How To Check Laptop Specifications

How To Check Laptop Specifications
  • Sep 2nd, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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How To Check Laptop Specifications?

When you start your laptop, you can view its introductory configuration details displayed either on the PC word screen or the Window system. Still, these details aren’t total as you would get from the system mileage which displays an in-depth account of your laptop’s details with regard to system configuration. Some of the most important details you’ll therefore get from system information mileage include the laptop model, services presently installed, and running. A piece of detailed information about the tackle factors like fragment drives and bias. The system information mileage can be run by using the Window Run command.

Methods To Check Laptop Specifications Or Configurations

The window comes with an erected- mileage that can be used to gather the laptop’s configuration details. Follow this way to know your laptop’s configuration in detail.

First Method To Check Laptop Specifications From Run Command:

In the Open field, type in “msinfo32”. After this, click on “OK”. Then you will find detailed information about the system configuration. On the left pane of the window, you’ll find the list of orders and on the right side of the window pane, you’ll see the description pertaining to every order to see.

From the right pane of the window, you see now, you can get to know the general configuration of your laptop including memoirs interpretation and the physical window.    

The Second Method To Check Laptop Specifications Using System Properties

Ø First of all open “This PC or My Computer” on your laptop.

Ø Now it will open a menu in front of you.

Ø Select System properties from the upper ribbon. It will show you information about your laptops such as the processor speed and the amount of installed memory.

Ø Now you will see a new window named “View Basic Information about your computer”.

Third Method To Check Laptop Specifications or Configuration Using Device Manager

Understand when to use the device manager. However, in-depth list of all of the tackle that your laptop uses, you can use Device director, if you want an advanced one. This is useful when trying to find out what type of personal tackle your laptop uses.

Ø Press the window button and search Device Manager in the search box.

Ø Select the Device Manager Option in the pop-up menu. This will open a new window named Device Manager Window.

Ø Now you can scroll for different categories of hardware until you find the one which you were searching for.

Ø You can also expand a particular spectrum by clicking on expand button.

Ø Be careful that you do not uninstall or disable anything in the menu without unequivocal instruction on how to do so, as accidental uninstallation can beget your laptop to stop working.

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