Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself
  • Jan 20th, 2022
  • Divya Sachdeva
  • Computer
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This blog will be useful for Toshiba Laptop users who face sudden shutdown problems and the possible ways to resolve this problem. Toshiba Laptop users often make complaints that their Laptops are getting suddenly and automatically shut down without any warning. Sometimes they work fine for hours while at times they abruptly shut down in 10-15 minutes. This problem happens in about 10 – 20% of Toshiba Laptops that are for repair and is caused due to overheating problems.

In case, if you are working on your Toshiba laptop at your home or office and suddenly your laptop goes shut down without any reason. So guys don't worry you are not alone. Most of the time this problem happens because of overheating. If your Toshiba laptop is shut down because of overheating. Then there is a way to troubleshoot this overheating problem.

Indications of overheating

  1. When working, the laptop keyboard and bottom of your laptop becomes very hot.

  2. Your CPU fans operate much louder than before as they are working at maximum rotation speed all the time.

  3. Without warning the laptop suddenly shuts down. Previously the laptop used to shut down after 1-2 hours. However, now after the operation, the laptop shuts down after 5 – 10 minutes.

  4. When idle your laptop works fine, however when your laptop starts using any memory-consuming application such as a DVD player, Image editing software, video editing software, etc. it shuts down.


Troubleshoot the overheating issue

If your laptop is overheated then it's very common your laptop will go shut down without any reason. So whenever this problem happens on your laptop and computer. You should first check and fix this overheating problem. 

After doing this if your laptop does not start then don't worry guys here are the 10 best tips to Fix Your Toshiba laptop.

Before starting guys, if you wanna repair your laptop with the Best Laptop Repair Expert then book the appointment from an inquiry form of NSS Laptop Service Center that provides doorstep services.

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Now let's start guys:

1. Because of malware or viruses, sometimes the Toshiba laptop is shut down. So First you check for malware in your laptop. If there is any malware then remove it via antivirus software. There is so much antivirus software on the market.

2.  Check the Adequate Ventilation of your laptop. The most common reason your desktop or laptop may shut down by itself is thermal protection. There’s a certain temperature threshold where the computer will turn itself off to prevent damage. 

3. Because of dust, sometimes your Toshiba laptop will shut down. To Remove Dust from your laptop and clean the laptop properly.

4. Reset BIOS in your laptop and Remove Overclocking App setting. If your Toshiba laptop’s BIOS settings (such as overclocking) have been blocked, that could be the reason behind the sudden shutdown. Instead of looking for the errant setting, it’s much easier just to reset the BIOS to default.

5. Sometimes the outdated device driver can cause your laptop to turn off. So you should make sure that your laptop driver is up to date. There are two ways to update laptop drivers: Manually and Automatically Manually update drivers: you can update your laptop driver manually by visiting the manufacturer's website and searching for the most recent correct driver for your laptop. Make sure you choose the driver for your device that is compatible with your device's OS. Automatically update driver: Guys if you don't have time you can do it automatically with Driver Easy.

6. Sometimes hardware failure can cause a Toshiba laptop to shut down. So check your laptop or computer hardware. 

7. Sometimes problems with the Operating System it can cause your laptop to turn off. So Check the operating system of your laptop. If there is any problem then you should first fix it.

8. Check if any Issues With The Screen Hinge on your laptop. If there is any problem then fix it. Do this In Windows, this is Start > Settings Cog > System > Power & Sleep > Additional Power Settings > Change what closing the lid does.

9. Sometimes because of problems in the power setting it can cause your laptop to turn off. So Fix all the Problems With Power Settings in your Laptop.

10. Check Various BSODs on your laptop. A random laptop shutdown is often caused by a “Blue Screen of Death”, the scary Windows error screen. If that happens, take a photo of the screen or write down the specific error code and then type it into a search engine to fix the error. 

Solutions for overheating if your CPU heatsink is clogged

You can use canned air and just blow it inside the laptop through the openings on the bottom and on the sides if your CPU heatsink is not clogged with dust and lint completely. As a precautionary measure, however, this may not work if your laptop already has a problem and the heatsink is completely clogged.

  1. For having access to the CPU fan and the heatsink open the laptop case. You can have access to the heatsink in some cases through the latch on the bottom of the laptop. While in some cases you have to open the laptop case all the way down.

  2. You have to remove the fan by carefully disconnecting the fan cables on the system board. We recommend you to replace the fan if it is making an unusual sound when it spins such as a grinding sound.

