if it somehow gets lacking in the eyes of the concerned companies, it may genuinely download some software or files containing viruses.

Hence, keep on updating your Windows OS, and other drivers, whenever there is an update, come to timely update the security concerns associated with these respective updates.

For this, you may visit Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and start the pending updates (if any), just in case they hold the fix.  In addition, it is equally important to look for the concerning driver updates duly associated with the system as they can also be a source to emerge blue screeners at fixed intervals.  For this, you can follow the below-mentioned center steps:

  • Press Win Key + X (or you may right-click on the Start button) to open the power user menu.
  • Select Device Manager to open that service.
  • See for the appearing yellow-coloured triangle icons on some other concerning entries that may showcase a particular issue related to the driver.
  • Now you can verify the concerning devices that may view with this, so that you may require reinstalling the driver or removing SFC particular device.
  • Once you do all the above steps, you need to right-click an entry and select the “Update Driver” to verify if there are any pending updates left, however, you should be focused that this is not always trustworthy.

Update WIndows Drivers

4. System Restoration

This can be a very helpful task to accomplish that will certainly allow Windows to return your system to a previous state.  Its very user-friendly tools will let you use its basic interface to troubleshoot and fix blue screens far before it actually arises. How to system restore caused by blue screen of death inaccessible boot device;

You can dedicatedly employ the following methodology to run the concerning system restoration tool within your system:

  • Start recovery after typing it in the start menu.
  • Open Recovery control panel.
  • Click Open System Restore to launch the tool.
  • Click ‘Next’ once.
  • Now, click on “Scan for affected programs” and the scanning screen will emerge in front of you.

How to Do System Restoration

5. Check the System Hardware

In case you have not been hit by the proper solution to overcome the blue screen of death, try checking the system hardware with full patience.  It is also possible that some components in the respective motherboard or RAM disk have malfunctioned which might also be a reason that you are thinking about how to fix the blue screen problem in Windows 10. If the blue screen of death critical process died then try the next step below; 

6. Scan the Computer with Paid Antivirus Software

Scanning the entire computer software with a paid version of good antivirus security may lead to quick resolving of your problem of how to troubleshoot the blue screen of death.

Being a tech frontier in this industry for so long, we will recommend you to install Bit Defender Antivirus Solution Provider which has low plans in comparison to its rivals while the service is extremely nice.

7. Go for an SFC Scan Test

The acronym SFC stands for System File Checker and is an in-built feature of your Windows operating system. You can employ this feature to work by simply clicking Win Key + X (you may also right-click on the start menu bar) and this will appear the entire shortcut keys there.

Here, you may select the Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin).  Once you come on the concerning screen, you may write SFC/scannow and wait for the results to be loaded.

8.  Always Operate in Safe Mode

Sometimes, the blue screen of death windows 7 prohibits you from doing any activity while the blue screen is on.  At such severity, you need to keep calm and boot the things into safe mode.  There are many below-mentioned varied methods by which you can genuinely boot your computer in safe mode:

  • System Configuration
  • Advanced Startup
  • Tapping
  • System Repair Disc (If nothing works)

Blue screen of death bad system config info can lead to system failure as a result blue screen of death occurs. 

9.  Employ the Advanced Tools

One normal person cannot use the advanced tools dedicatedly employed for the blue screen of death windows 10 fix through an expert perception.  There are multiple Advanced Tools duly available in the market that an expert individual can employ to troubleshoot the blue screen of death windows 7 which needs a lot of training and practice.

10.  Reinstall Windows

In the end, when you have employed all the above-mentioned methodologies to tackle the windows stop code and blue screen death.  You can sincerely reinstall windows by calling an expert for the job for you in your vicinity.  As hailing from the tech group that resolves various issues related to computer problems of our users’ day-to-day official chores, you may call us on our mobile number at 9717150098 for a quick review with affordable prices.

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Blue screen of death memory management

The Windows 10 blue screen of death memory management error typically relates to your RAM over the other hardware part. At times, your system may recover when a straightforward reset. If you encounter a memory management BSOD, restart your system and see if the error returns. If not, there's an opportunity it would have been a natural event.

Blue screen of death mode exception not handled

If the blue screen of death mode exception not handled error is caused by the superannuated service program, you'll favor updating the motive force manually in Device Manager or mechanically updating it with a driver updater. 3. Search mechanically for an updated driver package and watch for the result.

Blue screen of death system service exception

Blue Screen of Death isn't unknown to some Windows ten users. It happens once there are graphic computer programme errors, corrupted system files, or some problems with noncurrent or corrupted drivers amongst others. How do I fix the blue screen of the death System Service Exception;

  1. Uninstall the recreation package and services. 

  2. Update your drivers.

  3. Use command prompt(SFC, chkdsk) 

  4. Check your peripherals and hardware.

  5. Remove third-party security tools.

  6. Run the troubleshooting.

  7. Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.

Valiant blue screen of death

Valiant blue screen of death 2021, These affected users have noticed whenever they're attempting to play Valorant, Windows is crashing into a Blue Screen of Death issue showing the error code “Vgk. sys“. don't fret, this is often not a virus/PUP. This is often a part of the Vanguard AntiCheat system by Riot, which comes together with the game.

Blue screen of death DPC watchdog violation

DPC watchdog violation isn't a virus truly. it's a blunder that may cause a blue screen of death on a Windows computer. Firstly, DPC is a deferred Procedure call. Watchdog refers to the bug checker, which might monitor or track your Windows programs and therefore the computer performance.

The blue screen of death DPC watchdog violation error may be triggered for several reasons. and therefore the blue screen error might return many times daily. If you encounter this error often at work, it'll fully influence potency. Therefore the best method is to search out the explanations and eliminate them.

How to fix the blue screen of death Nintendo switch

If you want to know how to fix the blue screen of the dead Nintendo switch then do Restart Your Console. If your Nintendo Switch is stuck on a blue screen of death, hold the Power Button down for 12 seconds. The console should turn off. Once it's fully shut down, press the power button again to reboot. This trick will fix the Nintendo switch.


In the bottom line, we just want to state the simple criteria to resolve all your queries in the shortest period of time by giving your prime info related to various daily routine life hacks that you can employ to make your life easier just as we did in this previous article of “How To Troubleshoot and Fix Blue Screen?”. Hope you get the method on blue screen to death fix windows 10 and in all other windows.