How To Use Laptop Without Mouse

How To Use Laptop Without Mouse
  • Jan 9th, 2024
  • Abhishek Chauhan
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How to use the laptop without a mouse

It's helpful to know how to move the mouse pointer in case your laptop's touchpad or desktop mouse breaks down before you can restore functionality to your system.

Using the arrow keys to navigate and the keys Enter and Tab to open items is the first step in navigating without a mouse. You can return to the desktop and switch between programs by pressing ALT + TAB. The shortcut keys ALT + F4 let you end programs.

For instance, hitting TAB on the desktop will transport you to the Start button, where typing Space or Enter will reveal the Start Menu. By repeatedly clicking the tab key, you can navigate to the taskbar's pinned items, the notification area, and then the desktop icons again. The arrow keys can then be used to guide.

Now that you can move about a bit, let's discuss using the keyboard to manipulate the mouse.

First Choice: MouseKeys

Thankfully, Windows has a Mouse Keys feature that lets you move your mouse around the screen using the numeric keypad on your keyboard. You can even imitate a left-click, right-click, and double-click. Use the keypad on desktop computers, far from the keyboard's right. You'll probably need to turn on Num Lock on laptops or hold down the function key while pushing the numbers.

Open the Control Panel and choose Ease of Access from the menu to enable Mouse Keys in Windows.

Make the mouse more straightforward to use is a link that you may find near the bottom under Explore all settings.

Make the mouse more straightforward to use

Next, choose the box labeled Turn on Mouse Keys. By doing this, Windows will allow Mouse Keys. By hitting ALT + Left SHIFT + NUM LOCK simultaneously, you can enable Mouse Keys without using the Control Panel. Remember that the right SHIFT key will not function; therefore, you must use the left one. 

Activate mouse buttons

To set up all the choices and settings, select Set up Mouse Keys. If the pointer moves too slowly or quickly, you can change the speed and even utilize the keys CTRL and SHIFT to change the cursor's pace.

setup mouse keys

Under Other Settings, take note of the other essential settings. By default, only when NUM LOCK is On will Mouse Keys function. If you'd like, you may toggle this to Off. If Mouse Keys are being used, a small, round mouse icon should appear in the system tray; otherwise, a red X will appear above the mouse.

Here are the controls for using Mouse Keys, assuming you have a numeric keypad. The cursor should now be able to be moved using only the keyboard. You must first hit /, -, or * to choose the correct mouse button before you may click on anything. Then, press 5 to click or right-click, depending on your selected button.

To double-click on something, select the left mouse button (/) and then press the + (plus) sign. You can also drag and drop items by moving the mouse cursor over the item and pressing 0 to start the drag and . (period) to drop it.

2 = Move Down

8 = Move Up

4 = Move Left

6 = Move Right

7 = Move Diagonally Top Left

9 = Move Diagonally Top Right

1 = Move Diagonally Bottom Left

3 = Move Diagonally Bottom Right

5 = Once the Button is Selected, it will

/ = Select Left Mouse Button

– = Select Right Mouse Button

* = Select Both Buttons 

2nd choice: NeatMouse

Since nothing needs to be installed and Mouse Keys essentially gives you complete control over the mouse, it is by far the most excellent option for controlling your mouse. However, you can download and install a third-party program called NeatMouse if you don't like Mouse Keys or can't get it to operate. 

I didn't go into great depth about this application in my list of mouse customization tools so I won't do so here. Except for the fact that you can alter the hotkeys to something else if you'd prefer, it functions identically like Mouse Keys. Additionally, it features a keyboard scrolling modifier, which Mouse Keys does not. 

So there's no need to panic the next time you find yourself without a mouse! The number keys on your keyboard make it simple to control your mouse cursor. Post a comment if you are having any difficulties utilizing the Mouse Keys. Enjoy!

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I won't say much, as the blog has informed you about How to use a laptop without a mouse. It is an easy process, and you can use it for various purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Thankfully, Windows has a feature called Mouse Keys that enables you to move your mouse around the screen using the numeric keypad on your keyboard. You can even imitate a left-click, right-click, and double-click. Use the keypad on desktop computers, which is located far to the right of the keyboard.

To see the panel, click Accessibility. Press Enter to turn on the Mouse Keys switch after using the up and down arrow keys to choose the option in the Pointing & Clicking section. Make sure Num Lock is not activated.

When moving between items with the arrow keys, pressing the up arrow key will take you to the bottom of the list, and pressing the down arrow key will take you to the top. Choose the software shortcut by pressing the Enter key. To view a folder's contents in a menu, press the right arrow key.

Brief guide: By pressing the Windows key and U on the keyboard, you can access the Ease of Access options. Select Mouse in the left-hand column by swiping down. Toggle it on by clicking or tapping the button next to Control your mouse with a keypad on the right side of the screen.
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