How To Use Mobile As Mouse For Laptop

How To Use Mobile As Mouse For Laptop
  • Sep 13th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Using A Mobile Phone As A Mouse For Laptop

Are you also curious to know how to use the mobile as a mouse for a laptop? If yes, then you will get detailed information about this topic through this article.

Using a mobile as a mouse for your laptop or PC sounds weird right? But you can use it as a mouse by following some simple steps.

Scrolling through the mouse is one of the basic things that are the most basic needs of any PC user. Do you ever think that you can also use your mobile phone for typing and scrolling on a laptop? Yes, it seems impossible but it is possible.

How to use a mobile phone as a mouse for a laptop

If your trackpad isn't working well and you want to convert your mobile phone into a wireless mouse then you can use their third-party apps for the best results.

1. Unified remote

Unified Remote application provides a server to every common desktop or laptop operating system such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, and smartphone apps that work on Android, iPhones, and Windows Phones. One of the best things about it is that more than one device or multiple devices can connect to the unified remote server but the demand is to download this application on mobile phones. You will get the basic mouse input with a trackpad in the unified remote that heads to many other controls for a laptop.

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Features of the  unified remote app:

1. It Connects Over- Wifi and blue tooth Bluetooth.

2. It has Automatic Server Detection.

3. It has Password Protection and end-to-end Encryption.

4. It provides 18 Free Remotes controls with 70+ in Full Version.

5. It also has Streaming, Media, and Presentation Remote Controls.

6. It provides Floating Remote and Widgets (Pro version).

How to use a unified app as a mouse?

 To use a unified remote app as a mouse follow these simple steps -

Step 1. turn on your laptop or PC.

Step 2. Open an internet web browser.

Step 3. Search for a unified remote app on the web.

Step 4. Download it on your laptop or PC.

Step 5. After downloading open this app on your laptop.

Note-:( you also have to download or install it on your mobile phone and open it as well)

Step 6. After opening the app on both laptop and mobile phone, click on the setting button on the mobile phone.

Step 7. You will see an option for search devices on your mobile phone.

Step 8. Click on this option to search the laptop device.

Step 9. Make sure your Bluetooth of both the devices of mobile as well as laptops t on.

Step 10. After pairing both devices with the help of Bluetooth open the unified remote application on mobile.

Step 11. You will see the page with the mentioned various options such as full version, basic input, file manager, keyboard, mouse, media, and power.

Step 12. Click on the mouse option to enable the keyboard on a laptop.

Step 13. Follow the instructions mentioned there on the page.

Step 14. After selecting the default mouse option you will easily be able to use the mobile remote control as a mouse on your laptop device.

Note -:  ( you can also use the keypad on the mobile to use it for typing.)

2. Monect PC Remote

The monect PC remote app can convert your mobile phone into a remote mouse and keyboard and it will connect over Bluetooth, Wifi, or USB. It even lets you use the phone’s sensors such as gyro, accelerometer, etc., and also offers technical button controls for gaming.

Features of Monect PC remote:

1. It Connects Over- Wifi, Bluetooth, and USB

2. It has Remote Control for Mouse and Keyboard both.

3. You can also use the Phone’s Camera as a WebCam in this app.

4. It has additional Media, PPT, and Game Controls.

5. It has features for Wireless File Transfer and Screen Share.

6. It also connects over a USB to a phone.

You can easily download it on your PC and mobile and use it.

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This article is all about turning a mobile phone into a mouse control for a laptop.

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Yes, you can connect a unified remote over Bluetooth and wifi.

Yes, you can convert my mobile phone camera to a webcam.

yes, you can use a third-party app to use your mobile phone as a keyboard.

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