How To Use The Mobile Keyboard For A Laptop

How To Use The Mobile Keyboard For A Laptop
  • Aug 31st, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Are you also curious to know how to use the mobile keyboard for a laptop? We will give you detailed information about this topic through this blog. Using a mobile keyboard for your laptop or PC sounds weird right? But you can do it just by following some simple steps.

Typing is one of the basic things that are most basic need and that we did on a laptop or computer for making notes and assignments, presentations, etc. But you ever think that you can also use your mobile phone for typing on a laptop. Yes, it seems impossible but it is possible. So, to the mobile keypad or keyboard on your laptop follow these steps-:

1. turn on your laptop or PC.

2. Open an internet web browser.

3. Search for a unified remote app on the web.

4. Download it on your laptop or PC.

5. After downloading open this app on your laptop.

Note-:( you also have to download or install it on your mobile phone and open it as well)

6. After opening the app on both laptop and mobile phone, click on the setting button on the mobile phone.

7. You will see an option for search devices on your mobile phone.

8. Click on this option to search the laptop device.

9. Make sure your Bluetooth of both the devices of mobile as well as laptops turns on.

10. After pairing both the devices with the help of Bluetooth open the unified remote application on mobile.

11. You will see the page with the mentioned various options such as full version, basic input, file manager, keyboard, media, and power.

12. Click on the keyboard option to enable the keyboard on a laptop.

13. Follow the instructions mentioned there on the page.

14. After selecting the keyboard option you will easily be able to use the mobile keyboard on your laptop device.

Note -:  ( you have to open the keypad on the mobile to use it for typing.)

You can also use a unified remote application for different types of work such as -:

• Basic input option in unified remote

Basic input options permit a mobile screen to turn into a trackpad to control or regulate the mouse cursor. You can use your phone as a mouse to move the cursor on the things where you want to move it. The basic input option is much more convenient to control the mouse function on the laptop than the actual mouse used on a table.

Try this amazing feature.

• File manager option in unified remote

This option allows you to manage files on your laptop by modifying the documents files by typing, saving, etc.

•Keyboard remote option in the unified remote

This option allows accessing the full keyboard. From the use of this option, you can use your smartphone as a keyboard. The mobile keypad is also a very handful thing than a laptop keyboard so, by the use of this, we can type whatever we want.

• Media remote option in unified remote

It is an extremely useful option that allows you to instantly reduce the volume of your laptop, mute it, and increase the volume of the laptop to an up level. It is also performed the function of previous, ext, stop and pause or play key presses on your laptop.

Power remote option in unified remote

This option allows you to quickly restart, shut down, sleep, lock, log off, or hibernate your laptop or PC. It is also very useful. You don't need to press the shut-off button or laptop turn on the button for a long while with only one tab you can restart, on or off, lock, or log off the laptop.

You can also add some free remote options by clicking on the plus icon such as control over VLC media player, window media player, task manager, slide show, Boxee advanced, CD /DVD tray, etc. But these specific remotes are added to your unified remote application only when you buy them online with money. Its basic remote options like file manager, keyboard, power, and media are free for all the users but for adding a standard level of remotes you need to pay extra charges online to buy them.

Unified Remote application provides a server to every common desktop or laptop operating system such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and smartphone apps that work on Android, iPhones, and Windows Phone. One of the best things about it is that more than one device or multiple devices can connect to the unified remote server but the demand is to download this application on mobile phones.

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This blog concludes with the method through which you can easily use your mobile keyboard for a laptop. The unified remote is the best option. It provides a wide variety of remotes options with different functions.

If you have any doubts or queries related to this blog or topic write them down in the comment box.

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