  3. With the help of compressed air, clean the fan and the heatsink.

  4. We would recommend you apply new grease for better heat conductivity by removing the old thermal grease from the CPU.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust accumulated on the fan and the heat sink. We would also recommend you use a powerful air compressor instead of a vacuum cleaner. You can fix the problem at no charge from Toshiba Authorized Service Provider if your Toshiba Laptop is under warranty.

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Battery problems can be another reason for the sudden shutdown of Toshiba laptops. This problem usually occurs after long use of laptops, or excessive charging. If your laptop shuts down randomly, test your battery if it’s working well or not. If it isn’t, you really need to buy a new battery. To buy a new battery you can contact the NSS laptop service center. Make sure the battery has the same amperes the laptop requires, otherwise your laptop might have problems while working. How to fix: Change the battery or get it checked with any laptop repairing center.

Toshiba laptop shut down instantly on start

If your Toshiba laptop shuts down immediately after you boot your laptop then it can be a malware issue. I have one method to fix this issue try this:

  • Disconnect the AC power adapter --> Remove the battery --> Hold the power button for 60 seconds --> Now reconnect the AC power adapter and try to switch ON the laptop. Later put the battery back into the laptop.


  • Ram issue, Most of the laptops either stop working or just turn off randomly because of ram crashing problems. This problem generally occurs when your ram stops working or by the displacement of your ram. How to fix: To resolve this problem, unplug your ram, cool and clean it out and plug it again. Check if the problem is solved or not. If it doesn’t go and have your laptop checked by the service center.

What to do if every solution fails?


Another question that often comes to mind is what should be done if all the above remedies fail? Well, there is a simple solution to your problem. That is, you can simply reinstall your windows. It will remove all the viruses from your Toshiba laptop and make the processing of your computer faster and smoother.



We hope this blog will be helpful to Toshiba laptop users who face problems of sudden shut down of their laptops and the precaution they should take so that their Toshiba laptops do not suddenly shut down by themselves. In most cases, you might have seen some laptops that don't seem to work even after checking every part of your laptop! I myself had the same situation once. If you have the same issue with your laptop, it is recommended to take your laptop to the service center to get it repaired. You can contact the NSS laptop service center to fix your laptop issue. There is no other solution to that problem. This is the only thing you can do if your laptop suddenly turns off without any warning.



These are some of the common reasons behind why your laptop shuts down randomly and their methods to fix that can generally help you out in resolving the issues of random shut down of your Toshiba laptops. The above-mentioned methods are the best and the easiest ways to fix these problems. If you do not have such problems, you are the lucky one to use a perfect machine.


Frequently Asked Questions

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RAM's Performance Lifespan Generally, you could last around 8 to 12 years before needing an upgrade but that is only if you want to play the latest games without consuming too much memory.

You can do this to get rid of a sudden shutdown: Update your drivers. Turn off the Sleep mode. Turn off Fast Startup. Tweak advanced power settings. Use Windows Shutdown Assistant.

Rebooting a Toshiba laptop is very simple. Follow the steps Step 1: Click the Start icon that is located on the bottom left corner of your screen. Step 2: Click the Shutdown icon and select Restart.

Smelling smoke or seeing charred circuitry are obvious signs, but also examine the capacitors, which are cylindrical in shape and placed in various locations on the board. Their job is to filter the electricity going to various components on the board, and power surges or overheating can damage them.

The computer may start to boot but then shuts down. Increased Windows errors or "blue screens of death" are symptoms of failing motherboards. The computer may freeze for seemingly no reason, or connected devices that worked before suddenly won't work.

One of the most common signs of CPU failure is the random freezing of your computer, usually after just logging into the operating system. The system won't respond to any of your instructions. The mouse freezes on the screen and any attempt to use the keyboard will result in a series of short beeps.

A computer's CPU is one of its most reliable parts. The CPU will hardly fail unless its major components, including the CPU fan, power supply for the system, and the hard drive, fail. The lifespan of a CPU is affected by its usage and heat. A CPU should last at least 7- 10 years or longer.

Sometimes loose cables, wrong AC power adapter, battery problems, and monitor problems can also cause a black screen in your Toshiba Laptop.

If the heat is not being properly transferred from the processor to the heat sink, it can overheat very quickly. Because of the potential of damage to hardware that overheats, if the computer exceeds a set temperature, it is automatically turned off.

Most of the time this problem occurs because of overheating.

Maybe your computer did not shut down properly last time.

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