How To Download Marathi Devanagari Font In Laptop

How To Download Marathi Devanagari Font In Laptop
  • Sep 13th, 2023
  • Divya Sachdeva
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Since the Devanagari Marathi font script is used to write the Marathi language, all Hindi and Marathi Devanagari fonts may also be used to type in Marathi. The Devas and Krutidev typeface is the most widely used Devanagari font. When typing in Marathi, a Hindi keyboard is used. Marathi fonts are also used by several governments. To type in Marathi, you may also check the keyboard layout. The Marathi Font zip file contains some of the greatest Marathi fonts, including Shivaji, Kiran, Kruti Dev, Saras, Lakhani, Liza, Lok, Maya, Nutan, Priya, Sharda, and Richa. For all Marathi, font downloads either follow our given steps below to download the Marathi font or you can visit Marathi. indiatyping website for Devanagari Marathi font download देवनागरी मराठी फॉन्ट डाउनलोड. In this article, I shared a few simple steps to install the Marathi font in windows 10, 11, 8, and all os systems. A lot of people use the word to write their content, articles, and script - to download Marathi font for word just stay connected with us, down below we mentioned how to download Marathi font in word with Marathi keyboard photo. If you just want a Marathi simple font download you can do that easily by following the steps below. For Marathi fonts free download visit the Marathi India typing page, there’s a list of Devanagari font downloads for windows 10 you can easily and freely download Marathi fonts for windows 10 from there. मराठी फॉन्ट डाऊनलोड isn’t a huge process and is expensive you can easily download Marathi fonts for windows 10 free from a lot of websites available on the google webpage.

If you want to add Marathi font in Windows OS, so you have to install them after that you can use them. Font installation is quite simple in Windows Operating systems.  we are giving step-by-step procedures for Marathi font installation.

How to Download Marathi / Devanagari Font on Laptop?

First Method Devanagari font download Marathi – Window 10, Window 8 & Window 7

The steps are as follows for Devanagari Marathi font download for windows 10 and below:

1. Go to

2. Download the Font from the given website.

3. After downloading the zip file > Extract it > Now you will find the .ttf file

4. Now go to Start > Control Panel > Fonts > Paste the font file.

5. You did all things now go to MS word select the font from the drop-down and type in the font.

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Second Methods Marathi font download for windows 11- Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

1. Download the Marathi font from the   website.

2. After download the zip file -> Extract it-> Now you will found .ttf file

3. Double click on the .ttf font file -> When the file is open it shows a button for installation.

4. Click on the install button the font will be installed on your systems and now you can select the font in MS Word or type in that font.

How to add Marathi font in word in windows 10 | How to install Marathi font on a laptop

  1. Open Settings by pressing the Windows key + I.

  2. Then choose Time & Language.

  3. On the left pane, select Language.

  4. Click Options after selecting the Marathi language bundle.

  5. Select Marathi Phonetic by selecting Add a keyboard.

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I hope now you get the answer to your query that how to add Marathi font in word as you read downloading Devanagari font for windows 7 is quite an easy step to be followed. I tried to mention all simple methods to know how to download Marathi font on a laptop Or how to install Marathi font in Windows 10, if you still doubt how to download Marathi font in Windows 10, comment below or raise your query. We are honored to solve that.

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