Do You Also Want To Make Your Laptop Faster

Do You Also Want To Make Your Laptop Faster
  • Nov 20th, 2023
  • Ranjeet Singh
  • Computer
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Do you also want to make your laptop faster?  You can take help from this blog and look at the detailed information about the methods and techniques through which you can make your laptop faster.

A slow laptop is a frustrating factor, right? The slow speed of laptops affects the productivity of work laptops. So, to make your laptop faster follow these methods -:

1. Remove or uninstall the extra apps and software  -

Many apps and software on your laptop or PC are not useful and usable for you. They only take up a lot of space on the memory card on the laptop which is one of the reasons for the slower performance of the laptop. That's why it is essential to remove these unnecessary apps and software applications from laptops and provide faster speed to laptops.

To remove or uninstall these unusable software applications and apps follow these steps-:

 1. Turn on your laptop.

2. Refresh the window page.

3. Make a list of the apps and software that your laptop has.

4. Check the apps which are recently and always used by you as well as make a list of unusable apps.

5. Select unusable apps one by one and uninstall them by right click on your laptop.

6. Now the selected unused apps will install and your laptop become able to work faster.

This is how you can easily maintain the speed of your laptop with faster work performance.

2. run to software and Apps within restricted limits

With the deletion of unused software and Apps from your laptop, you have to give limited MB to the remaining less used Apps and software to run within a limit on your laptop when the laptop is turned on.

It is because there are many apps that run within excessive limits and take up memory space so fast which leads to slower performance of the laptop system.

To run this less-used app within restricted limits look at its procedure-:

1.  Click on the "task manager" tool option on a windows 10 laptop.

2.  To directly access the task manager option on the window panel you can press Ctrl+Shift+Esc on the keyboard of the laptop.

3. A tab pops up on your laptop display that views all the software and apps that your laptop has.

4. To limit less used software or apps click on the right edge and check the details of the application.

5. Click on the "change limit "option to change the limit of that app.

6.  Refresh your laptop after changing the limit.

This is how you can easily restrict unused apps to run within the limit.

3. RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is an important part to make a laptop faster. RAM stores memory. For the faster speed of the laptop, we have high-quality RAM installed in it. A high storage capacity RAM inserted into your laptop can make the storage space more of your laptop and it wouldn't be filled up by apps easily. RAM provides more space for memory cards that store high MB and GB apps and software.

You can choose more GB RAM for your laptop to make it faster.

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4. Delete cache files and junk

Junk and cache files occupied so much space on your laptop without knowing. And became residual permanent data that affects your laptop speed.

You have to download some third-party apps to clear all the viruses and delete all junk and cache files from your laptop to make your laptop faster.


•Windows defender, security scan applications are one of the best options you can pick to remove junk and cache files.

5.  Clear web browser history and cache files

You can Clear your web browser history to make your laptop faster. Web browser history takes up memory space in the form of cache files and becomes a breaker in the speed of the laptop.

To clean web browser history from the web browser to make your laptop faster follow these simple steps:-

• clean browser history from Google chrome

1. Open on your laptop.

2. Select the setting icon with three-dot from the browser page.

3. Click on the "clear browser history" option.

4. Select the time of web histories such as last hour,  last day, or last week.

5. Click on the clear recent browser history option.

6.  After clearing, Refresh the page.

you can clear all the cookies or data that occupy a lot of space in your laptop memory. You can also delete web browser history from popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Yahoo, Google, etc to make your laptop faster.

6. SSD startup

 For deep cleaning and making your laptop faster, you can choose a Solid-state drive to start up. which increases the speed of your laptop.

7. Reboot or Restart your laptop

You can also power off your laptop for some time to make it faster. Restart and rebooting are of the recommended ways to make your laptop faster if any temporary slow problem occurs.


 This blog concludes with the methods through which you can make your laptop faster. A faster laptop with fast speed works smoothly, so look out for all the above-mentioned methods to make your laptop faster.


If you have any kind of doubts or queries related to this topic and blog write all of them in the comment section.

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