What Is Screenshot:

Sometimes a screenshot is referred to as a screencap or screengrab, it's an image that shows you the content of a computer display. Screenshot helps you to capture exactly what you can see on your computer screen. Capturing and saving screenshots can be extremely helpful.


How To Take Screenshots By using Your Keyboard:

  • Press PrintScreen or (PrtScr) on your keyboard to capture your whole screen. To capture only the active windows press Alt+PrintScreen on your keyboard.

  • Paste your screenshot in any program such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Paint to save it. To open Microsoft Word press window+r on your keyboard and then press Enter. 

  • Select Paste from the Edit menu, or press Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

  • Click File then Save As and select save a destination for the screenshot. Select a file type (type .png as recommended) and click Save.

  • DO NOT copy/paste your screenshot into the body of the email.

What Is Snipping Tool:

A snipping tool is used to copy words and capture images from all parts of the PC screen. Use the snipping tool to make changes or note then save and share. When you capture a snapshot, it’s automatically copied to the snipping tool window where you can make changes.

Here is the way to open Snipping Tool in different windows:

Windows 10- (1) Select start to enter snipping tool, then select snipping tool from the result. 

                       (2) Press Windows logo key +shift+S

Windows 8.1- Swipe to the right edge of the screen, select search enter the snipping tool in the search box, and then select snipping tool from the list of the result.

Windows 7- Select search, then search then enter snipping tool in the search bar then select snipping tool from the search result. 

How to take a screenshot using the snipping tool:

  • Open the start menu and click All Programs then Accessories then Snipping Tool.

  • Click New or select the type of screenshot you want to take by using the drop-down menu.

  • Click and cover the area by dragging your cursor to take a screenshot.

  • The Snipping Tool editor will open automatically. Click the diskette icon and select save a destination for the screenshot. Select a file type (type .png as recommended) and click Save.

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There are several ways to take a screenshot that can help in the future. A screenshot can be a very useful feature to save images that are unable to be downloaded or saved on your laptop and you can send them to someone if you are facing a problem to ask for a solution.